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  1. My beagle is always hyper and i can hardly train him?
  2. Why is my chihuahua peeing on me?
  3. Can I substitute in this recipe? Chow Mein Noodle Bars?
  4. Will my kitten always upset my Boxer?
  5. are bernese mountain dogs known to bark at random times?
  6. Ever had chow chow as a side dish with beans?
  7. what happens if your poodle get preggy by a pitbull?
  8. How can I contact Brittany Kramer?
  9. I have a white and red brindle english bulldog that I am getting. My
  10. Doberman,German Shepard,Rottweiler,Bullmastiff,English Mastiff ,Great Dane,Wolf
  11. Should I breed my golden retriever?
  12. What can i feed/do for my male great dane to keep him healthy ?
  13. Potty Training My Pomeranian?
  14. My Boston Terrier is sick?
  15. what tests do dachshund breeders do to prevent back problems?
  16. Owning a Labrador Retrievers?
  17. Pembroke Welsh Corgi tricolor?
  18. Should I get a lab or a golden retriever?
  19. How often should you bath a lhasa apso?
  20. help my 3 year old poodle ate an entire slice of chocolate cake with chocolate
  21. How long until my toy poodle grows to his original size?
  22. Golden retriever peeing question?
  23. When i go to my breeder to get a great dane...?
  24. what is the background music of bloodhound gangs 1996 song Why is...
  25. My 8 week old border collie follows me everywhere?
  26. Trimming a papillons hair?
  27. Boston Terrier w/severe separation anxiety. What can I do? Well exercised,...
  28. Greyhound to Golden Gate Bridge?
  29. What do you think about collies?
  30. Please tell me about Shih Tzu dogs!?
  31. English Bulldog-is it anxiety she has?
  32. Are chows hard to raise?
  33. My Pug has really bad eyes. They are always red or brown and gloppy. Is there
  34. Food suggestions for an over weight rottweiler?
  35. Chow Chows................?
  36. If getting a Shih Tzu breed in Arizona should i trim it's hair shot or long?
  37. PLZ HELP- name my great dane pup- select from list !!!?
  38. what is your opinion on Standard Poodles?
  39. How do you get to the nearest Metro North station from the New York, New
  40. Chihuahua problem! -ONLY ANSWER IF YOU RLY KNOW!-?
  41. is my pomeranian pregnant?
  42. would an english bulldog survive as an outside dog?
  43. Sable Rough Collie breeders?
  44. What if the boy you liked got pantsed and was wearing pink bunny boxers?
  45. Are Pekingese really that hard to train?
  46. What is the best way to potty train a bichon frise?
  47. (Pics) Ok does anyone have any pics of boxers?
  48. What temperament do Cavalier King Charles Spaniels have?
  49. what is cost of Siberian Husky in Usa and Uk ?
  50. Im in love with my poodle!?
  51. is a toy fox terrier or a jack russel good for the neighbour hood life?
  52. Baldies daily undervey: I happen to wearing a nige pair of tagless Hanes...
  53. What are some of the worst nicknames to be given to a boxer?
  54. pedigree adult food or dog chow?
  55. How to blow a Samoyed's undercoat?
  56. My grandmas dog is a pug and he is sick?
  57. I wear boxers all the time?
  58. Can i get pedigree papers for my shar-pei puppies?
  59. Our collie/aust sheppard is getting into the garbage and getting aggressive.?
  60. How Much TO Feed a Collie x Lab?
  61. Poll: Who's the greatest boxer of all time?
  62. where can i get a English bulldog for cheap?
  63. i have a male chihuahua thats a year old. he is wonderful. just wondering why he...
  64. How do you get this certain cut on a Bichon Frise?
  65. 1 yr old chihuahua vaccinations?
  66. Hi my dachshund who is around 4 years old has recently began to drag his left
  67. My 5 year old golden retriever loses use of back legs for periods of time...?
  68. doberman,another boxer or ?
  69. How am i going to train my chihuahua to use the restroom outside?
  70. were in florida can i find a collie breeder with puppies?
  71. My baby pug seems to have an eye infection?
  72. Golden Retriever vet bath?
  73. When Siberian huskies are born is it normal for them to be mainly one color?
  74. Does anyone else sometimes wear gym shorts as boxers?
  75. How long can a trail be cold and a bloodhound can still pick it up?
  76. My 5 yr old border collie recently developed wart like growths in his mouth.?
  77. boxers or briefs.....age?
  78. Does any one Know and Lhasa Apso or Shih tzu Breeders in london area?
  79. Is getting a yorkshire terrier a good started dog?
  80. Great Dane Puppies anyone?
  81. How am i going to train my chihuahua to use the restroom outside?
  82. where can I find german short haired pointer puppies and collie mix?
  83. How much will it cost to take 2 Chihuahuas and a cat on a plane to Germany?
  84. How Can I Potty Train My 2 year Old Pomeranian?
  85. would a doberman be alright being left alone for 5 hours a day with my rottie and...
  86. I really, really, really, really, really want a pug!?
  87. In their prime who'd be the better boxer, Duran or Chavez?
  88. Training for a 1 yr old Boxer?
  89. how do I make a basset hound gain weight?
  90. Would an acoustic guitar be allowed on a greyhound bus?
  91. Normal behavior for my golden retriever?
  92. how much do usually cavalier king charles spaniels cost ?? and ive heard...
  93. red nosed labrador retrievers?
  94. can you bring dogs on a greyhound bus?
  95. where to find the dog, shiba inu?
  96. 8 week old shih tzu with spasms?
  97. Can my female toy poodle mate with a male standard poodle?
  98. Help! My Siberian Husky won't stop climbing on my couches!?
  99. where can i find local pug puppies for sale in indiana.?
  100. How to stop two Australian Cattle dogs (brothers) from always fighting?
  101. What are you thoughts on French Bulldogs?
  102. New family... How would a Bernese Mountain Dog go?
  103. my 4 lb Toy Yorkie Poo went into myneighbors yard and was attacked by their...
  104. newfoundland!!!!!! please read!!!! thanks!!!!!?
  105. my mini poodle has a underbite will it affect her when she is older?
  106. 22 week Golden Retriever Puppy and we can't seem to 100% housebreak him?
  107. boxer's or brief ?????/?
  108. TENNESSEANS! I'm looking for a cheap motel near a greyhound bus station, in any...
  109. amir Khan (Boxer) Haircut??
  110. American Bulldog Issues?
  111. Do you have good advice about pugs?
  112. how much and how many times daily should i feed my pug puppy?
  113. How Female Siberian Husky and Male German Sepherd son will Look Like ?
  114. What is a good name for a boy boston mantle great dane?
  115. What's a good playmate for my 2 year Bullmastiff?
  116. What are some cute names for a chihuahua?
  117. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel OR Standard pooodle?
  118. De-worming tablets for Greyhounds?
  119. Toy poodle or miniature poodle?
  120. Siberian Husky + Bull Massive?
  121. Am I the only girl who finds it HOT when a guys boxers are showing?
  122. How to stop my dachshund from peeing in the house!?
  123. Why does my chihuahua think he can get whatever he wants?
  124. My female Chihuahua is 9 months old.I read that toy breeds stop growing before...
  125. What do you do when your great dane drools?
  126. Is this safe to feed my one year old chihuahua?
  127. anyone have a non spaded female rottweiler n the WI area?
  128. A Rottweiler as my next dog in the future ?
  129. If i happened to go to walmart with a guy friend, would it be wierd if i
  130. Do girls wear anything under boxer shorts they sleep in?
  131. what category is a Mastiff in?
  132. i got a rottweiler it just lays there will some one tell me what i can do?
  133. Is it a good idea to leave a border collie in a crate for about an hour
  134. Can Beagle be left home alone?
  135. what height should my staffordshire bull terrier be.?
  136. which dog food is better...Dog chow or Pedigree Adult Food?
  137. my chihuahua dog is pregnant?
  138. Are Rottweiler's good dogs?
  139. Is my Saint Bernard old enough to breed?
  140. Names for Dogs? A golden retriever..?
  141. my 4 month TOY POODLE questions....?
  142. A Boxer in need of help?
  143. Dobermann or a Rottweiler?
  144. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Lovers?
  145. The mating between a pedigreed Chihuahua and a Great Dane would produce a(n)?
  146. Where can i buy an English Bulldog for $300-$400?
  147. Golden Retrievers hygiene?
  148. Ferocious dachshund...at my wits end...?
  149. My pug skin is turning dark (pics)?
  150. My basset hound has a small 'lump' in her lower abdomen.. any ideas?
  151. Great Dane was coughing and heaving.?
  152. How is Benjamin a foil for boxer?
  153. what is Difference Between a Siberian Husky and a Alaskan Malamute ?
  154. Do you have a female Old English Sheepdog?!?
  155. What Age Should I Neuter my Rottweiler?
  156. Jack Russell Terrier and other small dogs - Feeding?
  157. Do Teckel dogs lose their hair at all, or are they like poodles, who do not shed.?
  158. Question about whether they should breed this rottweiler?
  159. Border collie shoulder problem?
  160. i took my chihuahua to play outside with other dogs.Now his one eye is closed...
  161. Where can you get cheap golden retriever puppies in connecticut ?
  162. how much puppies can a shh tzu poodle mix have?
  163. how long will my poodle carry her pups?
  164. Lab/Poodle mix question and another question?
  165. What's a good way to stimulate a 1 year old border collie?
  166. About brittany lincicome?
  167. how many people out there have a lhasa apso????????
  168. I have 3 year old female chihuahua every time she goes in heat she keeps getting...
  169. about siberian huskies?
  170. Why On Earth we waited until now to seek pardon for boxer Jack Johnson?
  171. how do i get a golden retriever and cocker spaniel to get along?
  172. how much does a boxer puppy cost?
  173. Chihuahua mixed Pomeranian puppy?
  174. Help with Dalmatian Molly fry!?
  175. Calling all people from Newfoundland...?
  176. Names for a female Boston terrier?
  177. Okay, so me and my friends brittany and ashley(who sprained her ankle) are free over
  178. opinions, pros and cons of standard poodle?
  179. I need help with a chihuahua puppy name ASAP!!!?
  180. i need a good old fashion spicy country chow chow recipe?
  181. Labrador retriever 100 pounds, but fit? Why does my vet say he is overweight?
  182. How can I keep my 6mth old beagle from jumping on people and the furniture?
  183. How can I make a huge diaper for my great dane so he doesnt poop?
  184. Pug is limping what to do?
  185. greyhound bus from the '60s?
  186. I've fallen in love with boston terriers but ...?
  187. Gluing/taping border collie ears?
  188. Do grey chihuahua puppies change colour after birth?
  189. I got a shiba inu 8week old pup 3 days ago, and I've been doing things to...
  190. What are some good female shih tzu names? (*Pics*)?
  191. Pomeranian puppy...again?
  192. Boston Terrier puppy has blue eyes?
  193. i want a border collie?
  194. How can have my dog stop barking when he see another dog walking? My dog...
  195. Need help potty training a pug?
  196. Male (boy) blond golden retriever names?
  197. do women prefer boxers, briefs, or boxerbriefs?
  198. Is Scooby Doo supposed to be a Great Dane?
  199. So How do I convince my mom to get a pug?
  200. Rottweiler or American Pitbull or a German Shepherd?
  201. Could you cross a Great dane with a chihuahua ?
  202. hey how can i train a pug?
  203. I recently moved to Korea in the Army and I left my wife and my boxer...
  204. Will a Chihuahua and a cat ever actually play together? Has anyone ever seen this?
  205. Is there a cheap way to get to from New York to Baltimore Maryland without taking
  206. Any name idea's for my new lhasa apso boy?
  207. Great Dane lovers....QT?
  208. Can my toy poodle still gain weight at 1 year old?
  209. About how much money is it to give a 8- month year old german shepard/chow
  210. Recipe for Puppy Chow?
  211. Is it me or are pugs the cutest little things?
  212. How do neapolitan mastiffs behave and what are their conditions?
  213. My Chihuahua won't eat?
  214. Ineed a name for my breed/chihuahua dog?
  215. My 8 month old golden retriever liked a bone which a stray cat was...
  216. Names for my Shih Tzu? (I'm getting one tomorrow.)?
  217. whats the best colour labrador retriever and why? :D?
  218. Is the guitar riff in Acoustic Alchemy's Mr. Chow and Larry Carlton's Morning
  219. any advise on border collie?
  220. Pregnant chihuahua 63 days?
  221. How often do you bathe a Old English Sheepdog she is 6 months old?
  222. My Shih Tzu wont eat food. Some food advice ?
  223. Looking for suggestions for a dog carrier for my 9lb pomeranian I'd like...
  224. hello were trying to potty train my son s (he is 3yrs nd 4months) he goes off it
  225. My Boxer is 8 weeks old, when should i start training her?
  226. I have started putting my 11 week shih tzu puppy in a cage if we go out or for...
  227. Why does my golden retriever get aggressive with my other dog when I start to...
  228. I want a boxer, but should I know anything bad about them?
  229. My 6lb chihuahua ate MMs. Help!?
  230. where can i find an inexpensive papillon puppy?
  231. The boxer and the matador, what are they guarding?
  232. my 1 year old pug all of the sudden has saggy boobs? is she pregnant?
  233. What do you do when your fat pug eats half a bag of Wal-Mart brand semi chocoalte...
  234. Queries about getting from Toronto, Ontario to Haliburton via Greyhound?
  235. I think my chihuahua is constipated? What can I do?
  236. Any names 4 a retired racing Greyhound a Yellow Lab puppy?
  237. If you breed a White Toy Poodle with a Chocolate Toy Poodle?
  238. Has anyone ever dealt with a dachshund with a disc problem?
  239. Bernese Mountain Dog names?
  240. how do amtuer boxer make it to the olympics do they have do when national golden...
  241. something is wrong with my chihuahua?
  242. Miniature poodle owners!?!?
  243. Do Chihuahuas remind you of rats?
  244. what is the best shampoo for west highland white terriers?
  245. studding my Great Dane?
  246. My Bullmastiff puppy has been having diarrhea for weeks!?
  247. What's the difference between a Yorkie and a Silky Terrier? Thanks?
  248. is 1 hour of mental and physical exercise enough for a standard poodle?
  249. Border Collie Puppy marking?
  250. URGENT : Pug , Serious Allergy?