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  1. i think he is crossed with a basenji?
  2. I have a 8 month old staffordshire bull terrier how much should he be eating?
  3. What time does the show fringe come on tv in Newfoundland, Canada?
  4. What do I do about my 3mo pomeranian?
  5. English Springer Spaniel breeders in Michigan?
  6. What is the best way to house train a yorkshire terrier?
  7. What kind of food should a Rottweiler Eat?
  8. Are there any Tibetan spaniel breeders?
  9. Why did Newfoundland take so long to join Canada?
  10. Anyone else out there own a white-faced mismark Papillon?
  11. If I own another dog, can a Beagle be left alone outside for a portion of the day?
  12. Why are my Dalmatian Mollies and my Black Mollies fighting?
  13. Lhasa Apso/ Shih-Tzu?
  14. Question about a 2 year Yorkshire Terrier?
  15. What are your opinions on Miss Newfoundland supporting the Canadian Seal Hunt?
  16. Dream about a Pekingese following me home during a walk?
  17. Why isn't my female pekingese gaining weight?
  18. Is our Lhasa Apso who cannot make tears loosing her sight?
  19. my bullmastiff thinks hes a lapdog?
  20. Shetland Sheepdog breeders in Lake Elsinore CA?
  21. is there a cross between a norfolk terrier and a yorishire?
  22. Please Help! What should I do? I rescued a Saint Bernard that was pregnant and now?
  23. Any pointers to think about or advice (when training etc) when getting a 8
  24. I want to have our beagle put down. What do I say to my 6 and 4 year old boys?
  25. Name suggestions for male bernese mountain dog?
  26. How do you make a poodle fluffy?
  27. Can You Help Name My Bloodhound Puppy...multiple Choice..?
  28. why does my shiba inu always tip over his food and try to cover it with...
  29. what's the difference between a female pembroke welsh corgi and a male?
  30. does anybody own a bichon/schnauzer mix that can give me insight?
  31. I have three dogs, a Dalmatian, a Labrador and a mutt, why is it, that
  32. How should a 17 year old boxer or MMArtist take care of himself?
  33. What is the average cost of a teacup pomeranian?
  34. What do you think of this Brittany Murphy tribute music video?
  35. Should I get a brindle French Bulldog?
  36. How do u get rid of a pug in your stomach?
  37. Are bijon Frises and miniature poodles good together?
  38. What breed of dog is this? I was initially told she was a full breed...
  39. Which is the smaller dog, Bichon or Havanese ?
  40. West Highland White Terrier Breeders?
  41. Why does my Shih Tzu sometimes howl in his sleep?
  42. Staffordshire bull terrier, American Staffordshire bull terrier, or Boxer?
  43. Am Getting A Puppy poodle any tips or ideas?
  44. Is it normal for a Pug to be thin? I thought they were usually bigger?
  45. Standard Schnauzer question?
  46. Anyone else have a whippet x staffy ,has anyone ever heared of the breed.?
  47. how do i know when my female pomeranian goes into heat?
  48. female shar pei names!?
  49. american eskimo dogs, siberian husky chow chow, Dalmation ??? help?
  50. what can i do to build up my staffordshire bull terrier?
  51. 5 mo.mini schnauzer 7 lbs spayed this am has gone out to pee twice goes right...
  52. Is it possible for my 6 month old english mastiff to be in heat already?
  53. what are the chances of getting caught with shrooms on a greyhound bus?
  54. Will a Chihuahua and a Pug get along?
  55. How do I winterize a stubborn bernese mountain dog?
  56. What are the 3 main vegetation in Newfoundland?
  57. Names for a male Staffordshire bull terrier puppy?
  58. I have A Boston Terrier and behind his standing ears the hair has been
  59. Should a get a white/fawn and black American Bulldog puppy?
  60. How do I indroduce my new teacup chihuahua to my semi-dog aggressive (veryy...
  61. Dog Toy that my English Mastiff won't destroy in an hour?
  62. What is the ideal weight for an adult Basset Hound?
  63. any tips on training a dalmatian?
  64. How do I stop my beagle from killing chickens?
  65. Does anyone have experience or own Havanese Dog?
  66. Basset Hound, newely adopted from an Animal Shelter.?
  67. What Is A Good Toy Poodle Forum Site?
  68. I am looking to adopt a shih tzu, but I am finding that a lot are marked as not
  69. How to get my Welsh Corgi back inside?
  70. How many litters can a English Bulldog have in a year?
  71. how much should i feed my 11 week old male rottweiler?
  72. How big and heavy will my pomeranian/poodle mix get?
  73. r havanese hypoallergenic?
  74. What is ideal size crate for cairn terrier puppy (8 weeks)?
  75. at what age does dalmatian puppies stop spotting and how can i train them?
  76. Pointers on my english saddle?
  77. Can a Japanese chin and a Pekingese get along?
  78. How can I reinvent my chicken chow mien for a different meal?
  79. why is the shiba inu dog in hachiko movie soooo beautiful?
  80. What is the significance of new round black marks on my 2 1/2 year old Jack
  81. I think My Pug is sick any ideas of whats wrong?
  82. my Cairn Terrier.....(question)?
  83. what is the diet of the Miniature Pinscher?
  84. Maltese or Havanese??????????
  85. Belgian Shepherd Dog (Malinois) - Training advice?
  86. What collar for my Jack Russell Terrier?
  87. How do i let my rottweiler know that im its owner when it lives at my friends house?
  88. Does anyone have a Cane Corso Mastiff? If so, are they prone to any health issues?
  89. Can Italian Greyhounds be let off leash?
  90. How do I track a Greyhound shipment in Canada?
  91. my pekingese bites her tail in the winter?
  92. Do Great Pyrenees make good pets?
  93. Where can I buy a miniature collie?
  94. My Staffordshire Bull terrier is due her season but there is no signs?
  95. I have a pit/bull mastiff 8 month pup and she recently went into heat and is
  96. I wish to import a Pakistani Mastiff/Bully Kutta what are the basic procedures.?
  97. does any one have doberman pinscher new babies for sale?
  98. what is the best brand food for yorkshire terrier?
  99. My english bulldog puppy has 2 sets of bottom teeth growing at the same time.
  100. I just got a 12 week old Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the only thing that really bothers
  101. Do you have to shave an Old English Sheepdog?
  102. How much does a Sagehill border collie cost?
  103. Searching for irish wolfhound dog rescue?
  104. question for shar-pei owners?
  105. How much does a cavalier king charles spaniel cost?
  106. Can you use a newfoundland or a english mastiff for hunting?
  107. brittany...................................?
  108. Is a Border Collie A good Pet for an 11 year old girl?
  109. German Shepherd Dog.....?
  110. I am fostering a chihuahua mix, and I i think she might be part whippet.?
  111. Can my 7 month old male Jack Russell terrier mate?
  112. How often should I bathe my Shih-Tzu and Chihuahua?
  113. bullmastiff or shar pei?
  114. What is the difference between staffordshire bull terrier, the american bull dog
  115. what color is this Tibetan spaniel?
  116. How much are the mastiffs from Midwest Mastiff Rescue, inc.?
  117. Does any one know the true cuase of Brittany Murphy's death?
  118. border collie??????????????????????
  119. I don't know what dog i want jack Russell, Italian greyhound, shih tzu, golden
  120. Guinea pig and toy poodle?
  121. Whats Every thing you need to know about bichon frise puppies\dogs?
  122. Doberman Pinscher an One Man Dog?
  123. Is there any dog breed(preferably small) that works well with a labrador retriever?
  124. my toy poodle is getting really annoying?
  125. My 6 month old golden retriever always seems to get pee on her back legs and...
  126. How do i get my 9 month old german shepard/chow chow dog to stop jumping at my...
  127. does this german shepherd dog look purebred?
  128. is it bad for an adult female labrador retriever to not give birth?
  129. What are some names that you can name a beagle?
  130. How much do Jack Russell Terrier (Parson Russell Terrier) cost.?
  131. Why won't my Bernese Mountain Dog Give Birth?
  132. Vizsla/Weims Mixxed Puppies?
  133. Is this a saint bernard?
  134. How long does it take for a Chihuahua with dehydration and bloody diarrhea to get...
  135. Black German Shepherd Dog names?
  136. 10 week old English bulldog - always sleeps and breaths heavy during sleeping...
  137. They say my Jack Russell Terrier is crazy?
  138. Affenpinscher breeders in southern Indiana/Illinois or northern Kentucky?
  139. what can i do for a basset hound.?
  140. What dog breed looks like a Beagle but acts like a King Charles Spaniel?
  141. What/Where is the location of the greyhound station that you get dropped off
  142. my papillon had his shots yesterday. rabies, bordetella and Dhlpp-ev.?
  143. Any suggestions to help my Basset Hound's hip discomfort?
  144. Can a beagle mix withstand freezing weather?
  145. is this bad practice for a whippet?
  146. Which dog is better a norwich terrier, a west highland terrier or a yorkshire...
  147. how do i get a great dane to gain wieght?
  148. how did i get new female rottweiler dog? i need a website can cheaper?
  149. Say i was to breed my Rottweiler, unlikely to be a show dog, but a pet or...
  150. How can i get to blacksburg, VA from the greyhound bus station in Roanoke, VA?
  151. how many puppies can a bichon frise have?
  152. Where can i find Dachshund puppies for sale in ohio cheap ?
  153. How often should I feed a 1 year old dachshund? What is the food best for their
  154. I Need Help With My English Pointer?
  155. Samoyed Dog recommendation?
  156. My 5 month old great dane height question?
  157. half pug/half boston terrier 1 year old was kept exclusively in a
  158. what kind of dog does a lhasa apso and a pom terrier make?
  159. Are australian shepherds good dogs?
  160. What Animals Could I Hunt With A Rottweiler?
  161. what to do for a aging dalmatian?
  162. What makes the under armor boxer jock different than regular boxer briefs?
  163. I have a purebred male golden retriever that I am thinking about breeding. How do I
  164. Do Labradors and German Shepherd dogs tend to get on ok?
  165. Can A Labrador Retriever Size Dog Kennel Fit In The Back/Trunk Of A Cadillac...
  166. my papillon got his shots yesterday. rabies, bordetella, and Dhlpp-ev.?
  167. My 22 lb Boston Terrier just ate a raw 1.25 lb pork roast that had been
  168. What might be wrong with my 3 year old Labrador retriever?
  169. english springer spaniel has diarrhea...plz help?
  170. How do i make my Italian Greyhound more confident around other dogs?
  171. bullmastiff aggression?
  172. wat would i need to do to become a bloodhound breeder?
  173. What is in purina cat chow (Indoor Formula) that makes dogs sick?
  174. would Blue Buffalo chicken and brown rice be a good food for a Pembroke Welsh Corgi?
  175. How can I stop my boxer puppy attacking my yorkie?
  176. ARe llewelin setters and cavalier king charles spaniel related in any way as far as
  177. What is known about Rosa Bonheur's Brittany Sheep print?
  178. Papillon Puppy Adoptions.?
  179. Should we, the American People, push the Baby Boom generation onto an ice...
  180. Is there a law that can stop my nieghbors retard-pug from dropping dingle
  181. when should my Chesapeake bay retriever go into her 1st heat cycle?
  182. What is a good Dog Insurance to have for an English Bulldog?
  183. Are Cavalier King Charles Spaniels Good Dogs To Have?
  184. Are shetland sheepdogs considered small breeds or medium breeds?
  185. are puggles and Pug, Bichon Frise mix, similar to each other?
  186. Can you think of any female mastiff names derived from Ko?
  187. Is it too cold for a Dalmatian?
  188. Which one of these names do you thinks is good for a golden retriever dog?
  189. My Bloodhound puppy is 9 months old. Almost every time he drinks water he throws it
  190. Weimaraner - leaving out of crate?
  191. Is Innova large breed puppy food a good brand for my 8 week old Great Dane?
  192. How can i introduce my rottweiler to my cat?
  193. which is better a schnauzer or a yorkie as a pet?
  194. where can i find a shiba inu breeder in Brooklyn?
  195. My Bloodhound has a skin problem?
  196. Is a 1st Cross whippet, bedlington terrier an ideal dog for lamping?
  197. How many words can you make from the words "doberman pinscher"?
  198. Can English Cocker Spaniels point?
  199. english or french bulldog?
  200. When setting up a brooder for chicks do I put the bird chow in the bowl or the...
  201. Can my six month old siberian husky jog with me?
  202. If I sold a Nintendogs Dachshund and Friends with a Smackdown Vs. Raw 2009 how...
  203. Recipe for an auhentic chinese chow mein?
  204. How much should a bullmastiff puppy cost?
  205. Border Collie with dry hair and itchy skin?
  206. Is this food I bought appropriate for my Great Dane puppy?
  207. My german shepherd is dog aggressive! can any one help?
  208. Im looking for siberian husky as a pet?
  209. What actions are being taken to help the collapse of cod because of...
  210. What do I do when I print the tickets for the greyhound?
  211. What type of food should I feed a Geriatric Shetland Sheepdog?
  212. What does a doton and pekingese mixed dog look like?
  213. What do I do with my basset hound puppy?
  214. My recently adopted male Italian Greyhound pees on his front legs when he...
  215. can you control a Miniature Pinscher and barking?
  216. Can anyone tell me whether there is a city bus from the greyhound bus...
  217. Who is the better pickup - Austin Collie or Michael Crabtree?
  218. Jack Russell Terrier Help!!!!!?
  219. I have a couple Papillon Questions?
  220. what is the best treat for a basset hound/austrailian sheperd?
  221. We have a dachshund & she woke up with swollen lips and welts we gave her...
  222. My dog (shiba inu), only likes one dog? I don't get it!?
  223. What name do you like most, Brittany or Amy?
  224. Looking for a super cheap or free to adopt great dane in Ohio ?
  225. if you ordered a number 69 at your local would you expect chicken chow mein?
  226. I have an american eskimo puppy. She does ok right now in the arizona...
  227. should we breed our german shepherd dog?
  228. Why does my great dane like taking my shoes when I get home?
  229. Should I get a Bichon Frise puppy or Maltese puppy for my girlfriend?
  230. What to do with an itchy English Bulldog butt?
  231. I need a GSD!German Shepherd Dog.?
  232. This may sound slightly odd...Can anyone think of any lyrics for a song or rap...
  233. Looking for information on a small dog resembling a Briard?
  234. How do I get my Australian Retriever to play nice with a new dachshund puppy?
  235. How many times can you breed a chihuahua?
  236. Papillon or Chihuha Breeder in NC near charlotte/gastonia?
  237. How Much Would it Cost to Take a the Greyhound from Michigan To New York City?
  238. Does anyone know of any yorkshire terrier breeders in Melbourne,
  239. Is there any real advantage to a boxer type engine?
  240. How much could i get for a 3 year old female American Eskimo?
  241. My girl chihuahua of 3 months is getting a rash on her belly and she gets
  242. What name do u like better for our new miniature dachshund?
  243. How to make 6 week old pomeranian sleep?
  244. Are Papillons an ideal dog to have if i own cats?
  245. Does anyone have any small Yorkshire Terrier puppies for sale?? I have been looking
  246. A name for a shiba inu?
  247. help can't stop my weimaraner from wining all the time?
  248. Can you pre-make the chocolate and peanut butter mixture in puppy chow?
  249. How much should a 15 inch tall at shoulder miniature schnauzer weigh?
  250. How to help Boston Terrier gas?