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  1. Doberman pinscher muscles? Please answer!?
  2. boston terrier labor need help?
  3. I want to get another dog but my 5 year-old Old English Sheepdog does
  4. Miniature Poodle puppy teething/biting help?
  5. What are the best names for a Schnauzer?
  6. My Boston Terrier bit me!?
  7. My 11 year old claustrophobic German Shepherd-Chow mix getting along with new dog?
  8. golden retriever owners please help?
  9. Are pugs expensive to have???Are they easy to train, smart, loyal?
  11. Is my chihuahua suppose to have 9 nipples or is it just an extra?
  12. TIBETAN TERRIER! owners please provide any info!?
  13. Shar pei expert advice please.?
  14. I would like to find a mini border collie if anyone can help?
  15. Do you think this dog is a boxer dane mix? Or what? Also what should I name her?
  16. A shitzu or a Brussels Griffon as a pet?
  17. Selling my Pomeranian?
  18. 2 great names for 2 male jack russell terrier pups?
  19. how much are Leonberger puppies?
  20. How do I get an American Bulldog to reduce his shedding?
  21. my dog is a three months and a half german shepherd.?
  22. i have a newfoundland dog that has turned aggessive?
  23. sex urges on a puppy chihuahua?
  24. how old is too old to teach a Lhasa Apso to walk on a leash?
  25. Raw meat for Rottweiler.?
  26. Im thinking of getting a female toy poodle?
  27. A few questions about American Bulldogs?
  28. is it impossible to potty train a pug?
  29. Mental health advise from Newfoundland and Labrador -- Should we listen?
  30. My dog, a cairn terrier/shitzu mix recently obtained dark black spots about
  31. American Bulldog, or a mix?
  32. i need help for my beagle?
  33. Scottish Terrier/Mini Pinscher mix?
  34. Can you tell me a reliable shiba inu breeder, preferably in the south east
  35. my bullmastiff puppy.?
  36. Our 3 month old rottweiler dug a covered tampon from the trash and ate it, along...
  37. My puppy is a silky terrier(4 mos)?
  38. What is a good name for a yellow brindle greyhound?
  39. Greyhound Bus -- 16 years old and no photo ID?
  40. Samoyed dogs question??? Help plz?
  41. What's a good name for a male shiba inu that begins with s?
  42. Where is a place that I can get a lhasa apso puppy?
  43. American Water Spaniel VS American Cocker Spaniel???!!!?
  44. Which dog breed is better for me?Akita Inu or Pomeranian?
  45. American Eskimo Alaskan Malamute?
  46. Should I get a Whippet?
  47. can a toy chihuahua mate with a pomeranian?
  48. Should i get a Welsh corgi ?
  49. Where online, would you watch the movie crossroads, with brittany spears?
  50. wat is the average age of a german shepherd dog ?
  51. What is the cheapest way to travel from Waco,Tx to Lufkin, Tx? Aside from Amtrak...
  52. Donate A Labrador Retriever?
  53. Mystery Great dane Mix?
  54. Rhodesian Ridgeback owners? tell me about your dogs?
  55. Is there anything I can use to help my Keeshond from shedding so much?
  56. what is the average price of a healthy shiba inu puppies in texas?
  57. Which dog breed do you like most: Yorkie, Shih Tzu, Lab, Dalmation, or Collie?
  58. How do I stop a 8 year old Jack Russell Terrier barking at people?
  59. Kingdom Hearts(Traverse Town): near Merlins house - 1, 2, 3 Dalmatians?
  60. Top five favorite songs off Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness?
  61. Are Shiba Inu dogs a good type?
  62. What do you think of the Doberman Pinscher?
  63. Does anyone know what Welsh Springer Spaniels are like as pets?
  64. Which do You Prefer? American Hairless Terrier or Xoloitzcuintli?
  65. Shetland Sheepdog owners, what do you feed your sheltie?
  66. My 10 year old female Australian Terrier has been pooping in our house in
  67. Can I jog 2 miles with my new Great Dane every other day?
  68. My 3 year old king charles spaniel is in pain.?
  69. What are the ear regulations in Europe and Canada for Briards? Can the ears be
  70. My male dalmatian molly sits at the bottom of the tank, why does he do that?
  71. How Do You Get Into Breeding Mini Chinese Shar-Pei Dogs?
  72. What sex?! Pitbull, Rottweiler, and Doberman Pinscher.?
  73. do great Pyrenees shed?
  74. I have a Belgian Malinois well trained! I love this dog (female malinois), but...
  75. English Mastiff or German Shepherd ?
  76. Does anyone have any need to know information about welsh terriers?
  77. whats cuter maltese or papillon?
  78. What other dog is good with English Springer Spaniels?
  79. Spiritually speaking; Is it wrong to kick a teacup yorkshire terrier?
  80. are Field Spaniels good dogs?
  81. are pitbulls hard to handle???or are golden retrievers?
  82. Good dog food for my pekingese?
  83. Looking for Tibetan terriers?
  84. Poodle breeder in Washington state?
  85. What can I do with my shih-tzu? wont stop panting!!! has plenty of water?
  86. i live in west virginia 20 minutes from pittsburgh and im looking for...
  87. i just spilled diet coke on my baby pomeranian puppy?
  88. boxer puppies with cleft?
  89. Is there a biological explanation or something on why Basenjis don't bark?
  90. i have a chihuahua and he refuses to be house broken what is the best way to train
  91. The 'Border Collies in towns' debate.?
  92. Does Anyone Own An American Eskimo?!?
  93. Greyhounds and IG...?
  94. Has anyone been to Newfoundland Canada?
  95. How much does a Borzoi puppy cost?
  96. 1 or 2 Boston Terriers?
  97. My 9th month old Jack Russell terrier barks when...?
  98. i have a question about golden retrievers ,im curious about one thing?
  99. do you like The Bloodhound Gang?
  100. whats wrong with my mini-dachshund?
  101. What do you think of passing a pit bull terrier off as a basenji and...
  102. My one and a half year old papillon is constipated what can i feed him to...
  103. Airedale or Irish Terrier?
  104. where to put a great dane during the day?
  105. Is two Miniature and one standard poodle too much?
  106. is a flat coat retriever a mixed breed of a black lab and golden retriever?
  107. My 2y/o boxer's testicle hasn't dropped. Is it dangerous?
  108. Staffordshire Bull Terrier Web Site ?
  109. names for a West Highland White Terrier, Great Dane and Jack Russel Terrier?
  110. Questions regarded Finnish Spitz?
  111. I lost my house key in the greyhound bus?
  112. Where Can I Find Some 60's Greyhound Bus Parts? Anybody?
  113. Bernese Mountain Dogs?
  114. what are the stats for these boxers?
  115. is the dogo argentino dog the strongest dog?
  116. Do English and French bulldogs snore?
  117. 1yr old westie/poodle n lil over a 1yr bichon/yorkie wont stop attacking
  118. My female Rottweiler mated April 20-23, we expected to see her whelp June
  119. Are there any Akita Inu dog breeders in the Philippines?
  120. English or American Cocker Spaniel?
  121. looking for Old English Sheepdogs book by Joan Hustace Walker?
  122. how much exercise does a Whippet really need?
  123. Where to buy a Yorkshire Terrier?
  124. Need clear, concise articles in reference to why american bulldogs are not pit bulls?
  125. Do Norwegian Elkhounds make good running companions?
  126. Pomeranian breeding question?
  127. Im getting a Leonberger. Any advice that isnt the obvious?
  128. Dogo Argentino Owners?
  129. Does my Corgi look like a full blood Pembroke Welsh Corgi?
  130. Who is your favorite boxer of all time?
  131. No luck house breaking my 5 month old Cairn Terrier?
  132. i just got a Scottish Terrier. which idk what to expect from him?
  133. Basset hound gift for a friends birthday?
  134. What would you name a golden retriever?
  135. Thinking of getting a German Shepherd Dog any advice?
  136. Toy Fox Terrier are they loud?
  137. which mastiff is better?
  138. My pregnant Border Collie?
  139. Which of you Doggy Lovers just love the dachshunds, like I do?
  140. My chihuahua stomach is making weiRd n0ises?
  141. I'm adopting a shih tzu she is 2 1/2 years old what do I need?
  142. Wich dog is better a havanese or a toy poodle?
  143. ----Do you live in Perth and are trying to sell a Maltese x shih tzu??
  144. We gave our five pound Pomeranian 270mg Comfortis and now she's acting wierd?
  145. What are good websites for doberman pinscher?
  146. Dachshund puppy snaps, what do I do?
  147. How much is it on average a year to own a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?
  148. Great Dane/Boxer mix?
  149. Silky Terrier Feeding times?
  150. What is a good name for my Lhasa Apso?
  151. Can I feed my beagle Craisins?
  152. does any one have a borzoi dog?
  153. Can you keep an Create-A-Boxer character in Fight Night Round 3 and convert it...
  154. where can i get a toy poodle and know they our in good condition please help me?
  155. Why is my Weimaraner all of a sudden affraid to potty in the grass? She
  156. chihuahua owners pls help!(PIC included)?
  157. What is the breed of a dog that is bigger than a wheat colored cairn terrier
  158. I need some name ideas for a male papillon puppy?
  159. American Pit Bull Terrier? Good or Bad choice?
  160. my cav king charles spaniels are 6 months and 4 and half months old, how much and
  161. Boston Terrier or French Bulldog?
  162. what is a good/reasonable price for a rottweiler?
  163. which dog breed is better for me:Canaan dog or Dutch Shepherd or...
  164. Cane Corso Vs. Rhodesian Ridgeback? Two Completely diffrent dogs... Which would you
  165. My pug is 8wks. preggers today and I don't feel any movement. Her tummy
  166. Do Labrador Retriever do better inside or outside? Can they be trained to do both?
  167. lakeland terrier owners?
  168. Can a labrador or golden retriever live without a yard?
  169. where can i find a blue heeler/Australian cattle dog/queensland dog in arizona?
  170. how can i find a good newfoundland breeder in portland OR?
  171. Any websites or information you have about Havanese dogs?
  172. how do i get my saint bernard to trust me more?
  173. where can i buy a pomeranian puppy for cheap?
  174. I've decided to get an english springer spaniel?
  175. Do you wear Boxers or Briefs?
  176. are you able to take a scottish terrier dog thats 2 and a1/2 yrs old on the...
  177. Miniature Schnauzer eye problem....?
  178. What's your opinion on Akita Inu dog breed? + please tell a dog story?
  179. I have a 6 week old Dachshund I just got him today he's not eating even
  180. samoyed puppy for sale anywhere?
  181. What do you think of these names for the two Irish Wolfhounds we rescued?
  182. I have rescued a 3 year old dalmatian bitch?
  183. How much excersise does a German Shorthaired Pointer, Treeing Walker Coonhound need?
  185. My American bulldog has had diarrhea for months now. The vet says everything is
  186. balad patch on pug, TICKS?
  187. How to teach Great Pyrenees that they are okay?
  188. Who is the currently most overrated boxer?
  189. My Bloodhound is afraid of my dad? please help.?
  190. Can Z factored Doberman Pinschers enter the show ring?
  191. Can a redbone coonhound be born with black and tan coloring?
  192. Brittany Snow's dress in Gossip Girl?
  193. Do Pekingese dogs shed a lot?
  194. is my cairn terrier sad? please help!?
  195. how can i teach my 3 month old bichon frise to walk off leash with me?
  196. How tall is a Akita Inu?
  197. What is the PWD (Portuguese Water Dog) reproducing age?
  198. Are Shar Pei's easy to train?
  199. why does my vizsla like to roll in other dogs dirt?
  200. My miniature schnauzer doesn't?
  201. my 3,5 mths mini schnauzer has a small white bump on his lower lip area.?
  202. i need a Webkinz Irish setter name for my nine year old son?
  203. what dog would be better for pheasant hunting a vizsla or irish setter.?
  204. My 4 month old Vizsla puppy is vomiting?
  205. Would it be okay if I slept next to you wearing my boxers and tank top?
  206. Is an American Staffordshire terrier and an American Pit Bull Terrier
  207. What movie was Bloodhound Gang's Hell Yeah in?
  208. Is it normal for smooth-coat Jack Russell Terriers to have a thin coat on their
  209. What's a good name for a female Saint Bernard?
  210. are english bulldogs good pets ?
  211. basset hound,lazy with in the last 2 weeks,took to vet blood work...
  212. Tried and tried? How can I housetrain a 9 week old Basset Hound puppy?
  213. What is the best dog food for a Basenji Chihuahua mix?
  214. My rottweiler is a little too dominant?
  215. Chihuahua and friends owner points?
  216. Are Yorkshire Terriers more or less expensive than Shih Tzus?
  217. About the border collie i want to own?
  218. I am putting my english bulldog into a cute dog contest for 4th of july...
  219. Miniature Dachshund or Miniature Schnauzer?
  220. What could've caused my Chihuahua's death?
  221. Trying to decide beteween a Boxer or English Bulldog?
  222. Welsh Corgi behavior?
  223. About how big would a boxer/pitbull mix puppy get?
  224. Help! I just got a beagle on Saturday. He is a rescue that was a stray and between
  225. Staffordshire bull terriers owners?
  226. where can i find a list of irish wolfhound breeders in surrey?
  227. asking Chihuahua experts?
  228. Name for a male Gordon Setter?
  229. Our samoyed has mange mites, the vet gave us cordizone+anitbiotic -but
  230. i have a dalmation cross border collie 5month old?
  231. I need help with a female pomeranian puppy name?
  232. Are italian greyhounds very yappy like other small dogs often are?
  233. what type of dog is a dogo argentino?
  234. If uhad 2 chooce which breed and Y? Rhodesian Ridgeback,German...
  235. Could I use a Bench Springer Spaniel instead of a Field Springer Spaniel for...
  236. English Cocker Spaniel Mix?
  237. Was Lassie a Shetland Sheepdog or a Rough Collie?
  238. Thinking of getting a Shetland Sheepdog?
  239. should i get a boxer or american bulldog?
  240. My chihuahua mix had 3 puppies yesterday and 2 have already died..Does the other one
  241. Anyone know what a mix between a basset hound and a bernese mountain dog
  242. help with my American Bulldog?
  243. What's it like owning an Irish Setter?
  244. What is the REAL Difference between American Staffordshire Terriers and
  245. How do I tell the difference between a American Staffordshire terrier and an
  246. help w/ name for a black and tan coonhound?
  247. What Puppy Food Treats Should I Feed My West Highland White Terrier?
  248. Does anyone have a Papillon? Is he/she a picky eater?
  249. Does your west highland white terrier behave?
  250. When does a rough collie's fur stop growing?