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  1. How do I get my 1 year old Scottish Terrier from biting?
  2. My American Bulldog puppy has longer hair than most AB. Its not long but its
  3. How much to feed Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?
  4. Do jack russell terriers have fur or hair?
  5. Potty training a hyper, playful, male, american cocker spaniel FAST!!!?
  6. How to make Carmel chocolate puppy chow?
  7. What are Italian Greyhounds like?
  8. A friend of mine has a Yorkie in heat. A stray beagle keeps hanging around when the
  9. About how much would a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel cost?
  10. How can I keep my basset hound from smelling like a hound so much?
  11. how much will a greyhound bus ticket cost from Oklahoma to Iowa?
  12. Is an Italian Greyhound a good apartment dog?
  13. Is it easy to adopt a 8 month old female dalmatian?
  14. My Toy Poodle keeps running away?
  15. any one know where i could get a FREE english bulldog puppy for Christmas. It's
  16. What's good French Bulldog name?
  17. My french mastiff has always had a problem with throwing up and loose stool.?
  18. Where would portuguese water dog's be in the dog intelligence list?
  19. where in illinois could i breed my mini poodle?
  20. Husky dog and Shiba Inu?
  21. Dalmatian puppy issues?
  22. How many ants would it take to fill a Greyhound bus?
  23. how much sleep does a border collie need?
  24. If you are a professional boxer and want to become amateur and join the
  25. Would it be wrong to give my Shih Tzu steroids to make him ridiculously muscular?
  26. my brittany spaniel is 63 days past breeding. i know i dont know when she
  27. How to you keep your miniature poodle looking the same after groomer?
  28. What are some good names for a female, black labrador-retriever?
  29. is this normal for a Toy Poodle ?
  30. What is the dog commercial with the Keeshond?
  31. Does anyone know where I can get a quality Sheltie (shetland sheepdog) jigsaw puzzle?
  32. Miniature Doberman Pinscher Help!?
  33. Seven Year Old West Highland White Terrier?
  34. Rescue German Shepherd dog snapped at friend's hand - why did he do it and...
  35. Who is better brittany spears or beyonce?
  36. Are Staffordshire bull terriers banned in California.?
  37. Are Papillons good dogs for kids ages 8-13 in an Apartment?
  38. should i get a cairn terrier?
  39. What should we name our shih tzu puppy?
  40. is there australian shepherd/poodle dog cross breeder in uk?
  41. what do they do to great dane ears to make them stand like that?
  42. Will a Chihuahua and a Pekingese, both in tact, get along?
  43. i have three dogs 2 are rat terrier deere Chihuahuas and the other is half lab and
  44. Good name for a German Shepherd dog (alsatian).?
  45. Where can I get a bichon frise for a small amount of money in Las Vegas?
  46. what is the differentsz between a pit bull and an american pit bull terrier?
  47. what kind of food should i feed my jack russell terrier and why?
  48. Why did my new pitbull attack my beagle?
  49. What size will my Portuguese Water dog be?
  50. Where can I get a Lhasa Apso puppy in toronto(or at least near toronto)?
  51. Our 8-mth old boxer goes loopy when visitors come to the house - any ideas
  52. When is a German shepherd dog considered mature?
  53. German Shepherd Dog: Is the REAL GSD a sheep herder, or a Police/Protection dog?
  54. How big Will my Bullmastiff and german sheperd mix will get he is 8 weeks old...
  55. Size clothes for my new miniature schnauzer?
  56. What are some dalmatian facts with a word that starts with o, u, v, x, and z?
  57. my nan gives my two king charles spaniel puppys 3peices of chicken wings a day is...
  58. Where would the best place to get a shih-tzu puppie in maryland?
  59. Havanese Dogs who loves them?
  60. I often look after my mothers 7 year old Irish red setter, hes always been...
  61. What are some good English Bulldog cross breeds?
  62. I need a GSD!(German Shepherd Dog.)?
  63. my english bulldog who just turne 1 has 11boobs is this normal nd will itcause...
  64. Which is best for first time dog owner? Doberman Pincher or Scottish Terrier?
  65. little lumps on my staffordshire bull terrier?
  66. Lhasa Apso tail hair growing back?
  67. How long will it take for my Border Collie's fur to grow back? :[?
  68. If my Boston Terrier is crazy when the doorbell ring?
  69. My 11 month old miniature Dachshund has a barking problem what should i do?
  70. Thinking about getting an American Eskimo Dog?
  71. What kind of pug mixes are there?
  72. Can a Rottweiler and German Shepperd's puppies turn out being white?
  73. Irish Setters and Irish Red and White Setters?
  74. how to cure my cairn terrier from itching and pulling her hair out she has hot spots?
  75. My Australian Kelpie cross, has been vomiting once a day for the last 3...
  76. Staffordshire Bull Terrier?
  77. What Brittany Spears' song sounds like "Opps... I did it again"?
  78. Would german shepherds breed with a Weimaraner?
  79. Has any boxer win five titles in different weight classes ranging in 35 pounds?
  80. my shiba inu likes getting dirty?
  81. Are male Pomeranian nicer than females when it comes to children?
  82. What is a good speech starter on symbols of Newfoundland?
  83. What do I feed my 2 year old Yorkshire Terrier if she is constipated?
  84. where can i get a basset hound puppy ?
  85. I rescued an American Bulldog a few months ago. She killed a stray cat over the
  86. Can you keep a Great Pyrenees with an Antolian shepherd?
  87. Do male Dachshund puppies always squat to pee or do they eventually hike?
  88. I would like to hire bloodhounds/k-9 search and rescue to help me find my dog. I
  89. Welsh Corgis: Pembroke or Cardigan - which do you like, and what other breeds
  90. How much does the average Pug dog cost per week?
  92. How much does a bichon frise usually cost?
  93. My Lhasa Apso is crazy over certain foods?
  94. What is the best food to give Shih Tzu's?
  95. whats the ideal weight of an 8 week old staffordshire bull terrier?
  96. Your opinion of a painting of my Keeshond?
  97. Bullmastiff wont feed her puppies and keeps attacking them?
  98. Shih Tzu or Norwich Terrier( or mabe another Terrier??) :)?
  99. How do you train a pembroke welsh corgi?
  100. how to I get infinite money on Nintendogs Dalmatians&Friends?
  101. help with staffordshire bull terrier cross?
  102. Ny cousin's Chihuahua had 7 puppies, mated with a Yorkshire Terrier?
  103. Flat-coated retriever?
  104. What are some fun things to do on Saturday in Newfoundland?
  105. Whats the cheapest a Chug (part Chihuahua and Pug) puppy will go for?
  106. I was looking into getting an irish staffordshire bull terrier but I can't think...
  107. How can I get my Miniature Pinscher and Pitbulls to get along?
  108. Does anyone know of a betting calculator online that calculates greyhound forecast
  109. I am thinking about getting a Newfoundland as a pet? Any advice or pointers?
  110. I have a black schnauzer and his toe nails have been falling off ?
  111. how do i fine a good breeder in Maryland? "french bulldog"?
  112. Best diet for a Dalmatian(sorry it's kinda long)?
  113. My 7 and half month old Tibetan terrier's flops back-i.e. the cartilage is...
  114. why does my boston terrier pup have a wonkey eye?
  115. cavalier king charles spaniel?
  116. How to make a Thing 1 wig for a dog (10lb shih-tzu)?
  117. I think my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel ate one of my goldfish...?
  118. I have a female American Bulldog 10 months old - she is due her first season?
  119. Can a Labrador Retriever fight off a coyote?
  120. where can I get a great dane puppy for cheap?
  121. What should I name my English Setter puppy?
  122. My bull terrier has the shakes Not sure what to do?
  123. Tips or info on Papillon dogs?
  124. just how active are scottish terriers?
  125. My 8 week old Bichon Frise puppy has fleas she has sensitive skin what should i use?
  126. My Shih-Tzu has been having alot of eye discharge and I wonder what I should do?
  127. What is wrong with my australian cattle dog/border collie?
  128. Need sugestion about a Lhasa Apso/ Maltese behavior problem.?
  129. Does anyone out there own a Siberian Husky?
  130. My 7 and half month old Tibetan terrier's flops back-i.e. the cartilage is not...
  131. what is the difference between a labrador retriever and a wolf?
  132. Siberian Husky or Shiba Inu?
  133. i have a Boston terrier mix who is obsessed with having the top of his back
  134. Help! My dogs hair is out of control (Great Pyrenees)!?
  135. I have a miniature dachshund who is very active and playful during the day?
  136. Is there any difference in black and fawn pug's (dogs)?
  137. My 2yrs old adopted poodle does not eat, not even treats. What can I do to...
  138. my 1yr old great dane female has a bowed back like a screeching cat .Whats wrong?
  139. where can i read papillon - hana to chou chapter 21 online?
  140. how much should a 4 month old great dane puppy weigh?
  141. We will be getting a Samoyed puppy in February. Does anyone know of a
  142. What is a good name for a female yellow labrador retriever?
  143. my pekingese paw nail is hanging off what can i do to help her?
  144. Are Pekingese hypoallergenic?
  145. Any way to get my pomeranian used to being on leash?
  146. Scottish Terrier poops under the bed?
  147. miniature doberman pinscher help!?
  148. My american staffordshire terrier keeps throwing up?
  149. What's a good name for my new male dogue de bordeaux (french mastiff) puppy?
  150. What are some good miniature schnauzer breeders in California?
  151. What is the best sleeping arrangement for a new 11 week old cross breed...
  152. When should a Pomeranian puppy be potty trained and how?
  153. Is it okay to let my 10 year old American Eskimo sleep outside during the winter?
  154. Does anyone have a great Pyrenees?
  155. What does your pug insurance cost per month?
  156. Dog house for Spanish Mastiff! please help!?
  157. Is my english mastiff on the big side or small side?
  158. What does a dotson and pekingese mixed dog look like?
  159. Does anyone know where I can get a quality Sheltie (shetland sheepdog) jigsaw puzzle?
  160. Would a greyhound bus ride from Indiana to South Padre be all that terrible?
  161. Are Samoyed dogs hyperallergenic?
  162. Should I get a Standard Schnauzer?
  163. My Australian Terrier is a very picky eater & has a sensitive digestive system -
  164. Can we bathe our mini schnauzer every other day?
  165. why dose my boston terrier have blood in his stool?
  166. why are beagle hunting dogs so dumb? and have so many defects?
  167. How much exercise is too much exercise for a doberman pinscher?
  168. siberian husky??????
  169. How long did it take you to house train your Basset Hound puppy?
  170. 13 1/2 year-old Lhasa Apso -- possible stroke?
  171. How do i train my yorkshire terrier ?
  172. Dog Expert Please? Can I get a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?
  173. Cane Corso vs Dogo Argentino vs Alpha Blue Bulldog?
  174. What is the difference between an American Pit bull Terrier and an American Bulldog?
  175. why does my pug have so much dandruff?
  176. Are all modern Pekingese descended from the 5 taken by the British?
  177. I have a 3 year old Bernese Mountain dog that has become aggressive and
  178. My dog (a jack russel/beagle) he has been shedding his hair for a bit now. How do I
  179. What breeds do you like mixed with a poodle?
  180. Beer Goggles Poll:Beauty or Bloodhound?
  181. how to train a papillon to potty train and to stop bite and bark plus stop hump?
  182. my pug 406 is not heating up inside?
  183. Should I get a male or female French Bulldog?
  184. My two-year old shih tzu still pees all over the house, what should I do?
  185. I need help with a sick dalmatian molly fish.?
  186. Weimaraner puppies-with blue eyes?
  187. Calling Dalmatian owners! Do you have cats?
  188. What's wrong with my Brittany's ears?
  189. Buying keeshond breed puppy in malaysia.?
  190. My beagle can,t stay still or sleep and has been panting for three hours. Can
  191. why isnt my pitbull getting along with my friends pomeranian?
  192. Which dog is better; an akita or a siberian husky?
  193. My 1 year old bichon frise crys and barks all night.Do you know why?
  194. Which dog is better for an apartment lifestyle? Pomeranian or golden retriever?
  195. How do you get a Pekingese show coat?
  196. How much should my 8 week old rottweiler wiegh?
  197. Is it possible to have a great dane chihuahua mix?
  198. do french bulldogs have alot of health problems?
  199. Is any one here a responsable Irish Wolfhound breeder, or know of one in the USA?
  200. I need to find a Papillon/Chihuahua breeder around Charlotte/Gastonia NC?
  201. whats wrong with my italian greyhound?
  202. Why is my English bulldog is farting more then usual?
  203. where can i buy a Yorkshire terrier in London for 200 or less?
  204. Search Results for "What dry food to feed my staffordshire bull terrier? He
  205. In your opinion, whats a better guard dog Doberman or German Shepherd ?
  206. Strange eating habits in Italian Greyhound?
  207. Any Bichon Frise breeders in pa?
  208. How can i make my boxer dog stop shedding?
  209. Has anyone ever traveled from Houston, Texas to New York City on a Greyhound bus?
  210. Can i bring my border collie on a plane with me?
  211. How big will a 9 lbs shih tzu be?
  212. What else can I do for my Italian Greyhound?
  213. Question about male Beagle dog after being neutered?
  214. How much should a 3 month old rough collie weigh?
  215. What Does My Dalmatian Dream Mean?
  216. What's a good Schuman Papillon?
  217. Can a dog have black color patches on the tongue if it is not mixed somewhere in...
  218. what should i name my soon to be american bulldog puppy?
  219. how do i get over a lhasa apso that i loved for much!?
  220. Anyone have ferrets and a Cavalier king charles spaniel?
  221. how are Bernese Mountain dogs?
  222. What are English Setters like?
  223. where can i find a free mastiff puppy?
  224. Is there a such thing as an American Eskimo / Keeshond mix?
  225. my 4 month old daschund/maltese/pekingese/pug puppy will not stop having
  226. how much should i feed my american bulldog puppy?
  227. How long do labrador retrievers usually live?
  228. I own a 2 year old Chihuahua and i just brought a new Chihuahua into my...
  229. I need a middle name for my English Bulldog puppy?
  230. I need help!!! I am trying to find a place to buy a welsh corgi IN tEXAS! HELP!?
  231. I have a toy poodle and a cat and they never get along what do i do?
  232. Siberian Husky CROSS Samoyed.........................as much INFO as possible please?
  233. What is the best type of training for a Newfoundland?
  234. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Suggestions and Tips answer quick!?
  235. When I pet my chihuahua I am feeling bumps on each side after passing the rib...
  236. do dogs cry? i have a jack russell terrier?
  237. What are the deluxe cabins like on Brittany ferries/?
  238. Whats the best companion for a male bichon frise?
  239. Where can I get a border collie mini shnauzer mix in northern Ca?
  240. Can i keep an Irish Setter together with an Pitbull?
  241. How much should my 9 month old 60-65 lb rottweiler puppy be eating?
  242. How can I tell when my welsh corgi will have her puppies?
  243. is my dog a german shepherd?
  244. Yorkshire terrier and coming into season?
  245. How long can you leave a papillon at home alone?
  246. Is a rough collie puppy bought better with a brother/sister or alone?
  247. i have a toy poodle who has one pup about 2 wks old, mum has stopped
  248. How can I get my shiba Inu to stay still long enough so I can brush him?
  249. King Charles Cavalier Spaniel Good Dogs?
  250. Are the pitbull and english bulldog in the same family?