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  1. My brittany spaniel is just like Marley. What can I do to stop her?
  2. My pug has a small black growth on his leg, about the size of a pencil eraser. any
  3. My grandma wants to get my chihuahua fixed?
  4. How Do I Deal With A Jealous Italian Greyhound?
  5. beagles or golden retrievers?
  6. My 5 year old Border Collie/Australian Shepherd has swollen lymph nodes
  7. Chihuahua always following me. Help?
  8. american bulldogs entertainment?
  9. Where is the best place 2 buy boxers?
  10. Does this dog look like a Chow-Chow mutt?Or a German shepherd mutt?
  11. Heart murmur in 6 year old lab/golden retriever?
  12. any good keeshond names?
  13. Boxer Floyd mayweather highlights?
  14. Can You Teach a Labrador Retriever?
  15. Chihuahua question!!!!!?
  16. Why do guys wear boxers when they swim and do you use the showers at the pool?
  17. What is the time it takes for a letter to get from Newfoundland to Quebec?
  18. My Cavalier King Charles Spaniel ate about 6-10 small pieces of chocolate, is
  19. A serious inquiry about my dachshund's arthritis [please help!]?
  20. male chihuahua...neuter or not???/?
  21. Bearded collies in los angeles. Any breader or does anyone know where i can get one?
  22. english mastiff dog breed?
  23. Can I breed my 8 pound female havanese with a 13 pound male bichon?
  24. The presidential Portuguese water dog?
  25. Im a boxer and i need help?
  26. If you had a male pomeranian, what would you name it?
  27. Is it hard to find a brindle colored Pomeranian?
  28. staffordshire bull terrier?
  29. i was reading and it said to stop a englsh mastiff from getting fat.... plz read!?
  30. What are some tips for raising a Golden Retriever puppy, or any puppy for that...
  31. Do people think that using Blow-Pens for coloring poodles is tacky?
  32. what kind of food should i feed my 1 year old female golden retriever?
  33. if you have a pekingese please help!!?
  34. What happens when a long-hared and a short haired- dachshund have puppies?...
  35. Are French Bulldogs good for people with Asthma?
  36. What are border collies like?!!?
  37. i need help finding a new dog ( Toy Poodles )?
  38. Do these celebs wear boxers or briefs?
  39. I was thinking of getting a Papillon, but I want to ask a few questions?
  40. how old is your staffordshire bull terrier?
  41. An aggressive Mini Schnauzer who bites and bark all the time...?
  42. Puppy Behavior at Dog Park, Siberian Husky?
  43. What are the dark spots on a maltese poodles skin?
  44. We just got a 6 week old Siberian Husky?
  45. American Bulldog acting odd?
  46. Does anyone know where I can find a Pomeranian breeder around Greenwood, S.C. for
  47. why does my chihuahua keep its nose on the ground?
  48. HELP!!! 10 week old Basenji?
  49. my Shih Tzu is laying around breathing heavy and grunts when you move her she...
  50. swollen ankle on my mastiff?
  51. question about pugs...?
  52. My 2yr male American bulldog is urinating blood.What could be causing this?
  53. Have any of you owned the dog breed Shiba Inu before?
  54. which is better for a greyhound whilst walking?
  55. If my shih tzu male has....?
  56. Can I take my chihuahua on the plane with me?
  57. How much does a Portuguese water dog cost?
  58. Showing a Saint Bernard in Conformation Question.?
  59. Can Jack Russell Terriers get along with cats?
  60. Why is my male miniature schnauzer so smelly? 2?
  61. Are you afraid of a Rottweiler when you see one?
  62. If you have had a GIant schnauzer or know someone that does, please answer
  63. Do you like dachshunds or labs more?
  64. is my dog an american bulldog?
  65. Why have Greyhound prices doubled?
  66. Dog with anxiety, panting Sheltie/Collie Gee29Gee?
  67. Staffordshire bull terrier going on to one years old...?
  68. Looking for a toy poodle or yorkie puppy ?
  69. Siberian husky puppy biting behaviour?
  70. Can I tell yet how big my American Bulldog puppy will be?
  71. Puppy- Chihuahua/Greyhound/Pitbull. What's it going to look like?
  72. hungarian vizsla with a dark nose?
  73. What is the best large breed puppy food for a Saint Bernard, who grows very rapidly?
  74. what time will i be able to get my boxer pup?
  75. Does anybody know where I can get a pomeranian?
  76. is there a formula milk i can use for my boxer pup?
  77. what looks better a merle or a mantle great dane?
  78. Why does my pug make that noise...?
  79. Where can I get stylish annd pretty Chihuahua clothes?
  80. what are shih tzu's like?
  81. do miniature poodles get along with other animals?
  82. My friend's beagle is spayed but it still humps my friend's leg. Whats wrong?
  83. shih tzu puppies 4 sale???????
  84. Why is my male bichon frise biting his penis all the time?
  85. Shall I buy a Weimaraner, a Dalmation or a Harrier dog?
  86. My new Puppy Bella is a Pomeranian?
  87. beagle or weimaraner for rabbit hunting?
  88. what can i do about my chow chow getting snippy with the family he lives with?
  89. Could a Chihuahua survive going on a play from england to turkey and how Much wud
  90. Will an English Mastiff pups fur color change as he matures?
  91. how much do schnauzer shed?
  92. German Short haired pointer or Weimaraner?
  93. I beleive my 7 mon. old english bulldog has cherry eye, it swelled up but
  94. what dog- doberman or golden retriever?
  95. Help with a shih tzu puppy?
  96. What is making my Chihuahua so mad?
  97. Should I wear boxers under my sleep shorts?
  98. What are the best resources for southpaw boxers/kickboxers?
  99. What words would you use to describe a Pekingese?
  100. English Bulldog, humping more then normal?
  101. How can I potty train my 5 month old Siberian Husky?
  102. Any advice on Beagles as a house pet?
  103. How much are Cairn Terrier Dogs?
  104. My golden retriever puppy?? whats is wrong?
  105. How to keep my Great Pyrenees puppy cool?
  106. Bull Terrier dogs, just bought one and have some questions.?
  107. Great dane in marble floor house ?
  108. a Question pug / puggle owners...?
  109. how to correctly pick up a dachshund?
  110. when does chow chow stop growing?
  111. Do Toy Poodles Grow or How Big do Toy Poodles get?
  112. I have a Bugg (pug/boston terrier mix) and?
  113. Can I get a cheap pocket Pomeranian?
  114. Rottweiler in pain and not sure where its coming from!?
  115. What should I call my beagle dog?
  116. How much weight would a english bulldog gain when pregnant?
  117. does my best frind(brittany) like me?
  118. What happend at brittany spears concert??
  119. Can I give my 7 week old dachshund puppy a bath?
  120. great dane question about food for puppy?
  121. a person called Launi gave a great answer to my sheltie/collie?
  122. Have you ever had a standard poodle? What are they like to own?
  123. My boxer is 8 weeks and vet says his pads are over sized. Will it go away or
  124. Are Border Collies Good Family Pets?
  125. help me think of a good name for a female golden retriever?
  126. Where can i get an english bulldog for a reasonable price?
  127. My Shih Tzu has 2 tangled hair balls. Anyway to get rid of them ?
  128. Where to find clothes for my 2lb chihuahua?
  129. chihuahua question................?
  130. just had mini dachshund puppies?
  131. What is wrong with my pugs? The o-ring went IN to my ear..?
  132. My 8 month English Mastiff is tearing up everything!!?
  133. What types of pomeranian dogs are there?
  134. My chihuahua doesn't like other dogs?
  135. Who knows what the American Pit Bull Terrier?
  136. Thinking about adopting a basset hound but...?
  137. Puppy training advice and help needed - any experience and tips,...
  138. border collie or austrailian shepherd?
  139. If my male Shih tzu has......?
  140. Who do i call to make a complaint in edmonton, AB about a rottweiler
  141. Siberian Husky questions....?
  142. Can I bathe my 10 week old Boston Terrier puppy 2x a week?
  143. I have 2 dogs, ones a pug~is it mean/ or ok to crate only the pug when I leave?
  144. I want to buy a beagle pup but where?
  145. where can i find a chihuahua, pomeranian or yorkie pup for around 450$ or less?
  146. Male or Female Chihuahua?
  147. can i sue brittany spears?
  148. Who do you think will win a rottweiler or a german shepard?
  149. What should I name my Shih-Tzu puppy?**Pics**?
  150. Belgian Sheepdog Groenendael or Belgian Teruvian?
  151. when will my chihuahua's puppy's ears stand up? (PICTURE INCLUDED)?
  152. what is the smallest an adult border collie and an adult assuie can be?
  153. I have a pug that is just over 6 weeks, question about shots?
  154. Labrador Retrievers - Are people lying when they say their dog is a Lab?
  155. Are greyhound breeders the scum of the earth?
  156. wanting to buy a Standard Parti Poodle?
  157. My 3 Month English Bulldog Puppy is making me go crazy?
  158. what is the best thing to use to cut a yorkshire terrier's nails?
  159. Is my bullmastiff puppy healthy?
  160. Im having trouble potty training my male bichon frise :(?
  161. How hard would it be to house train a ten-year old Basset Hound mix? Suggestions?
  162. When is the youngest age that i can use pedi paws on my bichon frise?
  163. what brand of food do you feed a nine month old dachshund?
  164. English Mastiff? Please Help3?
  165. dog names for a female shih tzu?
  166. Should i get a pitbull or rottweiler?
  167. What should I name my new Bichon Frise?
  168. ( Joke ) A girl in on Safari in Keyna, she also has her clever poodle along
  169. For those of you with mini dachshunds?
  170. poodles one weighs 20lbs one weighs 7 lbs?
  171. Where can I get an Italian Greyhound?
  172. What promising boxers are emerging from the USA right now ?
  173. Those with Saluki experience,?
  174. border collie isn't gaing weight. help?
  175. Where can i find pomeranian puppies for sale, where i can go in personally...
  176. shih tzu has diarrea?
  177. How often should I bathe my pomeranian?
  178. 3 year old Chihuahua is grunting?
  179. 16 year old chow with painful back athritis?
  180. Where can I find a full-breed miniature schnauzer for adoption or sale?
  181. Are most staffordshire bull terriers good with children?
  182. Dogo argentino in ohio?
  183. Why don't boxers drink their water during their breaks?
  184. Border collie And Blue heeler?
  185. What should i name a weimaraner?
  186. labrador retriever and alaskan malamute. will they get along?
  187. what are the pros and cons of buying a basset hound / hush puppy?
  188. weight curve for beagles?
  189. poll: what should i call my chihuahua puppy?
  190. Toy poodle breeders?
  191. Do Weimaraner do well with people who are allergic to dogs?
  192. I think Brittany but what is the Name of the song?
  193. Recipe for Puppy Chow without peanut butter?
  194. Yellow vs Black vs Chocolate Labrador Retriever....?
  195. Did you remember last Friday to sacrifice a dachshund to Zeus?
  196. My boston terrier has red eyes....?
  197. Siberian Husky Question?
  198. Question about grade 5-6 heart murmur in Shih Tzu.See details?
  199. Should I be giving my Shih Tzu pre-natal vitamins,we think she is pregnany and
  200. Will my dog be intimidated by a Great dane?
  201. Golden Retriever with brown urine and a bloody iris.?
  202. I adopted a Lhasa Apso and had to shave his body and legs because of severe matting.?
  203. What DO YOU Think about Chow CHows.,?
  204. Where Can I buy a Teacup Chihuahua Pup on a budget?
  205. What can be said about this Rottweiler?
  206. Siberian husky breeding?
  207. Two male border collie pups from different litters?
  208. I have a Great Dane that is 12weeks old and it seems to me he is always hiccuping?
  209. what to do if my penis jumps out of my boxers?
  210. What Should I Call My Rottweiler Puppy????
  211. I think my 8 year old boxer has arthritis. what can I do to help him or even cure it?
  212. I had an English Mastiff in the past and was thinking of getting a Cane corso. Any...
  213. Why was my Dachshund born with a pink nose?
  214. brittany marshal sextape?
  215. Teacup Papillon?......?
  216. Can a Muay Thai sweep kick take out a boxer?
  217. My Golden Retriever's Biopsy Said Cancer... BUT after tumor removal, the tumor
  218. What size shoe on chihuahua?
  219. Service Dogs?? Are Pomeranian Dogs good as service dogs?
  220. i have a cavalier king charles spaniel girl who is just over 5.?
  221. What happens when you breed a brother and a sister dachshund?
  222. Is $550 a high price for a beagle/corgi mix puppy?
  223. What will happen to a male border collie's goodlooking coat after surgical neutering?
  224. Are all boxers jealous? This dog won't let me breathe without her!?
  225. are boxer briefs better than boxers?
  226. How much are poodles?
  227. they gave me a chihuahua.i took her 2 the vet, they said it looked like if she
  228. is raising a shih-tzu difficult for first time dog buyers?
  229. How much is a Bloodhound?
  230. what pros and cons of beagles and basset hounds compared to each other?
  231. Do goats need goat chow during good grazing conditions?
  232. samoyed-spitz pups dont know how to nurse from mum?
  233. Is this the right size for a chihuahua?
  234. I'm Brittany and i have a friend named Alyssa. we want to start a webshow
  235. Breeding Great Pyrenees?
  236. Staffordshire Bull Terrier?
  237. Can we still get a beagle?
  238. i gotta teacup Chihuahua!?!?!?
  239. what chihuahua breeds/hybrids should i be careful of?
  240. taking a cruise out of baltimore maryland using Greyhound buslines which...
  241. how much does it cost to get a boxer puppy vaccinated?
  242. what is wrong with my six month old yorkshire terrier?
  243. for boys or girls 18 and younger-boxers or briefs?
  244. What are some good names for a female bull mastiff pup?
  245. what's a good grooming machine for CHOW CHOW'S?
  246. Are pure breed chihuahua's one color?
  247. Can anyone tell me if i am able to bring cigs and a lighter on the greyhound?
  248. Brittany Murphy on late late show from NJ?
  249. dalmatian with a red nose?
  250. what would cause a male boxer to pee alot and it being clear?