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  1. my pitbull is afraid of his crate?
  2. My dog skin has red patches/skin irritation? help anyone? picture included.?
  3. Is there something wrong with my shih tzu x maltese?
  4. A few questions about Golden retrievers?
  5. My Dog Tulip... watch for free?
  6. What is better for an apartment Puppies or Kittens?
  7. Happy Tuesday Dog Lovers II - Need another Rottweiler fix?
  8. German Shepherd Breeding?
  9. what pet stores in perth (Australia) do they sell maltipoo ?
  10. Do you own a toy poodle, yorkie, or pomeranian?
  11. Is there a pet store that you can buy great titties from?
  12. anyone with a cockapoo?
  13. How do you feel about English Creme Golden Retrievers?
  14. Names for my Golden Retriever puppy?
  15. Will My pug be ok? ):?
  16. I am trying to sell registered Afghan Hound Puppies, is anybody interested?
  17. how can i make my 3 month old tabby kitten get along with my husky x german...
  18. Dachshund sexual maturity?
  19. Would i be able to buy a puppy in America and bring it back to Australia?
  20. Why does my Chihuahua do this?
  21. Stop maltese dog barking?
  22. Are Stairs Bad For A Shih-Tzu?
  23. top 5 cheapest household pet besides aquatic animals with supplies?
  24. why dont people like poodles?
  25. Thoughts on the Boston Terrier breed?
  26. What is the best kind of cat or dog you have ever had?
  27. What is a good breed of dog to get...?
  28. What 2 breeds of dogs make a boxer?
  29. How do u train a puppy to stop being food agressive?
  30. why do puppies suck in their sleep?
  31. How much did or does your labradoodle puppy weigh at 10 weeks?
  32. I have an 18 yo Pomeranian. How old is that as far as average Poms go?
  33. Is it okay to mix some pepto bismo in my dogs food to treat diahrrea?
  34. Dog Food, what do you feed your dog?
  35. Why does our dog freak out and start tearing the lining under our beds?
  36. Does anyone know any natural foods or vitamins that are good for a teacup
  37. Should i let my maltese puppy sleep in my bedroom? ?
  38. Ii have a 5 month old pitbull pup i know he is teathing and he nips on your
  39. What is the best route for selling a 5 month Old Yorkie Havanese?
  40. My Puppy has bad dandruff And a pee Problem ........?
  41. My bichon frise lost 2 teeth , is it normal?
  42. What dog breed would be the best for our family?
  43. were can i find teacup poms or maltese terriers in uk ?
  44. Why does my 1 year old female Miniature Dachshund have blood in her urine?
  45. HELP! My yorkie backs away when I reach down to lift her up!?
  46. Is the name Puppy a good dog name?
  47. My toy poodle ate grapes what should i do?
  48. Boston Terrier/French Bulldog what should I feed him?
  49. Where can I get a Baby Golden Retriever under 100$?
  50. I have a small dog and need to know how much I should be feeding her?
  51. When do I wean my Pomeranian/chihuhua puppies of moms milk?
  52. What are some cute names for small dogs?
  53. My Shih Tzu isn't adapting to the weather in Orlando or I'm not doing something
  54. do pugs see in black an white?
  55. How do online pet stores ship fish threw the mail?
  56. If you were a breed of dog, what breed would you be? And...do you own "that" breed?
  57. I bought a AKC tea-cup yorkie and the papers cost us 100 more? is this a normal
  58. I'm lazy and don't wanna google.. what's the biggest dog breed?
  59. Would you trust a talking poodle if it was in a book?
  60. My Rottweiler has yellow discharge coming from her private parts help?
  61. Poll: What was the name of your first dog/pet?
  62. name of film where dog and boy go missing and are rescued by helicopter?
  63. What are some funny things your Dachshund does?
  64. Chinese shar pei or pug - where to purchase in Melbourne (OZ) and does home delivery?
  65. Meanest dog breed & nicest dog breed?
  66. our new dog is very aggressive towards our other dog when got food, can
  67. is there any dog breeders golden retrivers if so let me know oh and it has
  68. Poll: What breed of dog do you have? And... Was it the breed you wanted or
  69. What small dog would get along with a mini dachshund?
  70. Need Help Training My 12 week old pitbull (RED NOSE)?
  71. Puppy freaks out when I try to cut his nails?
  72. Does my Boston Terrier want to kill and eat me?
  73. What are some websites, where I can adopt pure breed German Shepherds?
  74. How much do labradors really shed?
  75. 8 Week old Miniature poodle biting/ being agressive?
  76. Have you gotten any stuffing free plush animals for your dog?
  77. Dog names help please!?
  78. Using vibrating collar on deaf dog?
  79. dog clothes on small dogs?
  80. What breed of dog would you reccomend?
  81. What breed could my Pomeranian be mixed with?
  82. Do you like these names for a dog cat?
  83. Take a look Mercy and Pity (rescue dogs) on www.manytears.co.uk - Dogs looking for
  84. Labrador puppy: at what age (weeks) should she be able to go 6-7 hours overnight
  85. Name for my Teacup Yorkshire Terrier?
  86. my female chihuahua/pomeranian mix is 64 days along in her pregnancy shouldnt...
  87. My grandfather has a elderly chihuahua. Which food would be good for him?
  88. should I leave water out for my puppies or give it to them with food?
  89. Is sugar a good name for a dog?
  90. Maltese dog vaccination needs?
  91. have the rangers players to visit the rspca?
  92. what is the best dog for us?
  93. Rhodesian Ridgeback/Rottweiler mix?
  94. Jack Russell and Staffy problem?
  95. what should i name my new pug puppiy?
  96. Are there any dog breeds that make good guard dogs, buit aren't considered vicious
  97. How do I know what a German Shepherd will look like when its full grown?
  98. Calling all pug lovers/owners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  99. The best english bulldog breeders?
  100. arent poodles supposed to like the cold weather?
  101. Tips on raising a Staffordshire bull terrier please.?
  102. why is my shih tzu shaking?
  103. how do I get my Yorkie to do what I say? He has had training, but when I tell him...
  104. Black Labrador puppy eating his/others dog's feces? How can I stop him?
  105. Which makes the best pet; Cats, dogs, rats or hamsters?
  106. how much should i be feeding my 10 month old female boxer? and should i...
  107. How much raw food to feed Boston Terrier as it grows up?
  108. Why does my female golden retrievers fur grow faster than my male's?
  109. Do RSPCA/SPCA protect insects and spiders?
  110. plott hounds the best hunting dogs?
  111. would it be better to use a normal pillow and a pillow case as a dog bed?
  112. What dog food would you recommend?
  113. What dog would be best for me and my mum and dad?
  114. why would anyone want a golden retriever over a labrador?
  115. Do pet stores take goldfish?
  116. i have found a hernia on my maltese shi-tzu pup? can i still breed from her?
  117. MISSING BLACK WIENER DOG IN PACOIMA!!! How can I get him back? What...
  118. What would be a good name for a dachshund?
  119. Do Boston Terriers Have a Doggy Smell?
  120. what kind of dogs do i have? (pictures included)?
  121. Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 breeds?
  122. Help! My Jack Russell Got A DHPP Shot, And He Is Now Shaking Alot!?
  123. I bought a 6week old pitbull puppy?
  124. Can you tell how old my Boston Terrier is from teeth? (Pics)?
  125. What is the game I'm talking about? It's a dog breeding game.?
  126. what would happan if you brought a rottweiler to repo job the rottweiler is trained?
  127. Labrador potty training help?
  128. Is it good to leave a German Shepherd outside in 50 degree weather?
  129. Will my dachshund be okay?
  130. my shih-tzu claw always caught on his ear?
  131. My Chihuahua is about to die. I want to pamper is and make him feel really...
  132. My 11 year old pomeranian had a siezure!?
  133. How do I stop my pug from licking everything?
  134. my shih tzu developed white bumps like blisters overnight. what should I do?
  135. What should I get a Shih tzu puppy or I pod touch?
  136. Any bichon frise's for sale in kent please?
  137. How much does it take to licence a golden retriever?in azusa?
  138. is it illegal to have a pitbull in NYC?!?
  139. How old do you have to be to work in a pet store?
  140. i need to find a chihuahua puppy in tn?
  141. Where can I download (for free) the movie called Hatchi: A Dog's Tale?
  142. Smooth Coated Shih Tzu Breeders?
  143. Worst dog name you've ever heard?
  144. Quick Dachshund Questions?
  145. Where can I watch The Maltese Falcon 1931 and 1941 versions?
  146. Pictures of my dog do you think shes a healthy weight?
  147. thinking of rescuing a dog?
  148. Help me name my dog Please! I am confused?
  149. what dog tag can contain more than name and phone number? My dog is a
  150. Would a corn snake attack a yorkie?
  151. Dog breed suggestions?
  152. our 17 yr old small poodle has a cough and sometimes gasps for air?
  153. Is it normal for a yorkshire terrier to have to have teeth pulled due to...
  154. My 2 year old Jack Russell Terrier is super hyperactive. What do I do?
  155. Is my puppy going to die?
  156. Question about my Yorkie?
  157. Help! My 5 y/o Dachshund keeps having accidents after we take her outside?
  158. Could I have two Jack Russell Terrier puppies in an apartment?
  159. My Pomeranian's Ear Won't Stand Up?
  160. Who regulates animal adoption or dog rescue centres in the uk?
  161. When can my german shepherd get pregnant?
  162. are small dogs really smarter than big dogs?
  163. I have a cocker spaniel his skin and hair tend to be dry. Is there anything
  164. Is there a hypo-allergenic dog that is a bit smaller than a Labrador?
  165. Game stop shiny dogs event?
  166. im looking to buy a puppy.but im afraid of large dogs,(sounds silly)but the...
  167. What dog is best as a companion and hog hunter?
  168. what is a good medium sized dog that will do well with small children and other pets?
  169. Which name would yu call your Maltese Puppy?
  170. I need Weimaraner Help?
  171. What is the difference between a yellow lab and a golden retriever?
  172. my new german shepherd puppy is very aggressive towards our chihuahua?
  173. Anyone live in new mexico that knows the pet stores?
  174. i need a dog collar that works and wont break what do you guys recommend?
  175. Are Maltese Poodles Hard To Find?
  176. Question on my 4 month old german shepherd puppy?
  177. German Shepherd with a lump on the side on her neck and one on her breast?
  178. Comparison of a GSD and a Rottweiler temparament?
  179. what makes the dog's coat to be glossy as before bought from a dog breeder?
  180. How long can yorkie dogs hold there pee in?
  181. breeders that will get german shepherd ,standard poodle ,golden...
  182. I have a 6 year old orange cocker spaniel he is a pickle and absolutely loveable?
  183. Keeping Dog smell out?? German Shepherds?
  184. Need names for a dog?
  185. How much will my Chihuahua weigh?
  186. where can I find local cockapoo puppies from trusted breeders?
  187. Is my Bichon Frise going into labor?
  188. climat in newfoundland and labrador?
  189. What kind of dog do I have? I was told it is an English Cream Golden
  190. Can somebody please tell me if these pupies are purebred pitbull?
  191. Putting weight on a rescue dog?
  192. How come when my dog begs for food/attention it makes me not want to give it to him?
  193. My dog started peeing in beds?
  194. What is the average life span of a english bulldog?
  195. Ideas for dog rescue fundraising?
  196. What should I name our Male English Bulldog?
  197. Rottweiler or Dobermans?
  198. My 8month old dachshund has been having loose stool-diarrhea. What can I do to help?
  199. My german Shepherd fence fights?
  200. Is my week old chihuahua puppy dying?
  201. If I get a cocker spaniel, could I not shave the hair off his/her back and...
  202. does anyone own or know anything about english bulldogs? my bully has
  203. My Cocker Spaniel's ears have been getting progressively worse and the...
  204. My maltese dog is 45 days pregnant and her vulva is already beginning to...
  205. I have an eight month old Boston Terrier that occasionally favors her rear leg...
  206. Dachshund losing fur?
  207. What can I do to stop my Shih Tzu from eating his poo and get him to start...
  208. i have two Jack russell terriers but i want to buy a hamster will he kill it?
  209. personalised dog collar?
  210. Looking to make a stand out 10 gallon tank; going to pet store in a half hour?
  211. My pug's back (vertebrae disc) is hurt - recovery?
  212. Are Pomeranian dogs generally friendly?
  213. In the most dangerous game, what were the 3 traps rainsford used to protect...
  214. which dog is better the weimaraner dog or German Shepard?
  215. how do i stop my pug from ...?
  216. What is the firefighter maltese cross called when your honoring a fallen firefighter?
  217. i have a 5 weeek old puppy and hes shakin his head and throwin up?
  218. Help with my 3 month old puppy?
  219. Do you guys/gurls think it is fair to have a Golden Retriever in an apartment?
  220. Labrador Quiz - Plz be creative !?
  221. Black Items that could be used for a dog name?
  222. is there a breed of dog called a maleski?
  223. Getting a German Shepherds ears up?
  224. Is this normal for a Miniature Schnauzer?
  225. do u think $200 is to much to pay for a kitten at a RSPCA store?
  226. cough my nabhors kid trying to beat my puppy what should i do ?
  227. 1 year old Labrador Pregnant...any MAJOR worries?
  228. can i have a list of things needed for a new bichon frise?
  229. Is having a teacup yorkie a hard work?
  230. Can someone give me an example of a supply schedule and a demand schedule using...
  231. Unique Yorkie Names...Help Please?
  232. my boyfriend owns a 5 month Staffordshire bull terrier ?!?
  233. Why should I adopt/rescue my next dog/puppy?
  234. Best dog crate for an escape artist w/ severe separation anxiety?
  235. does a shock collar hurt dogs?
  236. golden retriever/ bloodhound mix question?
  237. what breed of dog are these?
  238. what size baby diaper for my toy poodle?
  239. whats that yell thing Pitbull does at the beginning of all his songs?
  240. Miniature vs toy poodle?
  241. I have pure bred pitbull puppies w papers and 2 males have 6 toes on...
  242. About German Shepherds?
  243. German Shepherd Puppy?
  244. My 9 week old puppy is climbing out of the crate/playpen at night. How do I get her
  245. hey i just got new puppy.its a pomeranian. im trying to get him into the
  246. Has anyone had a dachshund with back problems?
  247. Do you like the name Poppy or Willow better for a female rat
  248. im getting a chihuahua i need as much info possible?
  249. Pet stores in CT? That sell cats/kittens.?
  250. have a female rottweiler puppy but doesnt eat that much. All it drinks is milk.?