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  1. Cairn Terriers just mated! help!!?
  2. How can I train a 3 year old Miniature Pinscher to behave inside our house?
  3. Miniature poodle who gets car sick?
  4. are Dachshund's yappy?
  5. Are toy fox terriers good family pets?
  6. English Bulldog with an infection in back leg by his paw?
  7. how common are health problems in golden retrievers?
  8. My Labrador retriever is weird?
  9. a mutt & Rottweiler had a litter of pups,whats the chances of getting one that
  10. Is Thhe austrailian collie a certified show dog?
  11. Help!! How to control a young German Shepherd who is aggressive towards other dogs?
  12. Shar-pei skin problem?
  13. Are 2 beagles a good idea?
  14. if you try cross-breeding a Bulldog and a Shih Tzu, What'd you call the Puppy?
  15. what is a good name for a merle great dane?
  16. Where can I buy a leonberger (it's a dog haha)?
  17. Information on Brittany, France?
  18. Need Name for a Norfolk terrier....?
  19. I have a Saint Bernard that is 140 pounds, how much should I give her?
  20. Maltese VS. Pomeranian?
  21. My great newfoundland passed away at the beginning of 2008 and I cant help but want
  22. 8 month old Samoyed dog desexed, never regained in fact lost appetite and vomitting?
  23. Can Irish Setters Live in Hot Areas?
  24. considering buying or adopting a dachshund. but have questions.?
  25. will my cairn terrier grow out of his obsession with his new toy?
  26. Help for my english springer spaniel dog?
  27. nick names for brittany?
  28. How much do Old English Sheepdogs shed?
  29. what is the price range on a french bulldog?
  30. Are mini dachshunds prone to biting kids?
  31. Flat-coated retriever-mix pup wants lots of retrieving, that is right. But
  32. What do you know about Chow Chow's?
  33. Richard Brehaut + Norm Chow= UCLA offensive powerhouse?
  34. where to buy cairn terriers?
  35. How do you get through to someone that you own an american bulldog, not a pit?
  36. Kingdom hearts final mix dalmatian puppies #46-48 Agrabah - where is the Magic Cave:
  37. what about a gordon setter?
  38. What shall I say to people who declare my miniature golden retriever doesn't exist?
  39. What is the approximate yearly cost of owning a Yorkshire Terrier or a Bichon Frise?
  40. Golden Retriever has dark urine and won't eat? What could be wrong?
  41. I have a Havanese puppy and shes 5months old?
  42. what is a border collie/golden retriever mix like?
  43. How trainable are Old English Sheepdogs and where can I get them?
  44. Where is Toronto U & Wellington Greyhound stop?
  45. Does anyone have a current working Greyhound bus discount code?
  46. How much should my American Eskimo eat?
  47. How can I get my 4 month american eskimo to walk on his leash?
  48. Chow Chow is losing her hair?
  49. Does anyone know where my husband and i can find a Basset Hound for sale...
  50. "Kathy," I said as we boarded a Greyhound in Pittsburgh?
  51. English Cocker Spaniels?
  52. cairn terrier has obsession?
  53. American eskimo, japanese spitz, samoyed or pom?
  54. I have an English Bulldog Female who is in her 2nd heat. We just bought our...
  55. My German Shepherd injured my Lhasa Apso,?
  56. A good dog name for a male beagle hound mix?
  57. Are american eskimo dogs yappy?(toy)?
  58. English Springer Spaniel as a family pet.?
  59. what could this be in her mouth (great pyrenees)?
  60. My Border Collie/Beagle mix puppy won't listen to me.?
  61. Anybody own a Havanese?
  62. What Happened To The Doberman Pinscher?
  63. Best Puppy Chow recipe?
  64. What could be causing diarrhea in French Bulldog Puppy?
  65. Basenji with obsessive licking issue...?
  66. Does anyone know of a good dog groomer that can groom an English Cocker Spaniel?
  67. where can I look to buy a puppy, I want a bichon frise or maltese UK only pls?
  68. Does any one know of any Afghan Hound rescue centre in the UK?
  69. Brittany Spaniel help!!!!!!!!?
  70. How long to English Springer Spaniel's tend to live?
  71. Where to find a English Bulldog?
  72. i looking to get a boxer next summer and want to know some facts and info and
  73. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel names?
  74. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Puppy Pics Inside. :)?
  75. 102 Dalmatians movie?
  76. Is the Nissan car brand also called Dachshund?
  77. Expected size/weight of German Shepherd mixed with Chihuahua & Cairn Terrier?
  78. How can I potty train my new basset hound?
  79. my big lazy lab/basset hound?
  80. is a miniature bull terrier a good dog?
  81. 15yr old Bullmastiff x with a slipped disc?
  82. is there any border collie breeder in delhi?
  83. Collie, Border Collie, or Greyhound?
  84. My Bichon Frise Puppy was born last night i get her in 8weeks :-) any pointers?
  85. why are cocker spaniels so much cheaper than cavalier king charles spaniels?
  86. What is the difference between the American Staffordshire Terrier and the...
  87. Where can I buy any of these dogs.... Australian Shepherd/Border
  88. Why does my 7 month old bull terrier bark and bite me when I sit on my couch?
  89. Feeding Basset Hound's?
  90. Where can I find Brittany Spaniels in St. Louis?
  91. 4 yr Old American Bulldog constantly uses bathroom inside when left alone?
  92. which colour is better in border collie red or black?
  93. Someone who knows Australian cattle dogs well.?
  94. Beagle , Brittany Spaniel, American Eskimo !!!??!?
  95. i need help with my bloodhound!!!!?
  96. Why does my beagle obsessively sniff her blankets?
  97. American Staffordshire Terrier is really an American Pit Bull Terrier?
  98. American Bulldogs? How much exercise/grooming do they need? How easy are
  99. Do Belgian Malinois dogs have dark marks on their tongues?
  100. A question for Afghan hound owners......?
  101. what type of dog would be a good friend to a basset hound?
  102. Basset Hound Breeders?
  103. How long should I walk my pug x beagle puppy?
  104. Does an airedale terrier outgrow the black on their face?
  105. I have a All American Bulldog and i want to know how to work him out good.?
  106. Can a pure blood Australian Cattle dog be born with a bobbed tail?
  107. Are there any american eskimo dog breeders near Johnson City, TN?
  108. Is the Afghan Hound a good dog for me?
  109. Looking for a toy american eskimo dog?
  110. do you think American bulldogs are good dogs?
  111. At what age do american eskimo dogs become fully grown?
  112. my american cocker spaniel screams?
  113. Adopting an older American Bulldog?
  114. Anybody know where i can adopt an English Bulldog puppy in England?
  115. many questions about chihuahuas?
  116. Besides Raw Food Diet, what's the next best thing for PUGS to eat?
  117. I just got a silky terrier(cocoa) and he wont walk on his leash.?
  118. Does anyone know what a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel cross with a Maltese cross...
  119. My Pomeranian wont use the bathroom outside! Advise Please!?
  120. Is it ok to occasionally leave an adult French Bulldog in a baby pen for half a day?
  121. Where in New Albany, OH can I get an apartment that allows Pit Bulls or...
  122. toy fox terriers' tails?
  123. my rottweiler haves worms?
  124. What are the pros and cons of a Dachshund or a Shitzu?
  125. I have a 5.5 y/o border collie/austrailian shepherd and she tore her ACL.?
  126. border collie puppy sleeping ?.?
  127. why does my new toy poodle puppy refuse to eat ?
  128. I have been wondering should i get a golden retriever puppy or german shepherd puppy?
  129. If u had 2 chooce which breed and Y? Rhodesian Ridgeback,German...
  130. Should I let 8 week old boxer and two 7 month old poodles have their battle?
  131. What about a Havanese mix?
  132. do you need a six pack to wear boxer briefs??/?
  133. what to name my new white chihuahua puppy?
  134. English Springer Spaniel?
  135. wow i just noticed that my bichon frise puppy is...?
  136. Very timid bullmastiff?
  137. Little dogs around English Bull Terrier?
  138. Beagle very aggressive towards other dogs?
  139. American Bullmastiff x Great Dane Dog (Pics)?!?!?
  140. Help with a stubborn briard?
  141. Does anyone know of a Havanese Breeder Near NY?
  142. Earlier i asked a question about a guy that wanted to give me a pug...?
  143. my name is brittany and i want something scene to put after my name begining with b?
  144. Are German Shorthaired Pointer dogs a good family breed?
  145. My poodle is depressed?
  146. German Shepherd or Doberman Pinscher?
  147. Are there any laws regarding Doberman Pinschers in Ohio (Franklin County to be
  148. When do Golden Retrievers CALM DOWN?
  149. how much is it to buy a rhodesian ridgeback puppy?
  150. Shiba Inu Help, I Need To Understand How To Love Him More?!?
  151. Are Irish Setters good for active children?
  152. my 8 yr old greyhound dog is calm and hyper?
  153. Why do my 2 Dachshunds do this?
  154. I have a 3 m. old bull terrier that will not sleep unless she is in her...
  155. Dachshund puppy throwing up multiple times?
  156. how can i teach my 3 month old bichon frise to..?
  157. what is the difference between a chihuahua and a pomeranian?
  158. Golden Mountain Dog puppy cost--Bernese + Golden Retriever?
  159. How long does it take for a Saint Bernard to mature?
  160. 2002 Pug 206 Radio Question?
  161. Where can I find miniature english bulldogs for sale in Texas?
  162. To Doberman Pinscher Owners?
  163. care for a 5 week old American Eskimo puppy at night?
  164. Is this a cute beagle dog?
  165. Norwegian Elkhound or Miniature Poodle?
  166. boxer pregnant...fetus absorption?
  167. Is it ironic that Kennedy collects Portuguese Water Dogs and even gave one to Obama?
  168. whats a cute name for a west highland white terrier?
  169. I have two Cairn terriers,?
  170. How Do I Introduce My 9 Year Old Dalmatian To A 1.5 Year Old Pekingese?
  171. I want a Pomeranian Puppy
  172. Siberian Husky help!!?
  173. I have 3 Spitz-type dogs, what is their lifespan? (Keeshond, Pomeranian
  174. Which mastiff is more expensive?
  175. What should I feed my 9 month old Saint Bernard that is about 135 pounds?
  176. Doberman Pinscher being alone?
  177. I need help naming my long haired chihuahua. He is black and adorable. ps:he loves
  178. swiching from briefs to boxers?
  179. Could an aggressive rottweiler or Alsatian take on a human?
  180. Doberman Pinscher advice?
  181. Difference between an Akita and a Shiba inu?
  182. my shih-tzu has had skin problem for some time.?
  183. How much do you know about whippet dogs?
  184. are australian cattle dogs and blue healers?
  185. Are australian shepherd inside or outside dogs?
  186. How do you play with a chihuahua without any toys?
  187. Why does my poodle keep spot urinating on my carpet?
  188. Why doesn't my pomeranian's tail lay flat?
  189. My old Yorkshire Terrier isn't behaving well....?
  190. I would like some information on this type of dog, Jack Russell Terrier Please?
  191. I wan't to buy a mastiff but worry it is an aggressive breed.?
  192. Do Irish wolfhounds have webbed feet?
  193. What are you allowed take on a Greyhound/Voyageur bus?
  194. how much should a seven and a half collie cross weigh?
  195. Are Basenji's cat friendly pets?
  196. My chihuahua is stinky. : What can I do to make him smell nice?
  197. Is an American Staffordshire Terrier a Pit Bull?
  198. How long do Pembroke welsh corgis get?
  199. Would a samoyed dog be considered a small, medium, or large dog?
  200. Is My Great Pyrenees happy?
  201. my dog (chihuahua) has a lump on her chest, help please?
  202. I have an old beagle who has taken to urinating on my carpet.?
  203. Chihuahua Throwing Up Blood?
  204. Do you have a German Shorthaired Pointer?
  205. My 12 year old Beagle mix has hard, dry poop, is that bad?
  206. please help me new german shepherd dog?
  207. My poodles nose turns pink?
  208. What's a better dog; Bernese Moutain Dog, or Saint Bernard?
  209. Is it normal for a scottish terrier to shake when they're sick?
  210. help. what is happening to my chihuahua?
  211. Need HELP to a irish red and white setter stuffed animal?
  212. Maltese x Bichon Vs. Silky Terrier?
  213. does anyone know where i can find a long haired white chihuahua stuffed...
  214. do Australian Kelpie/Brittany shed a lot?
  215. Is my dog a toy fox terrier or a rat terrier?
  216. Why is my weimaraner constantly following me?
  217. Tips/Advice For Owning A Saint Bernard?
  218. Should i shave my old english sheepdog?
  219. Should I get a Poodle or Shih Tzu?
  220. How do you train a border collie?
  221. How can I train my dachshund? Pic included?
  222. Would Cataholla Dog or Australian Shepherd...?
  223. How can I get rid of the hunting instinct in my 3 almost 4 year old German...
  224. can you get a miniture airedale terrier?
  225. Do you know what a lowchen is?
  226. Australian Cattle Dog question?
  227. My dog is an Australian Shepherd, what's yours?
  228. If you seek Amy means what? (the brittany Spears song)?
  229. boxers, briefs, or other underwear?
  230. Where can you get a Shiba Inu puppy in MA for under $800?
  231. Welsh Corgi breeders in New Jersey?
  232. What are Clumber Spaniels like to live with?
  233. What would you like to ask?Looking for Old English Sheepdogs book by Joan Hustace
  234. Any dog type simalr to boston terriers?
  235. What do you feed an underweight chihuahua?
  236. my white female staffordshire bull terrier still peeing and pooing in cage at
  237. My dog is a Border Collie/ Chow Chow mix. I have a question about him.?
  238. I can't walk my 9 month old shar pei mix. Are some dogs untrainable?
  239. My Dalmatian is selectively nippy. Is there a simple training method to get
  240. Is it a good idea to breed at chihuahua and a black lab?
  241. hi im kinda new to yahoo but anyway im just asking are sussex spaniels...
  242. If I were to get a Weimaraner and a Rhodesian Ridgeback should I let them
  243. pug breeding issues.....please help me out?
  244. Why are tails docked on Australian Cattle dogs (blue heelers)?
  245. Welping English Bulldogs?
  246. Our miniature pinscher has an unknown condition?
  247. Is this dog a silky terrier or Yorkie?
  248. what do you think about toy fox terrier?
  249. How much does Komondor coast?
  250. my collie has seisures every 6 months?