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  1. Can some one give me information on Shar Pei dogs?
  2. What is the best way to potty train my jack russell terrier?
  3. Why are Italian Greyhounds wounded by harsh words?
  4. how to get a basset hound to like baths?
  5. How should I cheer my Basset Hound up?
  6. How do you make a yorkshire terrier stop biting?
  7. What kind of food is best for a Chihuahua?
  8. What happens when you forget to add the vanilla into the puppy chow mix?
  9. I was told my dog was a Mini Australian shepherd - Jack Russel Mix.?
  10. english springer spaniel mixed with what?
  11. Where can I buy a English or American Foxhound in California?
  12. are there any SAMOYED clubs near Englewood florida 34223?
  13. Beagle will not do its business on grass?
  14. Has anyone had any experience with Havanese dogs?
  15. Are Australian Shepherds good with other dogs&How do you get a dog to not be
  16. Average Komondor cord width?
  17. What Else Should I know About My Tibetan Spaniel?
  18. Is a dalmatian right for me?
  19. Would an Akita Inu make a good police dog?
  20. i have a bullmastiff and people think hes a pit?
  21. Looking for a Norwich Terrier breeder in Ontario or Michigan?
  22. Is there a bridge between Newfoundland and the Canadian mainland?
  23. should i get a lab basenji golden german shepard?
  24. Could a brussels griffon do agility?
  25. Looking into getting a Shiba Inu?
  26. What is the best doggie backpack to get for my 1 year old boxer?
  27. how much should a 40 lb border collie X eat a day?
  28. My Yorkshire Terrier limps on his back left leg is he hurt?
  29. How do i know if my male miniature poodle is in heat?
  30. Where can I find Pomeranian breeders in Oklahoma?
  31. To Canada and back along with my 8 year old Dachshund?
  32. My dog, a German Shepherd, has been whining and trying to scratch in her ear. What...
  33. How big will my pug/pitbull mix get?
  34. Looking for Welsh Corgi. Where can i find some? near seattle.?
  35. Does anyone own a Weimaraner?
  36. My 9th month shiba inu puppy likes to eat my cat's food. Is that ok let her eat?
  37. How can I stop my 10yr old toy poodle howling when any family member comes home?
  38. Why are 2 doberman pinschers considered a sinister symbol?
  39. Which is the best choice of French Bulldog breeder?
  40. What would be the average cost to get my Shih Tzu's teeth cleaned?
  41. why does my golden retriever keep biting and licking his feet?
  42. Manga Readers! Papillon!?
  43. I am worried about my Weimaraner reaching adolescence and what to expect? Will her...
  44. We just went and picked up a 8 month old Italian greyhound took to vet and...
  45. Papillon owners, does your dog get cold in snow?? What to do?
  46. How often should I bathe my American Eskimo?
  47. American Eskimo Dogs Hypoallergenic?
  48. A problem with a 5 month old Basset Hound chasing the mop.?
  49. Are Paris Hilton and Brittany Flickinger still friends, or did they really have a
  50. Do you own a Cairn terrier?
  51. Is it a lot of work to take care of a Labrador Retriever?
  52. What causes a chihuahua to have diarrhea?
  53. Where does the greyhound leave from horseshoe bay to whistler, and where do you buy
  54. Does anyone have a bloodhound around their horses?
  55. is it possible for my 4 month of shiba inu puppy to start blowing his coat?
  56. how often do american eskimo's shed?
  57. how big should an 8 month Border Collie be?
  58. Things to do with my border collie?
  59. Ok so my great pyrenees has been scared of everything since we had this...
  60. What should I call my rottweiler?
  61. How do I groom a poodle in a lamb cut style?
  62. we have dog Papillon + Griffon , 2 months old he is biting us all the time
  63. We have a female Puggle and a female Chihuahua/Papillon, Is it normal for them...
  64. Bichon Frise or Shih Tzu?
  65. Why is my Chihuahua eating hair from the carpet?
  66. How do I get from the Seattle Greyhound station to the Seattle convention center?
  67. How much does a two week trip to Chihuahua Mexico cost?
  68. Should I get a Norfolk Terrier or get a dog from the pound?
  69. My havanese female has already had 3 litters back to back...?
  70. How old is my american bulldog?
  71. Where can i get 20" extensions for a really low price in newfoundland?
  72. Who knows of a legitimate teacup shih tzu puppy seller or breeder that I can...
  73. Please help me with my bloodhound puppy!!!?
  74. Which Dog Is Better? Beagle Or Australian Cattle Dog?
  75. At What age is it best to introduce an English springer spaniel to gunfire?
  76. I Have a 1 1/2 yr old bloodhound he is not fixed at this time?
  77. How do I teach my chihuahua to use the toilet?
  78. How often can I give a shih tzu puppy fish oil?
  79. lhasa apso with short hair?
  80. I am trying to decide on a dog? Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Great Dane, or Doberman?
  81. i am looking for Samoyed owners in Cork, Ireland. I have one and am mad for her...
  82. I have a super sensitive schnauzer mini but weighs about 28pounds. Will Ivomec hurt
  83. My pug has a little red line on its eye?
  84. I have This Bull Mastiff He's really cute do you have any tips for bull mastiffs?
  85. Doggy diapers for a dalmatian?
  86. What breeds were used to make the shiba inu?
  87. In India, when does a female great Dane come into heat for mating?
  88. I have a Chihuahua puppy that was a runt and weighs under a pound?
  89. How do I stop my 13year old toy fox terrier dog from peeing inside? It
  90. Is it normal for my older shih tzu to be aggressive with my new shih tzu puppy?
  91. What would be the best food for a Belgian Malinois?
  92. English bulldog or Staffordshire bull terrier?
  93. Which Do You Like Better, Alvin and the Chipmunks or Brittany and the Chipettes?
  94. What's a unique name for a male German Shepherd dog?
  95. How do you train a Yorkshire Terrier to roll over?
  96. Why does my Beagle lick the carpet and couch, then throw up the fibers/hair?
  97. how can i get a german shorthaired pointer puppies in san diego?
  98. What size crate should i get for an 8 week Pembroke Welsh Corgi?
  99. Should I get a Staffordshire bull terrier, an English Bulldog, or a Dogo Argentino?
  100. bullmastiff as a service dog?
  101. Dog food belgian tervuren?
  102. weimaraner vs labrador retriever vs flat-coated retriever?
  103. where can I find an havanese puppy?
  104. a question about havanese dogs?
  105. my 9 month old bichon X yorkie dog is pregnant?
  106. Is black acceptable on Old English Sheepdogs?
  107. is it possible to keep a rottweiler and a doberman together?
  108. Hm..Would a doberman pincher and a chow chow get along together?
  109. where can i get samoyed puppies in toronto?
  110. What is the difference between a Doberman and a Doberman Pinscher?
  111. What is a good price to pay for a nice Toy Poodle?
  112. hi my name is donald .i need to know what to do about my puppies.i have a toy
  113. the good and the bad about the pekingese?
  114. How to teach my 2 years old miniature Schnauzer to climb up and down stairs?
  115. Does anyone know where where I can find a Shih Tzu puppy?
  116. About Dogo Argentino.?
  117. my senior toy poodle dog have problem standing on his own and walking...
  118. A question for Samoyed owners?
  119. I have a newfoundland dog. I try to keep her inside the house but she has
  120. What breed of dog would suit me? Toy Fox Terrier, manchester terrier??? what breed?
  121. Our toy fox terrier gets SO jealous if my mother's attention isn't totally
  122. What is the ideal weight for a labrador retriever?
  123. What should I do to my Golden Retriever?
  124. Which do you prefer a Maltese or a yorkshire terrier?
  125. What kind of breed of dog do you get when you breed a male Newfoundland and a...
  126. What size of dog door do I need for my female Labrador retriever?
  127. Why is my yorkshire terrier milking a brown substance?
  128. i have a new jack Russell terrier and very little money how do i house train my
  129. Why does my French Bulldog sometimes collapse with momentary paralysis?
  130. How big do dalmatian hamsters get?
  131. How to a red toy poodle hair curl?
  132. Do male saint bernards get along?
  133. how dangerous are bullmastiff dogs mixed with pitbull?
  134. lhasa apso and other pets?
  135. HELP! My miniature Pinscher drank Dr. pepper!?
  136. Could you implant a chihuahua with a labrador embryo and have the...
  137. whats the best way to housetrain a dachshund?
  138. Will my german shepard get along with my new boston terrier puppies?
  139. I have a germanshepard chow mix what is the age for her to start sleeping outside?
  140. Can you tell the different of the Lhasa apso and maltese dog?
  141. Im looking for this exact kind of great dane?
  142. I have a question i have a 7 year old dachshund that wont eat on vacation?
  143. What kind of dog is it that looks similar to a borzoi with long white fur?
  144. can a dogo argentino beat a wolf ?
  145. Does anybody have a Australian kelpie?
  146. How to I get from the New Orleans greyhound bus station to the Louis Armstrong...
  147. Name suggestions for bernese mountain dog?
  148. what do you think of lakeland terriers?
  149. What should I name my new stuffed animal which is a dachshund dog?
  150. What can I give my year old toy fox terrier for traveling on an airplane?
  151. we have had rosie a bearded collie for 6 months now,she was very aggressive...
  152. Our Jack Russell Terrier (Flo) had her left hind-leg amputated yesterday?
  153. How can I get my 2 year old bullmastiff outside?
  154. Shetland Sheepdog "Sheltie" is a bi-colored male ?
  155. Breeding a Chinese Shar-Pei?
  156. question for bullmastiff owners?
  157. I have a 13 year old pug that refuses to sleep through the night.?
  158. When do German Shorthaired Pointers usually point?
  159. What is the best and yet most affordable taxi service in cleveland Ohio from the
  160. Is it safe for a regular dachshund to breed with a mini dachshund?
  161. When to get a second mini dachshund?
  162. My jack russell terrier will not chase the red laser dot? Suggestions please?
  163. german shorthaired pointers?
  164. How much exercize should a saluki dog get?
  165. Suggestions for a Parti Toy Poodle Girl, who has a Chocolate Face & a white
  166. Male Basset Hound Names?
  167. French bulldog puppy names...help us choose?
  168. Cairn Terrier/Min Pin mix?
  169. Have a male victorian bulldog at 6 months weighing 60 lbs..18 inches high
  170. I need a good French Bulldog vet in Massachusetts, help! (pinched nares)?
  171. What would happen if a boxer were to kill his opponent during a match?
  172. Does anyone know where I can get a pomeranian puppy for a good price?
  173. Do you know of any Brussel Griffon or affenpinscher breeders in NJ OR PA?
  174. Bullmastiff pulling on the lead!?
  175. I have a pomeranian. Would getting a guinea pig be a good or bad idea?
  176. Is Purina dog chow or Beneful better for my dog?
  177. How much is my pomeranian suppose to weigh?
  178. How much to pay for a golden retriever puppy?
  179. Can you find me a profile of a UK kick boxer and his achievements?
  180. Are American Eskimo dogs good with cats?
  181. How can we get my boxer puppy to come?
  182. What's your favorite song by Bloodhound Gang?
  183. how often does a pug need to eat during the day?
  184. How many people here think there is no such thing as a miniature Yorkshire terrier?
  185. I have a bichon frise and she ate 4 oz of chocolate what should I do, HELP...
  186. why does my 9 month old male bullmastiff keep sicking up his food?
  187. Bichon Frise or Yorkie?
  188. How to get a natural wedgie in boxer briefs?
  189. Destructive, Possibly Homesick English Cocker Spaniel?
  190. where is a good FREE website where i can sell my akc shar pei pups?
  191. English Foxhound... is she?
  192. Names For Male Weimaraner Puppies?
  193. What's the name of the movie starring both Heath Ledger and Brittany Murphy?
  194. I want to breed my 6 year old border collie as she is the most reliable dog
  195. do you have a shiba inu?
  196. How can I get my male Boxer to stop peeing everywhere in the house?
  197. When should I take my puppy off puppy chow?
  198. Approximately how big will my golden retriever be?
  199. Potty Training a 6 year old Basset Hound?
  200. I need puppy names? Just bought a silky terrier?
  201. For English cocker spaniel owners: are English cocker spaniels good pets?
  202. shetland sheepdog owners: regarding coat "feel"?
  203. how do i potty or housebreak my toy Pomeranian?
  204. Lhasa apso (dog breed)?
  205. should i get a cavalier king Charles spaniel?
  206. Ive got an Australian Shepherd female and looking for another dog...?
  207. are pembroke welsh corgi's good around kids ?
  208. My Lhasa Apso dog is 6 years old. Is she too old to have puppies?
  209. what could you give a border collie so it doesnt get bored and destroy things?
  210. What are some things I should know before I get a Boston Terrier?
  211. how do I register my english bulldog without her not been registered?
  212. Are bijon frises and miniature poodles good together?
  213. Does anyone have a female rottweiler puppy for sale in Tennessee?
  214. How much would a english bulldog cost?
  215. Do English Cocker spaniels shed?
  216. How long can a pug go with out going to the bathroom?
  217. Should I get a Staffordshire bull terrier or a Cane Corso?
  218. How do I become a proffesional boxer?
  219. Anyone have any experience/knowledge regarding Black Russian Terriers?
  220. what has your experience been like with doberman pinschers?
  221. Is there any pet I can get even with a Norwich Terrier?
  222. On Nintendogs, which game (lab&friends, dalmatian&friends,
  223. Should my boyfriend be angry because I decided to get another German Shepherd
  224. I have a Lhasa Apso, he snorts?
  225. r havanese hypoallergenic?
  226. My dog is part Great Pyrenees but has yellow eyes and is very shy. Wolf mix?
  227. How much does a Portuguese water dog cost per year?
  228. Does anyone know where I could find a breeder of TOY American Eskimo Dogs? I...
  229. Why does my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Keeps Chewing his foot?
  230. How can I help my beagle relieve her constipation?
  231. My Boston Terrier grinds his teeth, Is that normal.?
  232. Has anyone ever seen/ heard of/ have a internet link to a French Bulldog
  233. How long should I wait to sell this Brittany Spears collectible bear?
  234. Rhodesian/thai mix ridgeback?
  235. how do u get rid of a pug in your stomach?
  236. why are Greyhounds+Whippets?
  237. Can I adopt/buy a Pekingese in China (Beijing) and bring it to the US?
  238. Does this look like a legit French Bulldog breeder?
  239. how much should i feed my overweight australian cattle dog mix?
  240. What does the Brittany Chipmunk in McDonald's Happy Meals say when you press her...
  241. i got a 5 month old boxer and a 5 old month american bulldog and need help
  242. How big should my shih-tzu crate be if I want to "crate train" her?
  243. Sorry, about the last question about my two Scottish Terriers.?
  244. I like the song Kangal Irandal, tamil, can anyone list any other good tamil songs?
  245. whats a good hair cut for bichon frise?
  246. How low a temperature can an old beagle take?
  247. What are the pros and cons of a Scottish terrier?
  248. what are some good places to adopt an English Bulldog in the Atlanta Metro area?
  249. what age can you bath a toy fox terrier puppy?
  250. at what age does a bichon frise puppy go into heat?