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  1. Which is cuter the australian silky terrier or the yorkshire terrier?
  2. Does anybody know of an Australian Cattle Dog Rescue in Indiana?
  3. Lets help the Staffordshire Bull Terrier .................?
  4. Greyhound safety and reliability?
  5. have you ever owned a Great Pyrenees dog?
  6. Studding my English Bulldog?
  7. What is the best dog out of a german shepherd, golden retriever, and a rottweiler?
  8. English Bulldog owners or experts, a question regarding heat tolerance.?
  9. Was the king charles spaniel the most common pet during the second empire of
  10. How much exercise should a 8 year old toy poodle get each day?
  11. What Kind of Dog Breed Looks Good With a Doberman Pinscher?
  12. my pug chokes when he is snorting?
  13. Where to get a Shiba Inu?
  14. My miniature schnauzer has green goops in his eyes?
  15. Any helpful tips on beagles?
  16. What is stronger out of an englsih bull terrier and a staffordshire bull terrier?
  17. 4 1/2 month old Silky Terrier w/Sprained Ankle?
  18. what type of chihuahua?
  19. Is a samoyed husky a good pet for a young couple to have?
  20. Need a cute name for our new female lilac Shar-pei puppy...?
  21. where can i get a shiba-inu dog/puppy?
  22. My Golden Retriever resists having his lower teeth brushed, not the upper. No
  23. We are getting a Beagle girl, but she has a grade 2 heart murmur?
  24. I have been offered a pressa canario and Staffordshire bull terrier cross.?
  25. Do you think a weimaraner and a beagle would get along well?
  26. is there any shar pei look alike dogs which stay quite small for there whole life?
  27. Please Help!...My chihuahua got into some chocolate covered raisins?
  28. Poll:Pomeranian lovers?
  29. Staffordshire Bull Terrier Pup?
  30. How much should my Female 7- 8mo Pembroke Welsh Corgi Weigh?
  31. What is a cute nickname for Brittany?
  32. what kind of dog goes well with my dachshund?
  33. answer these questions about Irish Setter?
  34. I have a toy poodle and I dyed her hair pink with crayola slick sticks
  35. Any helpful tips on beagles?
  36. Samoyed owners!! More Samoyed questions?
  37. Should i feed my Great Dane puppy, large breed puppy food or large breed adult food?
  38. adopted mini schnauzer and a one year old....?
  39. Our one year old pug eats twice a day and poops 5 or 6 times a day, or...
  40. Siberian Husky Puppy =]]?
  41. My german shepherd is dog and people aggressive, does anyone have good methods
  42. staff x collie be able to jog with me for 1 hour?
  43. Itchy pug.. what's the best shampoo?
  44. Shiba Inu at Shyguy Kennels?
  45. Getting a Dalmatian puppy home/training/after he IS home? loadsa questions,
  46. whats the difference/s between a Yorkshire Terrier and a Silky Terrier?
  47. Will Don Sullivan's secrets to training the perfect dog work on a beagle?
  48. My 11 week old mastiff puppy (male) won't finish his food.?
  49. What are some cute names for a female Rottweiler?
  50. Good name for German Shepherd male dog ?
  51. I have a vizsla and I need to know how fast and how long we need to rollerblade?
  52. How long will it take for my pekingese fur to grow back?
  53. French bulldog HELP please?
  54. answer these questions about rottweiler?
  55. Should I get my daughter a boy or girl beagle?
  56. any good promo codes for greyhound bus line or amtrak?
  57. When does a lhasa apso puppy get her first hair cut?
  58. What is a better dog? shiba inu vs. alaskan klee kai?
  59. I am thinking about getting a toy poodle, does anyone have any information?
  60. Insecure/slightly aggressive Rottweiler?
  61. HAIR LOSS AROUND THE EYES....of a Pomeranian Chihuahua Pup.?
  62. My 10 wk old staffordshire bull terrier puppy seems underweight?
  63. What a good myspace name for brittany?
  64. My 8 mo old mix is too intense. She has a Basenji personality. She is very
  65. When should I bathe my Labrador Retriever?
  66. good dog food for a great dane puppy?
  67. Is this a good Rottweiler breeder?
  68. Why do people say the irish wolfhound is the tallest dog?
  69. Looking for Cairn Terrier for Sale or Free Preferably*?
  70. Shiba Inu Weight Question?
  71. Rehoming fee for CKC English Bulldog?
  72. Help with letting my miniature pinscher know that I am her master/ bonding...
  73. what happened to brittany?
  74. HELP!!!! I have a full blooded border collie, ?he's about 7 or 8 years old? and he
  75. we have two basenji dog 2yrs old we want to have them trained as service dogs can...
  76. how to raise a 2months old pomeranian?
  77. Where can you find Kangal puppies for sale in Australia?? How Much?
  78. Why did my bullmastiff and pitbull randomly fight?
  79. could two 24 kg, 52 lb portuguese water dogs take some one down and protect you?
  80. Question about Pekingese colorings?
  81. What is an average price for basset hound puppies?
  82. Bullmastiff energy level?
  83. my 2.5 yr old beagle was just diagnosed intervertebral disc disease is...
  84. My great dane has lumps all over his skin that just appeared today?
  85. Has anyone ever seen a Bearded Collie and Black Labrador cross Puppy/dog before?
  86. Fixing dog in heat We adopted our American Staffordshire terrier but before we
  87. Should I get a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel or a Bichon Frise?
  88. Is a samoyed the right dog for me?
  89. Does anyone know any Lhasa Apso breeders in the US that breed Lhasa Apso's of
  90. How much do teacup poodles cost?
  91. Need help with deciding id this dong is rite, Norwich terrier? i want that...
  92. I am a boxer but i need braces what can i do?
  93. In stephen chow's fist of fury?
  94. I just bought a 4 month old Shetland Sheepdog, and I'm trying to house break
  95. is there any shar pei look alike dogs which stay quite small for there whole life?
  96. My (I don't remember if she's toy or miniature) poodle seems unable to bend her...
  97. Has anyone heard of puppy chow?
  98. Bearded Collies in Australia?
  99. staffofdshire bull terrier advice?
  100. are beagles good family dogs ?? experienced owners please :)?
  101. I have a doberman pinscher pup (4 months old) Yes its an ear cropping question....?
  102. Saint Bernard owners help!?
  103. Yellow lab basset hound mix puppies?
  104. What Breed Of Dog Is Larger? Akita, Siberian Husky or Malamute?
  105. Is an Australian Cattle Dog right for me?
  106. can 6 wk old dachshund puppies eat dog food?
  107. Names for a male saint bernard puppy?
  108. West Highland White Terrier?
  109. Welsh Terrier Breeders?
  110. How much would i be seeing to pay for a GREAT DANE EVERY WEEK?
  111. My moms "Dogo Argentino"dog has attcked her for the second time?
  112. Do you have to get a shiba inu from a breeder?
  113. Miniature English Bulldog Names?
  114. Cross dog breeders?? English Bull terrier/Jack Russell?
  115. Does anyone know the average lifespan of a Silky Terrier, mine is 12yrs old?
  116. Is Lhasa Apso a good (small) dog for a first time owner ?
  117. will my 12pound pomeranian run my invisible fence?
  118. how big will my boxer/great dane get?
  119. yorkshire terrier training?
  120. Is there such a thing as a mini rhodesian ridgeback?
  121. Does anyone living in missouri sale a female great pyrenees puppy?
  122. Crate Training 8 week old English Springer Spaniel?
  123. How much is too much to much to pay for a pomeranian?
  124. Why does my Pekingese pant so much?
  125. Mental/physical stimulation for a 13 year old Lhasa Apso?
  126. DOG NAMES for a boxer/irish terrier mix!!!?
  127. Does anyone know where I could find a border collie wolf mix?
  128. i need divorce papers for newfoundland.?
  129. can a french bulldog be a drug dog?
  130. Are french bulldogs good pets?
  131. my pomeranian is losing his fur.?
  132. miniature schnauzer normal respiratory rate?
  133. How much does a Shih Tzu puppy eat a day?
  134. Is there a recipe for peanut butter haystacks with no chow mein noodles?
  135. anybody know where I can buy a golden retriever?
  136. Adopted samoyed... shaved?
  137. my male dalmatian won't leave my female rottie alone whens she telling him off?
  138. Pros and Cons of Owning a Doberman Pinscher? Is This The Dog For Me?
  139. Does anyone know how to find people that want to breed their Yorkshire Terriers in...
  140. would my australian terrier be okay with out a walk for 5 days if my family
  141. Which is a better dog to keep as a pet for a small family... a Pug or a Lhasa Apso?
  142. pembroke welsh corgi owners!?
  143. Chihuahua neck pain, swelling, shaking?
  144. Can you tell me about cairn terriers?
  145. What is the best type of food to feed my golden retriever dog to avoid obesity?
  146. Should i get a girl or boy papillon?
  147. What kind of border collie mix doesn't need as much exercise?
  148. Are bernese mountain dogs hard to walk?
  149. My friends american eskimo dog is gonna die?
  150. While wearing boxer-briefs, should my penis point upwards or downwards?
  151. What is a good playmate for a Papillon dog?
  152. is it ok for me to put my pug puppy on california natural?
  153. How would you suggest finding a female to give my Mini Schnauzer puppies?
  154. I have a Great Dane that eats Nature's Recipe dogfood, he has the "worst" gas,?
  155. Pembroke Welsh Corgi won't eat?
  156. Are bernese mountain dogs hard to walk?
  157. Wanted English Bulldog!!!?
  158. Is wandering around the streets in your boxer shorts classed as indecent exposure?
  159. Hello i was wanting to adpot a dog (especially a basset hound)?
  160. I am searching for a Brussels Griffon plush animal. Does anyone know where I...
  161. why do irish wolfhounds look so greasy?
  162. Growth of puppies bull mastiff puppies?
  163. Does anyone know a breeder of rottweiller/bernese mountain dog cross pups?
  164. Shedding problem with American Bulldog.?
  165. Could you find a pembroke welsh corgi at a shelter in vancouver?
  166. Bloodhound Potty Training?
  167. My saint bernard is pregnate and is almost due but she has been leaking a clear...
  168. Where can i find a pembroke welsh corgi puppy?
  169. Weimaraner and great dane together?
  170. My shih-tzu has started w/ an itching on her back, hair has fallen out, skin has
  171. What have people's impressions been of Portuguese Water Dogs?
  172. what can i do to help my pomeranian?
  173. Are american eskimo dogs yappy?(minature)?
  174. i have a shar-pei yellow labrador retriever, how long will he live?
  175. I think my Siberian Husky is underweight... Pictures.?
  176. My Dog (Cairn Terrier Mix, Female, 7 months old, 8-8.5 lbs) broke her right radius...
  177. Which dog is better? the bull mastiff or the bernese mt. dog?
  178. how much should i pay for a shorty bull? It's a english bulldog and french
  179. Keeping a boarder collie outside?
  180. Boxing trivia question!Professional boxers (top 5) with most Professional fights...
  181. What are some good names for a tricolor Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?
  182. What could be wrong with my rottweiler?
  183. Where can I find rubber duck boxers?
  184. English Bulldog measurements?
  185. Are pit bulls actually staffshire terrier or are they a breed intheir own right?
  186. Yorkshire Terriers "Yorkies"?
  187. I'm getting a bearded collie?
  188. What are good activities to entertain a 5 1/2 month old toy fox terrier?
  189. Cavalier king charles spaniel?
  190. What is best puppy food to give 13 wk 20 lb golden retriever?
  191. 5 month old bull terrier puppy chasing my rabbit.?
  192. Jack russell terrier breeders?
  193. How can I get my french bulldog to bark/speak on command?
  194. when did your cairn terrier puppy start barking?
  195. Help - My 2 year old Saint Bernard has gone crazy.?
  196. why does my 6-8 year old Chihuahua not want to eat from her bowl?
  197. What should I name my Brussels Griffon?
  198. How much do Old English sheepdogs shed?
  199. Shiba Inu / Fox Terrier comparison?
  200. would a Bichon Frise puppy be ok in my ground floor apartment with me?
  201. Why is my Miniature Schnauzer eating and playing with trash?
  202. Any suggestions on what to name my English Bulldog?
  203. Does anyone know a farm that sell pomeranian or chihuahua puppies for cheap?
  204. Question about a new toy poodle?
  205. Where can I get a cheap pembroke welsh corgi?
  206. Mr. Chows full name fromt he hangover?
  207. Does anyone know any yorkshire terrier breeders?
  208. Do all pekingese have long hair?
  209. Do vizslas turn white when old?
  210. Anyone have a beagle as a pet in a city apartment? Got any pointers?
  211. Pros and cons of owning a Dalmatian?
  212. Discount Code for Greyhound?
  213. My great dane just broke out in hives..?
  214. Why is my english bulldog bleeding from his penis?
  215. What's wrong with my basset hound?
  216. Im thinking of buying a westie or a bichon frise but which gender is better to have?
  217. Why is my weimaraner always tired?
  218. If a papillons ears stay down all through puppyhood...?
  219. Wanted: Pembroke Welsh Corgi?
  220. greater swiss mountain dog.?
  221. Are Brussels Griffons good dogs? Should I get one just because I saw it in the movie
  222. Doberman Pinscher Question?
  223. My parents have 2 labradors and are about to rescue a chesapeake bay retriever,
  224. Shiba Inu puppy...take a look!?
  225. hi,pug 406 glx 2.o ltr question?
  226. I have a Bloodhound puppy and would like to find out if he has what it takes...
  227. King charles spaniel query?
  228. I have a 6 month old poodle. He is sweet but pees on me every time I pet him.
  229. Why is my Border Collie reluctant to potty outside?
  230. Papillon Puppy Please Help?
  231. Papillon is anti-social.?
  232. my yorkie silky terrier has is agressive towards other dog, how do i get him to
  233. Is our bichon poodle probably missing us right now?
  234. Samoyed vs. Labrador pup!! please help!!?
  235. I am trying to find the name of a dog that looks like a Scottish Terrier but...
  236. WTF? Change! I don't like it! Anyway, I have 2 tickets to Newfoundland secret...
  237. Can Scottish Terriers live with other dogs, and get into a fight with them?
  238. Are pembroke welsh corgis good dogs?
  239. Adopted 4YO papillon will only go to "potty" when he has a diaper on. Will not go...
  240. How big can a shar pei lab mix get?
  241. What's the best way to approach my Jack Russell Terrier?
  242. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel's long hair?
  243. my dog is a shih-tzu but he doesn't look much like one?
  244. Should i rehome my golden bloodhound mix?
  245. do you like french bulldogs?
  246. where can i buy books about miniature bull terriers?
  247. Im buying a maltese or bichon frise puppy..do you think I should get one...
  248. Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross Collie?
  249. Agressive male Neapolitan Mastiff puppy? Food causing aggression?
  250. How do i stop my chihuahua from attacking my two shar pei and people that shes