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  1. i have a american bulldog female when is the right time to breed her?
  2. My Cairn Terrier is losing fur around his tail area. Is there anything over the
  3. Do any Basenji owners out there have any funny stories (or horror stories) they'd
  4. Are there two sizes of papillon dogs?
  5. How likely is it that a 3 1/2 yr old Bullmastiff has cancer internally
  6. English bulldog and shar pei mix.?
  7. What do you think about our new Shiba Inu puppy?
  8. how do i get an toy poodle use to a play pen?
  9. It's not the walk that's the problem, it's getting away from home. (French Bulldog)?
  10. What is the name of the white boxer from Ohio, that was defeated by Pretty...
  11. What are some good names for a Siberian husky?
  12. I have a 14 month old Newfoundland, he jumps on people and can not walk him on
  13. is it possible to house train a very old beagle when i have work during the day?
  14. Great Pyrenees Help?? It will be greatly appreciated.?
  15. I am looking for a cheap English Bulldog?
  16. My shih tzu is chewing himself like crazy?
  17. papillon coat worth it or not?
  18. papillon names ................................?
  19. I have a 1yr old spayed female Lhasa Apso & would like to get her a friend.
  20. would this carrier be too small for a Bichon Frise?
  21. Is Memorial University of Newfoundland good for a BSc Computer Science Degree?
  22. Does anyone know where I could get a Bichon Frise puppy for $300.00 or less?
  23. Would it hurt my labrador retriever to use a curry comb on him?
  24. if you had a lhasa apso?
  25. Why is our healthy, young Labrador retriever is suddenly afraid to climb stairs?
  26. Weight stages of an American Eskimo?
  27. Akita inu breed?????????
  28. What is a good myspace display name for Brittany?
  29. I am looking to buy a puppy (puggle, silky terrier, or some small dog). I live
  30. What is the width and length of a greyhound bus?
  31. Are two mastiff puppies from the same litter OKAY to have?
  32. How do you stop a Pekingese from screaming?
  33. Is there a way to stop a chihuahua from being aggressive toward strangers?
  34. Dog Food for new Basenji Puppy?
  35. Mange on a miniature pinscher?
  36. Which is a better dog between a Maltese & a Shih Tzu?
  37. Best discipline for a Great Pyrenees?
  38. What age should I neuter my male basset hound?
  39. Is my Great Dane Puppy a good Weight? Can anyone give me an estimate of how
  40. Is a Siberian Husky a good choice for a first time dog owner? Can they be...
  41. Whats a website where I can adopt a Rottweiler in New South Wales?
  42. Where can I buy a Saint Bernard in the Georgia-Tennessee-North Carolina area?
  43. What is the best way to raise a samoyed?
  44. What are some good unique names for a siberian husky?
  45. Can I litter-train a 4-year-old papillon?
  46. How big is your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?
  47. Can you breed a bullmastiff and a bassett hound?
  48. How can i get my boxers to get a long with my 11 week old poodle?
  49. average price for a "Australian shepherd dog" puppy?
  50. what is wrong with my english cocker spaniel?
  51. Dog Section: Brittanys or Australian Shepherds?
  52. my dog becomes very agressive when he is eating his chow.when he approaches his bowl?
  53. What are some cute names for a black pomeranian?
  54. Can anyone help my Yorkshire Terrier ?
  55. Staffordshire Bull Terriers?
  56. Am I Ready for a Pembroke Welsh Corgi?
  57. How much should I sell my white pomeranian for?
  58. where can i find a good labrador retriever breeder in malaysia?
  59. Italian greyhound question?
  60. When can i cut my toy poodle's nails?
  61. Do Vizsla's prefer to be the only dog or have another dog in the house?
  62. 5 year old Lhasa Apso started snapping at people.?
  63. can i have a cardigan welsh corgi's tail docked to look like a pembroke?
  64. Egyptian Name ideas for an Italian Greyhound?
  65. How can I get to greyhound station (near to airport) in Phoenix (PHX) from...
  66. How to make chow mein noodles?
  67. can a chow chow live in south carolina?
  68. dachshund and Minny doberman, How big will it get?
  69. Why does my dachshund put things under my furniture & try to dig it out?
  70. My English Springer Spaniel has stomach issues.?
  71. Will a 3 yr old Rhodesian Ridgeback male get along with a male Bullmastiff puppy?
  72. My bedlington terrier is to and has barley changes colourand he is 2 years old?
  73. How do I get my dachshund to want to be near me and not be afraid?
  74. how much food does a baby english springer spaniel have to eat?
  75. movie with talking german shepherd dog ?
  76. English Setter breeders/owners??
  77. I need to find a pumpkin carving template for a Boston terrier?
  78. Does anyone have good screen name ideas for the name brittany?
  79. Is the Basenji TOO perfect?
  80. should i go for a toy poodle or a miniature poodle?
  81. leash training a bullmastiff?
  82. Greyhound or Saluki dog?
  83. i want to thicken up my french bulldog. He's just a little on the thin side....
  84. i adopted a one year old american eskimo/border collie mix from progress
  85. What color would you call this French bulldog?
  86. A good name for field spaniel?
  87. Will the puppies of a chihuahua poodle mix mother have their ears their whole
  88. What do you think about the boxer breed?
  89. Where can I find a English Bulldog puppy for no higher than $400?
  90. How do I stop my bull mastiff from pulling on the leash?
  91. Does anyone own a Bichon Frise and Yorkie mix?
  92. What's stronger, bullmastiff or pit bull?
  93. Vizslas getting cold?
  94. Whats kind of dog should I get golden retriever or german sheperd/collie mix?
  95. Does anyone know how Brittany Petrocca died?
  96. what should i get a austrailian sherpard or a border collie?
  97. How do I reply when someone tells me my Shiba Inu looks like a fox?
  98. What to fed a 7 month old great dane?
  99. Pekingese Cherry eye?
  100. What's it like riding the greyhound bus for a long trip?
  101. What should I name my new beagle puppy?
  102. How much would u expect to pay for a Bichon Frise puppy in Aus?
  103. Labrador Retriever Excitement?
  104. My papillon is too hyper!!?
  105. I have a miniature poodle?
  106. How often does my Chihuahua's anal glands need to be expressed?
  107. Pug, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, or Puggle for family with NO young children?
  108. Can the change of food change the color of your miniature schnauzer?
  109. How do i know if my dog is a german shepherd?
  110. I have a doberman pinscher he is one year old. Every time my gf comes over he
  111. How much exercise should a pug do and can they run without getting breathing...
  112. How much points on nintendogs do you need to get A labrador retriever?
  113. What boxer was the hardest to hit with a clean shot?
  114. how do i make a homemade cast for my chow chows front leg?thank you?
  115. my miniature schnauzer has a skin problem?
  116. things i should know before getting an american bulldog?
  117. when can i breed my shar pei?
  118. Do you think my dog looks like a staffordshire bull terrier?
  119. is a french bulldog/boston terrier a good dog to have?
  120. my 1 and a half yrs old boston terrier wont stop vomiting after he eats?
  121. i have a 4 month old cavalier king charles spaniel and i am wondering if he is...
  122. Is there any large breed of dog other than poodle hybrids that sheds little to none?
  123. will a boston terrier mix have as many breathing problems as a pure bred?
  124. I need a German word that's a cool dog name for a German Shepherd?
  125. Will my yorkshire terrier puppy need a jacket in winter ?
  126. My little Pekingese dog had a confrontation with a skunk last night.?
  127. Why would my 15 month old Mini schnauzer all of a sudden start constantly licking
  128. Does anyone know a good place to get a miniature black toy poodle?
  129. Whats the best Doberman Pinscher and German Shepherd Owners guide books?
  130. Who hear is a fan of the Bloodhound Gang?
  131. What is the best food that I can feed my Bernese Mountain Dog puppy that...
  132. I have a 6 month old Tibetan terrier. Will he grow much more than he is already?
  133. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel needs training?
  134. Papillon Coat Color Question?
  135. would my big male border collie defend you if it saw you were in trouble?
  136. What was the Saluki dog originally used for?(Thousands of years ago)?
  137. How much and often should my chihuahua eat?
  138. Should I get the Pembroke Welsh Corgi? Or the Cardigan?
  139. How do you cut a Shih Tzu pom pom tail?
  140. What are Miniature Pinschers like ??!!?
  141. Advice on puppy food for 4 month old rottweiler?
  142. papillon or pomeranian?
  143. How much do american staffordshire terriers cost.?
  144. Any good toy poodle party dress patterns or ideas?
  145. Are Portuguese water dogs good at search and rescue if not what sport...
  146. How much is a beagle harrier or a normal harrier today?
  147. tell me about the vizsla puppy please. No websites!?
  148. My Silky terrier has blood when he poops?
  149. What size crate for full grown english bulldog?
  150. im going to get a jack russell terrier mix puppy how big is it?
  151. My 7 year of Rhodesian Ridgeback is not acting herself. She is periodically
  152. Why does my chihuahua sit on my bed and stare at me when I sleep?
  153. What are some American Staffordshire Terrier characteristics?
  154. Blue Roan American Cocker Spaniel?
  155. How long do bernese mountain dogs live?
  156. In the 101 Dalmatians remake, what is the location of the 2 mansions that are in the
  157. Belgian Malinois, Border Collies, Aussies: Exercise Requirements Exactly?
  158. If you bred a male Great Dane with a female Chihuahua, would the pups be so big...
  159. How much food should i give my 11 weeks old Basset Hound puppy?
  160. How much does a healthy yorkshire terrier puppy cost?
  161. trying to find pics of a saint bernard pitbull mix or saint bernard boxer mix?
  162. anyone know where i can get a basset hound for a good price?
  163. PAPILLON OWNERS i need help?
  164. My pekingese has fleas and I can't get rid of them?
  165. When will my golden retriever puppy go into her first heat?
  166. My samoyed in heat is acting grumpy?
  167. How old should a male chihuahua be to get fixed?
  168. i just bought a pomeranian....he is a indoor dod but when he's a mature adult...
  169. What shampoo should I use for my Shih Tzu?
  170. Dog Food for 12 year old Whippet.?
  171. what is a cute name for a female boston terrier?
  172. Is Purina dog chow good for a great dane puppy?
  173. What are some good names for a Staffordshire Bull Terrier?
  174. How often do you need to trim a full grown Shih Tzu or Lhasa Apso's coat to keep...
  175. Most of the population in Newfoundland lives along the coast, why is this?
  176. Is a whippet a good dog?
  177. does anyone know the best dog food to feed a pomeranian who is almost 1 year old?
  178. Can I block a user (Brittany) from answering my questions?
  179. I have a little Yorkshire Terrier, and he loves to ride in the car! Should I be
  180. Maltese Bichon or Yorkie?
  181. What food should I feed my dachshund?
  182. How can i tell if my great dane is on her period??
  183. American Staffordshire Terrier breeder in Virginia or neighboring states?
  184. What should I name my female english x french bullmastiff?
  185. How much will a full grown boxer/pug mix weight?
  186. Anybody else have a Pekingese?
  187. How old is a Shih Tzu sapposed to have teeth?
  188. My rottweiler is afraid of some barking dogs?
  189. where is the best place to get a saint bernard?
  190. How long does a toy poodle live?
  191. What is it like to own a miniature dachshund?
  192. I have a vizsla dog and need to find her a new home.?
  193. does anyone know of a breeder who breeds golden retriever/irish setter mixes...
  194. Puppy staffordshire bull terrier been rejected by it's mother, 3 and a half...
  195. Is there a way to watch live greyhound racing on my iPhone?
  196. Are all bichon frise heads round and fluffy?
  197. Pros and Cons of Bernese Mountain Dogs?
  198. Bullmastiff or Cane Corso for city life?
  199. is an Australian shepherd the right dog for me?
  200. Should i get a black lab or a welsh springer spaniel?
  201. what do you think of the american eskimo dog?
  202. thinking about getting a female english bulldog?
  203. Some questions if i get a vizsla puppy?
  204. My Cavalier king charles spaniel puppy has blue eyes ?
  205. English Bulldog Pregant with my 120 lb Blue PittBull?
  206. Where would I find a dalmatian near Stirling (Scotland)?
  207. What is the best food to feed my English mastiff puppy (5 months old)?
  208. If anyone has an English mastiff how much did it weigh at 5 months? please responde?
  209. I really want to get my dad a minature schnauzer but im so young i cant get a...
  210. Will my 7 year old Jack Russell/Fox Terrier be okay with a puppy Border Collie?
  211. Are Dachshund puppies hard to potty train?
  212. my Lhasa APSO is 5 and half years old when should i get another lhasa apso ?
  213. what gender of samoyed is best?
  214. how can I get my Great Dane to gain weight?
  215. Does a toy fox terrier make a good family pet I have 4 young children ages 9,8,6?
  216. information on west highland white terriers (westies) ?
  217. Should I buy a Dogue de bordeaux/ French mastiff or American bulldog?
  218. Can anyone tel me a name for my Miniature Schnauzer?
  219. Need a fun breed name that would be for a King Charles Spaniel/Lhasa Apso mix?
  220. What age will my cavailer king charles spaniel get a feathered tail?
  221. My male Weimaraner has really itchy, red skin (esp. ears/belly). How can...
  222. My dog has a rash on her stomach and she is part golden retriever and it could be
  223. Does anyone know a technique to stop a 1 year old American Bull Terrier from
  224. Where can I get a Beagle in Maine?
  225. Help! What do I need to know when flying with my pug?
  226. What is the average life of a Boston Terrier?
  227. Is a lhasa apso/min poodle mix right for me?
  228. whats the difference...bench,field,show spaniel or any dog?
  229. what is the difference between an old english bulldog and an olde english bulldogge?
  230. Where can I buy a puppy English Bulldog?
  231. My pug has a dry nose and looks like she is sick what could be wrong?
  232. where can I find a Dalmatian in Wisconsin?
  233. What are the differences between the Tibetan Mastiff and the Bernese Mountain dogs?
  234. I have a 10 mon beagle-mix puppy that I got at a shelter and have problems
  235. Is there ever a chance that the greyhound bus might arrive earlier than the
  236. Saint Bernard pregnant, how many puppies will she have about?
  237. Should I get a German Sepherd/ Border Collie Mix puppy?
  238. Can I travel on an airline or a greyhound bus from one State to another...
  239. How old does a shih tzu puppy have to be before you spay/neuter them?
  240. why is great pyrenees such an evil dog?
  241. Is it okay to leave a 'captivised' monkey alone with a Yorkshire Terrier?
  242. My Miniature Schnauzer is 16 months old, he hasn't been neutered yet... the last
  243. We live in Ohio, does anyone know where we can find a "Boweimer"...
  244. I have a English Cocker Spaniel he is 9 months old. I am having odor
  245. How much does a samoyed dog cost?
  246. can someone tell me about English Setters =]?
  247. how do I introduce my new boston terrier puppy to my 4 year old dog?
  248. I have a Norwegian Elkhound, 8 or 9 years of age, and a toy poodle 10 months old?
  249. which name do you like best for my male rottweiler pup?
  250. what are some other questions to ask other great dane owners? about their dogs n