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  1. What is the best way to put weight on very active dogs? i.e boxers and pit bulls.?
  2. how to train a 3 mth old pomeranian?
  3. at what age does the double coat of a shih tzu grow?
  4. Can someone give me some advice on how to help a food aggressive dog?
  5. What's up with white dudes like Eminem or "Pitbull" trying to be rappers?
  6. I need a sport German shepherd for schutzhund?
  7. What to name my new puppy?
  8. I just got a 3 year old female chihuahua less than a week ago and I think
  9. How rare are long haired miniature cream dachshunds?
  10. Miniature Yorkshire terriers?
  11. How to introduce cat and olde english bulldog?
  12. We have a Mastiff puppy that is growing fast?
  13. How often can I use sterile buffered saline to clean my shih tzu's eyes?
  14. Why is it mainly children attacked by pitbull?
  15. What dog is best for me?
  16. Cute and unique name for small white/cream Shih Tzu?
  17. What's the best way to clean dog poop off the bottom of your kid's shoe?
  18. How do I get my 4 year old sheltie/jack russell mix to stop pooping in the house?
  19. ing Dog Rescue facility... Name suggestions?
  20. What Dog Is Best For Me?
  21. why thee hell is my pitbull?
  22. Dog stories. What's the best if any story you have of your dog defending you?
  23. How do you keep a Maltese's eyes from getting dirty?
  24. 7 month male Golden Retriever only weighs 45 pounds?
  25. Potty training a 6 month old chihuahua?
  26. has any one heard of a pit bull yorkie mix?? im trying to find out what i...
  27. What breed of dog is this?
  28. Is there a mix between a shih-tzu and a poodle?
  29. Advice on my Timberwolf Hybrid puppy? PLEASE!!!?
  30. Advice about breeding Standard Poodle?
  31. seeking help. i have a pitbull mix shes about 2 years old who isnt spayed. we re?
  32. I have 3 dachshunds, 2 females and one male all of them are neutered.?
  33. Need Opinions on puppy names!?
  34. Can I get some Toy Poodle Help?
  35. why does my 6 yr old Chihuahua barks so much?
  36. How to groom a Golden Retriever by yourself?
  37. is this normal for my toy poodle?
  38. My pit Turbo has yeast infections constantly, vet says food...
  39. A Maltese or a Maltipoo?
  40. My pregnant maltese is 58 days pregnant and she has a brownish/clear discharge...?
  41. I think my chihuahua is pregnant?
  42. Cheats or hints for Nintendogs Labrador for Ds Lite?
  43. Why have no transitional fossils of the Wolf -> Poodle animal, the Woodle, been
  44. Male Dog Names.. Bailey Or Riley ?
  45. Pitbull kills deer.. is it a danger to humans?
  46. Do all bichon frise's have 'big' hair?
  47. Fast and furious 5? And "hey baby" by pitbull song?
  48. what is a good name for a dog?
  49. Which dog is the better one to get, a Yorkie, or English Bulldog?
  50. My pitbull has very pink skin on his belly, vet said allergies?
  51. What pet stores in the east bay can i find scorpions?
  52. Is a Boston Terrier a ''bully'' breed?
  53. My 1 month old labrador is not eating .?
  54. which dog has the largest penis in the dog world. what breed of dog thanks this...
  55. Why does my female Maltese have freckles on her behind and hind legs?
  56. Golden Retriever tail feathers - do they grow back?
  57. why is it acceptable to breed when there are rescue dogs . . .?
  58. Toy Poodle - patella luxation?
  59. could you buy a fully trained sniffer dog?
  60. Labradoodle 3 yrs old from Sutter Butte K litter has had 3 seizures anyone else ?
  61. Can I let my mini dachshund puppy lay in bed with me then put her in her crate?
  62. My 10 month old Toy poodle seems to be experiencing pain in one of his back...
  63. Good dog names for a girl?
  64. Do you think my chihuahua is cute?
  65. My puppy seems to have trouble breathing sometimes....?
  66. Wire Haired Dachshund x Smooth Haired Dachshund?
  67. 12lb Yorkie ate Chicken wings BONES and all!!! ?
  68. I want a username. I want it to say Dachshunds in it?
  69. does anyone know anyone that has goldendoodle puppies that will stay small for sale?
  70. Why is my Boston Terrier shedding SO MUCH all of a sudden?!?
  71. What kind of dog breeds have short blue/grey fur?
  72. How big do Chihuahua mix Yorkies get?
  73. Questions on golden retriever puppies?
  74. Why are people so concerned about breeding only 100% perfect & healthy dogs yet...?
  75. Toy poodle questions ?
  76. What can i do to get my miniature schnauzer to pee on pee pad?
  77. How do i ask a pet store?
  78. 3 year old small dog seems to have stiff hind legs..?
  79. I'm looking for a yorkshire terrier?
  80. German Shepherd Or Doberman?
  81. Bichon Frise care information and advice?
  82. The song from the Beverly hills chihuahua 2 commercial?
  83. Which is better: Maltese or Yorkie?
  84. How To Train My Spanador (Cocker Spaniel Labrador Cross.?)?
  85. Good dog names in mind for dogs?
  86. My 8 year old english bulldog seems to be urinating in pain..?
  87. Should I get a Jack Russell, Maltese, or Yorkie?
  88. Is it a good idea to get another puppy when I have had my 3month old toy...
  89. Where can i find a yorkshire terrier?
  90. Does any1 know the name of the ing song from the episode The uncommon cold from
  91. What do you think about this litter of German Shepherds?
  92. What do you think of pet stores treating there fish? Especially bettas.. What can I
  93. My 10 week old Boston terrier has red eyes and a pink nose is she okay?
  94. flat-coated retriever, golden retriever.?
  95. Havanese or dachshund?
  96. Running with an adult miniature schnauzer?
  97. Betta fish dying in pet stores?
  98. What breed is this dog?
  99. How do I know what parakeet I should get at the pet store?
  100. what do you think's the best dog for me?
  101. 10 year old female toy poodle - 7 pounds, Before Xmas she had a cold, now she is...
  102. how much is a bichon frise?
  103. Can you mate an old english bulldog with an english bulldog?
  104. Someone help whats wrong with my Chihuahua? ?
  105. good name for my wiener dog?
  106. Yorkshire Terrier
  107. my poodle puppy ate part of a pencil will it hurt him?
  108. My Labrador just started heat last week?
  109. What should I do with this unexpected illness of my maltese puppy?
  110. Are Pounds and Shelters exempt from Microchipping a dog or cat prior to sale...
  111. I've decide on a Pomeranian, but where can I find a reliable breeder in Virgina?
  112. I am getting a chihuahua......?
  113. What Are The Best Small Dog Breeds?
  114. I have a 4 month old baby and My English Bulldog Sheds a lot!!!!?
  115. My puppy eats its sh*t?
  116. Miniature Schnauzers die shortly after cataracts?
  117. My Golden Retriever dog is in heat........?
  118. Our dogs keep destroying their beds, any suggestions?
  119. just bought a fantail fish from the pet store?
  120. What is the best breed of dog?
  121. Is there a Dachshund/German Shepherd Breed?
  122. How come people say German Shepherds need a house and a yard?
  123. my white German Shepherd has some tan on her ears and tip of her tail?
  124. German shepherd vs. ADT Which has a lower cost of ownership over 15 year span?
  125. does anyone have a maltipoo and can give me some information about them?
  126. satffy or Rottweiler ?
  127. Do long haired German Shepherds shed much hair?
  128. are chocolate labradors easy to train ?
  129. how can i teach my dog to wait for her food?
  130. what is top dollar for chihuahua puppies pure breeds.. not the tea cup ones...
  131. Hip Dysplasia, Does my Labrador have it?
  132. I need a good name for a white boarder collie dog (like lassie)?
  133. Recommendation for a harness for a Jack Russell?
  134. Pomeranian won't stop shrieking?
  135. whats the difference between Staffordshire Bull Terrier and a pitbull?
  136. Is my Labrador puppy fat?
  137. About how big would a 3 month old pug be?
  138. My yorkshire terrier wont poop on the pad?
  139. Does anyone have puppies for sale or that they are giving away in queens ny?
  140. cought my moms bfs friends kid trying to grab my puppy by his collar and to hit
  141. My Neutered Dachshund..?
  142. Why doesnt my pug bark?
  143. How do you control a large hound or other large dog on a leash?
  144. How old was you english bulldog when you fully potty trained it?
  145. My 4 year old daughter threw a puppy & injured it?
  146. When taking a golden retriever puppy into the garden to go to the toilet how long
  147. Need help looking for a German Shepherd pup between $500 - $900 in Florida.?
  148. I have just gotten a 4 week old pitbull puppy and need advice?
  149. Should I get the Labrador or GSD Puppy?
  150. What is the best age to spay a Shih Tzu?
  151. Would a 35 lb Staffordshire bull terrier be able to take down these...?
  152. response to add for pets on u r web site for a yorkie?
  153. Help me identify my dog's breed please?
  154. Maltipoo's: info...?
  155. what do you think of these dog names?
  156. what can i feed a three week old pitbull?
  157. top 10 selling small dogs?
  158. 1 year old Golden Retriever keeps vomiting?
  159. Pitbull New York Monaco song?
  160. what is the best flea and tick shampoo for dogs?
  161. Im getting a boy olde english bulldog puppy on friday and dont know what...
  162. Is this a Pug puppy scam?
  163. please help me with shih tzu haircuts?
  164. dog breeds to look into?
  165. Alright, I gave in... Golden Retrievers?
  166. What are good websites to put puppies for sale?
  167. How is called the chemical reaction that is transmited from a mom dog to the...
  168. 1 year old Golden Retriever keeps vomiting?
  169. Re Homing My Labradoodle Through The RSPCA?
  170. please help puppy question!!!!??????"?
  171. anyone know what a pit bull jack russell mix would look like?
  172. What is the best and most efficient way to clean dog poop off the bottom of
  173. does the Rottweiler have a hard skull?
  174. Shih Tzu: She doesn't Potty in front of me?
  175. What is the music in the Doritos Pug Superbowl ad?
  176. Why do many people hate small dogs, when bigger dogs can be just as annoying?
  177. why all south african people has a pug thicky nose?
  178. How do I report a pet store?
  179. How long small dogs live?
  180. Is it normal if a Cockapoo gets cold in their feet in winter?
  181. My cocker spaniel had her puppies yesterday morning.?
  182. shih tzu with strange bump?
  183. boston terrier snorting?
  184. how should i walk my 7 month old white labrador?
  185. Staffordshire bull terrier VS American staffordshire terrier?
  186. What is safe to feed my shih tzu?
  187. why is this dachshunds ear going up?
  188. If a dog sheds as a puppy does it mean at will as an adult?
  189. How much raw chicken should I feed my adult male Golden Retriever?
  190. What breed is my dog mixed with? Pictures!?
  191. What is the problem with my Male Pomeranian?
  192. What is the best lap dog as in good or bad habits, smart or dumb?
  193. Yorkie puppy questions?
  194. What would be best for my dog?? Please Help?
  195. If you had to name your dog after any celebrity, who would it be?
  196. At home remedies for dachshund bad breath?
  197. How much should a 5wk old Standard Poodle weigh?
  198. Apricot Toy poodle breeders in MN!?
  199. Labradors or Dalmatians?
  200. labrador and his destruction mission lol?
  201. My 4 month old golden retriever just chewed up a pack of Jr. Tylenol...
  202. is it true the arsenal players have to visit the rspca today?
  203. What is with Jlo and Pitbull and Lambada?
  204. Where can we find a healthy pure bred cocker spaniel puppy for less than...
  205. Are Boston terriers good dogs to have?
  206. My German Shepherd coughs badly - but only when he gets excited, like when we're
  207. Our 1 yr. old female spayed American Bulldog continually takes over our small...
  208. POLL: What's your dog's name?
  209. Whats the best out of a Shih tzu,Maltese,and Yorkie?
  210. My 10 year old golden retriever..?
  211. My pug is making weird snorting/choking noises through his nose? Please help.?
  212. Cute names for Maltese pups?
  213. Taking on a rescue pedigree black labrador?
  214. Why are labs and golden retrievers known as the best..?
  215. how do i get my adult chihuahua to play with me?
  216. My senior dog has dementia and is now scared of food. How can I get her to eat?
  217. Who Would win pitbull or German shepherd?
  218. Anyone know all the type of Pitbull Dogs out there?
  219. My small dog attacks my big dog viciously at very unpredictable times...help!!!?
  220. How could you get a job in a pet store?
  221. I got a hamster form a pet store and it just had babies...help me!?
  222. Does Plaza Fiesta Atlanta have a pet store?
  223. My maltese puppy has 700 grams in 3 months...how big do you think he'll be as an...
  224. I have a five month old jack russell cross and although he is lovely,
  225. I want a small lap dog that loves being held and such, any suggestions?
  226. What kind of other breeds would be comparable in size and temperament to
  227. does this chihuahua look mixed? if you think so what with?
  228. Rottweiler with chewing and behavioral problems. PLEASE HELP!?
  229. How to get rid of red w/ tiny black dots, patches on chihuahua's fur?
  230. German Shepherd family dog?
  231. German Shepherd Pup biting !!?
  232. What would this dog be best for hunting?
  233. What does IFC in front of the dogs name on a pedigree mean?
  234. what are the top 10 cheapest pets besides aquatic animals with supplies?
  235. How do i get my maltese to stop barking so much?
  236. Anyone have the complete dog book for kids? I need dog breed origins!10
  237. Nonexpensive allergy dog food?
  238. DS: I can't think of ANY names for my Labrador puppy!?
  239. I am starting a dog breeding business. My name is Kathy. I want suggestions on...
  240. Expressing anal glands on dogs.? Help Please! (((5 stars for the best answer)))?
  241. my puppy is pooping worms what do i do?!?
  242. my dog won't stop crying when he goes to bed!?
  243. What dog breed would be good with my other pets?
  244. Which one of these names should i name my dog?
  245. i just got a little cocker spaniel puppy. what should i name him?
  246. How do you keep a dog on Bed Rest?
  247. Are yorkies good first dog?
  248. What type of brush for cross-breed dog?
  249. Can i teach my labrador to potty both on the newspaper and outside on the grass?
  250. Good pet stores to buy a hamster from?