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  1. What is a half Cavalier King Charles Spaniel half Yorkshire Terrier called?
  2. my miniture poodle has been in heat for about 2 months is this normal or is this a...
  3. golden retriever and great dane 'owners'- Please help with some insight from...
  4. Greyhound owners in New England, are you going to the adoption expo?
  5. mixed Pomeranian chihuahua puppy...?
  6. What boxers in history have lost one of their first 3 pro fights but went BIG?
  7. whats a good name for a golden retriever?
  8. What is Weaning puppies and when will pomeranian puppies their eyes?
  9. Our bullmastiff is scared to death of her crate out of the clear blue?
  10. what would a maltipoo boston terrier puppy look like?
  11. Guys, What Do you Prefer Trunks or Boxers ?
  12. Do Cavalier King Charles Spaniels make good pets?
  13. what should i do to help my transtion from briefs to boxers?
  14. about how much would a non-registered.pure bred bantem toy poodle cost?
  15. Australian Cattle Dog Mix or Carolina Dog mix? Which do you think she is?
  16. Great Dane- Should I get ears clipped?
  17. Yorkshire Terriers / Yorkies ?
  18. My beagle hasn't been himself for 5 days now...?
  19. How Can I Get My Yorkshire Terrier To Use The Bathroom Outside?
  20. my chihuahua has a dark discoloration on his right inner thigh with a few...
  21. Too late for bite inhibition for 11 month beagle?
  22. How much food should i feed my 8 week old American Bulldog?
  23. wearing boxer or shorts?
  24. im looking for a Rottweiler puppy in wayne, wv? help please?
  25. Yorkshire Terriers Or Chihuahuas?
  26. Im adopting a new puppy, he's part chihuahua. What are some tips when you are...
  27. Has anybody got a mastiff that has gone through TPLO surgery?
  28. I am looking for other people that have a boxer, pug, bull dog and Miniature pincer?
  29. Question about my nearly 4 year old Dachshund?
  30. what would be a funn entertainment speech brittany spears could do?
  31. HELP! my blue heeler mixed w/ collie,and shepard!?
  32. Can I move my dalmatian molly to a cichlid tank?
  33. chihuahua problems!!!!!!!?
  34. Is it normal for a pregnant rottweiler for its vigina to twich if it is almost...
  35. Help with dog- Chow chow; how does this furry dog look with no fur?
  36. Dachshund puppy names please?
  37. GIRLS: do you find it gross when a guys boxers are showing?
  38. Golden Retriever or Golden Labrador?
  39. My female chihuahua is bleeding more than normal, should I be worried?
  40. Looking for information about Siberian Huskies.?
  41. Where is the best place to buy chihuahua in Oregon?
  42. 5 month old beagle pup sick?
  43. Whippets and Exercise?
  44. Any idea where i can get a shetland sheepdog pup in singapore for $1.2k-$1.8k?
  45. any tips on potty training a chihuahua ? any information will be much apeciated.?
  46. My border collie is obsesed w/bitting my hand ! how do i make it STOP?
  47. What can I name my female beagle?
  48. My Papillon puppy has a brown nose, light brown eyes, and very symmetrical colors...
  49. Need help re-housebreaking out dachshund.?
  50. bichon frise dog rescue?
  51. I need a basic Greyhound coat pattern?
  52. Dachshund or Yorkshire Terrier?
  53. How do you raise a teen aged pomeranian?
  54. Does anyone own a Dogo Argentino?
  55. best dry food for a rottweiler mix?
  56. Mothers chihuahua suddenly wants nothing to do with her. She has been her baby...
  57. What is a good pet training book for Border Collies?
  58. Do you own a chihuahua?
  59. HELP!!! new Beagle... in heat?
  60. What is the life expectancy of a black and tan coon-hound/rottweiler?
  61. how much does a shar-pei cost?
  62. My whippet picks up plastic bottles,does anyone else's dog do this?
  63. do u think pugs are popular?
  64. GIRLS: guys boxers showing?
  65. *urgent* do you know facts about border collies?
  66. What size fence would i need for a great dane?
  67. if you have a french bulldog...?
  68. Any tips on house training my ten week old cairn terrier?
  69. About Boston Terrier's eyes?
  70. Pomeranian, chaning splint myself.?
  71. How much do you feed a Golden Retriever?
  72. My bf i were rubbing our genitals i was complete naked he had on boxers but...
  73. I have a golden retriever and a german shepherd and I want to shave them but...?
  74. Why aren't Basenjis and Italian Greyhounds considered Hypoallergenic Dogs Anymore?
  75. where can i find an animated icon of sophia bush and brittany snow kissing...
  76. How Much Should A Yorkshire Terrier Be From A Reputable Breeder?
  77. Stop barking!! Border Collie that doesn't stop!?
  78. Beagle owners... Good dog food for an overweight Beagle?
  79. do basset hound puppies ears grow later on after birth?
  80. Miniature american eskimo dog ?
  81. HELP!!! My pomeranian has a luxating patella that will not reset itself.?
  82. 3 month old female Golden Retriever?
  83. What is the best way to train my 8 week golden retriever?
  84. Has anyone ever shaved (or cut very low) their golden retriever's hair off?
  85. What's the Difference between Xoloitzcuintlis and American Hairless Terriers?
  86. Retired Greyhound Weight Loss?
  87. Any Alaskan Malamute or Labrador Retriever Breeders in Washington?
  88. Chihuahua and Pomeranian living together?
  89. My pug will pee and poo on a pad with no problem but will not pee or poo
  90. what is the best dog brush to get a shih tzu?
  91. POLL FOR BOYS: Do you prefer to wear boxers or whitey-tighteys ?
  92. Why does my intact male papillon (age 6) urinate on his underside?
  93. i'm in chihuahua mexico, will my plane be delayed because of the swine flu?
  94. my dogs leg got broken last night she is a pomeranian.?
  95. how much food and water minimum do a grown chihuahua and bassett hound need daily?
  96. Can aspirin kill a shih-tzu?
  97. beagle puppy ate some rabbit?
  98. Pomeranian Puppy Help?
  99. were can i find rottweiler at a shelter or from a pet for a good price?
  100. will my Great Dane get any larger?
  101. My Beagle Wheezes? 20 Characters?
  102. what would be a funny entertainment speech involving brittany spears idea?
  103. My 10 pound dachshund ate a bag of starbursts...?
  104. we just got a siberian husky, he's 9 weeks old, we need advice, please help.?
  105. whats the song called of the real radio advert with the dancing basset hound?
  106. I,ve just discovered that my 5 month old Samoyed has problem with his hind
  107. I need help for future chihuahua naming maybe?
  108. what can cause an Italian Greyhound to scratch a lot?
  109. Chihuahua stop breastfreeding puppies?
  110. Standard Poodle Vs. Giant Schnauzer?
  111. channel frequencies for greyhound racing?
  112. Who and with what credentials do you have to say that Tea Cup Schnauzers are
  113. If a male (black tuxedo, but mostly black) and female (dilute chocolate...
  114. How many weeks is my Shih Tzu?
  115. Does a poodle skirt have to have a poodle picture?
  116. I am looking for a good oriential gravy/sauce for beef chow mein.
  117. Welsh springer spaniels?? I want to adopt one please read?
  118. What are the options for my very sick, 12-13 years old Beagle Mix dog?
  119. Baby Basset Hound with slipped disk?
  120. why does my staffordshire bull terriers eyes go red?
  121. How can i get my 16 wk old mini Schnauzer to be more interactive?
  122. Do bull terriers like water?
  123. Bloodhound.Exploit.213 removal, please help!?
  124. hi my rottweiler has somthing on his back part like a 1 dollar coin that's
  125. is my chihuahua pregnant?
  126. How can I get my Lhasa Apso to become more social?
  127. Should I get a golden retriever or a yellow lab better?
  128. boxers shorts or commando?
  129. What is The Best Way to Groom a Full Grown Collie in a Puppy-Cut at Home?
  130. Rescue centre in England, Midlands with pugs for adoption?
  131. Would you call the Italian Greyhound a Velcro Dog?
  132. Miniature Pinscher puppy?
  133. Are White spots on a Doberman Pinscher Puppy bad?
  134. My boxer girl is 63days today - panting, shivering, not eating, how do i know when
  135. good names for a male shih tzu?
  136. HOW can I TRAIN teacup puppies (couple months) to be COOL with BIG dogs???...
  137. Older Female Siberian Husky?
  138. What is difference between American Akita and Akita and Shiba inu?
  139. Lab or Golden Retriever?
  140. Good sports for beagles?
  141. Can a Siberian Husky have a red nose?
  142. what is like to tkae a long distance trip on greyhound?
  143. at what age can i breed a golden retriever?
  144. Well It help to neuter my chihuahua?
  145. Best way to exercise a Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy?
  146. Chihuahua slipped on marble floor and limping? Could be slipped disk or...
  147. How to make a Rottweiler more people friendly?
  148. Dalmatian Temperament?
  149. Naming my dog? Shetland sheepdog?
  150. Im fourteen and i have woren briefs all my life and i wanna change to...
  151. Ok girls do you like boxers or briefs?
  152. dog housetraining mini schnauzer?
  153. I'm researching the English Bulldog before owning.....?
  154. what would be a funny brittany spears speech i could do?
  155. 5 month old dachshund x terrier And i need help..?
  156. Has anyone bought the picnic meal special at King's Island Ohio? How was the chow?
  157. My German Shepherd Dog is 5 months old and weights 60 pounds.How much will he weight
  158. Adult Pug is Pooping in Crate - Help!?
  159. Cute girl poodle names?
  160. What's the DIFFERENCE from a Lhasa Apso and a Shih Tzu?????
  161. Please tell me everything you know about bull terriers . their goods and their bads?
  162. Border collies, pregnant?!?
  163. Siberian husky; question?
  164. how to make chow mein noodles?
  165. How to groom a matted toy poodle?
  166. Do you think my pug is overweight? Pics.?
  167. Rottweiler vs Doberman vs Gsd, which is a better MAN STOPPING guard dog!?
  168. What is the difference between the old english mastiff and a bullmastiff?
  169. Border collie or Golden retriever?
  170. Does anyone know an inexpensive and dependable boxer breeder in Pennsylvania or
  171. How much for a Pug/Lab mix?
  172. Does anyone know of Comfort Golden Retriever breeders around the MN area?
  173. How to get chihuahuas to sleep at night?
  174. my 16 week old puppy is acting tired all at once. He is part beagle.?
  175. cheap Bernese mountain dog puppy?
  176. Shih Tzu or Lhasa Apso?
  177. american eskimo/chow mix?
  178. who is stronger in a bite/ rottweiler or pitbull? is just a question . I love dogs
  179. Best (dry) dog food for rottweiler?
  180. Why is my toy fox terrier/mix acting depressed?
  181. I purchased a miniature bull terrier puppy in Dec 08..have been working...
  182. If my yorkshire terrier dog is about 6 or 7 years old......?
  183. My pug puppy having problems pooping?
  184. What are stephen chow's best films?
  185. Shoud I spend the money for getting equipment for my newfoundland for carting?
  186. Will a shaved pomeranian's hair grow back?
  187. Does anyone know what job Toy Poodles are meant to do?
  188. How long does it take for a golden retriever to grow full size?
  189. I want to buy a puppy. Any advice on the Bichon Frise? Tell me what you know please!?
  190. poll: best song by Brittany Spears?
  191. What does a pro boxer eat after he weighs in?
  192. do female siberian husky dogs get periods?
  193. I want to ask about my 55-day old german shepherd dog. So if you've had a...
  194. Bloodhound.pdf.1 in quarantine?
  195. What are your thoughts on Siberian Huskies?
  196. How to bathe a Labrador Retriever?
  197. Which dog is better Yellow Lab or Beagle?
  198. Hey guys, question about boxers. Is it normal to sleep in em'?
  199. Please someone tell me more about the pomeranian?
  200. How do I make my Schnauzer's ear flop?
  201. German Shepherd or Rottweiler?
  202. Question about the Pug in this You-Tube Video?
  203. Does our mutt have any Shiba Inu in her?
  204. My beagle won't sleep in his kennel even if it's raining?
  205. Where can I buy a Border Collie in VA?
  206. What is the difference between the Biewer Yorkshire Terrier and the
  207. Golden Retriever with little to no hair on his chest and tummy?
  208. i would like to know how to take care of dachshund whining when my fiance leaves?
  209. What could cause my boxer mix to throw up?
  210. would you feel frustrated with this stupid chihuahua dog?
  211. Boxers, Briefs, or Boxer Briefs?
  212. Purebred Rough Collie owners rate your dog on a scale of 1-10 on these things?
  213. how can i remove red stain out of my white dalmatian?
  214. My border collie puppy has a low drive?
  215. thinking of a Brittany/ Labrador mix. typically, how hyper?
  216. Sick nine year Basset Hound?
  217. I have a 3 month lab/collie puppy and she is super cute and learning some...
  218. Are Pomeranian puppies supposed to look like guinea pigs?
  219. Help! I think my beagle is depressed:(?
  220. what would be a funny speech idea that involves brittany spears?
  221. I have a pomeranian/yorkie mix and she is terrible to housbreak!!!?
  222. How long can a greyhound be left alone for?
  223. how can I tell if my 6 month old boxer puppy is pregnant her tummy is hard...
  224. My shar pei puppy is about 10weeks and has a hematoma (fluid in his ear pocket flap
  225. Bullmastiff pups help?!?
  226. Any dog that look like a spitz (american eskimo, keeshond, etc) that don't shed
  227. Does anyone have a chihuahua that has sprained or broken their tail?
  228. Chihuahua help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  229. Chow Chow breeders in maryland?
  230. My pug is breathing funny (sounds like something is caught and he can't...
  231. What do you feed your Beagle?
  232. is chow fun with shrimp and egg fattening?
  233. Should I get the chihuahua now?
  234. I bought a purebreed male rottweiler pup yesterday it is 4 weeks old and in
  235. Would a boxer be able to stand a chance against a Muay Thai boxer in a bout...
  236. How Long Could i Leave A Bull Terrier OR a Labrador alone?
  237. my 6 week old pug mix puppy started acting like a cat trying to cough up a
  238. Carolina Dog Mix or Australian Cattle Dog mix?
  239. What i should wear boxer shorts or none in jeans?
  240. name ideas for a male rottweiler cross please please please?
  241. is my chihuahua pregnant?
  242. Italian Greyhounds? What do YOU Think?
  243. Ear Cropping for Boxer?
  244. what do you think of american pit bull terriers?
  245. How do you beat a boxer that goes for the body most of the time?
  246. Question about my Schnauzer's straight up ears?
  247. Some issues with newly adopted dachshund... help please?
  248. Is chewing unacceptable things a border collie trait or did I just get lucky?
  249. Hamsters and Greyhounds?
  250. My Chihuahua got scared and I think she had a seizure?