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  1. Why does Miley promote Brittany in her new hit song Party in the USA?
  2. Does my dog look like a Rhodesian Ridgeback?
  3. Irish Setter puppy conformation(stacking) problem?
  4. Should i get a german shepard or a rottweiler?
  5. Please give me some tips about shih tzu mix with Maltese?
  6. I have a Shih-Tzu she is 2 Years old and she was sitting on my bed when i noticed
  7. How often do you wash a border collie puppy?
  8. When is it to cold for my dog ( half dachshund(<Wiener dog) Half beagle) to
  9. My Cat And My Jack Russell Terrier?
  10. Mans best friend (film) i know max is a tibetan mastiff but why does he look a...
  11. is it uncommon for a Pomeranian to lose all of their puppies?
  12. Dalmatian puppie breeders near Austin, tx area?
  13. Why does my toy fox terrier's teeth chatter?
  14. Mini poodle or schnauzer - which pup shd I get?
  15. What color do you think is cutest for a Pug?
  16. What is a dog that would get along with a Dachshund and Chihuahua?
  17. i have a dog that looks just like a bull terrier but its ears are down what
  18. Name for Female Liver and Tan Bloodhound Puppy?
  19. how to take care cocker spaniel? american and english?
  20. Can you help me think of a cute and appropriate name for my adorable Shetland
  21. I am thinking to give my girl a cute pet dog for her birthday. Which is...
  22. Opinions on Doberman Pinschers?
  23. dogo argentino and pitbull?
  24. how do you tell if a great dane is pregnant?
  25. Are the dog breed of Welsh Corgi good dogs?
  26. Is it possible for my golden retriever to get the swine flu?
  27. does anyone know of a pomeranian rescue in tennessee or somewhere where i can...
  28. how to get from san antonio airport to greyhound?
  29. What should i feed my puppy boxer dog? and how many times a day?
  30. How much should I sell a Pomeranian that is 2 and a half years old, and neautered
  31. 3 year old Silky Terrier!?
  32. Is a french mastiff (Dogue de Bordeux) good for me?
  33. What type/brand of boxer-briefs would work best for me?
  34. I have a cairn terrier and she make messes here in the house and then she
  35. Would the perfect dog for me be a bichon Frise?
  36. Curly Coated Retrievers?
  37. Questions About A Keeshond!?
  38. What dog breed has the head (includes ears) of a dachshund but with an average body?
  39. Anyone has a Boston Terrier that farts a lot?
  40. Why is my mini schnauzer all of a sudden so tired?
  41. how to care for american bulldog/shepard mix?
  42. Do Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs bark a lot?
  43. Where can I find a Shetland Sheepdog in New York?
  44. How Long Do Pomeranian Silky Terriers Live?
  45. my dog is aggressive toward my 13 year old. He is a Schnauzer terrier and with us...
  46. Introducing a Bull Terrier to my American Bulldog?
  47. Is there a new puppycam comparable to the Shiba Inu cam from last year?
  48. Did anyone adopt a Yorkie/Bichon?
  49. i really want a Toy poddle or MIniature Poodle..help!?
  50. how much do great dane brindle colored cost?
  51. how do i tell the difference between a toy poodle and maltese?
  52. cavalier king charles spaniel markings on puppy?
  53. Norfolk Terrier help please?
  54. Im looking to adopt or buy a newborn beagle puppy.Does anyone know where or someone
  55. how do you train a german shepherd to track and are a cat or dog person?
  56. Would an American foxhound be okay outside during the winter/?
  57. How will my Great Pyrenees do with our move to Las Vegas?
  58. Name for a blehin king charles spaniel male ?
  59. What should I use to complete a sexy female boxer costume?
  60. Has anyone owned or been around a Shiba Inu?
  61. What are the most controversial statements made by a boxer that you remember?
  62. How do I get my Pug to understand that she is NOT allowed on the couches?
  63. How can i get my female beagle to stop peeing and pooping?
  64. Which would be a better fit; a Havanese or a Miniature Schnauzer?
  65. My Pomeranian puppy needs two fluxating patella operations, where in the Tampa bay...
  66. All Shetland Sheepdog owners {shelties}?
  67. Why is my Chihuahua so protective with newborns and babies?
  68. How often should I walk by beagle when he is older?
  69. Is there any Dachshund stud dogs in the south west?
  70. Should I buy a Black or Red Doberman Pinscher?
  71. How do you tell if a boxer is ducking other boxers or is avoided by them?
  72. Has anyone heard of a american cocker spaniel not having cherry eye ending up...
  73. Egyptian Name ideas for an Italian Greyhound?
  74. How much would it cost to pay a professional trainer to teach 5 Weimaraner...
  75. what is your opinion on The Bloodhound Gang?
  76. Should I get a Jack Russell Terrier?
  77. I have a 4 month old English Bulldog and I was wondering when the best...
  78. My dog (12 year old basset hound) has been on Rimadyl for 2 months now, it seems to
  79. Should I get a Saint Bernard?
  80. Best way to get from Greyhound station in Detroit to DTW airport?
  81. if i get an english bulldog i want to name him after a caesar, but will it
  82. How can I register a pure bred Great Pyrenees puppy without papers?
  83. Would a french bulldog get along well with a boston terrier?
  84. How well will a male Beagle and male GSD get along?
  85. Would an American staffy x Australian kelpie be a good dog?
  86. Do English Setter puppies get their spots later?
  87. where can I get an inexpensive Italian greyhound sweater?
  88. should i get a yorkie (yorkshire terrier) or a chihuahua? or should i get a...
  89. Do havanese and jack russell terriers get along?
  90. Anyone have an Australian Cattle Dog?
  91. Are Golden Retriever dogs to big for apartments?
  92. Doberman Pinscher ears?
  93. Has anyone heard of " dry eye" in an English Bulldog puppy?
  94. I want to breed my boston terrier once then have him neutered?
  95. hi,i have a german shepherd dog (20 weeks old) who keeps putting her lead in...
  96. Does Anyone with a Dalmatian feed this food?
  97. Will a female basset hound get along well with a shih tzu puppy?
  98. My Standard Schnauzer accidently ate a Hot Cheeto?
  99. where is the nearest greyhound bus terminal to USCIS In St Louis mo?
  100. Why is it that Chows and great Pyrenees dogs,?
  101. How do you train a independent, male Shar Pei puppy?
  102. Doberman Pinschers??
  103. Can you buy a Scottish Terrier at Petsmart?
  104. Wanting A Saint Bernard?
  105. i have a rescue Yorkshire Terrier I have her for 10 month and still can't touch
  106. which is better a labrador or retriever ?
  107. When do Italian Mastiff's typically settle down? I have a 10month old male...
  108. What's the personality of your poodle/dog like? How did you choose him/her?
  109. Italian Greyhound breeders in southern Indiana?
  110. border collie questions plz anser i will really apppreciate it?
  111. Anyone have a dachshund for sale in southern Wisconsin?
  112. I bought a bullmastiff puppy, but I think it may be a boxer.?
  113. info. on shar pei dogs?
  114. Dalmatian or Rhodesian Ridge Back ?
  115. dominence issue with 18 month old neo mastiff I had 2 labs and the neo. Last
  116. how can i stop my 4 mo. old bernese mountain dog from jumping up on people....
  117. Is a Mini Schnauzer Lab cross possible?
  118. How long should I walk my seven year old golden retriever?
  119. Scottish Terrier - Peculiar Behavior?
  120. My little Pekingese dog had a confrontation with a skunk last night.?
  121. What dry food is best for a Bichon Frise and What do you feed your Bichon Frise?
  122. Why does my female labrador retriever "hump" things, as if she were the male in...
  123. How much bigger will my Portuguese water dog get?
  124. What tv shows and movies is Brittany Snow in?
  125. what would be best for me whippet or lurcher?
  126. calming down my 7yr. old pekingese.?
  127. Portuguese Water Dog Cost?
  128. How long should a chihuahua puppies eat and sleep?
  129. Need to find an american eskimo breeder in the north east nebrask are OR with in
  130. im getting a dog a border collie can u anser my question on it?
  131. What is the legal age in Newfoundland, Canada, to move out ?
  132. I have a 7 month old beagle that is hunting but she doesnt bark after things...
  133. When do I need to pick up my Greyhound Bus ticket?
  134. A couple wks ago Megan asked how she could get rid of her st bern x leonberger...
  135. Are there any good books about briards?
  136. Having a problem with my 7 year old Shiba Inu....?
  137. how much should my 11 month bullmastiff weight?
  138. How is the food at Memorial University (Newfoundland)?
  139. Bullmastiff - How long did yours live till? Hip problems or just plain lazy?
  140. name for my papillon pupppy?
  141. I have a new Havanese puppy. I have to crate him at night, and after a week he...
  142. Norwegian Elkhound Owners - Trainers - Need Advice Please!?
  143. What would you call puppies that are half shiitzu half chihuahua?
  144. Who else owns an English Springer Spaniel?
  145. Looking for instrumental or karaoke version of the song "I'm the least you
  146. Can a pomeranian and an affenpinscher be bred together?
  147. Who would win in a weight pulling competition, bull mastiff or pit bull?
  148. What is the difference between a King Charles Spaniel and a King Charles Cavalier?
  149. What is the ideal indoor room temperature for a short hair chihuahua?
  150. How much should you feed a Basset Hound puppy?
  151. My shar pei got attacked by a chow and is now very aggressive non social.?
  152. Has anyone seen a great dane crossed with a husky?
  153. Cairn terrier adoption.?
  154. poll: Do you think it is cool to have an all white Jack Russell Terrier dog?
  155. My scottish terriers have itchy bumps near their tail. What could it be?
  156. Does anybody in Ohio raise and or sell Norwich Terriers?
  157. Does anyone have a picture of a pit bull/keeshond mix?
  158. what is a standered poodle suppost to weigh at 8 months and what is a toy poodle...
  159. Is there any english springer spaniels in texas that already have puppies that are...
  160. I am forced to give away my Labrador Retriever to another owner, who knows and loves
  161. What can help diminish the smell of my Basset Hound in my home?
  162. What's ideal for a German Shepherd Dog?
  163. How in the world do I keep my 1 1/2 yr old great dane from digging holes...
  164. What do you think is the best way to make puppy chow?
  165. My 17 week old American Bulldog will not go outside to walk when it is...
  166. How many times do i have to walk my Akita Inu?
  167. Weimaraner vs Rhodesian Ridge Back?
  168. Aggressive Weimaraner puppy?
  169. Question about Italian Greyhound being sick? (Possibly)?
  170. my 1 year old bichon frise keeps chewing off her muzzle?
  171. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Prey drive?
  172. We have had our boxer puppy a little over a week and I thought night time
  173. Im looking to adopt an italian greyhound in the new england[RI or CT] area!?
  174. Best dog for Portuguese Water Dog?
  175. Weimaraner dogs, your opinions on...?
  176. Are Jack Russell Terriers good family dogs?
  177. How much did you pay for your Curly Coated Retriever?
  178. what are good names for a male shiba inu?
  179. Can you purchase/be prescribed Kava In Newfoundland/Canada?
  180. My border collie now digs holes instead of the usual which is tearing
  181. where can you buy good make-up brushes in newfoundland?
  182. Australian Shepherd puppy.. are they good dogs?
  183. what dog might be better to have a jack russel terrier or a beagle?
  184. french bulldogs? whats good about them and whats bad about them? and
  185. Dog Breed Confusion! What is my dog? German Shepherd/Lab? German Shepherd/Pit Bull?
  186. how old does the average whippet live for?
  187. Names for a Labrador Retriever(its a girl)?
  188. Are the black spots on a white french bulldog ok ?
  189. How to Keep 6month English Bulldog from peeing in crate.?
  190. Question about dog tear stains? I have a white havachon (bichon/havanese)...
  191. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel has a droopy lip?
  192. I have a Shiba Inu and I what would be the Ideal crate?
  193. can a male pitt bull mate with a female shih tzu?
  194. Why does my American Bulldog stare and whine at me whenever he is ignored?
  195. Are the any other working pedigree Irish red setters out there who don't like...
  196. shar pei owners, help?
  197. how can i get my 6 month old American pit bull terrier to bark at strangers?
  198. does anyone know about the dog breed havanese?
  199. question on my pekingese puppy?
  200. Your Opinion what is the best Family dog (Besides a Labrador or a Golden retriever)?
  201. i try very hard to train my chow chow but he still fails to learn. What...
  202. Does anyone know any reputable akc yorkshire terrier breeder near huntsville al?
  203. Anyone know of a good Italian Greyhound breeder in Pennsylvania?
  204. I have a 1yr old pug and everything we have tried to feed him just goes right thru...
  205. Are briards good with other dogs?
  206. Minature Poodle, Bichon Frise, Papillon, or Shih Tzu?
  207. Who should i start as my week 7 WR on fantasy football? Austin Collie or
  208. Dog poll: Pembroke Welsh Corgi or Basset Hound?
  209. Why is my 10 month old Shih Tzu eating her own poo?
  210. Why is my Basset Hound shivering?
  211. What is the difference between a labrador and a golden retriever?
  212. Which dog sheds more, a GSD, a Aussie, or a Border Collie?
  213. what should i name my female samoyed puppy?
  214. I have a medium white American Eskimo dog. She is Pregnant and I would...
  215. Name for a miniature poodle?
  216. Any idea what to name a black shiba inu puppy?? Please answer quickly!!!!?
  217. i have two spots left for fantasy team with 3 colts:garcon collie &...
  218. what should my sister name her new pug puppy?
  219. How much does a Basset Hound cost?
  220. Any Cavarlier King Charles Spaniel Breeders in YORK or LEEDS?
  221. I want to buy a new dog: either a great dane, lab, boxer or...
  222. What size portions should I feed my overweight Dachshund?
  223. 7 week old American bulldog ate my daughters crayon. I think even the wrapper!?
  224. How much and how often should I feed our * week old Boston Terrier?
  225. i have a lhasa apso a year old. when his lying down he pee on himself.?
  226. What are compatible tankmates for a Dalmatian Molly?
  227. Names for the 12 saint bernard newborn puppies?
  228. Why does my one year old female fox terrier get jealous of my male Airedale ?
  229. How much did you pay for your Curly Coated Retriever?
  230. i am looking for a teacup queen elizabeth pocket beagle in lemon and white?
  231. What breeds of dogs are good with a Beagle?
  232. Shar Pei for my 11 year old son?
  233. Bichon or Yorkie?????????
  234. How can I train my Border collie puppy to not attack/kill our chickens when she is
  235. Australian cattle dogs?
  236. Is the coat of a jack russell terrier the same as a boston terrier or chihuahua ?
  237. west highland terrier vs scottish terrier vs miniature schnauzer?
  238. can i breed my miniature pinscher?
  239. my 7 month old schnauzer is pregnant what do i do?
  240. What is the appropriate age to stud a pomeranian?
  241. How much does a beagle puppy generally cost...?
  242. Poodle help, how do I know if my 8 week old poodle is a toy or miniature ?
  243. Aggressive English Cocker Spaniel?
  244. Miniature Fox Terrier VS Toy Fox Terrier?
  245. What do I do with my Jack Russell/rat terrier that was unsuccessfully treated
  246. Owning a weimaraner and a cat - bad idea?
  247. hi need a name for a havanese kennel? thanks?
  248. which akita is a better fighter (akita inu or american akita)?
  249. What is the best puppy food for a 7 month old bichon frise?
  250. What age are female irish staffordshire bull terriers fully grown?