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  1. Planning Ahead for a Chihuahua?
  2. i need a first and middle name for a girl boxer?
  3. I got my Newfoundland used to his harness for carting, where do i go from there?
  4. Pomeranian questions??????
  5. Anybody seen the movie deadgirl? Not the dead girl with Brittany Murphy...?
  6. What type of underwear do guys wear with skinny leg jeans, boxers or boxer briefs?
  7. English or Irish Setter?
  8. Your Perfect Poodle?
  9. What to expect from great dane puppies?
  10. Is it normal for my 8 mounth golden retriever to spazz out?
  11. Will My Boxer Get Any Bigger?? Pic Inside?
  12. when will i know that my english mastiff is close to having her puppies, i know
  13. which brand of dog food (out of these) is the best for a golden retriever?
  14. Boxer floyd mayweather jr highlights?
  15. Any information about Basset Hounds?
  16. can you get a boxers fracture/4th metacarpal from something other than punching?
  17. My english mastiff is a scary cat!!?
  18. What type of dog should I get....thinking about a clumber spaniel?
  19. best food for a rottweiler?
  20. Do dachshunds have fur or hair?
  21. I really need help housebreaking my chihuahua!!!!?
  22. Poodles vs. Pitbulls? This is the poodle side.?
  23. What size would a chihuahua puppy be?
  24. How to make my chihuahua nice?
  25. ok i have a golden retriever puppy and i cant even go to the pool what do i do?
  26. Extremely hot and lethargic whippet?
  27. German Shepherd Dog owners!?
  28. Have you ever had a boxer in an apartment?
  29. Help me please......havanese?!!!?
  30. Do Maltese shed or are their coats more like a shih-tzu?
  31. What should i feed my 'Bullmastiff' ?
  32. What dog breeds look like a Weimaraner?
  33. Irish Setter owners, what is your opinion?
  34. What is it like riding on a Greyhound Bus?
  35. How long would you walk a great dane pup?
  36. Why do German Shepherd Dogs sometimes get a bad rap? Why do some people...
  37. Which is better flea repelent for a boxer???
  38. howcome Tibetan spaniels aren't in the toy group?
  39. Why are pugs classified as dogs?
  40. what are the reasons why newfoundland joineed confederation?
  41. German shepherd dog!!!?
  42. what famous boxer was totally undefeated his whole carear?
  43. Do papillon dog train well?
  44. Tell me what you think about me and my new 4 month old Chihuahua?
  45. My brittany spaniel is just like Marley. What can I do to stop her?
  46. Is there a website that shows poodle hair cuts with photo examples of each?
  47. Was there ever any Great boxers who started at 19-20yrs old w/t no experience?
  48. What should I name my Shih-Tzu puppy?*Pic*?
  49. How do i get my staffordshire bull terrier to stop pulling the lead and...
  50. question about rottweiler pup?
  51. Suggestions for our Male German Wirehaired Pointer Puppy?
  52. can a chihuahua live in a small house ?
  53. What would YOU name a girl golden retriever puppy (: ?
  54. i hav a mini schnauzer and his gums are purple and black..is that normal?...
  55. I have a male Chihuahua and cant think of a name, Any ideas?
  56. male weimaraner with problem?
  57. how can i get my boxer heart tested?
  58. is there such thing as a miniature golden retriever?
  59. Chihuahua loosing hair? :(?
  60. My chihuahua is afraid of gum?
  61. basset hound info please?
  62. i have bought a Labrador retriever, i can't get a good name?
  63. Does anyone have pics of their dog being a Lab Chihuahua mix? Or how big they get?
  64. how big do beagle/pointers get?
  65. Greyhound from Texas ti Utah, Safe or Not?
  66. What name is better for a German Shepherd Dog?
  67. Are Brussels Griffons nice dogs?
  68. I am trying to find a puppy and I am between West Highland White Terriers...
  69. My chihuahua chased a raccoon up the tree in our back yard last night? I need to set
  70. Can my Border Collie still be a dad?
  71. What is normal labor pattern for boxer?
  72. Is the Portuguese water dog the most important political story of the week?
  73. Does anyone know where I can adopt a Pomeranian?
  74. why is my beagle puppy has a big tummy?
  75. I have 12 week beagle puppies...?
  76. Can someone help me find an English Bulldog rescue?
  77. Whats wrong with my Lhasa Apso?
  78. Miniature Pugs Miniature Huskies?
  79. wot can i mix my dog with becouse my is a staffishire bull terrier mix female?
  80. poll- when was the last time you took a greyhound bus trip?
  81. my 2 moths old Bull Terrier is eating its own poop?
  82. My one year old whippet occasionally gets pus filled pimples on his inner
  83. Who is your favorite Sugar boxer?
  84. My golden retriever puppy?
  85. border collie problem?
  86. newly adopted pug keeps vomiting?
  87. my siberian husky is 3 months old and he wont bark or howl at all, is there
  88. Border Collie or Australian Shepherd?
  89. my female rottweiler is pregnant how can i get ready for the puppies?
  90. 10 week old Saint Bernard Puppy?
  91. Who is the greatest boxer ever?
  92. im adopting a jack russell terrier.. what should i name him.?
  93. Miniature Pinscher not listening when I'm not home?
  94. Merle Border Collie's eyes?
  95. Border collies, smooth vs. fluffy look?
  96. My male Beagle is about 5 months and he pees all over our apartment,how
  97. Can Siberian Husky live in Malaysia?
  98. Bearded Collie Owners?
  99. I have a two year old Boxer I rescued 6 mos ago. He has bit me will he do it...
  100. I have a golden retriever, so I'm looking for a powerful handheld vacuum to get the
  101. Girls: 2 piece or 1 piece...guys: boxers or briefs?
  102. How to housetrain my 3 month old Boston Terrier?
  103. i have a purebred pekingese who measures over 3 feet from tip of tail to
  104. How much will my Papillon puppy weigh full grown if.....?
  105. Chihuahuas Training Need Help?
  106. i was a pug, i think thats what theyre called?
  107. Poll: which basketball player is most likely to become a boxer or wrestler?
  108. OMG!!! Bloodhound by Tamora Pierce came out Today! Do you have your copy?
  109. My ten month old Rottweiler just started lifting his leg in the house what do i do?
  110. can you make me a haiku about shih tzu?
  111. cute Siberian Husky pics please?
  112. difference between a long haired chihuahuaa pom?
  113. beverly hills chihuahua sucks?
  114. Help with Siberian Husky?
  115. What should I name my Blue Harlequin Great Dane?
  116. do you know anyone who has a Rottweiler / german shepherd?
  117. How do i potty train my 2 adult chihuahuas and 2 puppy chihuahuas?
  118. Boxer vs street fighter?
  119. pictures of a staffordshire terrier / american bulldog mix?
  120. Does any one know any good breeder that sells dalmatians or a shelter that
  121. How to make my Schnauzer has good appetite?
  122. How do I train my 4 yr old Irish Wolfhound to laydown?!?!?
  123. How big does an adult Beagle get? I can't find it anywhere.?
  124. i have a siberian husky, he is 3 months old and he keeps bitting my hand
  125. Tomorrow, will be my Toy Poodles first day at home alone!?
  126. How do I teach my chihuahua how to sit?
  127. My Great Dane is attacking my Lhasa Apso over food!?
  128. Anyone Want a 2 year old english pointer?
  129. Temperament of French Bulldog - Owners Only Please?
  130. HELP!!! 10 week old Basenji?
  131. Is Pea the most skilled fighter/Boxer ever!!?
  132. When should I stop breeding my Shih Tzu?
  133. I have a pet question. My Boston Terrier's ears get like cracked and like
  134. My 10 year old golden retriever died on November 3rd. I miss him today very much.?
  135. Can a mormon teen sleep in boxers?
  136. my mom wants a labrador my dad wants a grate dane and i want a english mastiff what
  137. How would I raise a rottweiler from pup to adult?
  138. should i get a chihuahua or a labrador?
  139. Trouble with 4-month old Border Collie mix on leash...?
  140. do you think that collies are the best dog?
  141. My 3 month english bulldog puppy is making me go crazy?
  142. Would it be hard to get along with a long haired chihuahua that is a year old?
  143. How old would you say this Pug is? Found him, poor guy.?
  144. Ok my dad and i are buying a miniature doberman pinscher. We need ideas for names
  145. border collie but what else?
  146. Need help naming my Great Pyrenees please?
  147. norfolk terrier breeders?
  148. What should I be feeding my 10 week old Saint Bernard Puppy? Very Confused?
  149. Shih Tzu training help?
  150. Now that the Obamas have adopted a cute little Portuguese Water Dog...?
  151. Has anyone bought the new Tamora Pierce book Bloodhound yet? Is it H/B or P/B?
  152. Are Boston Terriers hard to housebreak?
  153. What can I expect when riding the Greyhound Bus?
  154. Pics inclued, What should I name my Siberian Husky?
  155. do u think boxers are cute dogss?
  156. What Should I Name My Shih Tzu Puppy?**Pics**?
  157. Do Beagles shed alot?
  158. helpful tips for a siberian Husky?
  159. Best Food for Mini Schnauzer Pup?
  160. sign of labor or not that my chihuahua is labor? Also is this to soon?
  161. Is a long nose uncommon for a Pomeranian?
  162. hungarian vizsla with a black nose?
  163. whats the best type of dog food to get for my new lad border collie mix puppy?
  164. Where could I find a shiba inu, could I find one in a pet store that sells...
  165. Car and Golden Retriever?
  166. Border Collie call name?
  167. What animal(s) are related to the pug?
  168. Help! My beagle mix hasn't eaten in 4 days! :(?
  169. What should I name my Shih Tzu puppy??**Pic**?
  170. I would love to get a cat, but we have a Rhodesian ridgeback -cross dog that...
  171. Male Rottweiler names??
  172. How do I crate train a 9-week-old shih tzu female?
  173. i have a french mastiff thats 7 weeks old...is it normal that she has a slight
  174. What should I name my German Shepherd Dog?
  175. I need help with my 3 year old sheltie/collie she is always anxiety around me,...
  176. what would it cost for a yorkshire terrier that weighs under or exactly 7 lbs.?
  177. My Pekingese Japanese Chin?
  178. What should I name my new golden retriever puppy?
  179. Where can I find a West Highland White Terrier?
  180. My Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is going to have puppies!!!?
  181. how hard is it to get a table at mr chow?
  182. Bamboo Quick Control Harnesses for my Great Dane puppy?
  183. boxers or briefs help plzz?
  184. German shepherds - people always say theyre difficult dogs, true or not?
  185. Is an English Bull Terrier bigger or smaller than A Staffordshire Bull Terrier?
  186. At what age does a male bull mastiff become infertile?
  187. Maltese or Yorkshire Terrier?
  188. I am getting a one year old border collie and wanted to change her name?
  189. rottweiler dogs or husky dogs?
  190. On nintendo dogs:Dachshund and friends can you skip the tutorial? If so how?
  191. Whats the difference between a Husky and a Siberian Husky?
  192. Should I get my Granny a Pomeranian/Pom/Pompom for her 72nd birthday or is...
  193. i got a greyhound dog bout 7 months ago, because they are a strange shape of dog, i
  194. can kids go to greyhound racing ?
  195. How long does it take to get from the Santa Ana Greyhound Station to John...
  196. how can i train my Toy Chihuahua?
  197. Thinking of getting a rottweiler?
  198. My boxer dogs back legs are very stiff.?
  199. Does anyone know where I can get a Pomeranian puppy for under $400.?
  200. my chihuahua is 12 yrs old and has never gotten her parvo shot, could i still
  201. How big will my yorkshire terrier get?
  202. (only) poodle experts please!?
  203. Looking for Bull Terrier Anyone close?
  204. Has anyone ever had a papillon? Can you tell me about them? How hard is it to take
  205. can you breed a toy pomeranian with a full size pomeranian?
  206. Do beagles have poor health issues?
  207. My 8 wk toy poodle starting barking already!?
  208. is my chihuahua pregnant?
  209. How do we calm our 4 year old Great Dane?
  210. Herding with border collies?
  211. How much is a pomeranian/shih tzu worth?
  212. great dane.. harlequin or pure black with white chest?
  213. 7 Month old female Jack Russell Terrier won't stop peeing!?
  214. How do you know if a beagle will have lots of freckles or not?
  215. My 4 month old Chihuahua is limping on his front left leg?
  216. West of Scotland radio show with Beagle?
  217. Is there a code for action replay nintendogs dachshund and friends to get
  218. How can I train a 8 wks toy poodle to walk on a leash?
  219. How long will it take to get to california from chicago on greyhound?
  220. What would happen if a caviler king charles spaniel had babies with a black lab?
  221. There is something wrong with my chihuahua plz help!?
  222. What are some ways to make my Bichon Frise stop whining?
  223. Can Old English Mastiffs be black with a little white?
  224. how should i train my mini dachshunds?
  225. What do you think of prong collars for an american bulldog?
  226. I am looking for a pet carrier with wheels that will fit a 25 lb Boston terrier?
  227. Two Italian Greyhounds With Dominance Issues?
  228. im trying to figure out what breed my puppy is. we know she is half basset
  229. Why does my 4 month old boxer/mix bite his legs and paws?
  230. How often should I feed my 14 lb bichon frise a raw bone for her teeth?
  231. I thought golden retrievers were supposed to be well behaved?
  232. What does an english bulldog and a basset hound mix look like?
  233. Chihuahuas everything?
  234. English Bulldog or Pug?
  235. my farm collie won't eat after operation?
  236. Need expert help great dane puppy hurt really bad?
  237. Male chihuahua names?
  238. How do I potty train a small shih tzu puppy who doesn't like grass?
  239. Can I breed my 8 pound female havanese with a 13 pound male bichon?
  240. Portuguese Water Dog: What are the breed characteristics?
  241. Italian Greyhounds, under blankets?
  242. What do you think about the name Princess for my cute Chihuahua?
  243. Does anyone have the pet items of the schnauzer, the Rottweiler or the...
  244. Name the first boxer you ever saw who got you hooked to the sport of boxing?
  245. what do you think of Mike Tyson as a boxer??? a lot of people don't like him but
  246. I would love to get a cat, but we have a Rhodesian ridgeback -cross dog
  247. Moxie? Name for a male golden retriever?
  248. My pug puppy's nose is dry, could he be sick?
  249. What shall I do to stop my Yorkshire Terrier from being so agrressive?
  250. Potty training my new shih tzu...?