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  1. Where can I get a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?
  2. Samoyed or German Shepherd?
  3. how big will a 3 month old tricolor German Wirehaired pointer get?
  4. I am getting a Dachshund and require temporary fencing! Does anyone know any...
  5. Where is the best place to get a shih tzu in NJ?
  6. Why do my cats refuse to eat the Cat Chow products?
  7. is a 9 months old bullmastiff too old for ear correction by taping?
  8. What are your opinions on French Bulldogs?
  9. My Bernese Mountain Dog has a greenish sac next to its eye?
  10. my 2 month welsh terrier wont pee outside..?
  11. Samoyed puppy sleeping patterns?
  12. Is it okay to buy a crossbreed between a Golden Retriever and a Labrador...
  13. what would be a stud fee for a pure breed shiba inu?
  14. Can I buy two one way greyhound tickets instead of a round trip?
  15. my shih tzu gets aggressive towards other dogs when I take her for a walk?
  16. Bullmastiff or Boxer?
  17. King Charles Spaniel Ornament in a wicker basket?
  18. Italian Greyhound and broken leg...?
  19. How do I get my 170 LB Great Dane to Cambodia?
  20. French bulldog names?
  21. Do you like the name Piglet for my boston terrier puppy?
  22. Would a bichon frise be the right dog for me? PLEASE HELP?
  23. Does anyone else have a Border Collie German shepherd mix?
  24. How many Cairn Terriers are there in the World ?
  25. Can I train my two year old bloodhound to track for search and rescue?
  26. Border Collie owners and or knowers of the breed?
  27. What kind of license you have to get to become a boxer, what kind of...
  28. Is there a difference in how Cavalier King Charles Spaniel's, and English Toy
  29. what age Pomeranian dog could make puppies?
  30. Where can I find a Newfoundland puppy? I live near New York City?
  31. Names for French Bulldog puppy?
  32. What should I get my dachshund for Christmas?
  33. Tibetan Terriers Coat?
  34. I have a cairn terrier and....?
  35. Getting a staffordshire bull terrier x neutered, Good or bad idea?
  36. How can i get my Golden Retriever to not bite?
  37. what should i expect when i get my new american bulldog puppy?
  38. Who is the greatest boxer who is also a veteran?
  39. how do I talk my mom into getting beagle?
  40. What happens if a pembroke-welsh corgi impregnates a yorkie?
  41. What activities can I do with my Silky Terrier?
  42. How do I train my golden retriever puppy in doing some tricks?
  43. What dog do you like better rottweiler or german shepherd?
  44. How to Maintain Chow-chow dog's fur maintained?
  45. I have a 4 year old Havanese who is pregnant for the first time. How many
  46. Alaska needs a Bichon Frise for Christmas 2009?
  47. What would a brown golden retriever be called?
  48. Does anyone have any info on shiba inu husky mix dogs? We are thinking
  49. How many pugs and pug owners are there both in the U.S. and worldwide?
  50. Cavalier King charles spaniel....?
  51. Any Ideas For Unique Names For A Female Siberian Husky?
  52. I have a 45days old Dalmatian. She whines non-stop even after playing with her for
  53. what is the cheapest i should pay for a puppy (Yorkshire terrier) ?
  54. I just used this Hartz control One Spot today on my toy poodle! Should I wash it off?
  55. Is this Deadly for a Pembroke Welsh Corgi?
  56. my son is looking to buy a irish staffordshire bull terrier ive heard they are...
  57. Do staffordshire bull terriers/bully breeds actually make good pets? 10
  58. What do you think is a cute name for a golden retriever puppy?
  59. What was the Precambrian Era like in Newfoundland?
  60. Can anyone recommend the best Airedale Terrier Groomer in Geelong & Surrounds?
  61. What should I name my female boston terrier puppy?
  62. Where can I sell my English Mastiff?
  63. Where can I find a Samoyed puppy in Califorina?
  64. What to wear for 50's night, without wearing a poodle skirt?
  65. Lhasa Apso/Lab mixed breed?
  66. staffordshire bull terrier?
  67. can my toy poodle get pregnant without ever having a period and can she
  68. what name goes good with an golden Afghan hound?
  69. papillon names .....................................?
  70. Dog will not stop throwing up has thrown up 14 times in 2 hours (Yorkshire
  71. I'm thinking about getting a Papillon?
  72. Should I keep my golden retriever indoors during snowy winters?
  73. were in somerset can i lower the rear end of my pug 306?
  74. what breed is stronger the st.bernard,newfoundland,tibetan mastiff?
  75. if you have an adult basset hound?
  76. How should I take care of a chihuahua?
  77. How much taller will my American Bulldog get?
  78. Is there such thing as a border collie mixed with a golden retriever?
  79. How many states currently have legalized greyhound racing?
  80. Any cute names for my 6 weeks old white miniature schnauzer female puppy?
  81. How do I get my golden retriever puppy to stop jumping.?
  82. French Bulldog with itchy ears?
  83. Why has my English Springer Spaniel have missing teeth?
  84. Would a border collie pup attack my 2 cats?
  85. Questions about getting a vizsla...?
  86. Could my Italian Greyhound be pregnant?
  87. My Italian Greyhounds always fight (biting,scratching,growling)! What are they doing?
  88. Is this normal for a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?
  89. How much should I sell my Miniature Pinscher for?
  90. Question on Cavalier King Charles Spaniels?
  91. Do you think that a 3 month old pekingese puppy's teeth r strong enough to bite
  92. I'm traveling to NYC with my French Bulldog in December. What INDOOR...
  93. Shar Pei, are they Good in all climates (good outside dog) good with other pets
  94. Any tips on dealing w/a corkswrew or tight tail on an English Bulldog?
  95. where can i find pictures of khan the boxer to post on myspace profiles?
  96. My pug ate 75% of a bottle of Parmesan cheese, and now has diarrhea. What
  97. How is the tempermant of a Bull Terrier?
  98. whats the difference between a white boxer and an American Bulldog?
  99. what is the christian meaning for Brittany?
  100. how do I stop my american bulldog puppy from bitting?
  101. Is there one main greyhound bus station in Philadelphia?
  102. my toy poodle has pus by his 4th lower tooth?
  103. do you think my mini schnauzer is cute?
  104. Who in your opinion is the most dangerous boxer?
  105. Still Need a name for my male Italian Greyhound?
  106. Anyone have a Rhodesian Ridgeback dog?
  107. What is the Psychobilly Scene Like in Newfoundland, Canada?
  108. does anyone know what dog breed is able to live with my Jack Russell Terrier?
  109. Will I have time for a bichon frise?
  110. My 13 yr. old Shar-Pei is dying from weight loss she ate something that made
  111. How much should i be feeding my 6 year old Shiba Inu?
  112. Looking for an affordable vet for dental cleaning for my yorkshire terrier in...
  113. What is the best way to house train an Italian Greyhound?
  114. Yesterday i adopted a 4 year old Canaan Dog and today she's not acting so fine...
  115. what is the official name of a border collie golden retriever mix?
  116. what health problems does a 9 year old male newfoundland face?
  117. Are there any Chow Chow owners out there?
  118. What is the BEST flea shampoo for a 5 months shih tzu puppy.?
  119. How do you get a 4 year old Lhasa Apso to stop biting you and let him...
  120. Aggressive Dog Help (German Shepherd Adult)?
  121. How do i get my beagle to stop biting?
  122. How much should Shiba Inu puppies cost?
  123. Chihuahua X Whippet wont eat dry food?
  124. Is it easy to train a pug and a jack russell?
  125. Anybody In Vancouver, B.C. area re Havanese?
  126. "Papillon" (Editors) or "11th Dimension" (Julian Casablancas)?
  127. Dog breeds similar to the bichon frise?
  128. What should i call my Stafforshire bull terrier?
  129. What can I do for my Pug cross?
  130. when clipping a poodle do you only use a skip tooth blade for an all over curly coat?
  131. How can i stop my chihuahua from yanking on my poodle's ears when they are wrestling?
  132. How many times a day do I need to take my golden retriever out to pee/poo?
  133. Miniature Pinscher Puppy?
  134. What is a good name for a miniature dachshund?
  135. Does anyoen know of border collie breeders in wyoming that we could use to breed
  136. How do i train my 7 week old chow to go to the bathroom outside?
  137. looking for an english bulldog puppy in germany?
  138. how much is an aughtographed mellon collie and the infinite sadness cd worth?
  139. When will my great dane calm down?
  140. Is this a good Dog breed (Kangal Dog)?
  141. 12 week old border collie not returning balls?
  142. Puppy Miniature Pinscher?
  143. Where did the greyhound comb originate?
  144. Will a pomeranian puppy get along with 2 siamese cats?
  145. Am planing to get an english cocker spaniel and a boxer tommorow....is it...
  146. I put a wrong passenger's name on the greyhound ticket Help?
  147. How would I teach a havanese to sit?
  148. Should I get a Westie or Norwich Terrier?
  149. Information about Great Pyrenees?
  150. What is a better dog: Maltese or Yorkshire Terrier?
  151. Where can I find a bearded collie?
  152. Good Names For A Vizsla?
  153. Will the Bloodhound Gang tour again in the future? Or are they doing any shows at...
  154. price of a samoyed puppy?
  155. how much swimming is too much for a newfoundland?
  156. What are Tibetan Terriers like?
  157. How can i get my 2 year old golden retriever to gain weight?
  158. How do I potty train my pug?
  159. Am planing to get an english cocker spaniel and a boxer tommorow....is it...
  160. Will a pug puppy and a cat get along together?
  161. Introducing my newly adopted golden retriever puppy to my other dog?
  162. What kind of dog is almost like a larger version of an affenpinscher?
  163. Are English Setters good with cats?
  164. who else has a Chihuahua X Whippet , tell me about it?
  165. Weimaraner questions?
  166. Help! I'm having trouble crate training my Australian Cattle Dog puppy!?
  167. How do Greyhound schedules work?
  168. Can you help me find a Boxer/Saint Bernard mix?
  169. how do you get your 12 year old chihuahua to like your 10 week year old schnauzer?
  170. My 5 mo old shih tzu sometimes does a jerking motion w/ her body b4 she sleeps.
  171. Which one chihauhau or pug and why?
  172. My American Pit bull Terrier has very, very bad gas... What do I do to...
  173. Is there a way to tell if my poodle is a standard or miniature?
  174. I need a scene name for Brittany Rae?
  175. Good names for male american cocker spaniel?
  176. how much does a bloodhound husky mix cost?
  177. Is it possile for an English mastiff to be purebred if they have a white spot on...
  178. my saint bernard wont housebreak!!?
  179. How much will the shih-tzu weigh?
  180. Barking Jack Russell Terrier.?
  181. How much and how often should I feed my chihuahua?
  182. My Border Collie is a little down after vaccinations?
  183. Why Does A Toy Poodle Have A Hairless Spot?
  184. What is wrong with my great dane?
  185. how many labrador retrievers were registered to the AKC in 2009?
  186. What is some names for a cairn terrier?
  187. shiba inu doggies australia?
  188. i dont know whetther to get a bichon frise or maltese?
  189. Australian Cattle Dogs - Prefer Red or Blue?
  190. Why is my pit bull terrier eating poop?
  191. Who should I start for my 2nd WR week 8, Lee Evans vs. HOU or Austin Collie vs. SF?
  192. imformation on a bullmastiff?
  193. I have a cute Rottweiler named Molly and I love her so much?
  194. Recommend me a Papillon breeder that you know/like?
  195. Is Pistol a good name for a Bull Terrier?
  196. Our Saint Bernard is TERRIFIED of water for no reason and we worry about...
  197. Health problems chinese shar-pei breed?
  198. when will my papillon puppy start getting more furry?!?
  199. What should I name my male toy poodle?
  200. I have a 2 yr old boston terrier/beagle mix & she just started chewing at her paws?
  201. Getting a border collie, how to keep them sharp?
  202. What would cause acute swelling of the face on my Golden Retriever?
  203. Advice on staffordshire bull terriers please?
  204. My friend is getting an american eskimo dog for christmas should it be female or...
  205. My 4 pound miniature poodle ate chocolate! help!?
  206. Golden Retriever or Weimaraner?
  207. A Cavalier King Charles Spaniel or a Sheltie? Advice please !!?
  208. How do i get my Minature Dapple Dachshund puppy to eat his puppy food?
  209. How to keep my golden retriever from getting food like bread from the table?
  210. Can you crossbreed a Dachshund with a Labrador?
  211. Any information on the Brittany Spaniel?
  212. Dog Questions, German Shepherd licks and makes weird mouthing?
  213. What is the Bite Force of Saint Bernard ? Please help me no one answer this
  214. are italian greyhounds really that costly?
  215. Who is the best quality English Bull Terrier Breeder in the United States?
  216. Are French Bulldogs good first time pets?
  217. i have a american bulldog female. how do i know when to breed her?
  218. My toy poodle has severe itching, scaly flaky skin that smells horrible,
  219. My 3yr old pomeranian threw up balls of hair. What should I do?
  220. chow to get into construction or landscaping?
  221. Jack russell terrier Owners/Vets please answer?
  222. My 2 year old lhasa Apso is scared of other dogs?
  223. Should I start Austin Collie or Mark Clayton?
  224. Who would win, Rottweiler vs what other dog?
  225. What are French Bulldogs REALLY like?
  226. What should I name my English Bulldog?
  227. Name + proporions of ALL Ingredients of a Newfoundland (Canada) drink with Gin &
  228. Saint Bernard puppy is terrified of water... need help with ideas on how to...
  229. Picture of bull mastiff with cropped ears?
  230. How does a teacup chihuahua mixed with a american bully look like?
  231. In American Eskimo dogs, how many puppies are usually in a litter?
  232. Does anyone know where I can get an English Bulldog for somewhat cheap?
  233. What is a good price for a Doberman Pinscher Dog?
  234. I have a lhasa apso approx 14 pounds. She just had her 2nd heat cycle and...
  235. do Great Pyrenees prefer to live outdoors or in?
  236. introducing 7wk french mastiff 2 a 2 yr staffy x bull arab need help?
  237. Do staffordshire bull terriers make good pets? Are they good with cats?
  238. How do you kill a Rottweiler with your bare hands?
  239. How to get my Great Pyrenees in the tub?
  240. My Jack Russell Terrier has been diagnosed with borderline thyroid deficiency.
  241. Does anyone have good experience with Chow chow dog?
  242. I have 4 dogs inside, they all get along great, but recently my female...
  243. What is the best food for and how many times should I feed a 12 week (3 months)
  244. Great Dane needs to gain weight and muscle.?
  245. has anyone had problems training a lhasa apso - do they bite - the literature...
  246. would should i expect when my bullmastiff gets neutered?
  247. Where can i buy a bichon frise at oahu, hawaii?
  248. how do i put my English mastiff up for stud?
  249. How often can i bath my toy poodle?
  250. could Toto have been a black toy poodle from the description in the book?