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  1. Chihuahua puppy questions?
  2. Is a cavalier king charles spaniels trainablity high?
  3. can you rate my chorkie pomeranian slide?
  4. Hyper and excited Mastiff?
  5. What kinds of dogs look like a boxer?
  6. Is it true that beagles are stupid dogs?
  7. what kind of dog is related to the american eskimo (they look just like them)?
  8. my 4 pound chihuahua just ate a square of dark chocolate!?
  9. How should a boxer train in his down time?
  10. How do i make my pitbull cross rhodesian ridgeback stop jumping?
  11. Does anyone know of brittany spaniel breeders in Washington, Oregon or California?
  12. Question about border collies...?
  13. my brother and sister pugs rescently had been hooked and now, my female is...
  14. bull mastiff pooping in her kennel at night. why?
  15. are beagles a good breed? going to get a puppy. 10 points?
  16. do you think a wireless invisible dog fence will contain a shiba inu?
  17. trying to rehome a beagle currently stuck to a doghouse?
  18. My Shih Tzu Snorts and Snores?
  19. what the weight limit for a chihuahua?
  20. What size harnest for my boxer pup?
  21. My 12 lb. Chihuahua mix ate two peanut butter cookies someone left on my...
  22. who your favorite current puerto rican boxers?
  23. Is nature's recipe the right food for my miniature poodle?
  24. my great dane is having diarrhea!?
  25. Has anyone have a suggestion on how to potty train a dachshund no grate?
  26. Does anybody have a neapolitan mastiff with a bad attitude with newbees?
  27. what are good French Bulldog, Chihuahua, Bulldog names?
  28. Does anyone have any advice in general for 6 mo. old Pomeranian?
  29. How much more energetic is a Lab than a Golden Retriever?
  30. What is your Great Dane like? PLEASE READ 10 POINTS!?
  31. My boxer ( 6 month old), dont want to walk, the vet said because he grow
  32. HONESTLY!! Which type of underwear do you wear?? Boxers, Briefs,...
  33. Can you give Roli - 4 year old male Labrador Retriever a home |uk|?
  34. I might be adopting a Chihuahua puppy soon. Have I forgotten something?
  35. I have a shih-tzu puppy whos up to date. He bit someone. Should the person he...
  36. I just got a shih tzu (9 weeks old) and the breeder has been feeding her...
  37. Do you agree that Barbara Boxer is the best female Senator in U.S history?
  38. Do guys wear boxers normally under their swim trunks?
  39. I got a new beagle puppy today and I named him myles?
  40. pomeranian lovers, do they do what mine do?
  41. What should I name my male Border Collie?
  42. How to introduce a rottweiler to other pets?
  43. Something is wrong with my Lhasa Apso!?
  44. Is It Good To Teach Your Rottweiler To Bark When Told To?
  45. Are Paris Hilton and the winner of her BFF show, Brittany, still friends?
  46. What is a farm collie?
  47. i'm looking for an english mastiff for my daughter?
  48. Is it better to wait for my chihuahua puppy to turn 10 weeks to get vaccinated?
  49. Do all Chihuahua Terrier mixes ears eventually rise?
  50. my 6 week old mini schnauzer is sick?
  51. Why are different breeds used for cattle herding but almost always border collies...
  52. Bulldog vs Bull Terrier?
  53. Sick Boston Terrier with swollen face?
  54. Is my two year old boxer bitch pregnant?
  55. how long does it take for wired hair dachshund to get to its full length?
  56. i need potty training tips for my 1 year old teacup chihuahua?
  57. What is the different between english cream dachshunds and and pale cream dachshunds?
  58. Bichon frise in short groom?
  59. my chihuahua suddenly became ill. could she have stepped on pesticide in
  60. In my pants/knickers/boxers/briefs?
  61. How do I deal with Brittany?
  62. Why do boxers seem to grab at their nose before fighting or during a fight?
  63. before getting a golden retriever pup...?
  64. is a toy fox terrier or a jack russel good for the neighbour hood life?
  65. I need suggestions on what to feed my boxer pup. He will be ready to come
  66. Wanting an english bulldog cheap in corpus christi tx!?
  67. How can i put weight on my boxer pup?
  68. Advice on training my Boston Terrier puppy?
  69. we have an english bull terrier and we wanna buy a pekinese?
  70. boxer 57 days pregnant. no signs,why? vet checked her at 30 days and said yes by...
  71. can you rate my pomeranian chorkie slide?
  72. Is my bichon frise depressed?
  73. where do boxers come from?
  74. Can you buy greyhound tickets at the Scarborough Town Center?
  75. Boxers for sale in NJ?
  76. I have a boxer pup coming home in a week wat can I expect?
  77. allergies and boxer dog problems?
  78. What is your Great Dane like?
  79. My yorkshire terrier has and always has had flaky skin?
  80. how to be the best boxer?
  81. airedale terrier owners!?
  82. Boxers or briefs on guys?
  83. Adopted Beagle questions..?
  84. my border collie is totally obsessed with balls of any size?
  85. How much does a Shih Tzu cost in the Philippines?
  86. Boxers or personal trainers i need your help?
  87. Can you send me a hug?? my beloved english bulldog died and he was my rock?
  88. chihuahua cage training help.?
  89. Chihuahua health issues?
  90. can i cross my british bulldog bitch with an american bulldog?
  91. What's bloodhound.SONAR.2?
  92. Belgian Malinois Mix?
  93. hey how can i train a pug?
  94. What breed do you like better: French Poodle or Doberman?
  95. I'm getting my papillon puppy tomorrow...do you think she is cute?
  96. I just brought home an 8 week old english bulldog.When to start training?
  97. I am thinking about getting a male dachshund...?
  98. Brindle Boxer (male dog name)?
  99. Puppy names for a fawn french bulldog?
  100. Girls Only: Boxers or Briefs on guys?
  101. I am getting a bullmastiff puppy tomorrow......?
  102. My 1 year old male chihuahua pees EVERYWHERE in the house!?
  103. has anybody had a staffordshire bull terrier get along with a rabbit?
  104. My 4 month border collie had half erect ears yesterday. Today one of them is flat,
  105. Has anyone crossbred a German Shepard Dog with a Labrador Retriever? What...
  106. i already have a boxer...?
  107. my chihuahua had to have hernia surg. today the vet had to go back in cause...
  108. Is a Australian Cattle/Blue Heeler mix a good family dog?
  109. I need Help Seriously Greyhound Bus Ticket Question?
  110. Is it normal that my standard poodle lost a lot of weight?
  111. What is the best dog food to feed a champion pit-bull terrier?
  112. Will my pug ever calm down...?
  113. What should I do if my dachshund doesn't step on the back paws?
  114. if my dog has 8 nipples and is pregnant what is the adverage litter? shes a toy
  115. why does my 4 month old boxer always try nipping the kids?
  116. Can 4 pitbulls and 4 chihuahuas live in the same house together?
  117. How to potty train a 3 year old shih tzu that was already potty trained...
  118. I need help with my almsot 2 year old boxer. She is a wonderful dog! But
  119. My pug is pregnant, how will I know if she will need a c-secton?
  120. Abigail and Brittany Hensel...?
  121. Dog names?! golden retriever female. HELP?
  122. my chihuahua keeps on barking at people.?
  123. Cung Le, the best kick boxer in America?
  124. How do I tell if my boxer is in heat?
  125. Girl boxers.. hot or not?
  126. Question For Boxer Owners?
  127. How to groom my pomeranian?
  128. What is the best way to crate train a bichon frise?
  129. My boxer pup is just able to come home how often should he be outside?
  130. how to stop my border collie digging?
  131. Which dog breed is better among Doberman,Great Dane and German Shepherd?
  132. How should I cut my Shih Tzu's hair in the summer if kept outside for a short
  133. 9 week old chihuahua vomiting! please help!?
  134. How to find a Beagle Puppy!?
  135. how will i know when my 4 month old boxer puppy will be ready to run around the
  136. Are racing whippets aloud to be neutered?
  137. American Bulldog behavior problems?
  138. I have a female 2 year old doberman and a female 4 yearold chihuahua (both
  139. How much food should I feed my female 3 month old golden retriever lab mix
  140. what are some good scene names for Brittany?
  141. Why does my chihuahua hate being on his back?
  142. Are beagles good pets for dogs???? If not what are some good pets for me?
  143. What is the standard ear length for cropped ears on a presa canario mastiff?
  144. Good names for a Portuguese water dog?
  145. Are there any other alternatives to the Greyhound?
  146. Baldies Undervey: I am sportin' a pair of blue boxers with hearts on
  147. My 1 1/2 year old schnauzer just ate a piece of trident bubble gum! she got...
  148. Do I feed my boxer puppy food?
  149. My girlfriend is going to an erotic party where you wear thongs and bras, boxers
  150. What dog smell more Boston Terrier or Mini Schnauzer?
  151. Can I buy Greyhound.com tickets to be used starting from Canada?
  152. My Shih tzu is itching like crazy why?
  153. 6 mo female shih tzu. Nipples have grown, is this normal?
  154. Do chihuahuas really hate balloons?
  155. My chihuahua's poop was really liquidy and had some blood in it. What
  156. is my shih tzu pup inbred?
  157. What is Rong with my Boston Terrier Help?
  158. Help my border collie?
  159. Is a Beagle good for an apartment?
  160. Why is my Havanese always lazy?
  161. will spaying my border collie calm her down?
  162. What's a good name for a white, male pug?
  163. How do I get my Boxer to stop lifting his leg in the house?
  164. My french bulldog won't eat he's 6 months old, and doesn't seem sick at all, he...
  165. What should a Mantle Great Dane look like?
  166. How can i get my 9 week old chihuahua to drink more water?
  167. Where can I find a whippet puppy?
  168. Canadian Route 1 in Newfoundland.........?
  169. pug puppy with diarrhea please help?
  170. Could habaņero sauce kill a chihuahua? Furthermore, can dogs tell if a food is spicy?
  171. Are there any special medical conditions associated with American Cocker Spaniels?
  172. Why does my French Bulldog have such bad breath?
  173. Bernese Mountain Dog question. Please answer.?
  174. Does anyone know of a Basenji dog breeder in San Diego?
  175. can a chihuahua get pregnant while on her period?
  176. diaharrea in toy poodle?
  177. can any one help me with some advice about my 2 year old boxer dog called sid?
  178. does anyone know where the greyhound station in oakland,ca is?
  179. How to get my almost 1.5 y/o Rottweiler to STOP eating wood?!?
  180. Do anti feminists only wear boxers or briefs?
  181. brittany needs help asking out someone?
  182. What could be wrong with my Great Dane?
  183. Im considering to switch from briefs to boxers?
  184. I am interested in buying a poodle. I was interested in this poodle? what is...
  185. Black and Tan Coonhound help?
  186. I want to be a boxer, anyone interested in training me or recommend me to your gym?
  187. jack russel terrier or boxer?
  188. I plan to get a labrador retriever soon...?
  189. What to give my Pomeranian for his 1 year birthday?
  190. do you think pugs are cute?
  191. what is wrong with my pomeranian?
  192. Should I Switch from briefs to boxers?
  193. Does anybody have a border collie?
  194. I just got my DDB(french mastiff), and she has blue eyes. She is 2 mnths old,...
  195. Ok my shih tzu-3 yearsold used to know where to go potty but we moved to GA and he
  196. Who is the pound-for-pound best boxer of all-time?
  197. Greyhound 7 Day Advances What going on?
  198. Chihuahua name ideas =D?
  199. 5 year old boxer makes the biggest mess when eating?
  200. Why are people are afraid of Poodles?
  201. Siberian Husky Eat very Less in comarsion to other breeds of Dogs?
  202. What kind of dog food do havanese eat?
  203. Caviler king charles spaniel breeding.?
  204. 7 week old rottweiler puppy with parvo..touchy vet situation I need
  205. my miniature black poodle will not learn the trick down even though we have
  206. My friend is looking for a dog, so poodle or Wiemaraner?
  207. chihuahua pup being naughty?
  208. I'm trying to picture how big a 3-4 pound chihuahua is, can you help?
  209. Papillon Breeders or rescue groups?
  210. My pomeranian puppy has blue eyes?
  211. Does the Chihuahua Papillon dog die in Quarantine?
  212. How to potty train a chihuahua?
  213. German shorthaired pointer vs. Siberian Husky?
  214. How old do German shepherd dogs have to be to breed them. (male and femle)?
  215. I have a 20 week old pure breed beagle how often should she be walked?
  216. My Shih tzu has a skin allergy which is red and patchy hair loss on his chest?
  217. how come my shih tzu doesn't have the General shih tzu mannerisms?
  218. pomeranian puppies with a nasty habit.?
  219. Beagle not feeling well..?
  220. What is the price range of a registered Chihuahua in Canada, specifically in Ontario?
  221. Does anyone here have a shih tzu?
  222. This is a question about my female beagle!!!!?
  223. ok i need help with leaving my mini dachshund with a friend?
  224. 10 wk old puppy, boxer mixed. can you tell what she is mixed with?
  225. puppy chow mix with milk replacement?
  226. What clippers are best for grooming a Yorkshire Terrier?
  227. my 7 week old boxer keeps play bitting i have tryed all the usuall tricks but the
  228. What is the Frickin' deal with boxers?
  229. I want to purchase a toy dog, don't know which breed maybe (yorkie, poodle,
  230. What is a good registered and call name for my Golden Retriever?
  231. Can a golden retriever be happy living in the house?We also have a fenced in yard.?
  232. Chihuahua 65 days pregnant?
  233. Why is my dachshund peeing everywhere?
  234. Which Boxer Should I get?
  235. Standard Poodle or Doberman Pincher?
  236. Beagle Owners and Previous Owners.?
  237. How do you train a lab/chow mix?
  238. Is the UK America' s poodle ?
  239. wat should i name my chihuahua?
  240. My puppy boxer has a bunch of bumps on his front leg. What is the cause?
  241. what is a good workout plan for kick boxer?
  242. Question about Newfoundland and confederation.?
  243. how to get my beagle to lose weight?
  244. i had a match with a boxer, so what do you think of me?
  245. Cavalier king charles spaniel?
  246. need help with my mini dachshund ?
  247. How can I found out a list of professional boxers living or residing in GA?
  248. rottweiler mix???????????????
  249. We have two crate trained dogs. The boston terrier, is 10 months, and we come...
  250. When can i start bathing my 6 week old chihuahua?