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  1. good names for a saint bernard/springer spaniel puppy?
  2. how to treat Follicular dysplasia in miniature pinscher?
  3. am considering moving to Newfoundland. Can I get Canadian citizenship without...
  4. WHere can i find an english bulldog near santa clarita, CA.?
  5. I need help with a barking Papillon...?
  6. English Springer Spaniel?
  7. When will chapter 13 of Papillon - Hana to Chou be out in english?
  8. What do you think about Golden Retriever?
  9. Can i have a yorkshire terrier if i'm livin in a farm??
  10. What's a better dog to get, a dalmatian or siberian husky? And why?
  11. In which state do the conjoined twins Brittany and Abigail Hensel live?
  12. Help! I think my English Springer Spaniel is sick!?
  13. We have a 13 week old Briard puppy. She gets severe car sickness , throws up and...
  14. Shedding - Pug vs. Boston Terrier vs. French Bulldog?
  15. frenchie x cairn terrier nickname?
  16. How would you compare Dalmatians, Labrador retrievers, and GSDs to each other?
  17. Some guy came in a minivan and drooped off a Greyhound in my neighborhood.?
  18. Will my Labrador Retriever get along with a Ferret if I get one?
  19. what should i call my brown and white border collie?
  20. how long do rottweiler chow chow mix live?
  21. Looking for scottish terrier puppy?
  22. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel little friend?
  23. Can a dog(german shepherd/great dane) carry a person?
  24. is my bullmastiff going to be big?
  25. How much would a Yorkshire Terrier cost?
  26. When does a female dog(medium size-staffordshire bull terrier) get her first period?
  27. Does anyone have a havashire? (Yorkie and Havanese)?
  28. Is the whippet right for me? 10 points.?
  29. Help! Can you help me think of names for my miniature dachshund puppy?
  30. how can i get a clear guide on chow chow breed?
  31. How do i make my rottweiler stronger?
  32. Somebody please help me with my 5 month old Toy fox terrier god bless?
  33. name for my female basenji puppy?
  34. My Toy Fox Terrier/Pommeranian shakes?
  35. I would like to know info about the Sleeve Pekingese?
  36. Is a doberman mini pinscher a good pet for a hyperactive boy?
  37. How should I properly interduce my boxer to a new parrot?
  38. At what age should a Jack Russell Terrier be bred?
  39. blue buffalo small breed or by nature adult formula for my toy poodle?
  40. What would a American Eskimo/Yorkshire Terrier mix look like?
  41. Lhasa apso behavior, does your Lhasa do this?
  42. What is the latest age for a leonberger to have puppies?
  43. which breed is more likely to protect me a german shepard or a rottweiler?
  44. Basset Hound or Pembroke Welsh Corgi?
  45. Ein the Welsh Corgi from Cowboy Bebop?
  46. What type of dog should i breed my pit/boxer with?
  47. could an american bulldog really fight a bull?
  48. Do Canaan dogs shed their fur?
  49. Why are there so many French Bulldog/ Boston Terrier mixes?
  50. Can I get my shar-pei's wrinkles out with botox? ironing?
  51. My Labrador Retriever won't play fetch. How can I get her to play feltch?
  52. I have an 18month border lakeland terrier cross,he barks at ALL
  53. Need information on upland hunting training for Gordon setter and handler?
  54. will a rottweiler make a good company for my labrador retrievers?
  55. I own a German Shepherd Dog in an apartment that restricts them, what do I do?
  56. Names for a boy or girl vizsla?
  57. The actual prcie of a female Saint Bernard?An adult?:|?
  58. help me!!! Virus attack bloodhound.sonar.2..?
  59. bullmastiff puppy has a problem!!!?
  60. Our American Bulldog just had pups?
  61. recently my 2 year old housebroken dachshund has started peeing on my bed and
  62. Can i have a bull terrier and an irish wolfhound together?
  63. What is the best age to neuter my Dachshund puppy?
  64. I have a 5 month old Samoyed (we have had her for three months now) and...
  65. my staffordshire bull terrier puppy eats grass, should i stop it or let him get on
  66. What is the personality of your toy poodle like?
  67. What to do with a Havanese?
  68. how would i get my american bulldog to play with chew toys?
  69. Where can I get a coat for my Toy Poodle?
  70. cane corso italiano breeders or owners?
  71. I would really love to find a miniature bull terrier it doesn't have to be a
  72. Does anyone own a Chesapeake Bay Retriever?
  73. where can i find merle mini or toy poodle puppies for sale?
  74. Do briards like playing with toys?
  75. What color French Bulldog is this?
  76. my American Eskimo (male) is protective of me.?
  77. English Setters or English Springer Spaniels?
  78. How many pounds of dog chow would a puppy eat (on average) every week?
  79. I need help with a jack russell terrier? What can i do?
  80. How many of you guys wear boxer briefs? And how many of you girls like boxer briefs?
  81. my mini schnauzer is tearing up everything when i am not home. what do i do?
  82. Standard and miniature poodles.?
  83. Where can I find a breeder to breed with my American Water Spaniel? ( 10 Points )?
  84. training a great Pyrenees puppy?
  85. Welsh Corgi..Malamutes..Huskeys..?
  86. What sort of price would you expect to pay for a kc Rhodesian Ridgeback in the UK?
  87. where can i purchase a maltese poodle in california?
  88. Papillon diet, training tips, ect.?
  89. What are Bloodhounds like?
  90. Irish Wolfhound experience?
  91. how tall does an American Bulldog Terrier mix gets ?
  92. How much does it cost to get a Golden Retriever Puppy Neutered?
  93. What are dog breeds that have similar coloring to a Bernese Mountain
  94. Why does my 8mo old Bishon Poodle keep pooping in the house when I am not watching?
  95. Where can I find Black and Tan Bloodhound items? Pictures, shirts, etc?
  96. can you tell me something about a Pomeranian and German Shepherd cross?
  97. Can anyone tell me what color my pomeranian is?
  98. can someone tell me about West Highland White Terriers?
  99. Could anyone tell me the cheapest way to go from toronto, to St john's...
  100. how much would a Basenji puppy cost?
  101. How expensive is an average pomeranian in england?
  102. Do you know about a mini schnauzer book?
  103. Is my Jack Russell Terrier too old to breed?
  104. How bad would it be if your German Shepherd dog ate almost 12 chocolate chip cookies?
  105. We currently have a 6 month male Pomeranian. We want to get a Samoyed
  106. Does my whippet mix need a sweater?
  107. My Weimaraner is very small, why is this?
  108. I am getting a Vizsla puppy to train as a service dog. I was thinking of the name
  109. Does anyone else have an Airedale Terrier dog?
  110. How can I treat my Golden Retriever's hot spot on her leg?
  111. how do I remove the bloodhound.boot virus off of my computer?
  112. What is a good dog halloween costume for a female american bulldog?
  113. What would a Bull Mastiff and Brittany Spaniel puppy look like?
  114. Would you rather get a CAVARLIER.K.C.S or WHIPPET or even a LURCHER and WHY ?
  115. So how stubborn or Portuguese Water Dogs exactly?
  116. How do you really, really know when a dog need to be put to sleep? It's an...
  117. How much would a hernia surgery cost for a chihuahua puppy?
  118. how do I introduce my new boston terrier puppy to my larger dog?
  119. Shih-Tzu or Lhasa Apso?
  120. What is the Psychobilly Scene Like in Newfoundland, Canada?
  121. just got a pet Old English Sheepdog what can he really not eat?
  122. getting a miniature american eskimo dog? is it right for us and need good breeders?
  123. how old does my shar pei have to be before breeding her?
  124. What percent of a money that boxer makes goes to his promoter and trainer?
  125. What is the average cost of food per month for a Great Dane puppy?
  126. Does anyone know if Prism Premium dog/puppy food is a good choice for a Boston
  127. Why does my pug pace back and forth?
  128. what is the best way to train a chow shepherd mix?
  129. Does anyone know of any reputable Irish Wolfhound Breeders?
  130. should a get a daschund or a welsh corgi?
  131. what breed is better a chihuahua or king charles spaniel?
  132. Do you think Cujo is a nice name for my new Saint Bernard puppy?
  133. My labrador retriever has been diagnosed with atopy?
  134. Doberman Pinschers: Why dock & crop the tail and ears?
  135. What games can I play in an field with our English Pointer?
  136. Are shih tzu dogs good with children?
  137. where to find a cheap shar pei puppy?
  138. How much should a 6 year old cairn terrier weigh?
  139. Miniature poodle question?
  140. Why does my two month old toy poodle act like a cat?
  141. My toy fox terrier is black /tan w/white on his feet.All other pix i've seen are
  142. has anyone heard of sergeants gold shar-pei shampoo i need to know where i can...
  143. How big do you think my American Bulldog/Pit bull will get?
  144. How much did you pay for your Havanese or Maltese puppy?
  145. How much milk should a saint bernard eat at 3 weeks of age?
  146. Does anyone have any tips for riding the greyhound?
  147. What is the difference in temperment between Whippets and Italian Greyhounds?
  148. Which is a better family dog? A toy american eskimo or a japanese chin?
  149. A Female Great Dane can give Birth to how many Puppies once ?
  150. Can anyone tell me where i can find english springer spaniel puppies in Texas
  151. My rottweiler will just stop when we are going on walks?
  152. &*^%Cute Contest&%&* french Bulldog puppies or english bulldog puppies?
  153. Should I get a Lhasa apso or a lhasa maltese mix?
  154. What kind of toys does a Keeshond like to play with?
  155. Is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi a good dog for hiking?
  156. I have a Boston Terrier and a Maine Coon cat, can I get a Alaskan Malamute?
  157. I have a neutered male whippet?
  158. miniature poodle puppy name?
  159. West Highland White Terrier x Maltese?
  160. My year-old flat-coated retriever gets along well with both cats, tries to
  161. does the bichon frise need to go to the groomers a lot?
  162. Unique French Bulldog Names?
  163. Any info on bullmastiff/pitbull mixes?
  164. is by nature adult formula dog food good for my miniature toy poodle?
  165. Is it true that the english springer spaniel is very hard to housebreak and
  166. Can you help me think of a cute and appropriate name for my adorable...
  167. Havanese, Miniature Schnauzer, or mix?
  168. help, my cavalier king charles spaniel smells cheesy, whats her problem?
  169. Pekingese, haircut--> dog depressed? What to do?
  170. Can a Mastiff be okay with my two small dogs?
  171. Are Papillon dogs hypoallergenic?
  172. How do i get rid of mange on my boxer's coat?
  173. Welsh springer spaniels?
  174. Which is cuter: Yorkshire Terrier or West Highland Terrier?
  175. Why do some of the chihuahua poodle mixes permanately have their ears up or down?
  176. Is there any cheaper way to travel besides Greyhound?
  177. What percentage of Working Line German Shepherd Dogs actually work?
  178. Tell me about an English Springer Spaniel =]?
  179. I have a question about Italian Greyhounds....can u help?
  180. is a pomeranian cheaper to buy than a toy yorkshire terrier?
  181. where can i find a french pug in ontario canada?
  182. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel! Need help!?
  183. Question about yorkshire terrier x jack russel?
  184. Norwegian Elkhound keeps running away?
  185. Is a pug the right dog for me and my son?
  186. How can I keep my golden retriever from getting arthritis?
  187. Is it normal for my Bernese Mountain dog puppy to prefer the hard surface...
  188. Best name for a Welsh Corgi?
  189. Has anyone heard of a lab/cocker spaniel/setter/whippet breed?
  190. Does Anyone Know Of Any French Mastiff Breeders In Florida?
  191. What are good names for a Bichon Frise?
  192. Puppy names for a boy bichon x yorkie?
  193. Help! Is my bloodhound losing his mind?
  194. Vets please Help !!! Shar Pei problems !!?
  195. Need help introducing pug puppy to older terrier?
  196. Is there a way to get the brown eye stains off of a poodle?
  197. my italian greyhound loves barking at washing machine.?
  198. What is wrong with the greyhound discovery pass website?
  199. questions about labrador retriever?
  200. How to housetrain a puppy toy poodle?
  201. How much has the breed Dogue-de-bordeaux (french mastiff) has changed in Phenotype
  202. Labrador Retriever Breeders In Georgia?
  203. How to train my Vizslas for bird huntin?
  204. What food make my rottweiler stronger in anyway?
  205. 9 month old Bullmastiff not pooping?
  206. Can a German Shepherd Dog, Survive in Arizona Heat? (10Points)?
  207. Does anyone know if Purina Dog Chow contains ethoxyquin?
  208. why does my 3 year old rottweiler want to hurt my rottweiler pup?
  209. Is the shiba inu the first of its kind?!?
  210. are bernese mountain dogs good pets?
  211. Dalmatian can't get up..?
  212. Male bloodhound name?
  213. what does a yorkshire and wire fox terrier mix puppy look like?
  214. do french bulldogs shed?
  215. What are the characteristics of a dalmatian?
  216. How can I qet to Greensboro, NC without buyinq a fliqht ticket or spendinq
  217. I have recently got a 8 week old Cocker Spaniel English Puppy and need some advice?
  218. Doberman pinscher barking at strangers approaching?
  219. Better dog an akita or german shepherd?
  220. Help on West Highland White Terrier puppy?
  221. Any tips for a PitBull Border Collie Mix?
  222. I need a number or a website so I can purchase a dalmatian puppy in Ohio.?
  223. What would cause a Chihuahua puppy to lose hair above his eyes and what is the cure?
  224. What is bigger, a dalmatian (the big kind) or a boring whippet?
  225. I have a pekingese cocker spaniel mix..?
  226. I need a low ph dog food for my Dachshund what kind do I get?
  227. What can I do for my 12 yr old Irish wolfhound mix with a bleeding tumor on his leg?
  228. what do you think of a golden retriever puppy?
  229. Are there any free drawings of a Vizsla?
  230. How do i get my male and female papillons to mate?
  231. Do you own a bloodhound?
  232. I have a 22 mth old chocolate and white male shih tzu in MS vet checked ok.
  233. How do I teach my beagle to do agility?
  234. Belgian Malinois dogs ok in cold night time temperates?
  235. Who do I start this week in fantasy football: Hakeem Nicks or Austin Collie?
  236. good names for a bullmastiff?!?
  237. What would be the cause of a deep phelgmy cough in a golden retriever?
  238. how do i get my basset hound to lose weight?
  239. Are all Greyhound bus tickets valid for a year?
  240. What do you think about Vizsla's?
  241. Where can you find bernese mountain dog breeders in ohio?
  242. I live in sacramento, and would am wondering where i can buy a pug puppy?
  243. Cairn Terriers-pregnancy?
  244. what are the best type of shampoo for briards?
  245. Who owns a Norwegian Elkhound?
  246. Hi i have a 4month old english staffordshire bull terrier, who was born with a...
  247. Can anyone help us house train our Bloodhound puppy?
  248. Is a jack russell terrier the right dog for me?
  249. How big should a 23 week old border collie male be?
  250. Do you like Miniature Pinschers?