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  1. how much does a healthy well bred chihuahua puppy cost?
  2. Can you help me name my longhair male Chihuahua?
  3. Should i get a great dane?
  4. Breeding a pug and a puggle?!?!?
  5. What would be a good saying for a male chihuahua t-shirt?
  6. Saving my dachshunds Hair?
  7. Erection sticks out of bottom of boxers?
  8. Where can i buy/adopt mini chihuahuas for cheap near Los Angeles?
  9. Does anyone know of a person who breeds or is looking to rehome a tibetan/
  10. Would my german shepherd wet along with a small dog?
  11. Are Silky Terriers usually still small at 9 months? Like how much do they weigh at...
  12. I want to get at least 1 sexually unaltered (more than 150 lbd.) male and...
  13. Address for Chicago greyhound bus stop?
  14. What is the normal weight for a 4 months old lhasa apso?
  15. What crate size is best for my dog (shes a beagle)?
  16. My pomeranian doesn't have balls. Does this mean he can't produce puppies?
  17. how much should an adult beagle weigh? 10 points!?
  18. collapsing trachea in a pomeranian?
  19. Where can I adopt a Golden Retriever puppy in London?
  20. whats your lhasa apso called?
  21. Can a French Bulldog survive in a hot country?
  22. Do you know any possible mixes or crosses my Chihuahua could be?
  23. where is a good place to find a small chihuahua that i could carry around with
  24. Female Brittany Spaniel name?
  25. Chihuahua on news who walks on back legs?
  26. pilonidal cyst/ Wetness of boxers/ Comes and goes.?
  27. I have a 5 year old poodle with a medical mystery. His fur has fallen out...
  28. Boxers, Briefs, or Boxer-Briefs?
  29. does anyone know what age i can get my boy chihuahua done?
  30. Female German Shepherd Dog names?
  31. Is Brittany Murphy a bit too skinny or is it just me?
  32. my 18month old golden retriever is very itchy.?
  33. How many hours would it take to get to middle GA from Miami, FL on a
  34. Pom and beagle puppies?
  35. My pembroke welsh corgi is not eating well and we have to feed her with...
  36. Where can I get a teacup irish wolfhound?
  37. Mini Bulldog or French Bulldog?
  38. Good pet names for a female collie and australian black and brown shepard mix?
  39. Can English Mastiff's Swim?
  40. I recently got a 4-month old border collie mix...?
  41. Which is cuter, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel or a King Charles Spaniel?
  42. where can i breed my english bulldog?
  43. I'm 16 and riding a Greyhound to LA tomorrow, Do I need parent permission...
  44. What are the pros and cons of having a Saint Bernard? (from a puppy to adult)?
  45. My 6 year old Chow mix just started having anxiety problems a couple of months ago.?
  46. my pug's armpit is red under it?
  47. Beagle Puppy Isn't peeing or pooping.?
  48. A few questions about becoming a boxer, For girls?
  49. my golden retriever dog has chronic ear infection?
  50. Is my English Bulldogs loud breathing a concern?
  51. I just got a shitzu/pomeranian mix?
  52. what to look for in a golden retriever pup?
  53. how are shih tzu's with other bigger dogs?
  54. golden retriever owners or any dog owners please....?
  55. 18 and younger- boxers or briefs?
  56. i have an 8 month old shih tzu. how can i get her to go down stairs? she's too
  57. Tight boxers and low slung jeans, hot or not?
  58. Dog Training help, with my dachshund dog.?
  59. Parvo 5th day..very sick 7 week old rottweiler puppy..had green...
  60. Newfoundland Dog breed owners?
  61. My 2 year old boxer has serious separation anxiety .....?
  62. Is it okay to feed my dogs puppy chow?
  63. We just had a child 6 months ago, now 2 year old chihuahua is starting
  64. Lactating chihuahua has a large breast.?
  65. best place to get a purebred labrador retriever in houston?
  66. how often do Chihuahua come in heat?
  67. Chihuahuas and Agility (hmmmm............)?
  68. Pomeranian information?
  69. Do male chihuahuas lift there leg to pee?
  70. I've tried several times to breed my 3 yr old toy poodle, but she is so mean
  71. should i get another boxer pup?
  72. What can I expect to pay for an AKC Rhodesian ridgeback pup?
  73. Hyperthyroidism in Boxers?
  74. HELP HELP HELP...my chihuahua is severly depressed/anxiety.....?
  75. i have a 2 n1/2 month old shih-tzu,problem with him is he doesn't want to eat dry...
  76. I have a pair of golden retrievers male is 2 months old and female is 1 month...
  77. How to i handle this toy poodle?
  78. When boxing, why/how do boxers get cut? (I don't mean muscles, I mean lacerations)?
  79. i have a staffordshire bull terrier age 3, in seaon and bleeding quite heavy she
  80. why does my 5 month old chihuahua love to lick me so much ?
  81. What would you name a male, mantle, great dane?
  82. Is my pekingnese/poodle mix naturally house broken?
  83. Questions about my Pomeranian (health, training,ect)?
  84. Suddenly our dogs have started attacking our 6 yr old chihuahua who used to be more
  85. I have a pomeranian mix and her knee caps keep dislocating how can I fix this?
  86. Can i Breed my Cat with my friends Boxer puppy?
  87. Help with Chihuahua! Won't stop peeing!?
  88. What is the name of the song played at the beginning of Beverly Hills Chihuahua?
  89. Im trying to make puppy chow with white chocolate. How do i do this?
  90. How can I help my dog (toy fox terrier, 6 yrs old) adjust to a second
  91. Which Boxer is better from these two?
  92. My chihuahua puppy's ears are droopy.?
  93. Is it me.. or has the Bichon Frise become more popular lately?
  94. Are whippets greyhounds schizophrenic, big, clever,cuddly indoors but...
  95. Nintendogs: Dalmatian and Friends. Action-Replay Code to Unlock All Breeds?
  96. Alpha Shih-tzu bites?
  97. My chihuahua JUMPED my arms T_T! Help?
  98. Does a 6 week old Toy Poodle need food and Water 24/7?
  99. How do I train my golden retriever to let me know when he needs to pee?
  100. Im looking to get a Great Dane, have a couple ?'s?
  101. When can I take my English Bulldog home?
  102. 6 week old Toy Poodle- first night.?
  103. Do Dobermans do well with Bloodhounds?
  104. Need advice for traveling by greyhound bus?
  105. What should I do about my Pomeranian?
  106. How can I get my bichon frise to like his crate?
  107. Are Yorkshire Terriers good for Arizona?
  108. Any other professional boxers known to do this?
  109. What do you girls like better? Boxer briefs or boxers?
  110. Boxer is throwing up foam but acting normal?
  111. Has anyone had a boxer that lived longer than their expectancy?
  112. What are the Measurement's for A Cairn Terrier?
  113. Question about special nutritional requirements for a Boxer. Expert advice please!?
  114. Recommended Yorkshire Terrier, Min Pin and/or Manchester Terrier breeders?
  115. Are there any allergies that Bichon Frise' dogs are prone to? And does anyone...
  116. Do you have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?
  117. Guys !! What are a good brand and or style of boxers to wear with basketball shorts?
  118. attack golden retriever guard dogs?!?
  119. Is it okay to use the de-shedder tool on a pomeranian?
  120. Is my puppy a full Shih Tzu?
  121. how do boxers train ?
  122. siberian husky pup names?
  123. my border collie loves to be dragged along the ground....?
  124. Does anyone know how much pet insurance would cost me a month for a 3 month
  125. knotted hair on Schnauzer privates?
  126. Chihuahua/Dachshund Mix has horrible cough.. Help?
  127. where can i find a newfoundland dog?
  128. My shih-tzu had eight healthy pups 2 days ago but now she is starting to pant...
  129. Where can I get a pomeranian puppy for $100 or less?
  130. Is Brittany Spears trying to be a female pop version of Axl Rose.She stormed off the
  131. Will Great Dane pup grow to max size on adult food ?
  132. American Bulldog breeders in MD,PA,VA?
  133. I'm torn between a toy poodle and a cavalier king charles spaniel?
  134. I think i might have been scammed for a Spitz instead of a Pomeranian?...
  135. what dogs are easily handled especially in large yards? welsh corgis?
  136. Looking for a female Siberian Husky name?
  137. Breeding a shetland sheepdog?
  138. Dachshund Breeders around Southwest Arkansas?
  139. what is a good boy name for a chihuahua?
  140. What kind of Greyhound bus passenger am I if I am 15 years old in Australia?
  141. Rescuers, shelter workers, groomers and owners of cocker/poodle mixes?
  142. Recently purchased an all black male poodle and he is 8 weeks. How should I
  143. Why is my Border Collie breathing hard?
  144. Male Schnauzer peeing on...?
  145. Yogurt for toy poodle?
  146. Im taking care of my friends pembroke welsh corgi but it keeps barking...help?
  147. Chihuahua mixed Pomeranian puppy?
  148. Can someone tell me the closest greyhound station to chambersburg pa?
  149. My 10 month old Rottweiler is in heat...?
  150. I want a Pekingese Pug Pomeranian mix where can i get one?
  151. what about this clean joke poodle?
  152. i have an 11 week old border collie. she weighs 6 pounds. i was wondering about how
  153. I need a pin brush for my Shih Tzu puppy. What size should I get? I'm...
  154. Hyper-active toy poodle!!!!!!?
  155. bipolar female boxer mix, it's confusing?
  156. Anyone experienced with breeding schnauzers?
  157. I need to get a young Dachshund dog?
  158. I have just got a golden labrador retriever puppy, She has been sick and
  159. Girls, does it turn you on when you see flashes of guy's boxer shorts?
  160. Advice on training a 3 year old Rottweiler?
  161. What name do you like best for a male golden retriever puppy?
  162. Who would win in a fight Triple H or a scrap yard German Shepherd Guard dog.?
  163. What in the world is a Barbie Collie?
  164. will my boxer grow any bigger?
  165. what to do with a pup beagle in the day when everybodys at school or work?
  166. Where can i watch Crossroad with Brittany Spears in it ??? I really need to see
  167. I just got a one year old Siberian Husky, and it has a stubborn problem when
  168. Why is Cung Le (Vietnamese kick boxer) so darn loved?
  169. German Shepherd: dog versus puppy?
  170. hey i love boxers and i would like to get into the breed more and start...
  171. Boxers or briefs...for a three year old?
  172. Can you find Chihuahua's in a humane society?
  173. I have a toy poodle that weighs about 4 to 5 lbs and she is in heat can i breed her?
  174. I just had my 9 month old pomeranian neutured yesterday. He is so fluffy that I
  175. I have a few questions about my Bichon Frise puppy.?
  176. how and where can i get a papillon?
  177. How do you do a puppy or teddy bear cut on a lhasa apso?
  178. At what age is my male Boston Terrier ready to breed?
  179. do pure bread jack russell terriers have black fur and I mean only pure bread!?
  180. allergies and boxer dog problems?
  181. i came in my boxers while asleep ?
  182. Chihuahua puppy aggresion?
  183. Labrador or Golden retriever?
  184. Why neuter a Beagle/Bassett Hound mix?
  185. How to get a UKU export pedigree for English bulldog:?
  186. poodle, yorkie, shitzu?
  187. why do so many people look down at siberian huskies?
  188. Chihuahua puppy questions?
  189. What is the different between english cream dachshunds and and pale cream dachshunds?
  190. i have a cavalier king charles spaniel puppy, does anyone know any good
  191. Best decade of boxers and boxing?
  192. Hi does anyone know where i could get a boxer puppy in Scotland? Red
  193. Question about Great Dane Dogs ?
  194. Male toy poodle and female teacup poodle MATED!!?
  195. Where can I find a Pomeranian puppy that is $350-$400 near Greenwood, S.C.?
  196. do u kno the puppy chow recipie?
  197. Where can i get Nintendogs: Dalmatian and Friends 100% complete ds save file from?
  198. What words can you mack out of Chihuahua, Baby and love?
  199. What are the best products for border collies?
  200. bellybutton hernia on dachshund?
  201. How much do labrador retrievers shed?
  202. Blonde Border Collies?
  203. Any pointers for a hypoglycemic chihuahua puppy?
  204. How long is an adult yorkshire terriers hair length?
  205. What dog would do better with my other dogs? Pug or English Bulldog?
  206. My 5yr old border collie has 2-3 warts in his mouth/gumline, and the vet doesn't...
  207. Does anybody own a vizsla poodle hybrid?
  208. Would an alaskan malamute or siberian husky do bad in a hot climate?
  209. Siberian Husky question.?
  210. Parvo 5th day..very sick 7 week old rottweiler puppy..had green diarreah?..NEED good
  211. Am I the only one who thinks Brittany Spears is a talentless waste of time?
  212. why did my female pomeranian pee on my lap?
  213. Can I bring a xbox 360 on a greyhound bus?
  214. Small Chihuahua Wanted! Where do I start looking?
  215. Chihuahua shedding a lot of hair suddenly?
  216. 16months old golden retriever new owner?
  217. what should I name my new Jack Russell Terrier?
  218. Are cavalier king charles spaniels good dogs? answer please!!?
  219. Who's your favorite boxer all time regardless of weight class?
  220. Bulldog or Pug? .?
  221. can i shower my 2 month old golden retriever?
  222. This one is for gaint schnauzer people?
  223. Chihuahua help??!!!!?
  224. My 8 wks toy poodle sleeps almost all day long, and something cries.?
  225. Are Irish Wolfhounds hard to keep on a large amount of property?
  226. how to get boston terrier to stop chasing cars?
  227. Is the dessert puppy chow allowed during passover? It has chex mix in it....
  228. Chihuahuas Fruits?
  229. Can my lab mix puppy be part great dane?
  230. My Golden Retriever Is Scared Of Everyone Except My Dad And Me, Why Is She Scared?
  231. Is my papillon a phalene?
  232. Is It A Cream Dachshund?
  233. Bull terrier showing in australia?
  234. How big will my Chihuahua Fox Terrier mix get?
  235. OK my yahoo people. I need some cuTe dog names for a black mini poodle....
  236. can you suggest any names for a female boxer dog?
  237. What is the different between english cream dachshunds and and pale cream dachshunds?
  238. I would like to adopt a red french bull mastiff male or female will
  239. Rear leg collapse in labrador retriever?
  240. How can I potty train my dachshund?
  241. Is mebendazole any good for my 4 months old Rottweiler? how much? she has itchy bum
  242. Greyhound bus questions?
  243. are havanese dogs good pets??
  244. Neutering my 7mths old Dalmatian (vet vs. Humane Society)?
  245. How can I get my 36 pound beagle in shape for her operation?
  246. i have a 30lb beagle and were driving 5 hours today? Sedatives?
  247. Names for a couple of Pomeranian help undecided?
  248. Can a boxer be pregnant and never show.It was confirmed by the vet that she
  249. boston terrier help anybody?
  250. is Kiwi a good name for an airedale terrier?