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  1. Is this a mix or a pure american bulldog?
  2. Help.advice needed for shih tzu pup?
  3. Problem with my Newfoundland puppy?
  4. does anyone know where to get a english bulldog puppy?
  5. my boxer dogs weight keeps fluctuating ,why?
  6. which dog breed, Australian cattle dog or Australian shepherd needs less exercise...
  7. I need information on taking the Greyhound Bus. Help?
  8. How to keep a border collie busy?
  9. why does my italian greyhounds shoulder/shoulders pop?
  10. I have a pitbull rottweiler mix, she is only 7 weeks, and already is mean.?
  11. I'm getting a female puppy (which is a cairn terrier) can you help me pick
  12. Rescued Bichon Frise how long for the coat to grow back?
  13. I need help naming a male/female Samoyed dog!?
  14. My Boston Terrier is sick and pacing. He is too young for dementia.Vet doesn't know.?
  15. Does anyone have a estimated weight on what a saint bernard puppy should weigh?
  16. I have a 5 year old lhasa apso, i think she may be pregnant?
  17. Men's Knit Boxers Medium???
  18. Any Italian Greyhound owners out there?
  19. What is special about Newfoundland's time zone?
  20. Owning a Brittany, living in an apartment?
  21. Can a rottweiler live in a apartment?
  22. Why does my shih-tzu burp so much?
  23. male Bichon Frise - help with excessive humping/whining?
  24. My pug still has 3 baby teeth?
  25. Help! I have a hyper 6 month old Chihuahua and he doesn't like his collar.?
  26. Nintendogs, easy way to get a Jack Russell Terrier WITHOUT action replay?
  27. I need help with cooking chicken chow mein in a wok?
  28. what's wrong with my dalmatian molly?
  29. Sick italian greyhound question?
  30. Would a Rottweiler enjoy the woods and hunting?
  31. Irish Wolfhound/Golden Retriever mix?
  32. miniature poodle chihuahua mix help!?
  33. My 3 month old chihuahua had beautiful pointy ears till a couple of days ago. Now...
  34. blind puppy he is whippet cross?
  35. How was the painting Napoleon crossing the Saint Bernard and David's Oath of the...
  36. I have a papillon breed dog what kind of food is best to get my breed of dog on?
  37. My siberian husky refuses to house train. sometimes he goes to the door. sometimes
  38. problems with my rhodesian ridgeback?
  39. can some1 give me a link to a site where they have exactlly a female german
  40. How big was your american bulldog at 2 months?
  41. To all the Pekingese owners out there?
  42. I this a toy poodle? Pictures Are Included?
  43. Who is the actress in the 2008 Purina puppy chow commercial where it's...
  44. How much is a Miniature Pinscher in Philippines/Asia?
  45. Chihuahua advice please!?
  46. 101 dalmatians question!!!!!???!?
  47. my 8 week old shih tzu?
  48. does anyone know of an american bulldog rescue in md.?
  49. Do you think we have a good combination: Miniature Schnauzer and pug (additional,
  50. Bull-mastiff or Doberman, which one should I opt for?
  51. POLL: Ashley or Brittany?
  52. Is the White German Shepherd the right dog for my family?
  53. How big do miniature english bulldogs get?
  54. does anyone know of a group that i can join in regards to advancing the
  55. I Have Allergies To Dogs Would A Cairn Terrier Be Suitable For Me?
  56. how much hours of exercise do a Australian cattle dog needs?
  57. is there a difference between a West Highland White Terrier and a Maltese terrier?
  58. what are good or bad characteristics of the havanese dog ?
  59. how much is the average price of a westie and cairn terrier in 's not $'s please?
  60. Why doesn't my American Eskimo like to be held?
  61. When would be the appropriate age to take my wirehaired fox terrier pup to her
  62. out of all the breeds, why did you chose a chihuahua?
  63. Shiba inu and English mastiff getting along?
  64. Any body with a Havanese dog?
  65. ShiTzu , Yorkshire Terrier, Chihuahua, Chihuahua X Mini Daschund or Mini Daschund?
  66. Is it mandatory that professional boxers be clean shaven?
  67. Hi,I'll be visiting Montreal from toronto so..I wanna know what hotels are close to
  68. Concerned about English Mastiff growth...?
  69. How cold of weather can a field hunting english setter be in?
  70. What is stronger Staffordshire bull terrier or English bulldog?
  71. A good name for my border collie mix puppy?
  72. Newfoundland versus Great Pyrenees?
  73. what are the pros and cons of a shiba inu?
  74. What is the minimum age to be an Olympic or Commonwealth Games boxer?
  75. HELP! my 6 month old male pomeranian has uti.?
  76. English Bulldog or Dogue de Bourdeaux, which drools more?
  77. How do I stop my 10 week old Pomeranian from barking all night long?
  78. if i have a pitbull how do i socialize her to live with a bloodhound?
  79. What is the breed of the smaller version of Samoyed?
  80. why dont people leave Brittany alone?
  81. What is a good name for a Basset Hound puppy?
  82. i need an awesome name for a pug?
  83. my rat terrier is pregant by either a standard poodle or a scottish terrier but she
  84. I have a West Highland White Terrier?
  85. Whats a great name for a boxer dog!?
  86. From wher i can Buy Shar Pei Puppies in India or Hyderabad ?
  87. HELP! URGENT! What should I do with my 4 year old female Border Collie?
  88. What do you think of cavalier king charles spaniel?
  89. Cavalier King Charles spaniel vs Cocker Spaniel?
  90. I'm wanting an affenpinscher some day. Has anyone here had one?
  91. how can i get my 6 mo old chow/rot to become very protective of our daughter
  92. How to register my Purebred Samoyed Dog?
  93. Any suggestions for a cavalier king charles spaniel?
  94. where can u get pekingese for sale in tx?
  95. Cocker Spaniel OR Pembroke Welsh Corgi!!!!!!!?
  96. Golden Retriever/ Boxer Mix?
  97. Good Bullmastiff breeders?
  98. Can you help me find a NAME for my FRENCH BULLDOG puppy?
  99. My 12 lb beagle ate chocalate icing. Shes been outside playing for an hour
  100. I'm getting a shetland sheepdog. I wanted to know when I should start bathing it?
  101. how much exercize will a dogo argentino, require to fill his potential?
  102. What Recipes can you do with chow mein noodles?
  103. Mr. Chow? the food place..?
  104. I just rescued a 3y/o Weimaraner..and she's scared of her name, amongst...
  105. What shots are necessary for a apartment kept dachshund puppy?
  106. should i get a Basenji?
  107. What are chesapeake bay retrievers like?
  108. My shih tzu has been puking....?
  109. Rhodesian Ridgeback with a Doberman?
  110. Do dalmatians do well in apartments? And do they really shed as bad as...
  111. Beagle pups dog food problems!!!!!!?
  112. would a Pembroke Welsh Corgi be right for me?
  113. What's the address of the bus station in Nuevo Laredo for a Greyhound bus to
  114. Old English Sheepdogs?
  115. Should I get a Boston Terrier or Dachshund?
  116. Affenpinscher hard to get in UK?
  117. Is Rodney or Garry a nice name for a staffordshire bull terrier?
  118. I wanted to add to the Whippet stud Question.?
  119. what dog breed is better as a pet, australian shepherd or australian cattle dog?
  120. How do i get rid of bloodhound virus on my vaio?
  121. Great Pyrenees, Double Dew Claw?
  122. Looking for an Afghan Hound breeder?
  123. Will a english setter, irish setter, or chocalate labrador make good watchdogs.?
  124. Am i ready for a weimaraner dog?
  125. What color/markings would you say my Italian Greyhound has?
  126. What Should I feed a Weimaraner Puppy?
  127. My mini poodle keeps gagging and coughing?
  128. Dachshund for apartment life?
  129. Just got a female schnauzer i need name suggestions...?
  130. are german shorthaired pointer good in the snow?
  131. Bernese Mountain Dog... Qs???????
  132. How do I tame an Irish Wolfhound who becomes aggressive?
  133. How do you train a 7 month old Boston Terrier to be potty trained?
  134. Do poodle mixes shed?
  135. My Jack Russell Terrier ate a rat!!?
  136. Is a female Rhodesian Ridgeback more protective over a family and children...
  137. Do you know of any golden retriever breeders in ohio?
  138. What dog is better to go with.. border collie or corgi?
  139. GIRLS: am I the only one who finds HOT when a guys boxers are showing?
  140. Whos cuter? The baby or the Pug?
  141. I have just got a Staffordshire Bull Terrier Puppy, how do i house train it?
  142. How much does it cost to spay a Maltipoo (Maltese/Toy Poodle)?
  143. Papillon versus Cavalier king charles spaniel?
  144. Names for Weimaraner puppies.?
  145. Some tips for potty training a 2 month wirehaired fox terrier pup?
  146. yorkshire terrier health question? important please.?
  147. Male smooth collie names?
  148. How much more should my Portuguese water dog grow?
  149. How can i minimize my dalmatian's shedding?
  150. BULLMASTIFF OR DOGUE DE BORDEAUX-stubborn ?trainable?
  151. What is going on with my Beagle (Emergency)?
  152. im getting a dogo argentino, and was considering croping his ears?
  153. crop my great dane's ears?
  154. How to get our Labrador Retriever to stop barking/jumping at trees?
  155. Shetland sheepdogs with rabbits?
  156. is there anything special i need to know before buying an English bulldog.?
  157. Name A Golden Retriever :) ?
  158. How do you take care of a pregnant Basset hound dog?
  159. What are the good things and bad things about french bulldogs?
  160. Does anyone have a tip for stopping ear infections in Shar pei dogs?
  161. Stephen Chow in Malaysia?
  162. Should I use a dog harness or a collar. I am adopting a ten pound toy poodle.?
  163. Who like Shih Tzu or Bichon Frise dogs?
  164. Pomeranian dog with a little cough?
  165. Between a Doberman and Bullmastiff, which would you refer as a good family dog ?
  166. Were can i find a rottweiler?
  167. I know it is not recommended to tie a greyhound outside, but would it be...
  168. How did I get a virus in my computer? Its called bloodhound exploit.196?
  169. cn anyone show mea photo of a chihuahua and a papillon together?
  170. Has anyone ever owned or known anyone who has had a Belgian Malinois shepherd ?
  171. What is the maximum height of a full grown Toy Poodle?
  172. Weimaraner questions (pic included)?
  173. How much are American Bulldog Puppies w/o their papers only with their shots?
  174. Would it be ok if i brought a german shephard puppy and a rough collie puppy
  175. what should i name my italian greyhound puppy?
  176. How old does an English Pointer start showing signs of their first cycle?
  177. Is he a full breed pekingese?
  178. My 1 year old female Pomeranian has separation anxiety what do I do?
  179. What is a red wolf chihuahua?
  180. Neutering my chihuahua?
  181. toy poodle afraid of heights possibly?
  182. My 5 year old Boxer is already graying?
  183. What's the difference between a Pomegranate and a Pomeranian?
  184. i have a ten year old chow mix and he has a had weird bump on his back leg for
  185. How do I housebreak my border collie puppy if she won't pee/poop outside?
  186. Bloodhound PDF.1 what is it?
  187. Where should a Standard poodle's tail be docked at?
  188. just another question about my 6mth old shiba inu hes only 8lbs is this normal?
  189. I have a 3 month old LAB/CHOW mix... What should I feed him?
  190. What should I name a white chihuahua with brown spots?
  191. Questions regarding a 3lb pomeranian--stairs?Other dogs?
  192. what would you say is a good weight for 7 week old male golden retriever?
  193. Will a 15 month old basenji learn to get along with a new kitten or cat?
  194. Is it safe to jog with my Toy Poodle?
  195. Name's for a girl poodle {puppy}?
  196. i got my shiba inu puppy neutered 5 days ago and since is really out of sorts not
  197. Does anyone have both a papillon and a yorkie?
  198. How much are Great Dane puppies?
  199. What dogs are similar to Norfolk/Norwich Terriers?
  200. I have just gotten a 6 week old golden retriever and I am trying to...
  201. What do you think about my American Bulldog?
  202. What would you do to intertain yourself for 32 hours on a GreyHound,?
  203. will a Dachshund be a good choice for apartment life ?
  204. How can i convince my dad to let me have a chihuahua?
  205. I need to Train stubborn Pitbull Pug?
  206. Does a boxer really sign a contract that says he or she cannot fight outside
  207. I have a year old Boarder Collie that has a phobia?
  208. Are there beagle breeders in MD?
  209. is this a deer type chihuahua?
  210. Boxer, Briefs, or Boxer Briefs Poll?
  211. how tall is yours or someone you know staffordshire bull terrier?
  212. my beagle is very afraid of other people she doesn't know?
  213. My italian greyhound mas bad mannars!!!!?
  214. poll have you ever seen a duck bombing a rottweiler with eggs?
  215. I have a 36 day old Lhasa apso. I'm a first time pet parent. Please help!!?
  216. HELP!!! PLEASE! how long does a pomeranian's fur grow back?
  217. cure for abscess in my rottweiler? it is really swollen full of pus and really...
  218. Experienced Boxer owners, how do I train my Boxer Pup?
  219. my blue staffiture bull terrier puppie ging brindle?
  220. I have CHihuahua problems plz help?
  221. My chihuahua/terrier mix has a black bump on bottom of testicles?
  222. How do we potty train a Shih Tzu/Pekingese?
  223. How long does it take a labrador retriever to reach one year of age in human time?
  224. i have a 2 year old chihuahua and every time i take him out he rolls around
  225. GIRLS: do you like it when a guys boxers are showing?
  226. Whats the best way to train a chow chow puppy?
  227. walking my pomeranian?
  228. My Bull mastiff that is about a year and half is throwing up water and she did not
  229. Havanese breeder in the northeast?
  230. I need help with my Samoyed!?
  231. Jack Russell Rat Terrier?
  232. I just got an 8 week old mini schnauzer. When should she start wearing a collar and
  233. Miniture american eskimo dog ?
  234. Finding a reputable breeder for english bulldogs?
  235. Yorkshire terrier ? 6 weeks old.?
  236. are boxers good dogs ?
  237. small size puppy (belgian malinois)?
  238. q. for dog groomers or pomeranian owners...?
  239. my dachshund problems?
  240. Which is the best akita inu coat color?
  241. What should i name my siberian husky?
  242. How many times a day should I walk my mini dachshund?
  243. How do I make my dog (American Staffordshire Terrier) a little more protective?
  244. How can I de-shed my pug?
  245. Puppy Training help (mini Dachshund)?
  246. how do i toilet-train my little shih-tzu dog?
  247. Boy or Girl Weimaraner Puppy?
  248. Is Floyd Mayweather Jr. the best boxer so far?
  249. Why is my 3 year old beagle has side effects from ALL the flea/tick meds?
  250. I am thinking of getting a cavalier king charles spaniel help!!?