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  1. How do I get my 13 week old Boxer puppy to stop peeing in her cage at night?
  2. Is there such a thing as a smooth coated chow Chow?
  3. Why Do A Lot Of People Not Know What An American Eskimo Is?
  4. My toy chihuahua has eaten commercial dog food for 11 years & I think I
  5. what is the best place to buy a beagle in charlotte?
  6. I want to know how to take care of a beagle, what I need to get for it, and is the
  7. Great Dane Breeder in the Western US that has Black Danes?
  8. Do you think a Beagle mixed could get along with another dog?
  9. Why is my 1 year old Siberian Husky chewing RANDOM things?
  10. how do i know if my american bulldog is pregnant her nipples are big but her tummy...
  11. What is the difference between an Imperial Shih Tzu and a Teacup Shih Tzu?
  12. What Games Can I Play With My Border Collie?
  13. what dog is better a doberman,english bulldog or french bulldog?
  14. Is it possible for me to get my Greyhound tickets at 5AM at the Port Authority?
  15. Where can I find Golden Retriever or yellow lab puppies in Ct for $400 and under?
  16. what is the average cost of a blue great dane?
  17. Golden retriever??????
  18. I need to figure out a name for a male Harlequin Great Dane and a French
  19. My big female german shepherd dog is named Molly. What do you think of the name for
  20. How long of a walk can I take my Boston Terrier?
  21. What would be a good dog companion for our 1.5-year-old English Bulldog?
  22. Is there a way to get really good discounts on greyhound tickets?
  23. If you don't neuter a pug in the first five years do they have higher chances...
  24. Is it okay to not have my female pomeranian fixed?
  25. What kind of an outdoor enclosure would be good for a small chihuahua?
  26. how long does it take shaved collie hair to grow back?
  27. How much would it cost for a cairn terrier? It's life span is 12-15 years...?
  28. i have a bearded collie and she's 10, she has 3 lumps on her belly that
  29. Why is my shar pei drooling blood?
  30. do all chow-chow mix dogs have black or spotted tongues? in other words, if the dog
  31. How many times can my toy chihuahua have puppies?
  32. How do you train your golden retriever to do more tricks?
  33. when is the right time to breed an american bulldogs?
  34. Where to purchase a doberman pinscher? 10 Points.?
  35. Belgian Malinois puppy issues?
  36. What foods would work especially well for a boxer in boxing gloves to punch...
  37. Who has a Shiba Inu in California?
  38. I want a french bulldog puppy, plez answer these questions?
  39. Why does my 1yr old toy schnauzer bites my hands like a chew toy.?
  40. My 6month old mini dachshund eats his poop how do I get him to stop?
  41. any reccomendations about Border Collie Show Dog books for rookies?
  42. Whats the average pricing for studding a KC REG english bull terrier?
  43. My english bulldog looks like he's loosing hair?
  44. What is the color of my mini dachshund?
  45. What's that song by super smash bros with train, john mayer and brittany spears?
  46. where can i get a cheap english bulldog near wesson mississippi or anywhere in
  47. How do I stop my pug from picking and eating cat's poop from our cat's litter box?
  48. should i get a miniature pinscher of a papillon? and why?
  49. Training tips for my 5 month old toy fox terrier?
  50. Are there any pug mixes with other dogs that I should know about?
  51. How much (roughly) do you think a toy poodle would cost and how much to mantain?
  52. What could pug's patch of dry skin with missing hair be?
  53. Can you explain why the sending of Boxer to the slaughterer's in Animal Farm was
  54. I am taking my pomeranian to India chennai forever. Can he manage the
  55. Where do I find the Purina Weight Circle on Kitten Chow?
  56. Are there boxer style underwear that are shorter than normal?
  57. My Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy?
  58. How can I get my Siberian Husky to be more Sociable with people?
  59. Does anyone know of any good Siberian Husky breeders in the MD area?
  60. what nationalities are brittany spears i a mean is she irish and italian i...
  61. Are there any good tips for training our new golden retriever?
  62. I have an 11 year old standard poodle, and was thinking about adopting an...
  63. Who would win in a fight German Shepherd or Rottweiler?
  64. harness size for french bulldog pupyy?
  65. Do you own/have personally handled the Australian cattle dog?
  66. My boxer dog is close to her due date. Is coughing a sign of early labor?
  67. My Basset Hound had puppies and she is?
  68. is it okay to give sweet potato and carrot to my chihuahua?
  69. When will my dachshund go into heat?
  70. My Pomeranian Puppy now 4 months old has a cough and the Vet can't figure out
  71. The mountains found along the coasts of Ireland and Brittany are extensions of what
  72. How do I get my 3 yr old Chihuahua to stop humping my 3 month old puppy's head?
  73. I am getting a bichon frise puppy next weekend and I have never had a dog...
  74. Are there any English Bull Terrier breeders in Boise Idaho?
  75. Does anyone have a good suggestion for a male great dane name?
  76. Why has my 1 year old rottweiler gone backwards?
  77. Should I buy this shih tzu from the flea market?
  78. Which should I get, a toy poodle or a white highland terrier?
  79. I'm getting a boston terrier puppy in 5 weeks, what shall i make sure i ask the
  80. how old does a pomeranian puppy need to be before she can start eating dog meat?
  81. When is the best time to neuter a Dachshund? He's almost 4 months old now..?
  82. What type of German Shepherd Dog is good for a family?
  83. My Boston Terrier is 9 months old and in heat for the first time. She is bleeding...
  84. What is a good price for a Rottweiler puppy?
  85. Whats the average number of puppys a Shih Tzu will have?
  86. Is a pug more likely to trigger an allergy than other dogs?
  87. Can anyone help me find a place to find German Shepherd mixed with Rottweiler...
  88. How tall did your shih tzu get and how much did it weigh full grown?
  89. Anyone know where to find pics of Boston Terrier Pitbull Hybred?
  90. What are some tips on raising a siberian husky?
  91. Is this normal behavior for a Cairn Terrier?
  92. Akita,gsd,shar pei,french mastiff and american bulldog?
  93. Any tips on how to care for a pug?
  94. 1st time dog owner... dachshund vs. larger mixed breed dog?
  95. How do i stop my Jack Russell Terrier from biting on his feet.?
  96. Staffordshire Bull Terrier Pup?
  97. Which Peninsula attached to the southeast corner of the island of Newfoundland is
  98. Where can i get an Miniature American Eskimo Puppy?
  99. Staffordshire Bull Terrier X Collie look more like staff when older? pic included?
  100. Can my rabbit live with my basset hound?
  101. What's the name of this 101 Dalmatians computer game?
  102. what is a best name for a male rottweiler?
  103. How much do Toy Yorkshire Terriers cost?
  104. I'm considering adopting a second Weimaraner, feedback needed...?
  105. Poll: Name for Siberian husky?
  106. how much dog food should i feed my 80 lbs. American bulldog?
  107. My miniature schnauzer has developed an odor problem. She is 5 years old and has...
  108. Bringing home a Havanese puppy for the first time? (barks?) Breeders Have A Look!!!!?
  109. Should We Get a Basenji?
  110. What are better French Bulldogs or English Bulldogs?
  111. Crate size for a Samoyed?
  112. Beverly Hills Chihuahua?
  113. What are some pros and cons of these dog breeds, American Eskimo Toy,...
  114. Pekingese dog who had parvovirus?
  115. Are irish wolfhounds good dogs?
  116. American Bulldog Puppy...?
  117. Can you take a bullmastiff jogging?
  118. 13 year old Yorkshire Terrier keeps vomiting once a day, what could be causing this?
  119. What boxer is the currently the best pound for pound?
  120. Can you recommend a joint supplement that is safe for large breed (Mastiff)...
  121. american bulldog in lust with pit bull, for how long?!?!?
  122. Can a Labradoodle and a Weimaraner breed???
  123. Where do saint bernards originate from, and what's a good name for a...
  124. For once and for all is the American Staffordshire Terrier the same as...
  125. whats it like raising a whippet?
  126. Information on moving to Newfoundland?
  127. how could a Dalmatian have a passport when as..?
  128. My Shih Tzu has the dark tear stains, WITHOUT using Angel Eyes how can I...
  129. Whippet with nervouse breakdown!?
  130. What would be a cute name for our adorable Shetland Sheepdog puppy?
  131. Does anyone know how much Yorkies and siberian huskies cost?
  132. Pitbull And Dogo Argentino?
  133. How do I get my American Bulldog to not be aggressive towards Adult Males?
  134. Unaccompanied Minor on Amtrak or Greyhound?
  135. Ok, I'm getting a papillon puppy and I can't decide between these names?
  136. I am in search of a pyrenian mastiff puppy in the U.S.,does anyone know of a...
  137. Are Miniature Poodles good dogs?
  138. Problems with a Shetland Sheepdog?
  139. How do Basenjis communicate with other dogs?
  140. What are the immediate physical differences between the Silky, the...
  141. Am i paying too much for my future Shiba Inu?
  142. Should I get a Scottie or a Schnauzer?
  143. I got a beagle 19 months ago and she is STILL peeing in the house. Help me PLEASE!?
  144. What's the differnce between a bull terrier and minature bull terrier?
  145. Where can i find a good, reputable, French Bulldog breeder?
  146. why does my bullmastiff do this?
  147. difference between circle skirt and poodle skirt?
  148. Golden Retrievers or any big dogs!10 POINTS?
  149. Has anyone ever had an allergic reaction (particularly Asthma) with a...
  150. What should i feed my beagle puppy to put on weight ?
  151. Does anyone know what the Grandaires Pomeranian website is?
  152. Papillon or Silky Terrier?
  153. Do you have a Bernese Mountain Dog?
  154. Which dog is stronger american stafforshire terrier or a rottweiler?
  155. How much would Siberian Husky/American Bulldog/Pit Bull mix puppies sell for?
  156. Really skinny whippet?
  157. Are bernese mountain dogs hard to walk?
  158. How do I know if a puppy toy poodle is actually a toy poodle and not a
  159. Help! My Irish Setter's eye!?
  160. Bloodhound.sonar1 symantec endpoint protection?
  161. do you think my cairn terrier might like a little kitten to play with?
  162. My havanese randomly falls over please help me find a cure!?
  163. Where should I get a papillon dog?
  164. My 1 year old beagle's fur is patchy is there anything to help it look healthier?
  165. Tips on caring for my new Miniature Poodle/Chihuahua?
  166. my dog ate half of a large chocolate and he is a pekingese what is gonna happen?
  167. is it healthy for a bullmastiff dog to frequently breed ?
  168. how do you train a rottweiler and show him your the?
  169. Unsure what to feed Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?
  170. my weimaraner is 1 year 6 months and has demodex mange?
  171. Do i have to get a tie out for my beagle while camping?
  172. Will a Spaniel, English Springer/Mix Make a good bird dog?
  173. How much excersize would a greyhound need?
  174. what name do u like better for my Bichon Frise Puppy?!?
  175. Worried about my 3-yr old toy poodle?
  176. Please Help With My Bloodhound Feeding Problems? please read this and offer
  177. Is hulk Hogan's Daughter a Brittany Spears wannbe?
  178. My dog just gave birth to 4 toy poodle pups, she is still panting like she was in...
  179. I have a rottweiler thats a year. I recently brought a 2year old female home and...
  180. Which dog is cuter- a Newfoundland or Golden Retriever?
  181. I shaved my dog Samoyed's hair, have i done something bad?
  182. I recently adopted an american bulldog. She is 2 yrs old. she keeps growling at my
  183. Does anyone know someone in Chicago is is putting an English bulldog puppy up
  184. Silky Terrier's Dry Skin?
  185. When do Golden Retrievers stop growing and approximately what age do they get their
  186. has anyone read this book about bunnies and greyhounds?
  187. I have a question about walking you labrador retriever?
  188. Are vizsla females more dominant?
  189. Need another bearded collie for breeding?
  190. What kind of dry food should I feed my Shar pei?
  191. I really need help with my girl pug? Please?
  192. How can I have my mini beagle loose weight?
  193. my 3 month old black schnauzer wont stop chewing his legs and its turning them...
  194. Would my Staffordshire bull terrier get along with a cavalier king charles spaniel?
  195. would getting my staffordshire bull terrier neutered calm him down?
  196. cute toy poodle names?
  197. Newfoundland and Saskatchewan time zones?
  198. would a miniature bull terrier be a good dog for me?
  199. Anyone familiar with the temperament of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.. Male,...
  200. Golden retrievers how many times?
  201. I am looking for names for my two new Great Pyrenees puppies!!!?
  202. I am getting a Female Yorkshire Terrier in 3 weeks .And i want her name to
  203. Rescued shar pei mix (cattle dog) is the most laid back dog ever anything that
  204. Is a Jack Russell Terrier right for me?
  205. AMERICAN BULLDOGS? do you know anything about them...?
  206. does anyone have a coupon code for the greyhound bus line?
  207. puppy french bulldog.....red eye?
  208. help me please, people with cavalier king charles spaniels ??!!?
  209. Shiba-inu/Shih-tzu cross?
  210. Do Yorkshire Terriers Make Good Dogs?
  211. What are all the colors of Labrador retriever?
  212. Does any one know a Dogo Argentino Breeder?
  213. Are a Dalmatians' spots as individual as a human fingerprint?
  214. Anyone ever had a Pomeranian who didnt go through its uglies?
  215. Calling all BLOODHOUND owners?
  216. My femal mastiff has one hanging nipple. WHY? It really bothers me. Can i
  217. Papillon Breed Markings?
  218. Miniature Schnauzer- need help with potty training?
  219. does anyone have a english bull terrier with skin problems?
  220. Where can I buy a Yorkshire terrier in Yunnan?
  221. How many spots does a dalmatian have? (average).?
  222. my dog is a beagle basset hound mix and he has been moving slow the last three
  223. my american bulldog is 7 months old and i dont work him out.?
  224. My Vizsla is 11 mos old and is devolping white patches (approx. 2"x4") on...
  225. getting to Stephenville Newfoundland?
  226. Pit Bull Terrier Questions?
  227. My 1 year old papillon got stung by a bee on her nose and is throwing up?
  228. Basset Hound, unsure of what is wrong with hind quarters...?
  229. I need to sell my toy fox terrier?
  230. American Eskimo Socialization Help?
  231. answer this questions about bichon frise?
  232. Help with training staffordshire bull terrier - BITING?
  233. So i'm getting a Bichon Frise... Will brushing her every other day and...
  234. What can I feed my french bulldog puppy to reduce her farting problem?
  235. What's a good name for an Australian Kelpie?
  236. Where can I find a Dalmatian Dog Costume?
  237. How early can you get an ultrasound for a 3 year old basset hound?
  238. Where can I buy a Shiba Inu in Malaysia?
  239. I have a bichon Frise puppy with sensitive skin in need of home-made natural washes?
  240. Can a husky dog and bull terrier live happily ever after?
  241. SAMOYED OWNERS!(samoyed shedding)?
  242. What are Akitas and Beagles like?
  243. i just got a dog from a pound and they say he is half beagle half pug but
  244. I have a question for great dane owners. Its about their eyes.?
  245. American Pit Bull Terrier or American Staff or Staffordshire ?
  246. My friend has a Shih Tzu who doesn't like to move at all. The dog is getting too...
  247. pembroke welsh corgi responsible breeders dallas?
  248. my 2 year old yorkshire terrier wont stop pooping in the house?
  249. I would like to buy a cheap bull mastiff?
  250. things to ask a Dalmatian breeder?