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  1. Is a Shiba Inu a easy dog to train?
  2. Italian Greyhounds??? Opinions...?
  3. Does anyone knows what criteria has the College of Physicians and
  4. What does Shane Dawson's friend Brittany look like?
  5. What are the pros and cons of getting a basset hound?
  6. Help with my lhasa apso?
  7. Will The American Eskimo Dog Breed Get Used To Me?
  8. How do you groom a poodle in between professional groomings?
  9. Can being exposed to household insecticide spray(not direct contact) harm an 8 week
  10. Name suggestions for my Italian greyhound (Egyptian? Italian Coffee drinks?)?
  11. what kind of dog food can i give my 6 week great dane?
  12. How do I remove stick tights from a poodle?
  13. Shih Tzu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  14. staffordshire bull terrier?
  15. I have a 3 year old, and one on the way. My husband and I are getting a German...
  16. I have a rhodesian ridgeback and was wondering what would be the best shock...
  17. Where can i find a Great Pyrenees/bernese mix breeder?
  18. Does your golden retriever have a cone head?
  19. what is your opinion on irish setter dogs?
  20. How Much Sould My Shetland Sheepdog Weigh?
  21. I need to know about the dog Bichon Frise?
  22. How curly should a bichon frise's tail be?
  23. Why havent I seen a Dalmatian in a while? Are they becoming a less popular breed?
  24. Is an Irish setter for me?
  25. I have an 11 pound chihuahua mix maybe toy fox terrier or papillion.what...
  26. My 1 year old beagle pup has a nasty habbit of pooping on the wall is this normal?
  27. How long should you heat chow mien up for in the microwave?
  28. are briards good being alone?
  29. welsh corgi Breeders anyone?
  30. I am getting a miniature poodle. Any tips on what's best for the dog?
  31. How do I keep my English Bulldog from chewing on the wood on the outside of my house?
  32. Do bloodhounds make good dogs?
  33. Are German Shorthaired Pointers protective of their owners?
  34. Hi i am looking for a mature or puppie basset hound female or male i live...
  35. What kind of breed is my Puppy. Can Great Pyrenees have non-white base color?
  36. The Colony of Newfoundland, Links and Relationships?
  37. Can an English Bulldog(mediun large) and an Bichon Frise(small- medium) actuall
  38. IM looking for a boston terrier, pug, french bulldog..help!?
  39. How big do you think a boxer/boston terrier mix will get?
  40. Whippets and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels as Pets?
  41. Personal experiences with DOBERMAN PINSCHERS?!?
  42. where can i find a designer harness for my big staffordshire bull terrier?
  43. 10 month old Staffordshire Bull Terrier is very nervous (UK Question)...?
  44. Husky, Malamute, or Great Pyrenees breeders?
  45. My nine year old Boston Terrier pants excessively and loudly, is this normal?
  46. what are good nicknames for Brittany and Jasmine?
  47. why does a seventeen year old miniature poodle circle around the room continuously?
  48. Is anyone giving away an Alaskan Malamute/Husky or Collie in the Brisbane area?
  49. whats the difference between british bull dog and old tyme english bulldog?
  50. King Charles Spaniel, excessive drooling.?
  51. I got a puppy for my birthday she is a border collie and i need help with a...
  52. How much do Chow Chow puppies cost?
  53. Where can I find a responsible AKC boxer breeder in the northeast?
  54. What kind of breed do you get when an english bulldog is mated with a mini- bulldog?
  55. Can pomeranian puppies have SueBee clover honey to raise their blood sugar?
  56. What kind of grooming brush is best for a wire haired dachshund?
  57. Pekingese Shih Tzu mix?
  58. How should I dress my Pomeranian?
  59. Should I get a Doberman or a Rottweiler as a Personal Protetion dog?
  60. What is some silly things your Boston Terrier does?
  61. What are the pro's/con's of having a Mini Schnauzer ?
  62. when should i feed a border collie puppy in the morning?
  63. Can I put a jack russell and a pug together in an apartment?
  64. Will it be cheaper if I purchased a greyhound ticket online ?
  65. Getting a golden retriever puppy. What are good puppy toys that she wont out grow...
  66. How much can German Shepherd Chow mix puppies me sold for?
  67. Am getting a border collie rescue, what is the best food to feed?
  68. Anyone got head shots of their Poodles or Poodle mixes?
  69. How much money will it be if i get a Shih Tzu ?
  70. I am concerned my 71/2 week old mini schnauzer is not peeing enough!?
  71. How do you potty train a three month old chihuahua?
  72. Can you get off a greyhound bus before your destination?
  73. I really want a bloodhound pup! but..?
  74. Would I be able to have time for a Bichon Frise?
  75. WHats the difference between Chow Mien and Lo Mien noodles?
  76. is a teacup poodle the same as a miniture and toy poodle?
  77. german shepherd dog sleeping in the same bed as me?
  78. How big should a 17 week Border collie puppy be?
  79. why does my pomeranian nudge the ground when she has food?
  80. How much money is typically spent per year on vet bills for a Saint Bernard?
  81. How early should I arrive if I m taking a greyhound bus during thanksgiving holiday?
  82. Is a pug too big for litter training?
  83. How to honor the loss of my beloved pug?
  84. How do I keep my chihuahua from eating the pellets in the litter box?
  85. Are men scared to date me because I am a lawyer, drive a magnum and own a
  86. Why does my 7 mth old Shih Tzu steal my older dog's toy and refuse to give it up?
  87. Is there such thing as a Miniature shiba inu?
  88. What does pink coloration on a shih tzu's lips mean?
  89. After about how many months should I expect my Border Collie's eyes to change colors?
  90. How to tell if my pug has kennel cough?
  91. Any remedies for a boxer with a dry nose?
  92. How can I get my 13 month old Golden Retriever to stop jumping on guests?
  93. What's the best companion to have a Bichon Frise or Cavalier king charles spaniel?
  94. How much is an original french painting of Monseigneur the Duke of Brittany
  95. I have an English Bulldog that seems to have excessive tears. Any idea what
  96. ? About a great pyrenees?
  97. Who owns a Shiba Inu in California?
  98. Who would win if Brittany spears, lindsey lohen, and Paris Hilton got in a cat fight?
  99. Which breed is better in a dog Siberian husky or Labrador read description?
  100. Is there an anime for Papillon?
  101. What is a better companion for my 3 year old Shih Tzu a Boxer, English Bulldog or a
  102. What would be a good canine companion for a mini-Schnauzer?
  103. I wish to find out if it is possible to take a Staffordshire bull terrier into
  104. What style of art would be defined as the cover of the Smashing pumpkins mellon
  105. What name do you like for a male Doberman Pinscher?
  106. My Dachshund is having trouble adjusting to our new house. Any help?
  107. What should I feed a five weeks old yellow lab mixed with golden retriever?
  108. What kind of breed is a cross between a La-Chon and Toy Poodle?
  109. can you have a papillon dog with a staffordshire bull terrier?
  110. Im going to get a Siberian Husky puppy and it will be a boy what should I name it?
  111. How do you train a 5 month old boxer ?
  112. i have an 8 month old staffordshire bull terrier which eats everything in sight?
  113. I'm 25 years olds and i want to become a boxer, How can I become one?
  114. I want a full bred Blue Great Dane does anyone know where I can get one that
  115. I'm getting a Vizsla and a Weimaraner, how long is too long to leave them home alone?
  116. where can I find a male golden retriever to breed with my female?
  117. Can a Boston Terrier's nails change color?
  118. How do I get my golden retriever to stop barking?
  119. does a border collie get along with cats?
  120. Can I leave an adopted adult Boder Collie at home for 8 hours?
  121. do bernese mountain dogs drool?
  122. What type of border collie do i have?
  123. What are the best dog foods for a great dane?
  124. how do I get my 7 month old collie/shephard mix to stop biting?
  125. Is My pregnant miniature dachshund suppose to be so big by the 2nd pregnancy?
  126. How much do Doberman Pinscher puppies cost?
  127. What's the difference between a Husky and a Siberian Husky ?
  128. How do i stop my beagle from peeing in the bed.?
  129. Starting my Shetland Sheepdog at home?
  130. Should I get a Bull Terrier puppy with a 1 and a half year old Schnauzer...
  131. How do you housebreak a chihuahua?
  132. Why doesn't my Pomeranian always keep her tail up and curled?
  133. My pug keeps barking in the early morning?
  134. I have a boston terrier and he is allergic to everything except chicken.?
  135. what is the meaning of my beagle having one blue eye?
  136. How many times a day should you feed a 12 month old golden retriever?
  137. Can an older beagle be trained to get along with a cat that runs when it enters a
  138. Is it safe for a pomeranian dog to fly in an airplane?
  139. When do start feeding my miniature schnauzer adult food?
  140. French Bulldog Puppy Question? (Answer questions???)?
  141. how do i teach my great dane puppy to walk on a leash?
  142. My daughter has a poodle skirt and saddle shoes I need some suggestions on...
  143. My dachshund has complications from spinal surgery and 2nd sgry today....
  144. Should I change my avatar to a Dachshund?
  145. How much walking would a 6 year old samoyed require?
  146. How long should I walk my Siberian husky puppy?
  147. im getting a bullmastiff! what should i name it?
  148. How can I get my 8 month old pug to learn to lay down?
  149. Why does my boxer puppy have a fishy metallic smell?
  150. I have a dog a chow, how often should I give him a bath?
  151. German Shepherd dog training?
  152. Basset Hound CLIMBS the fence! Best way to keep him in?
  153. what size dog crate do I need for a boston terrier?
  154. im buying a Samoyed husky in a months time, dont know too much about the
  155. Where can I find a reputable Boston Terrier Breeder in Florida?
  156. How far should I run my Siberian Husky and when should i feed him?
  157. whats the difference between a olde english bulldog and a english bulldog?
  158. What are the grooming needs of a Pomeranian?
  159. I live in a liverpool apartment, will a pug be okay?
  160. How safe is the Philadelphia Greyhound bus station?
  161. What height is too short to be a heavyweight boxer?
  162. How much for unpapered pure bread shih tzu?
  163. what is the movie where brittany murphy has a affair with a cop?
  164. How big will a great dane/pointer mix get?
  165. what do I feed my pot bellied pig if I don't have pig chow yet?
  166. would getting my 9 month old Rottweiler fixed stunt his growth?
  167. Is it okay to raise a shih tzu and a husky together?
  168. How old does a MALE CHIHUAHUA have to be to start breeding?
  169. where can I find a dachshund which is around 1-3 years old?
  170. Greyhound owners: I am thinking about adopting a retired racer what do I
  171. What is the price of ownership paper fees for a english bulldog? How do I
  172. is 1500 brittany estates capital cicle nw tallahassee florida 32303 in foreclosure?
  173. How can I get my 11 month old Shih-tzu to potty train?
  174. What is the best diet for someone training to become a boxer?
  175. How do i keep my poodle stimulated?
  176. do bullmastiff really hunt lion and tigers? so lions and tigers are...
  177. Is it safe to go jogging with my miniature dachshund?
  178. How much for a surgical procedure on a Great Dane Dog to remove a hard lump?
  179. How much exercise should a chihuahua have?
  180. Where can I buy a Boston Terrier in Miami Fl?
  181. which is better boxer or bullmastiff?
  182. What is the address to the Greyhound bus station in Pittsburgh and what is it...
  183. why does my shih tzu always walk around with his stuffed toy in his mouth?
  184. what is the average size for a fully grown male border collie?
  185. I have a Shiba Inu that is difficult to potty train. She is almost a year old....
  186. how do I stop my giant Schnauzer to be so over-protecting?
  187. How can i potty train a 13 year old pomeranian?
  188. Brittany can mow her motherís yard in 90 minutes, math problem?
  189. what food is best for a border collie pup?
  190. My papillon has been vomitting all night. Even if i give her water she still vomits
  191. How do I stop my 6-mth old boxer puppy jumping up at people?
  192. Is a year and 10 months to early for a golden retriever to have puppies?
  193. how often should you feed a 8 week boston terrier?
  194. How big does a male bichon frise get?
  195. What is the dog breed called that is black, tan and white and looks almost like a...
  196. my 9 month old shiba inu went into heat 2 months ago and i saw shes
  197. How much should my Rottweiler weigh?
  198. I have an adopted greyhound and I am thinking of getting a rescued doberman has...
  199. How big does a Rottweiler German Shepherd mix get?
  200. What should the grooming routine for a rough coated collie and what are the best...
  201. Taking a greyhound from arizona to california first time?
  202. What Is A Cuter Name For A Spoiled Female Pomeranian, Sunny Or Sparkle?
  203. My Miniature Schnauzer wont eat?
  204. I have to go out of town over night and I have a 3 1/2 month old chow chow?
  205. Is the weight of my Rottweiler and GSD normal?
  206. What are the symptoms that a chihuahua is pregnant?
  207. Where can I get a picture painted of my English Bulldog, to look like a cartoon?
  208. what is the largest litter of boston terrier puppies in the state of indiana?
  209. What age is a female shih tzu puppy fully grown?
  210. how old should you switch a puppy from her mothers milk to puppy chow?
  211. How often do you take your English Bulldog out to the dog park, and does your...
  212. **RHODESIAN RIDGEBACK** help me?
  213. My schnauzer just has surgery to remove a tumor on her nose and now she's wearing...
  214. Is a heating pad a good idea to use for a Boston Terrier inside?
  215. How do you get from Vancouver Airport to the greyhound bus station?
  216. Does anybody know a good breeder/kennel of cream chow chow puppies in Taiwan,
  217. What's the best way to housebreak a 2 year old schnauzer? I just adopted...
  218. What's a good premium dog food for my bichon/poodle mix?
  219. Should I let my Siberian Husky walk in front of me when on the leash?
  220. Why is my English Bulldog throwing up almost everyday?
  221. What type of puppy food should I feed a Great Dane Puppy/ Owners/ breeders/ Vets~
  222. 6 month old Boston Terrier peeing in house?
  223. Belgian Malinois puppy issues?
  224. Is Chance the dog in Homeward Bound an American Pit Bull Terrier?
  225. Whats the difference between a Bichon frise and a Minature Poodle?
  226. why does my male chihuahua pick up is leg when he is running?
  227. is there a magna similar to peach girl or papillon hana to chou?
  228. How often do you have to take a shih Tzu to a groomer, I want to take her...
  229. What is the best way to get from Dallas Greyhound bus station to DFW?
  230. Thinking about getting a Papillon puppy, OWNERS OF PAPILLONS PLEASE ANSWER :D?
  231. What is the kind of dog that looks like a mix between a rottweiler and a great dane?
  232. I have a pug it is getting erection wen it sits down wat do i do?
  233. How can I stop my Chihuahua from peeing inside?
  234. How much should a 20 inch long chihuahua weigh?
  235. What can I name my male brittany spaniel?
  236. Whats a good nickname for Brittany?
  237. What dog breed mixes with a pug to make a puggle?
  238. Can I take the greyhound without parents permission?
  239. I need help with Greyhound and ATL Airport?
  240. How can I stop my 6 month Golden Retriever from eating rocks, mulch, rotten
  241. What does a welterweight boxer prove by beating a much smaller lightweight?
  242. I just discovered on my 16 yr old chow/samoan mix that she has a quarter
  243. What will I need to get, and what grooming tools will I need, for a Siberian Husky
  244. I have a long hair dachshund, about 2 days ago it lost moment in the rear legs?
  245. Pressa canario/Dogo argentino mix?
  246. How to get a Chihuahua puppy in UK?
  247. How can I become a boxer without joining a gym ?
  248. This is to silky terrier owners or know of a relative that owns one...are...
  249. where in brooklyn, new york can i adopt a boston terrier puppy?
  250. Why does my Chihuahua only bark at bigger dogs than her on the street?