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  1. How much would you pay for a blue purebred pitbull puppy?
  2. Pitbull girl names based off of video game character? Nerds needed!?
  3. How can you get a puppy from milk onto water?
  4. Any Old/Black and white pics of labrador retrievers?
  5. My Miniature Schnauzer has a big lump?
  6. rottweiler from the pound with a 4 pound chihuahua?
  7. i Have a pitbull puppy with all white fur black spots started to appear
  8. My 4 month old puppy isn't eating enough food. Help please?
  9. shih tzu has breast cancer, is in season bleeding more than usual, does it have to
  10. 15 Weeks Old Puppy Too Old?
  11. I think our Havanese is sick. Any ideas?
  12. How do i make my miniature schnauzer stop chewing on everything?
  13. Huge bump near/on my cocker spaniels ear?
  14. what's the best breed of dog to mix with an Irish Wolfhound for longevity?
  15. my chihuahua is about to give birth to her 1st litter, what should i do? No funds...
  16. What is a good male Pomeranian name?
  17. MALTESE ppl HELP ME !!?
  18. What is wrong with my pet chihuahua?
  19. do Pugs have a lot of health problems?
  20. why do some rescues ask for too much to adopt a dog?
  21. what are some good names for female blue pitbull?
  22. Miniature Schnauzer and Standard Schnauzer - Views, Which is better? Dog in general.?
  23. i have a maltese/mix she has been really sick the first thing that happened was
  24. can anyone tell me how long does it take for the yorkshire terrier coat to reach...
  25. We just got a miniature schnauzer and can't decide on a name. Which name do you
  26. Do you love English Bulldog Puppies?
  27. Is loving someone else's young, 10 week old puppy too much a bad thing?
  28. What would a west highland terrier basset hound mix look like?
  29. Homemade Dog Food Recipes?
  30. When Iím house sitting for you, would it be weird if my dog slept in your bed...
  31. Nintendogs Dachshund help!?
  32. Cocker Spaniel aggression problems. Help please!?
  33. What to do with my 7 lb yorkie? He got in the trash and ate about two ounces of...
  34. How can I keep my english bulldog's butt clean?
  35. If my pug got rapped by other dog that is mixed pug and other dog would the
  36. When did you get your first Rottweiler? ?
  37. Dog breeders in Australia, SA?
  38. Would a Norwich Terrier mixed with a Pomeranian even be able to see with all that
  39. Need help picking out dog's names?
  40. How much should a mini dachshund weigh at 16 weeks?
  41. Yorkie pup scratching his ears.?
  42. yorkie vs chihuahua help!?
  43. Does anyone know where I can adopt a golden retriever for under 200$?
  44. Chihuahua issuse. help?????????????????????????
  45. What is your favorite and least favorite dog breed and why? (Poll)?
  46. What kind of tattoo should I give my Chihuahua?
  47. Naked blonde walks into a bar with a poodle under one arm, and a two-foot salami
  48. I have a large breed dog, what can i put as ground cover in an outdoor kennel?
  49. Anal glands and pitbull?
  50. I need help with my yorkshire terrier.... PLEASE! :)?
  51. tips on toy poodle puppies?
  52. I'm getting a dog and i need to know a good SMALL breed?
  53. What should I do with my weimaraner while I'm at work?
  54. my shih tzu is HURT!!!!?
  55. I really want to do work experiance in the RSPCA but i cant because i live
  56. My yorkie is pooping black liquid?
  57. Young puppy has glue from glue trap stuck all over it's body?
  58. cheap dog bed doubling as end table?
  59. 5yr old Yorkie with Hip Dysplasia? PLEASE HELP!!!?
  60. 3 month old Boston Terrier afraid to go downstairs?
  61. What are Some Good Names For A Dachshund?
  62. do pugs look........?
  63. how can i train my 3 year old pitbull to walk on a leash?
  64. Okay my dog is in heat and its her first time so what if i breed her and
  65. German Shepherd studs in Arlington, Texas?
  66. Why does my shih-tzu obsess over licking my hubby's nose?
  67. How long does dog food stay fresh?
  68. I have a toy poodle/cockapoo mix who has been weird latley?
  69. how big do English bulldogs get?
  70. what jobs can golden retrievers do?
  71. Does my older 11 year old german shepherd know my 2 year old norfolk terrier is...
  72. Husky puppies and cats?
  73. about huskies and dog breed ...?
  74. Going to take my son to the pet store as a 'trip' is this stupid?
  75. Golden Retriever Breeders,Illinois?
  76. how big do shih tzu's get?
  77. How much exercise should an eight year old Weimaraner get?
  78. Can a golden retriever Pomeranian and cocker spaniel [both british and american
  79. Golden Retriever Puppy Home Alone?
  80. My 5 month old presa canario/rednose pitbull Is vomiting.?
  81. cheapest small sized dogs?
  82. my pug is sick help and constipated?
  83. Where to get Pomeranian puppies in New Jersey?
  84. Can I adopted a dog that was rescued from a dog fighting ring and if so where?
  85. Classic hypothyroid golden retriever?
  86. What's the best dry dog food to feed my Maltese?
  87. Why wont my 8 week old jack russell puppies bark?
  88. Should I get a maltese/poodle mix?
  89. What breed do these puppies look like?
  90. i have a cross jack russell staffy whom i got from a lady who got her from the...
  91. Kitten From RSPCA.. Help!?
  92. what dog is best? A english bulldog or english cocker spaniel? I live next to the...
  93. how come dachshunds get cancer?
  94. yorkie dog "allergy"?
  95. Is Dakota a male or female dog name ?
  96. I have a 30 hp Johnson tiller motor for my boat and it will not turn over when
  97. Puppies for sale in Ireland?
  98. im expecting american pitbull terrier puppies?
  99. Golden retriever questions?
  100. My mum's Staffordshire Bull Terrier?
  101. How do I take a Shih Tzu Puppy a Bath? ThANKs!! :D Please Read....?
  102. My 7 month old female pitbull need answers?
  103. My puppy is still not house trained at night - help/advise needed!?
  104. what's best for my Rottweiler puppy? experienced owners?
  105. What mix do you think our dog is? picture included?
  106. Why do small dogs bark so much?
  107. I have an english bulldog that is to slender and taller then normal, what...
  108. Why is my miniature schnauzer bleeding?
  109. New puppy, any tips!?
  110. when to give treats to my labrador? and when should I stop?
  111. my 8 year old west highland terrier has started drinking more and is urinating in
  112. Sweet Yorkie is scared of air?
  113. Shih Tzu stares at walls?
  114. Having small & big dogs?
  115. what do you do if your labrador retriever likes to bite your short pants and wont...
  116. Will my female pitbull calm down a little bit when I get her fixed?
  117. Why do some dachshunds have thumb nails and others don't?
  118. I just got a new female yorkie! Need help with a name!?
  119. looking for anyone selling FULL BLOODED cocker spaniels here in west virginia?
  120. dog aspirated on food?
  121. What pigment is this Labrador?
  122. I am getting a eight week old pomeranian.Can anyone tell me how to crate train?
  123. What is a lab, English bulldog, Rottweiler mix called? (Besides a Mutt)?
  124. Does anyone know someone with any dachshund beagle puppies?
  125. 8 week old Jack Russell puppies...?
  126. Should I get a Blue Pit bull Puppy or Boston Terrier?
  127. My almost eight year old dog peed in my mom's bed?
  128. Do long haired German Shepherds shed much hair?
  129. Advice for my labradors twilight years?
  130. my 8 week old maltese chihuahua puppy wont eat breakfast, What do I do?
  131. Best dog for dealing with Boar?
  132. What kind of shampoo is best for my pitbull he has very irritable skin?
  133. cutest dog breed ever puppy and adult with a link to a picture?
  134. How can I stop my Dachshund barking at other dogs?
  135. Miniature dachshund. Whats wrong?
  136. im looking for a dog that looks like a small wolf?
  137. A good wet food to give my dog?
  138. How can I get rid of these puppies?
  139. I'm living in a duplex next year and i'll be a soph in college. Would an...
  140. I have labrador bitch now she is pregent.now she is 55 days how can i
  141. bichon frise 1st hair cut?
  142. Shih Tzu and Japanese Chin?
  143. What kind of dog breed is this? Pictures Included?
  144. would a 8 weeks old golden retriever puppy kill my 6 yr old chihuahua X Pomeranian?
  145. Are prices normally cheaper at animal shelters then by buying from a
  146. I am bringing my chihuahua home sunday....?
  147. My female Jack Russell wont eat or drink, and is lethargic.?
  148. O.K sorry, i live in Chicago Illinois, and have a Chihuahua that doesn't bite?
  149. what is a cute Asian puppy name ?
  150. please help!!! my weimaraner is pregnant with a german shepherd any risk?
  151. What is the best food for a 4 month old rottweiler puppy? Blue Buffalo
  152. Puppy For Free or Sale in Lake Havasu Cty AZ?
  153. Height of miniature schnauzer?
  154. Is my chihuahua a pig ?
  155. Can mix breed dogs be registered with the kennel club?
  156. how well does a labrador do in apartment living?
  157. Can two registered related jack russells mate safetly?
  158. Staffordshire Bull Terrier Advise Please.?
  159. 18 pound jack russell?
  160. What is a good name for a FEMALE black and white maltipoo?
  161. Should i get another Pitbull?( pitbull owners only plz)?
  162. what cool tricks can I teach my Jack Russell?
  163. Do you know of a dog bed that will hold up?
  164. any suggestions on crate/kennel training a 5 yr old dog?
  165. What should i do? My dog wont eat her food?? Help!!!?
  166. My Toy Poodle is vomiting!!! help?!?
  167. What flea treatment shall I give to my 8 week old Maltese puppy?
  168. what the oldest dog you have had and what breed was it?
  169. Do Your Pets Sleep In The Bed With You?
  170. had girlfriend's Chihuahua euthanized, lied about it?
  171. How much bigger will my Doberman/Rottweiler puppy get?
  172. Yorkie Price rang? Any suggestions?
  173. Rash on Golden Retriever?
  174. I just bought i 5 week old chihuahua and really want to house break him...
  175. Help! cockapoo dog nopping at 8 months?
  176. How might I discourage an 9 week old miniature dachshund from biting?
  177. Is it wrong to not let my Boston terrier puppy play with my cousins German shepherd
  178. Why do cats have tails and not cocker spaniels?
  179. Why doesn't my labrador puppy listen to me?
  180. maltese puppy multiple liver shunts?
  181. my mix poodle looks sick?
  182. why does my female puppy hump my other puppy?
  183. my family member have puppies in my yard, no way to take care of them. where can i
  184. cocker spaniel vomiting numerous times?
  185. I have 2 poodles that are 6 month old and the boy wakes up at 3:00AM and
  186. How do I keep a labrador from chewing things?
  187. Housetraining golden retriever 16 weeks old?
  188. how to convince mom to get me a cockapoo?
  189. What breeds are my dogs? Min pin? Chihuahua? Doberman?
  190. Our chihuahua just lost a tooth; how do I know if it is a milk tooth or a...
  191. What breed of dog is this?
  192. how to deal with our aggressive english bulldog?
  193. What does my chihuahua mix 's balls itch like crazy?
  194. How can I tell for sure what kind of pitbull my dog is?
  195. where can I buy a teacup maltese in San Diego , CA?
  196. I bought a 5 week old chihuahua yesterday and hes gray, but the breeder...
  197. father of puppies?????????
  198. I am going to be a Soph in college next year living in a duplex.English...
  199. I need to know a few things about my poodle?
  200. how can i train my two year old shih tzu?
  201. New labrador from the shelter?
  202. how long does a pitbull live for?
  203. Really intrested in this new Labrador color?
  204. i will be getting a male smooth haired dachshund soon is there anything i should
  205. which breed would make the best therapy dog?
  206. My Yorkie puppy wont go potty outside during the winter?
  207. Standard Poodle Questions?
  208. Who would win in a fight a border terrier or a jack russell terrier?
  209. Haven't cleaned pugs wrinkles?
  210. What is the best way to get a dogs paw print?
  211. How much authority does the RSPCA have? Can I tell them to go away?
  212. pocket beagle pups for sale?
  213. my jack russell has a lump on her chest,should i get her checked out?
  214. I have a 10week old Yorkie.It looked like he was foaming out of his mouth.?Please...
  215. Other than an elizabethian collar, how can I keep a dog from licking at a
  216. Introducing a puppy to a feisty cat?
  217. Yorkie-Potty training outside/weewee pad?
  218. What breed is my dog?
  219. Puppy Question? two different places?
  220. )))where is the puppy((((?
  221. Is a Bichon Frise right for me?
  222. Is a prolapsed urethra common in English Bulldogs and does it need fixed...
  223. Shampoo for Standard Poodle?
  224. How to tell the age of my rescued Boston Terrier?
  225. Please Help My Chihuahua!?
  226. What hair and eye colors can Labrador Retrievers have?
  227. What would be a good name for a shih tzu?
  228. Dachshund having trouble walking on back legs.?
  229. What are the average prices for a Golden doodle puppy or Labrador-Poodle mix puppy?
  230. Is it normal for a 9 week old rottweiler puppy to not show affection?
  231. Which is the best dog for a spunky, feisty person?
  232. Hi ! I own one female samoyed and one male dachshund since many years . Please
  233. What's a good name for my chocolate cockapoo?
  234. Can you tell me everything you know about toy poodles(caring for them, potty
  235. how much are yorkshire terrier puppies?
  236. Is a golden retriever pretty much the perfect dog?
  237. black suit with blue lightbar in "hey baby" by pitbull?
  238. I need a name for my new puppy... any ideas?
  239. My Yorkie is making weird noises that sounds like he's sniffing really hard?
  240. My puppy likes to mount my toy dog, just after i pick the toy i am try the
  241. What is the usual temperament of the Dachshunds?
  242. why does every one on the internet say most turtles cost $20 my local pet...
  243. i have a 7yr old female pomeranian can i still teach her basic attack...
  244. What pet stores in Philadelphia sell bunny rabbits?
  245. Breeding yorkshire terriers?
  246. Help mother dog and puppies?
  247. Are Boston Terriers considered sissy dogs?
  248. Best way to clip a dogs nails if you have a dog that won't let you?
  249. What do you think is the best gaurd dog?
  250. Is it ok to feed a 7 week and 5 day old golden retriever male puppy pineapple