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  1. scottish terrier easy pet to travel with?
  2. My shih tzu barfed brown?
  3. Have you ever owned a Boston Terrier, a Pug, or a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?
  4. My American Eskimo Dog won't kiss me?
  5. Are miniature poodles and teacup poodles the same size?
  6. How do I get my American Eskimo to listen to me?
  7. I'm considering soft palate surgery for my French Bulldog. Does anyone have
  8. I have a Bull Terrier and am looking for ankle weights that will fit her leg?
  9. If I have a 150 lb Rottweiler clamped on my leg ......?
  10. Can I hire out my 8 month old silky terrier as a stud?
  11. i got a american staffordshire terrier is it the same as a pitbull?
  12. Why is my bernese mountain dog such a pus*y?
  13. Anything to encourage hair growth for Scottish Terriers?
  14. Which is better? A Chihuahua or a Lhasa Apso?
  15. French Bulldog owners.....?
  16. What defines a briefs man as opposed to a boxers man?
  17. Great Dane Swallowed a Mango Pit...?
  18. How do i travel from the milwaukee greyhound station to the marcus amphittheater? is
  19. Bernese Mountain Dog question?
  20. How long can a Hungarian Vizsla be left at home alone??? (occasionally, not
  21. looking to rescue a male kuvasz?
  22. Advice on bichon frise puppy?
  23. I'm dog sitting my aunt's lhasa apso and I think Satan's inside it. Will
  24. Is it true that Jack Russell Terriers are natural born killers -- like to killl...
  25. how do I get my golden retriever to retrieve?
  26. what type of poodle are out there?
  27. I need an AKC DOG NAME for my Shetland Sheepdog?...?
  28. Man's Best Friend A poodle and a collie were walking down the street.?
  29. Is a mini schnauzer a good dog?
  30. is it safe to give my 4 months old dog a 7 in 1 shot?my dog is bull
  31. teacup and toy poodles?
  32. Basset Hound owners- HELP?
  33. Where is a good Border Collie breeder around Northern Virginia?!?
  34. Is it just me or is Brittany Speers getting worse?
  35. Are American Staffordshire Terriers a good dog for a college student?
  36. What should i name my King Charles Spaniel?
  37. What is stronger Staffordshire bull terrier or English bull terrier?
  38. What are some tricks i can teach my American Eskimo?
  39. What would happen if a Standard American Bulldog attacked a raccoon?
  40. Anyone Know the Kind of Beagle Mix Breed I've Been Looking For?
  41. How can I convince my parents to get a dog?(german shepherd)?
  42. im trying to crate(cage)my 2 month old bichon frise mix with shih tzu and poodle...
  43. Best Rottweiler Kennel?
  44. Which would you prefer, Yorkie or Silky Terrier?
  45. beagles.....are they ok?
  46. Are french bulldogs good dogs?
  47. Looking for Shiba-Inu rescue society in Buffalo?
  48. What to do with my aggressive Chihuahua puppy?
  49. my 11 1/2 yr old american eskimo/ Chihuahua mix has started shaking and
  50. LADIES: What's sexier on guys boxers or boxer briefs?
  51. how many females are in a golden retriever litter?
  52. What type of dog is best for a college student? Havanese, Maltese, Havamalt
  53. Brittany Puppies..... ?
  54. Is Krill oil high in purines? I want to give it to my Dalmatian and they cant
  55. How do I go about socializing a 2 year old chihuahua/miniature pinscher mix?
  56. Help with training a Jack Russell Terrier?
  57. female lhasa apso pregnant by lab?
  58. Is there a english bulldog breeder in Ohio with affordable prices?
  59. My 10 month old SPAYED French Bulldog is leaking a clear fluid out of her vulva.
  60. What breeder can I golden retriever puppy from?
  61. what is a bichon frise?
  62. a question about the dog breed toy poodles?
  63. Should I get another Lhasa Apso?
  64. Dachshund VS Pomeranian!!!?
  65. My pug wont grow what should I do?
  66. portuguese water dogs?
  67. Anyone no of a Basset Hound Rescue Place in North New Jersey?
  68. Pomeranian Chihuahua Puppy?
  69. American Bulldog TRAINING Help!!!?
  70. what dog should i get weimaraner or a vizsla?
  71. What can I do to make my sister's Saint Bernard puppy to stop singing?
  72. Saint Bernard growled at me?
  73. Cavalier king charles spaniels?
  74. Help!!! my 120 pound dalmatian just snatched a chocolate chip cookie out of
  75. is this a good name for my new female cairn terrier puppy?
  76. Adopting a Pitbull mix or German shepherd mix with a small dog in house?
  77. I want advise on getting a HUGE dog..Great Pyrenees.?
  78. Anyone got any suggestions for a female 13yr old border collie with stiff back legs?
  79. How can I get my 4yo Miniature Dachshund interested in toys?
  80. Do Newfoundland dogs do well in Eastern North Carolina?
  81. Where to find a bloodhound breeder in Michigan?
  82. Affenpinscher tempremant?
  83. Where can i find a pet shop that sells miniature poodle puppies?
  84. American Bulldog or Lab?
  85. where can i receive a free neopolitan mastiff?
  86. How to train a 6 month old female american bulldog?
  87. cute names for a cocker spaniel poodle mix?
  88. Is this a good price for a Border Collie?
  89. Training tips for 7 mo. old American Pit Bull Terrier/Boston Terrier/Jack Russel Mix?
  90. does anyone know roberto martinez garcia that might live in chihuahua or anywhere...
  91. Would a Pembroke welsh corgi be good for me?
  92. Poodle Rescue Locations?
  93. what dose it mean when slimy stuff comes out of a female english
  94. My 9 month old Boston Terrier constantly eats whatever he can find in the lawn,
  95. lhasa apso or havanese ?
  96. Should i get rid of my Siberian Husky?
  97. How much exercise does a golden retriever need?
  98. shar pei owners only. (or others who have had their dogs entropian fixed)?
  99. HOw to get an Irish Setter puppy? and how much do they cost?
  100. Doberman Pinscher is a PURE breed?
  101. Just got a 10wk whippet puppy? I know they are 'needy' but I also feel something...
  102. Cockier Spaniel Scottish Terrier mix 50/50 mix whats the name?
  103. How do I get my Dachshund/Min. Pin puppy to accept our Golden Retriever
  104. what does it cost to spay a great dane?
  105. Does my dog have irish wolfhound in it?
  106. How do I train my 10 week old Pomeranian to use potty pads?
  107. Bullmastiff puppies for sale!?
  108. I need to know which British boxers, when retired or still boxing, have ed gyms?
  109. What is the name of this boxer?
  110. Great Pyrenees/Norwegian Elkhound Mix Question?
  111. When will my shih-tzu puppy be able to hold her bladder over night?
  112. Whaere can I buy an Irish Wolfhound?
  113. I have a 6 Month old Staffordshire bull terrier and it gets scared when other...
  114. Is a siberian husky ok for me?
  115. Does anyone have a westiepoo (west highland white terrier/ poodle mix)?
  116. Why is my 5-MO Italian Greyhound becoming aggressive, and how do I correct this?
  117. Can I travel to mexico and come back in the greyhound bus by myself if im 16?
  118. Help! My 7 month old female dalmatian pup has fleas!?What to do?
  119. Which of these names would be best for a Basset Hound puppy?
  120. Lakeland Terrier Info.?
  121. what is the average weight for a 4 month old pembroke welsh corgi?
  122. is it beneficial to get an almost 2 year old beagle fixed?
  123. Havanese or shih tzu?
  124. What is stronger Pitbull terrier or American bulldog?
  125. My male chihuahua wont mate with my female... Why?? shes in heat?
  126. newfoundland and great dane?
  127. What the difference between a Volpino Italiano and a Pomeranian?
  128. Good name for a collie?
  129. I want to buy a cairn terrier any advice?
  130. Questions about different types of Bulldogs? Victorian, Olde, etc?
  131. Is it okay to leave a Norwegian Elkhound alone?
  132. Does anyone know where I can see a picture of a full grown bichon frise/shih tzu mix?
  133. What is roughly the yearly cost of an extra large dog [Great Dane to be specific]?
  134. What's the street address of Greyhound's Mexican bus line's bus station in...
  135. Mini Schnauzer is barking lots :(?
  136. introducing puppy to greyhound?
  137. who is the boxer you will never look eye to eye?
  138. advise on a really good shedder/brush for Great Pyrenees?
  139. Irish Wolfhound X Question?
  140. Skin disorder Staffordshire Bull Terrier?
  141. Do you think borzois are ugly?
  142. Do dalmatian dogs make good pets?
  143. What do I do with my Jack Russell Terrier??!!?
  144. Is this normal for an english bull terrier?
  145. I have a five month old Toy Yorkshire terrier His toilet habits are...
  146. Do you have a Miniature Schnauzer?
  147. how much price for golden retriever in Petsmart grooming?
  148. Where to get a Basset Hound..?
  149. Anyone Else own Italian Greyhounds?
  150. I can't get my 5 mo. old beagle/dachshund mix to go potty outside or
  151. can anyone give me some info on using my shih tzu as a stud?
  152. Looking for a female, puppy pomeranian. does anyone know of any in london?
  153. i need an awesome dog name for a pug?
  154. Border Collie Information?
  155. is it ok to cut a Great Pyrenees hair?
  156. I have a shetland sheepdog who I feel would like a companion. What kind of...
  157. how small is an adult chihuahua?
  158. Can Jack Russell Terrier's be Trained as Guard Dogs?
  159. Does anyone own an American Eskimo dog?
  160. How to convince Dad to let us get a greyhound?
  161. Personal Experience from Border Collie pet owners?
  162. How do I build my Staffordshire Bull Terriers Muscle?
  163. Good friend for American Eskimo dog?
  164. anyone know where i can buy Newfoundland pups,?
  165. what is the best tear stain shampoo you can get for shih tzu in the uk from?
  166. Australian Shepherd/Cattle Dog mix too intense?
  167. What do i wear w/a blue poodle skirt?
  168. Yorkshire Terrier or Silky Terrier?
  169. Panic attacks? My beagle freaks out with storms.?
  170. does GOLDEN RETRIEVER really shed that much? and are they really so much smarter...
  171. Should i get a weimaraner dog?
  172. What is the best food to feed my 3 month old papillon?
  173. Can any one give me a daily plan for my golden retriever?
  174. How often should an adult miniature poodle need to go potty?
  175. My lab boxer puppy (6 months old) is loosing her hair. What can i do to help?
  176. Can a professor boxer use Cochlear Implant while fighting in the ring?
  177. Looking to adopt/rescue a leonberger or tibetan mastiff puppy!?
  178. ughhh.....pekingese wont shut up..help?
  179. yorkshire terrier owners? I have some questions please answer?
  180. How's the behavior of havanese dogs?
  181. Whats a good English BullDogs name!?!?
  182. Help with my great dane pup's behaviour?
  183. Where is a good place to get a Jack Russell Terrier puppy?
  184. shar pei entropian repairative surgery cost?
  185. Can a lhasa Apso have Basset Hound pups without a section?
  186. Chihuahuas front legs are bent outwards and back legs tucked in? Normal?
  187. What dog should i get? king charles, golden retreiver, german shepherd or a collie?
  188. Apart from shopping online, what shops can I get poodle skirts in London with...
  189. Brittany Spaniel Puppies in Ontario?
  190. Best muscle building supplement for a rottweiler dog?
  191. My Shetland Sheepdog?
  192. Finding or making a ramp for my Irish wolfhound to climp into my Ford
  193. Where can I purchase a Silver/Charcoal Labrador Retriever Puppy in the Midwest?
  194. I want to buy a Cairn Terrier advice.?
  195. Can anyone give me any details on the Dachshund Day in Centennial Park in Sydney?
  196. How to teach a Shiba Inu Bite Inhibition?
  197. Where can I get TY Beanie Baby BO the Portuguese Water Dog?
  198. French bulldogs. Question for fellow owners?
  199. any aussie/australian shepherd dog owners here in this section? i have some
  200. Which dog should i get a westie or a Boston terrier?
  201. Where to find Shiba Inu breeders in Penang?
  202. Female border collie name?
  203. How long do Irish Wolfhounds live for?
  204. Would this be okay for a German Shepherd Dog?
  205. Where can I find a very good deal for a west-highland white terrier potty trained?
  206. I have a new puppy, silky terrier, 2 month old...?
  207. My 9 year old miniture schnauzer has gotten into the habit of sitting on my
  208. Name for our new Australian Shepherd/ Border Collie mix dog?
  209. Are you bemused with how suddenly Taylor transformed from a supremely skilled...
  210. What is a good name for a Toy Poodle?
  211. Is a white Great Dane?
  212. Why is a Keeshond, Shiba Inu mix rare?
  213. why does he wear two pairs of boxers?
  214. I have become fascinated with the English Pointer. CAn you tell me about its
  215. Where can i adopt a Pembroke Welsh Corgi?
  216. what does the W stand for on my doberman pinschers AKC papers?
  217. can you help me please? (portuguese water dogs)?
  218. Where can i find a shiba inu puppy in or around Colorado, for under $500?
  219. What kind of dog should I get? A welsh corgi or a golden retriever?
  220. My Golden Retriever Pups?
  221. I got today a 2 month old dachshund. Could anybody please give me a few pointers...
  222. Are Bull Terriers good with young childern?
  223. Are There any good english bull terrier breeders in the uk?
  224. Is there another breed similar to the Yellow Labrador Retriever?
  225. B.A.R.F. Diet RAW feeding great dane?
  226. How to train my 9 week old labrador retriever puppy to behave in the living room?
  227. How do you remove the Bloodhound.PDF.1 virus?
  228. Cavalier king charles spaniel?
  229. My American Bulldog puppy has hookworms, will they ever go away?
  230. Good dog food for a Papillon?
  231. I have trouble writing English papers, could you possilby give me some...
  232. taking care of a basset hound...?
  233. Irish Terrier.....tell me everything!?
  234. At What Age Does A Whippet Dog Stop Growing?
  235. 4yr old Female Beagle/Lab mix - Overweight??! Please help a dog in need! I'm...
  236. Is a Shih Tzu or a Bichon Frise more expensive?
  237. What should I name my male Shih Tzu?
  238. my neo mastiff puppie vomiting and has dierra only at night what could it be?
  239. Do you know of any Tibetan Mastiff dog Breeders in Ottawa, Canada or nearby?
  240. If I have one male and one female Italian Greyhound do you think I could
  241. My yorkshire terrier dog is ill?
  242. Which do you prefer? French Bulldog or A Yorkshire Terrier?
  243. Doberman Pinscher question..?
  244. Need information about my Pomeranian?
  245. where can i find a pug in my area?
  246. how much is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi worth?
  247. I'm considering getting a designer dog, a Chi Poo (Chihuahua/Toy Poodle). Any...
  248. Are Havanese dogs good off the leash?
  249. Are Lakeland Terriers good dogs?
  250. Are Labrador Retrievers Mixed or Full Breed?