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  1. How can my Miniature Dachshund on Nintendogs learn its name faster, if possible?
  2. What do long - haired dachshunds eat besides red meats, white meats, dry food,...
  3. 4 Webkinz Names Please! 2 White Webkinz Googles, 1 Beagle + Chocolate Lab!?
  4. Is an American bulldog for me?
  5. ;looking for a minature schnauzer breeder in iowa?
  6. What adaptations do dachshunds/wiener dogs have?
  7. Does anyone have any interesting facts or stories about brittany spaniels?
  8. I received a Pomeranian as a gift...?
  9. is it bad to go on the greyhound when prego?
  10. 'm buying a purebred Welsh Terrier... How much should a dog emergency fund...
  11. Pimple on beagle eye lid?
  12. Dachshund Owners, i have a short hair brown dachshund about a year ago he...
  13. Doberman vs. American Pit Bull Terrier?
  14. STUBBORNNESS in leash training a Mastiff?
  15. I already have a male german shepherd aged 7. I'd like to get another dog, a...
  16. Chihuahua breeders in london.?
  17. i need help naming my AKC pug with the name Penelope in it.?
  18. Why do men expose themselves by going bare chested and walking around with
  19. Does anyone know anyone in the Las Vegas/Henderson NV area giving away...
  20. My pomeranian is about a year old, how can i housetrain it?
  21. My 6 month old pekingese tooth is falling out is that normal?
  22. My beagle stopped feeding her pups at 3 weeks, what do we do now?
  23. why does my beagles side hurt?
  24. how much do french bulldogs cost ?? also question about breeders?
  25. My boston terrier pup has a little cloudy spot in his left eye.?
  26. sick boxer please read?
  27. Why does my parents Irish Water Spaniel shed LOADS of hair?
  28. what is a good breed of dog to get i already have a small dog so no German shepherds?
  29. Which one is more better Jack Russell X Pomeranian Or Chihuahua?
  30. Is it true that Chihuahuas don't get along with other breeds?
  31. how much do Italian greyhounds cost and a miniature pincher?
  32. do you switch between boxers and briefs depending on occation?
  33. Beagle Puppy gagging/eating grass?
  34. Will my Golden Retriever get along with the new Dalmation?
  35. Weimaraner stop growing?
  36. Hello Canada and hockey fans in the United States and Newfoundland?
  37. full size bull terrier?
  38. Miniature Pinscher vs. Manchester Terrier: What's the difference?
  39. Dog crates for a shih tzu?
  40. I have an 8 week old chihuahua cocker spaniel mix and have no idea how to...
  41. stroppy pomeranian query?
  42. Should i get a samoyed dog?
  43. please help my chihuahua wit this potty training thing!?
  44. How do boxers get selected for the Commonwealth Games and the Olympics?
  45. my border collie has a swollen hard lip at left side?
  46. 10 week old siberian husky with food aggression?
  47. My family is thinking about getting a dachshund?
  48. Beginner boxer and the cost, is it worth the equipment?
  49. Dog Swimming Help, Boston Terrier?
  50. Guys: do u wear your trousers so low that ur boxers show?
  51. Worried about my pug, he is licking and snorting a lot..moving from one
  52. i have a 3year old beagle.. and i recently got a new 6 week old beagle/great
  53. Any reasons why my rottweiler is so fat?
  54. how much are pomeranian dogs in philippines?
  55. If i touch the inside of my boxers and there is sperm and does it get on my fingers?
  56. I got a little chihuahua/somthing mix?
  57. Correct crate size for miniature schnauzer?
  58. do you think people are going to all go out and get a Portuguese Water Dog now?
  59. What would you name a Black, Male, Show Standard Poodle?
  60. pekingese shih tzu and poodle?
  61. cockapoo or a havanese?
  62. What is the west highland white terrier dog breed like?
  63. I need Beagle breed information?
  64. Italian greyhounds????????????or greyhounds?????????
  65. What are cool ways to write Brittany for a myspace display name?
  66. How to housebreak my 11 week female Beagle?
  67. Is the girl in the video for Brand New's song The Quiet Things That No
  68. What does the song 'If U Seek Amy' by Brittany Spears mean?
  69. can a male poodle dog produce pups if he only has one testicle. the pup is
  70. is this chihuahua normal? do you know any other dogs act like that?
  71. What type of boxer do you think i should be? Is this a good boxing physique?
  72. What is the average weight of a new born Shetland sheepdog? How can you tell
  73. White Standard or Black Toy Poodle?
  74. how do you housebreak a beagle?
  75. this dog i got looks like a rottweiler but not sure what do ya think?
  76. I need lists about what i have to buy in order to raise a chihuahua i need
  77. why do my chihuahua dog drink my pee?
  78. How should I care for my Golden Retriever's Hair?
  79. Can some one find me a picture of a boxer that's punching?
  80. i have 2 mini dachshunds and a yorkie but one of my dachshunds are always stilling
  81. what do you call a corgi chihuahua mix doggie?
  82. i have a golden retriever, and am searching for a friend for him. i want a small...
  83. Dachshund Puppy Wanted please help?
  84. any advice for puppy pad training a Chihuahua?
  85. Is the Porkie(POMERANIAN/YORKIE) mix good with children?
  86. is it normal for boxers to lose hair?
  87. Is a Yorkshire Terrier the right dog for me?
  88. Queen B? Boston Terrier issues?
  89. When exactly do amateur boxers have to retire?
  90. Non Shedding Shiba Inu Mix?
  91. Ladies, what sort of underwear do you prefer a guy to be wearing? Boxers?...
  92. Has anyone ever head of someone actually getting hurt from a Pug bite?
  93. How much should I walk my beagle a day? He's 2.?
  94. My Great Dane Is Huge?
  95. where can i buy a beagle puppy?
  96. My Collie/Shepard mix has a skin disorder! $75 at vet, antibiotics and it's...
  97. Why does my female boxer keep breaking my wood fence to get out?
  98. border collie question?
  99. I have a neutred sixteenth month old boxer male mix that?
  100. I have a few problems with my 9 week old shih-tzu.?
  101. My 8 weeks old Shih Tzu won't take a walk with me if I use her collar and...
  102. how can I stop my almost 3 year old Shih Tzu from pullin on the leash?
  103. I'm a dog owner like most and I have a Basset hound,the problem is it bred with a...
  104. My chihuahua just had puppies. I am curious about a few things.?
  105. How do boxers fight with bad vision?
  106. stubborness in border collies?
  107. What to do about pug's snoring?
  108. Why is my boxer's (dog) mask turning brown. It's supposed to be solid black.?
  109. How to convince my parents to get me a Chihuahua!!?
  110. How early should I arrive at the Greyhound Bus Depot before departure time?
  111. I just got my Pomeranian. What shall i name it?
  112. my 6mo. old poodle started coughing yesterday. could he have something stuck in his
  113. toy poodle breeder toronto ontario?
  114. good name for collie puppie?
  115. Pug potty training problems?
  116. My Golden Retriever won't run with me anymore?
  117. Is my pup a Beauceron/Shiba Inu mix?
  118. can my boxer dog eat turkey?
  119. Help! My Chihuahua is having FIVE puppies!! Should I be worried?
  120. What is the fair adoption fee for German shepherd Mix dog?
  121. What's Wrong With My Friend's Maltese Poodle?
  122. I want to buy a puppie . A cockapoo x poodle. Can anyone tell me what this
  123. How can I stop my pug from play-biting?
  124. Any one have a border collie or border collie mix?
  125. Do shetland sheepdogs grow hair RLY fast?
  126. where can i watch a beautiful boxer movie?
  127. what is a cute nickname for a girl with the name brittany?
  128. Why don't the Yorkshire Terrier and Chihuahua standards have minimum weights?
  129. anyone who has a Weimaraner what are the positives and negatives of having one?
  130. Is it true that lesbians wear boxers?
  131. How to make my 2 year old Chihuahua be friends with a new 5 week old Chihuahua?
  132. Bernese Mountain Dog question?
  133. How much does a typical 12-week-old standard dachshund weigh?
  134. I have a 2 1/2 year old chihuahua/pomeranian mix with red, squinty, watery eyes.?
  135. A list of all hypo allergenic dogs with a poodle mix in it?
  136. who has a boxer dog??? and who likes dogs?
  137. Does anyone on here have a female shih tzu?
  138. Is it common for french bulldogs to accidentally pee? Why does this happen?
  139. Something is wrong with my 1 year old boxer?
  140. What should I name my new puppy(4 week old male Chow Chow)?
  141. pug 306 central locking unit on the roof is filling up with water any
  142. My 10 year old Pug can no longer hold his bowel movements.?
  143. 5 month old mini poodle?
  144. Pomeranian owners, does your Pom cry whenever he isn't in the room with
  145. how are the teeth of a boxer dog different to those of other dogs?
  146. if a boxer is killed in an official match by his opponent, what will be the...
  147. Golden retriever puppy two months and 20 pounds?
  148. Is my Great Dane ok? plz help?
  149. My girlfriend and I adopted a three year old Boston Terrier. She has recently
  150. How do I train my basset hound to hunt?
  151. German/Rottweiler crying non stop?
  152. How can i stop my miniature schnauzer from being car sick?
  153. I have a 9 month old male Rottweiler what is a good canned food.?
  154. Do people like Paris Hilton, and Brittany Spears actually get photographed without
  155. Teacup Pomeranian - arriving Monday?
  156. Shih Tzu eye problem more info inside!?
  157. Is there any pomeranian cross chihuahua in the RSPCA up for adoption?
  158. which boxer do you think you fight like?
  159. I have a Doberman Pinscher and I took him out for a run...?
  160. How do I house train my 8-month Newfoundland puppy?
  161. what would crossbreed of chesapeake bay retriever and blue heeler cattle dog look
  162. What should we name an italian greyhound?
  163. Does Anyone Know Anything about the Energy Level of Field vs Bench/Show...
  164. How can you tell when a poodle is happy?
  165. My pug is sick and we can't figure out whats wrong! Please tell me what...
  166. Where can I find a rottweiler breeder who doesn't dock tails?
  167. i love dogs but should i get a pug beagle or a puggle?
  168. Does anyone know where i can get a pomeranian...?
  169. Have you ever taken a long distance trip on a greyhound bus?
  170. I am thinking about buying my son satin boxers for his birthday. Good or bad idea?
  171. Do you know where i can get irish wolfhound in ireland?
  172. What is the best way to house train a chihuahua/jack russell mix? To the pad?
  173. I have boot camp and advanced training for 6 months will my Labrador...
  174. Boxers or briefs on guys?
  175. Any ideas for female old english sheepdog names?
  176. can i give my poodle aspirin we took him to the vet he has a bad ear infection...
  177. What are some products to help cope with the hair shedding of my golden retriever?
  178. Who is the boxer that defined this decade?
  179. I am in Spain right now, but I don't understand what Venga Chow means...?
  180. Is it just a little ironic Ted Kennedy raises Portuguese water dogs?
  181. I'm am Bringing home a Beagle puppy, What do I need?
  182. what do you feed a new born Pomeranian puppy that the mother died he...
  183. Boxers or briefs on guys?
  184. Yorkie or Chihuahua????
  185. Fellow Pug Owners, I need your advice.?
  186. POLL: Fried Rice or Chow Mein?
  187. Vizsla I walk is becoming protective over me, help?
  188. how much does a 9 week old teacup chihuahua weigh?
  189. My Newfoundland pup (18 weeks) refuses to get into the car. Can you please help?
  190. whats a good 420 related name for a female beagle?
  191. How do Portuguese Water Dog's fair with cats?
  192. can west highland white terriers be different as far as hair?
  193. Pet insurance for Staffordshire bull terrier.?
  194. Do you think Tyson or Buster is a good name for an English Bulldog?
  195. Who is the greatest boxer of all time?
  196. do two female staffordshire bull terrier dogs get along?
  197. How long can you store homemade chow chow relish?
  198. Whats the difference between A Golden Retriever and a Doberman?
  199. white boxer dogs??share your happy stories?
  200. Pomeranian - NOT teacup - questions - arriving monday?
  201. My english bulldog throwing up?????!!!!?
  202. what are your top 10 boxers of all time? or in the 21st century?
  203. What size blade should I use to shave my Pomeranian?
  204. my shih tzu is 67 days pregnant.. 1 pup... but she is not showing any sign of
  205. Labrador Retriever Puppies...?
  206. Boxers or Boxer Briefs?
  207. What can I expect when riding the Greyhound Bus?
  208. i have a chocolate labrador retriever 15 weeks old and i want to teach it..?
  209. Vets do not know...I have a 1 1/2 yr old Shih Tzu named Lucee who weighs...
  210. Will my Standard Poodle puppies eyes ever STOP watering?
  211. Does anyone know of any breeders of Pembroke Welsh Corgis that are in or near
  212. where is a chihuahua puppy more better indoors or out outdoors ?
  213. i have a question for bulldog owners ,french and english .. about their temperament
  214. What does Bo the Obama Portuguese Water dog have in common with Bill Clinton?
  215. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel or Bichon Frise? Which one is the better breed?
  216. How can i watch Crossroad with brittany spears for free?
  217. How to get Rottweiler to not jump on guests?
  218. Can someone show me a picture of a pomeranian with a bow in it's hair?
  219. Pekingese puppy, is this normal?
  220. Beverly Hills Chihuahua--Song playing when Chloe was walking alone in street?
  221. My Yorkshire Terrier?
  222. How to make my 2 year old Chihuahua be friends with a new 5 month old Chihuahua??
  223. What do you think of German Shepherd Dogs?
  224. My 3 month old great dane wakes up constantly throughout the night!?
  225. Has anyone ever head of someone actually getting hurt from a Pug bite?
  226. How come old martial artists are stronger when they are older but boxers get
  227. does anybody know what breeder, in the united states breeds the largest
  228. Parvo puppy survivor at home. I have a mastiff pup that is on day 9 since getting...
  229. CHIHUAHUA COMPETITION!!!! Do you want 10 points!?
  230. what should i put as a toy poodle name?
  231. Basenjis - What to Expect?
  232. (GUYS ONLY) Thongs, Briefs or Boxers?
  233. My son is moving to Hawaii and want to take his golden retriever with him?
  234. help owner of house wont let me have a chihuahua !!!?
  235. a question about boxer size?
  236. Women, boxers or briefs for men?
  237. Is my chihuahua possessed by demonic spirits?
  238. Anyone Have A Papillon?
  239. I read somewhere that Siberian Huskies give love nibbles..?
  240. How do Boxers and MMA Fighters deal with getting punched in the face so much?
  241. What's the best canned food for a 3 lbs chihuahua?
  242. My bull mastiff looks pregnant acts pregnant but is it just a phantom?
  243. Male weimaraner names?
  244. Is my chihuahua and albino and will he be deaf or blind?
  245. keeshond cost? aka wolfspitz?
  246. beverly hills chihuahua movie?
  247. My chihuahua (pic)..............?
  248. What are Mini Chihuahuas?
  249. Is there such a thing as a Fox Variety Pomeranian?
  250. what is the best kind of toys for a great dane puppy?