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  1. Beagles pull hard during walks?
  2. Flat Coated Retriever?
  3. Are Border Collies good with cats?
  4. What is your opinion about Pugs? Are they good with kids?
  5. What's the best way to housebreak a young chihuahua?
  6. Are Pit Bull Terriers allowed to live in Smithville, MO?
  7. 9.5 week old rottweiler puppy swallowed shirt tag...?
  8. Bloodhound.Exploit.213 Removal...help please?
  9. Does Delgado (The German Shepherd) die in the movie Beverly Hills Chihuahua?
  10. My nans Golden Retriever needs specialist help?
  11. Boxer Dogs-Have you ever owned a boxer dog ?
  12. Will nuetering my german shepherd dog help with behaviour and concentration?
  13. Is a dachshund a good dog?
  14. Is my Golden Retriever puupy agressive?
  15. I was thinking about getting a poodle...?
  16. whats cheaper to send parcels,,greyhound or canada post?
  17. Border collie and australian shepherd breeders/owners.?
  18. My golden retriever puppy wont go on walks me she just stops and sits on the
  19. Vizsla Breeder in Texas or Oklahoma?
  20. I have a new Shar Pei mix puppy. The vet has given him a flea treatment and put
  21. Looking for a free chihuahua?
  22. What can I expect from my 4 months old Belgian Malinois regarding training?
  23. why does my Chihuahua Only loves me?
  24. Housebreaking my Chihuahua?
  25. Got a new Shar Pei mix puppy. He got the flea prevention from vet but is still
  26. my shih tzu is sick i have took her 2 the vet twice now..she has been...
  27. my pug has a lump on her face?
  28. Can someone answer these two questions about Teacup Chihuahuas?
  29. Are English Bulldogs really unhealthy?
  30. Dachshund has skin problems?
  31. Registered name for border collies?
  32. Pomeranian sizes...............?
  33. Old English Sheepdog Girl Puppy Names?
  34. would like to adopt a golden retriever 2yrs-3yrs male?
  35. Our 2 yr old great dane is not liking new 1 yr old eng. mastiff?
  36. how much should a four month old boxer puppy weigh?
  37. i have to get rid of my 8 month old rottweiler?
  38. How much do whippet dogs aporx. cost?
  39. Samoyed's what are they like?
  40. How Can I Persuade My Dad To Get Me A Rottweiler?
  41. Yorkshire terriers??????
  42. 2 Year Old Siberian Husky Help?
  43. where is the best place to keep a saluki?
  44. My golden Retriever puppy chew and bites me and my little girl how do i get her to...
  45. Purchase a Chihuahua?
  46. doberman rottweiler and german Shepherd?
  47. who wins in a fight a rottweiler dog or a mastiff//////////OR a rottweiler
  48. Toy poodle eat hard boil eggs?
  49. My 9 pound pomeranian will not stay off the couch. What can I do?
  50. my 8 mo old mastiff has suddenly started snapping when he is eating.?
  51. Dog Help-rhodesian ridgeback?
  52. Has anyone had a chihuahua? What are they like? I've heard theyre mean..please read.?
  53. how much should my 2 month old chihuahua weigh?
  54. How big is a 8 week old Std. Poodle?
  55. About the view of life from a papillon dog, on a vineyard. Can you help me, any tips?
  56. Anyone know of an affordible Cardigan Welsh Corgi breeder?
  57. who you think would win in a street fight a boxer or mma fighter. Personally,I think
  58. Gordon Setter and Dalmatian?
  59. New golden Retriever Puppy! BEST ANSWER 10 POINTS?
  60. My pug puppy won't stop biting... it's getting out of control. How can I make her...
  61. Rottweiler question. Need answer ASAP!?
  62. We have to put our loving golden retriever down today. Buddy was 11 years old,
  63. My boxer loves bread..why?
  64. recently moved have a 6yr old golden retriever who has started to go pee...
  65. How do I rid my computer of Bloodhound.exploit.196?
  66. Doberman pincher and pug/beagle mix - what would that look like and could it be done?
  67. Bichon Frise and a cat together?
  68. Lhasa Apso puppy won't pee or poop outside?
  69. I need some names for my new bernese mountain dog and Siamese kitten?
  70. English Bulldog question?
  71. My black greyhound ate 6 easter eggs?
  72. how do i wear boxer shorts?
  73. Is a Boxer a good pet for me and my animals?
  74. Need male dog names for a Lhasa Apso puppy?
  75. How much time should a 1 year old Boxer spend awake?
  76. Do siberian huskies stay with their owners?
  77. Can anyone tell me whats wrong with my chihuahua?
  78. How can I make my miniature dachshund adjust to being around bigger dogs?
  79. Is it safe for a Yorkie and a Boxer to live together?
  80. Do you thnk this is a Black Mouth Cur/Lab/Boxer?
  81. I am going to be a first time dog owner (Lhasa apso) and I'm really nervous. Help!?
  82. Ever heard of the Bloodhound Gang?
  83. Is there anything I should know about basset hounds?
  84. My shih-tzu puppy eats grass ,life,mud,tissue paper, anything he finds on
  85. Something about shih tzu's ...?
  86. Should I get a Pembroke Welsh corgi for my first dog?
  87. Whats a good grooming kit for poodles?
  88. Is this too skinny for a dachshund (pix inside)?
  89. How expensive can having a Saint Bernard dog get on a daily basis?
  90. What is a mix between a yorkie poo and a shih tzu called?
  91. My poodle is still bleeding fromhaving pups three weeks ago is thios normal?
  92. Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy questions?
  93. My chihuahua has 4 puppies...?
  94. Is it Ok to Keep a Labrador and a Bullmastiff together?
  95. For all you Legal Beagles out there..Weigh In Please..Murder Trial ?..Casey
  96. Please someone tell me more about the greyhound.?
  97. What's the difference between a Pomegranate and a Pomeranian?
  98. 11 year old poodle drinking way too much water?
  99. The English bulldog's life expectancy is about 8 years but...?
  100. Best puppy chow for a picky eater?
  101. What Foods/Plants are poisonous to a basenji?
  102. GIRLS: Guys BOXERS showing!?
  103. Chihuahua won't eat dog food!?
  104. How many times can you breed a male yorkshire terrier?
  105. chihuahua gets excited then pees wherever she is?
  106. Standard Poodle Expert Can You Help?
  107. I wanna cut my Shih Tzu's hair,how long does it take to grow back?
  108. I'm looking into getting a yorkie schnauzer mix off of Craigslist. Does anyone...
  109. I need a good name for a male german shepherd/chow mix.?
  110. Do you know about Papillon dogs? My papillon puppy is 5 months old but only the
  111. do guys like female boxers?
  112. GSD or Belgian malinois?
  113. Are toy Poodles and Basset hounds good in the same household?
  114. GIRLS: would you rather see a hot guy in boxers or trunks?
  115. male or female bichon frise?
  116. housebreaking my 8 month old shih tzu?
  117. im at scool from 8am-4pm and i really either want a pomeranian or a greyhound i
  118. Should I buy a Miniature Parti colored poodle?
  119. Is it safe to have a German Shepherd and a Shih Tzu?
  120. Help with Pug potty training?
  121. greyhound weight loss?
  122. How do i get my 5 month old chihuahua poodle mix to stop pooping in the house?
  123. Male dachshund keeps using the restroom in the house, HELP!?
  124. any advice 4 when my golden retriever puppy comes home?
  125. Italian greyhound puppy question?
  126. My Pomeranian is over weight, what can i do?
  127. I have a pomeranian/yorkie mix and she does not bark?
  128. Any suggestions for a dachshund name?
  129. Chihuahua!!!!!! help please.......:)?
  130. chihuahua pup house broken?
  131. Boston Terrier goes #2 and its encased in a clear sack?
  132. recommended vaccines for cavalier king charles spaniel. breeder advised...
  133. Suggestion for Dachshund name?
  134. Good dog for an apartment with chihuahua?
  135. what are the main differences between a staffordshire bull terrier and a pit bull?
  136. Who was a better beat boxer?
  137. i really want to get a dalmatian?
  138. Roach-backed German Shepherd Dog?
  139. What breed is better? Havanese or Maltese?
  140. What breeder looks better for a german shepherd dog?
  141. What is up with my dog!? German Shepherd/Rott Mix?
  142. Where can I find a Male Rottweiler Puppy near Clarksdale MS 38614?
  143. Who is the greatest boxer ever?
  144. newfoundland dog becoming very lazy and not willing to exercise much. why?
  145. How much is a Yorkshire terrier?
  146. What is the difference between an Italian Mastiff and an English mastiff? Are there
  147. I take my Boston Terrier in today to be neutered..?
  148. Why does my Beagle/Basset mix want to stay in our bedroom?
  149. how can i stop my 1 year old Italian greyhound from useing wee wee pads?
  150. best pet website to purchase/rehome mini schnauzer?
  151. I accidentally locked my rottweiler in a small dark cupboard for ten
  152. Is our dog really a purebred boxer? How much does it cost for a dog dna test?
  153. Do you think I could get from Detroit to Atlanta and back on Greyhound for under...
  154. Why are my chihuahua's ears droopy?
  155. whats the difference between an english beagle and a standard beagle?
  156. Where can i get a FREE boxer puppy?
  157. Who do you think is the best boxer?
  158. Getting a Shiba Inu puppy.?
  159. Can we give our great dane pup Glucosamine Chewable yet ?
  160. What breed is my mutt puppy? German Pinscher or Chihuahua?
  161. i have a female chihuahua and she is in heat?
  162. chihuahua questions..?
  163. What sort of person does a Basenji Owner need to be?
  164. Can a Great Dane mate with a Chihuahua?
  165. Boxer pug puppies??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1?
  166. Are Standard Poodles The Single Greatest Dog Breed Of All Time?
  167. Does anyone know a good place to get a papillon puppy?
  168. HELP! English Bulldog and wrinkles!?
  169. Toilet trouble with my puppy 'shih tzu'?
  170. Shih Tzu Puppy training?
  171. Me and my husband is having problems with the beagle mix?
  172. Having a rottweiler in an apartment?
  173. My mom just got a Pomeranian puppy and she was previously named Timba.?
  174. First big dog fight! Mastiff boerboel!?
  175. Golden retriever alternatives?
  176. Seems we have a toxic Italian Greyhound - help!?
  177. How to make my belgian malinois to play with the ball?
  178. my chihuahua just ate some ham will she be ok?
  179. Mini Schnauzer Care? People with experience?
  180. Wanting to know about YOUR Border Collie dogs and Border collie crosses!?
  181. Why do men wear ugly boxers?
  182. Whippet - Ok for people with allergies?
  183. Why does my Rottweiler Whine when she gets up?
  184. My Golden retriever just started throwing up green bile. He acts like he
  185. Is the Porkie(POMERANIAN/YORKIE) mix good with children 10+?
  186. Would you recommend a Newfoundland dog?
  187. Where can I watch Fist of Fury 1991 II? (Stephen Chow)?
  188. My name is tanika and i have a male chihuahua / miniture pintcher/jack...
  189. pomeranian or japanese spitz?
  190. A rash on my Chihuahua?
  191. Is it cruel to leave and Irish Setter in the house for 8 hours?
  192. well i own a female labrador x german shepherd dog?
  193. Any tips to stop my puppy 'shih tzu' crying at night?
  194. Is a Keeshond a good dog?
  195. Labrador Retriever question...?
  196. I have a 13 week old Shih Tzu puppy and he barks non stop! How can I stop...
  197. When should I groom my Toy Poodle?
  198. Going to Petsmart after work: recommended puppy shampoo for Shih tzu,
  199. Question about Boxer fractures?
  200. New Goodnites Boxers, have tried them?
  201. How long does an average adult male Beagle take to digest water.?
  202. would you buy a pekingese puppie.?
  203. Anyone know a lot about Norwegian Elkhounds?
  204. What can a boxers fracture do.?
  205. Blue Staffordshire Bull Terrier?
  206. Newfoundland Pregnant on first heat?
  207. If you saw a french poodle on your microwave what would you do?
  208. which dog is better, rottweiler or pitbull?
  209. I am looking to buy a dachshund but looking to spend under 400, yes i know its
  210. Am I the only girl who finds it HOT when a guys boxers are showing?
  211. Are there any immigration checkpoints if traveling on greyhound bus from...
  212. Boxers, Briefs, or Boxer Briefs?
  213. how much does a bus ticket cost when you purchase it at greyhound bus station?
  214. One word to describe a Mastiff?
  215. How can I train my mini-dachshund not to chase animals?
  217. golden retriever shedding question?
  218. A long trip on Greyhound?
  219. please i need some advice on rottweiler x american bulldog or similar breeds?
  220. my male puppy (4 month) shih tzu mated with my small female chihihiua?
  221. i need a good registering name for my french bulldog?
  222. pro boxer - earn? - how long?
  223. im buying a neapolitan mastiff and i just need to no how big a portion of food will
  224. can a rabbit live with a border collie?
  225. 2 Year Old Siberian Husky Help?
  226. I'm looking for a Shiba Inu puppy in Oregon?
  227. My English Bulldog sheds more than any animal i've seen! Even after...
  228. Is it a good idea to have a Great Dane and a Doberman Pinscher?
  229. Can west highland white terriers live outdoors?
  230. chihuahua fun in jacksonville?
  231. Can you strip a Pomeranian's coat?
  232. I have a collie whippet mix, he is afraid of storm drains...what should I do?
  233. Looking for a border collie name name?
  234. How often should I brush or comb our Chow Chow?
  235. Why does my shih-tzu dog always barks at the newspaper?
  236. name for my Pomeranian puppie?
  237. Is it fair that questions about boxer underwear are okay but questions
  238. For people who purchased toy,teacup or micro poms, yorkies or chihuahuas?
  239. I have a Bichon Frise and shes prganant and i can feel the babys kick
  240. Border Collie owners, color question?
  241. What is the Best American Pit Bull Terrier To Have ??
  242. Why does my great dane act so crazy around a friend of mine?
  243. french bulldog breeders?
  244. How big will a female lab/shepherd/beagle get?
  245. I heard that greyhound bus line will give you one free ride back to your...
  246. Does Brian Brushwood wear boxers, boxer-briefs, or briefs (or other)?
  247. hi! We're considering adopting a retired racing greyhound, and I have questions
  248. Who makes the most comfortable BOXERS?
  249. i was at boyfriends house was laying naked in his bed he had boxers on but he cumd
  250. 8 month old American Eskimo puppy?