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  1. lakeland terrier owners?
  2. Unique/artistic name for pomeranian puppy?
  3. great pyrenees question?
  4. Is the Portuguese Water Dog right for me?
  5. Cocker Spaniel, or Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?
  6. My bichon frise was just returned to me after being stolen. He was full...
  7. Samoyed PUPPIES for ADOPTION in or near NY...?
  8. What dog is better, Bichon Frise, or Beagle?
  9. brittany spaniel afraid of water?
  10. are dalmatians good dogs?
  11. What to do with my seemingly scared Weimaraner?
  12. Does anyone have a Basenji breed dog?
  13. my female Shih Tzu weighs 7 pounds. My friends male Shih tzu weighs 14 pounds.?
  14. Will the hair on a lhasa apso's tail grow back if cut?
  15. How much does the Nintendogs... [Dalmatian Friends] cost?
  16. Is it cheaper to buy Greyhound tickets online, or at the station?
  17. What is a good treat for an english mastiff dog?
  18. Can I feed my Great Dane/Bullmastiff mix this?
  19. What is the average weight for a Shetland sheepdog? What about a corgi?
  20. do (english) cocker spaniels make good pets?
  21. My Italian greyhound looks too skinny?
  22. How can i tell if my poodle is toy or miniature?
  23. Can I use Garlic for Heart worms for my Chesapeake Bay Retriever?
  24. I have a 6yr old Yorkshire Terrier and need some help?
  25. Kingdom Hearts(Traverse Town): Dalmatians 4, 5, 6?
  26. I'm an impatient boxer. What can i do to be better a guarding?
  27. Where can I find a good bichon frise breeder near Seattle, WA?
  28. how do i convince my parents to let me have a beagle?
  29. i need someone with experience with these dogs; Carlin
  30. What do u think about the great pyrenees?
  31. Greyhound bus, toronto to halifax?
  32. Is it inappropriate to walk around my house in my boxers, Sporting morning wood?
  33. my female boston terrier is getting spayed this week. but she is aggressive. how...
  34. Where can I get a English Bulldog pup in Texas?
  35. Three Labrador retrievers going to the vet?
  36. Can a Pembroke Welsh Corgi be left alone or crated for 8 hours?
  37. I need a name for my male neo mastiff?
  38. we have an italian mastiff cross british bulldog puppy, anyone else own this
  39. im gettin a pug, what should i call him?
  40. where does greyhound travel in California?
  41. What is a good name for a black American Cocker Spaniel?
  42. Cocker Spaniel, o Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?
  43. Where to find a Golden Retriever/Beagle mix (Beago)?
  44. How much does a Brussels Griffon puppy cost?
  45. Chocolate Labrador Retriever?
  46. Pick one: german shepherd, rottweiler or pitbull; based on intelligence and
  47. The American Indian Dog?
  48. Would a Border Collie be a good dog for us?
  49. my jack 7 month jack russell terrier had a reese's peanut butter cup is she going...
  50. dachshund that licks everything!!?
  51. Why isnt there a Collie and Friends on Nintendogs for Nintendo DS?
  52. Will my golden retriever get along with a beagle puppy?
  53. Why Do some people consider pugs fat,ugly and stupid?
  54. HELP my boston terrier got bit by a copper head like an hour a go what do we do.?
  55. Are French Bulldogs good dogs?
  56. I just got a silky terrier(cocoa, 4 months)?
  57. How do i teach my miniature pinscher some tricks?
  58. Raise a German Shepherd and Belgian Malinois together?
  59. Where can I find an American Eskimo Puppy in near Minnesota?
  60. How much does a pug cost...?
  61. When did your Papillon first blow his/her coat?
  62. i have a bench lab and a toy poodle some one wants to give me a bullmaster will
  63. What are some funny names for a shiba Inu?
  64. how much to feed my 3 year old boxer dog?
  65. Are Australian Cattle Dogs ok for allergy sufferers?
  66. I want a Tibetan Terrier?
  67. How do I get my pekingese to stop peeing on the carpet?
  68. Has anyone owned a English Bulldog?
  69. How much exercise do Cairn Terriers need?
  70. my cavalier king charles spaniel is having a few problems?
  71. What are the health problems for labrador retrievers breed?
  72. Have any pics of a Wolf/Great Dane Mix?
  73. where can i watch Beverly Hills Chihuahua for free?
  74. i need some puppy names. We are getting a shih tzu mix and are thinking of naming...
  75. Is it normal for an 11 week old Australian Cattle Dog's ears to flop while
  76. What can I feed my Rhodesian Ridgeback that will make solid stools?
  77. Say Anything or The Bloodhound Gang?
  78. I have a 5 yo american bulldog that i just got and she wont play tug of
  79. where can i buy a Pomeranian Chihuahua mix around riverside,ca nowhere...
  80. I have heard all the good things about Cavalier King Charles Spaniels but what are
  81. What's a good name for an Italian Greyhound?
  82. does anyone know where to get a bull terrier?
  83. looking for a fine gold show chain for my bullmastiff?
  84. How big do you think my american bulldog will be?
  85. questions on feeding mastiff puppies!?
  86. Border Collie Owners?..other dog owners can answer too.?
  87. my border collie is shedding excessivly i am realy worred something is wrong any
  88. Questions on feeding mastiffs!?
  89. I have a Shiba Inu and I gave her frontline about 2 weeks ago. The only...
  90. HI, I am loking for a cockerpug (cockerspaniel X pug) Does anyone know...
  91. experience with victorian bulldog?
  92. In football, are you supposed to wear boxers under your girdle?
  93. A cool name for a male Golden Retriever?
  94. i have a jack russell half terrier and hes 11 and he keeps coughing like all
  95. My 2 year old female Newfoundland has a cough?
  96. What should i name my girl golden retriever?
  97. One and a half year old Miniature Schnauzer moving in with 2 cats, HELP!?
  98. I'm looking for Shar Pei puppies in Cedar Rapids Iowa!?
  99. I have a basset hound.?
  100. Whats the BIGGEST great dane you ever saw?
  101. My beagle started searching the house for what?
  102. will my staffordshire bull terrier puppy be a pedigree?
  103. Women: boxers or briefs?
  105. Does the Belgian Shepherd dog / Laekenois, bark alot?
  106. my Papillon is 16 years old and has at least one mammary tumour. Is she
  107. Has anyone ever owned a Brussels Griffon?
  108. What's the Difference between Schnauzers and Scottish Terriers?
  109. my bloodhound puppy is sick?
  110. HELP and INFO on king charles spaniels PLEEEEAAASSEEE :-)?
  111. What's a good name for a border collie?
  112. How big would you expect a field spaniel black lab mix to get?
  113. Should we get a beagle or a Yorkie?
  114. I am traveling Greyhound Bus to NC from Boston - Do they search the checked baggage?
  115. What is the Canaan dog breed like?
  116. my poodle has a swolen cheek -tear- what is it?
  117. Info about vaccines and care for a baby chihuahua?
  118. Chihuahua wet the bed ?
  119. Help with a name for my Vizsla pup?
  120. Irish Wolfhounds-----Info and characteristics?
  121. What is your affenpinscher's favorite toy?
  122. Bichon-Lhasa Apso mixes?
  123. Who has a black labrador puppy or any other color labrador puppy or
  124. Pugs,Brugs,Brussels griffon?
  125. How much should a 15 week old male Portuguese Water Dog weigh?
  126. Which color of the English Springer Spaniel do you like better...[pics]?
  127. Why does everyone think my American Bulldog is a Pitbull?
  128. Can you give me any tips on my first drive to Newfoundland?
  129. Do some American Staffordshire Terrier`s have docked tails and is it cute...
  130. IM getting a poodle and i dont know wat to name it??? i need help....oh
  131. What is a good price for an Italian Greyhound puppy?
  132. Do basset hounds do good with cats and other dogs?
  133. Are Black American Cocker Spaniels rare in Malaysia?
  134. would poodles 9 3/4 and 10 exactly... toy or miniature?
  135. I have a vizsla that is having puppies from a jack russell or a toy
  136. How much do I need to feed my 4 month old new great Pyrenees puppy?
  137. My Shar Pei has a strong smell is that normal?
  138. Sorry for asking this twice... Rhodesian Ridgeback, Weimaraner? Which breed?
  139. Why do basset hounds eat their own left-overs?
  140. How long can a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel stay home alone?
  141. Now with VC, is the Magic still a poodle?
  142. Why hasn't making pug dogs been made illegal?
  143. How shiba Inu dogs get along with larger breed dogs?
  144. Overweight dachshund! What to feed her?
  145. Where can I find a picture of Steve McQueen's Tattoo in Movie Papillon?
  146. How do I get my saint bernard to eat?
  147. My 6 year old 90 pound bloodhound ate a bottle of children's vitamins early
  148. Will my Westie/Bichon Frise mix get along with a new kitten?
  149. How much does it cost to register my silky terrier with the CKC club?
  150. What do you think of a mix like this, Rottweiler/husky/mastiff. And the mom
  151. How to housebreak my 23-week old beagle/collie mix pup?
  152. Which is cuter and better, a chihuahua or a french bulldog?
  153. border collie puppy barking ?.?
  154. What are some dogs about the size of Beagles or Jack Russels?
  155. Good food for bloodhounds?Homemade treat recipes?
  156. What is the best shampoo for chihuahuas?
  157. Norwegian Elkhound and Norwegian Buhund - What's the Difference?
  158. My dalmatian is losing hair..?
  159. German Shorthaired Pointer w/female problem?
  160. I just got a silky terrier(silky, 4 mos)?
  161. bullmastiff dog information please help?
  162. What's going on with my Yorkshire Terrier?
  163. Are cairn terriers usually afraid of weird things?
  164. Great Pyrenees puppy can't walk straight! Falling down! Help!?
  165. Just came back from a GREAT trip to England/Scotland-didn't see any Old
  166. How can I teach an English Cocker Spaniel new tricks or commands?
  167. What dog gets along great with English Springer Spaniels?
  168. i want a golden retriever?
  169. Good Greyhound Names?
  170. Pug puppy walking problem..?
  171. What's your favorite dog breed? Do you like the King Charles Spaniel breed?
  172. Beagle, English Cocker spaniel or Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?
  173. dog breed-borzoi information?
  174. HELP! My new kitten is absolutely terrified of my two Shetland Sheepdogs, how
  175. Where can i find a Norfolk Terrier in Toronto, Ontario?
  176. Bernese Mountain Dog - Gender Differences?
  177. Hungarian Vizsla or English Pointer?
  178. Are Shetland Sheepdogs a popular breed in Scotland or the Shetland Islands (if...
  179. Who's the most fearless boxer in history.?
  180. 1st time and long trip on a greyhound bus =(?
  181. Weimaraner or Doberman!!!??????????
  182. How do you tame a great Pyrenees?
  183. my husband just adopted a beagle/chow mix for our family today?
  184. why cant my three year old norwegian elkhound learn tricks?
  185. we just got a 1 yr old norfolk terrier from the humane society and she poops and
  186. How can I get my Welsh Terrier to stop barking at the TV?
  187. My Lhasa Apso dog has eaten a pork chop cooked bone?
  188. bichon frise or maltese ?
  189. Do you think a dogo argentino can live in peace with my small maltese dog?
  190. Boys out there, do you prefer regular briefs or boxers?
  191. can a french bulldog be 24 to 30 inches tall?
  192. Buying a 9 week old italian greyhound pup for $1,314 (read details)?
  193. What will I get if I cross breed a Pitt Bull Terrier with a Shih tzu?
  194. How often can i bath (using puppy shampoo) my bullmastiff?
  195. Pomeranian or Samoyed puppy?
  196. In the music clip from bloodhound gang?
  197. How do I get my Chihuahua to stop barking and biting people when they walk...
  198. Average Miniature Poodle Grooming Price UK?
  199. I think my great dane is in heat?
  200. i am thinking of getting a boston terrier but im worried?
  201. I'm thinking on getting a shih tzu dog HELP!!!!!!!!!?
  202. How can I tell the difference between a Bichon Frise and a Poodle?
  203. Italian Greyhound mix or Jack Russell Terrier?
  204. Is it okay for a miniature pinscher to have an uneven amount of nipples?
  205. How often should Jack Russell Terriers be flea treated?
  206. Do you know where I can find any information on a Blue Boxer breed.?
  207. Chinese shar-pei puppies for sale?
  208. Can labrador retrievers live outside most of the time?
  209. What should I name my new Shih Tzu?
  210. Female Shih Tzu or Male Shih Tzu?
  211. The rescues I got the boston terriers- HELP PLEASE?
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  213. What is journey experience in greyhound bus service between New yorkk City ...
  214. If you wanted a new pet, how many would consider adopting a retired racing greyhound?
  215. Why is my 1 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier not as chunky as his brothers?
  216. Does anyone know if this is a keeshond puppy?
  217. iPhone Calendars Dogs, Cats, Puppies, Kittens Download now!
  218. What should I name my webkinz dachshund signature golden retriever?
  219. Has anyone any advice for dealing with a 5 year old Lakeland Terrier?
  220. How do I keep my Papillon from bringing me dead bugs?
  221. GSD puppy vs 4 yr old chihuahua?
  222. Im thinking about getting a Pomeranian...?
  223. Greyhound shipping for international locations?
  224. My Brittany..... had her puppies!!?
  225. 2 week old Chihuahua Pup..Help!! Mom died...?
  226. I have been looking at getting a Vizsla but...?
  227. question about boxer dogs?
  228. how many australian cattle dogs have a MACH in california??r=1245802514?
  229. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels?
  230. Need help with Pomeranian? 10 points?
  231. I am trying to find a tough name for my dog, a dark belgian malinois.I want a name
  232. how long do dachshunds live?
  233. black and white havanese little puppy names?
  234. Boxer dog losing hair!! help :)?
  235. Pls. Help! My Samoyed dog is growling at my 4yr. old daughter.?
  236. What's going on with my labrador x Golden retriever?
  237. question about beagles?
  238. can i get papers on an american bulldog if i dont know the breeders?
  239. My Pomeranian seems unhappy with his collar on?
  240. what should i name my bloodhound puppy?
  241. Im looking into getting a Bernese Mountain Dog, does anyone have any
  242. Would a rottweiler and a bullmastiff be a bad pair?
  243. Where can i buy a full bred Beagle In San Francisco or surrounding area?
  244. Where can I get a Australian Kelpie pup?
  245. Is owning a English Bulldog hard work?
  246. how long walk for a Cav King Charles Spaniel?
  247. belgian malinois and kids?
  248. The German Shepherd dog?
  249. Im driving to Newfoundland for the first time from Montreal. How do I take the...
  250. What happens if you dont walk your dalmatian?