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  1. whats the different between Rough Collie and Shetland Sheepdog?
  2. How can I keep my 4 month old dachshund from peeing in the crate?
  3. whats a good name a for a basset hound?
  4. How do I keep my female border collie puppy's attention when my male collie is
  5. Can any one provide info on responsible Doberman pinscher breeders in New England...
  6. How many degrees Fahrenheit can the German Shepherd Dog withstand?
  7. Should I get a papillon, chihuahua or yorkshire terrier?
  8. How much and how often should I feed my one year old Tibetan Terrier puppy (about...
  9. what dog breed is a shih tzu and weiner?
  10. what do i need to do to make my german shepherd a good protection dog?
  11. What are some good beagle names for a boy or girl?
  12. beagle Vs german shorthaired pointers?
  13. How do i make my chihuahua stop humping my hand when i try pet him?
  14. how often should i walk my mini schnauzer?
  15. Is there a miniature breed of pit bull terrier, (small like a miniature...
  16. My dog is an American Eskimo. He snaps at people we have known for years, is it...
  17. What is The Pomeranian Shedding Cycle?
  18. How do you take care of a Great Pyrenees?
  19. Tibetan Spaniel or Chihuahua?
  20. How can a replace the NKC registration for my american bulldog?
  21. what is a good shampoo and conditioner for my shih tzu?
  22. Can I Give Chamomile Tea to My English Bulldog?
  23. I have a 1 year old femal great dane she has a ear infection I took her to vet...
  24. I need help with a female mini schnauzer?
  25. What could be the problem with my Miniature Schnauzer if she constantly
  26. Can someone suggest me a good name for my male Great Dane dog?
  27. what are some good names for a female pug?
  28. Did Norm Chow just miss out on a chance to win a BCS title by choosing to
  29. Can anyone tell me a really good beach camping spot close to a greyhound station?
  30. Is it safe to breed my dachshund and a beagle?
  31. I am thinking about getting a bloodhound.?
  32. What is taking so long for Brittany Murphy's toxicology report to be released?
  33. Why is it so hard to find a Rough Collie?
  34. How much is a border collie puppy?
  35. How big do a Doberman Pinscher and Chihuahua mix grow?
  36. Question for shiba inu owners?
  37. Spading a 9 year old Jack Russell Terrier?
  38. I have a CKC and UKC registered Great Dane. Great Disposition. How much should I...
  39. How big should a american mastiff be at 8 weeks old?
  40. Can an English Springer Spaniel be trained to find money?
  41. Question about my West Highland White Terrier?
  42. My 11 month old collie shakes and her fur seems to be falling out?
  43. How can I train my 9mth old Rhodesian ridgeback not to wee inside all the time
  44. Why is my 8yr old toy poodle choaking periodically?
  45. A friend and I want to learn the dead romance language, Dalmatian. Is there...
  46. Should I get a Cavalier King Charles spaniel despite Mitral Valve
  47. Who would win in a fight a wrestler or a boxer?
  48. Why Great Pyrenees looks like a golden retriever?
  49. My small dog (Bichon Yorkie) is acting normal, but swallowing quite...
  50. i need to hire a Bichon Frise stud dog?
  51. How much would you pay for a teacup pug?
  52. Weimaraner Vs German Shorthaired Pointer?
  53. My Great Dane is agressive towards people and strangers so walking him is
  54. My Great pyrenees is losing hair?
  55. what are the best sites to find info about studing out my male basset hound?
  56. What is part schnauzer/part lab called?
  57. What ever happened to Papillon?
  58. Where can I find a Samoyed puppy for sale in California?
  59. I am considering giving my golden retriever the herb karela. How much should I...
  60. I would like to buy a toy or teacup poodle. Are toy or miniature poodles smaller?
  61. Where can i get a border collie?
  62. English Bulldog or Staffordshire Bull Terrier?
  63. Would it be physically possible for a male Staffordshire bull terrier to...
  64. Will my new maltese x shih tzu x jack russell grow big?
  65. What's the difference between Parson Jack Russell terriers, and Irish Jack
  66. Please help where can i get a pembroke welsh corgi?
  67. How do I train my 6 mo. old Shiba Inu to stop her dog food aggression?
  68. My American Bulldog puppy isn't smiling?
  69. I have a male 7 yr Jack Russell Terrier. Rescued a f/2 yr Fox...
  70. how can i stop my jack russell terrier pulling on the leash on walks?
  71. How am I suppose to take care of a 6 week old Labrador retriever puppy?
  72. Where can I get a reasonably priced Tibetan Mastiff puppy?
  73. For the 2010 Fantasy football season who do you think will get more points, Mario...
  74. I have a very over weight beagle/basset hound mix and she is lazy what type of
  75. How much would you sell a pedigree Rottweiler for?
  76. My 7 months shih tzu puppy was having a dose of antibiotic this morning without food?
  77. samoyed training help ?
  78. Miniature poodle family pet?
  79. Does anyone know of any Rough Collie Breeders of Sable and White?
  80. i have a lhasa apso(dog)and he's got this some kind of bug just above his eye
  81. Whippet unneutered attacks other male dogs?
  82. How much is a Greyhound Bus Ticket from Salem, OR to Bend, OR roundtrip?
  83. Is there a safe amount of coffee I can give my dogs. I have a french bull...
  84. What breed of dog is similar to the alaskan Klee Kai and shiba inu?
  85. Can someone teach in Newfoundland with an education degree from Ontario?
  86. What size coat should I buy my 80 pound weimaraner?
  87. My great dane constantly farts. What gives?
  88. I will soon have a Samoyed, where in Los Angeles can we go urban mushing?
  89. How much different are giant schnauzers compared to miniature schnauzers?
  90. How long will it take me to get to houston,texas on the greyhound from nashville,tn?
  91. How can I teach my dachshund to not attack ferrets ?
  92. I have a 3 year old shiba inu that is suddenly scared of people?
  93. I Dropped My Staffordshire Bull Terrier Puppy?
  94. My new miniature pinscher pup won't eat his food anymore? He ate one whole...
  95. where can I find a great Pyrenees puppy?
  96. Looking for weimaraner puppies?
  97. Is an Italian Greyhound a good dog for me?
  98. looking for an airedale belgian malinois hybrid picture?
  99. What are some good names for a female toy poodle?
  100. where can i adopt a yorkshire terrier for free?
  101. I just got a 9 month Shiba Inu(dog) today. How to train her pee outside?
  102. any Afghan Hound owners?
  103. Ever heard of a leonberger?
  104. what and how much to feed adult American Eskimo Dogs?
  105. Any one hear about a Golden Retriever saving a boy from a cougar.
  106. blue doberman pinschers?
  107. Boston terrier Cataracts do they hurt?
  108. Which dog would be a better companion for my American Bulldog ? The...
  109. I am looking for a male toy poodle near Fort Frances?
  110. New Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy - question!?
  111. Lhasa Apso Owners -- your experience with Lhasa & Kids?
  112. How much would it cost to take care of a female beagle (dog)?
  113. How often should I walk my 9 month English Bulldog/American bulldog mix puppy?
  114. 2 year old French Bulldog is starting to attack other dogs :(?
  115. My toy poodle grew a dark purple patch on his leg, what can it be?
  116. 8 month old Saint Bernard not potty trained?
  117. Papillon- Hana to Chou translation meaning?
  118. What should i name my pug and bullfrog webkinz?
  119. black russian terrier or catahoula leopard dog?
  120. what to feed my Pomeranian puppy dog?
  121. English bulldog???????????
  122. is it normal for a staffordshire bull terrier puppy to get bald patches?
  123. what shots should I give our new purebred pug puppy if we don't know
  124. West Highland White Terriers in Missouri?
  125. weimaraner puppies??!!?
  126. since a bichon frise' is a combo of barbet & poodle, and they come in several
  127. Can a smooth coat chihuahua be mated with a long coat bitch chihuahua?
  128. How to make red toy poodle fur curls?
  129. What are characteristics of a yorkshire terrier?
  130. How do I get rid of my beagle's "Frito" smell?
  131. How can I get my dachshund to stop her loud bark to get what she wants?
  132. how heavy is a female 4 month old samoyed supposed to be?
  133. how old does a male basset hound have to be to breed?
  134. Rottweiler, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, or English Bulldog?
  135. my weimaraner is 1 year old and very small compared to my other 1yr wiem?
  136. How old should a pomeranian puppy be to take its first bath?
  137. When are shetland sheepdogs considered adults and seniors?
  138. my bullmastiff/cane corso (12months) living with a pitbull ?
  139. Border Collie, Weimaraner, Dalmatian, Pointer, Setter or Boxer for endurance?
  140. My 2 year old poodle is red around the eyes and it itchys sometimes?
  141. Any good names for a male black labrador retriever?
  142. How much would it cost to ship a 46" LCD television to Newfoundland from Alberta?
  143. whats a good site to buy a dog from im looking for american bulldog puppies?
  144. Great dane or rotweiler?Which one would win in a dogfight?
  145. Anyone with experience of Bedlington Terriers?
  146. Would a Great Dane do well in a household with 3 children, all under the age of 5?
  147. What is a good name for a black labrador retriever?
  148. Is it a bad idea to buy a 5 month rottweiler?
  149. difference between the coat of an italian greyhound and the coat of a greyhound?
  150. How do I get my pug to stop molesting my tabby?
  151. What is a fair price for a purebred AKC pekingese?
  152. What are good & original names for a Norwich Terrier?
  153. I am getting a male Beagle puppy in 2 weeks time any name suggestions?
  154. Feeding a 1 month old male Chow chow?
  155. does anyone have a male great dane puppy that that they can no longer take care
  156. How to fix hair color on a black and white shih tzu puppy?
  157. The next door neighbour got a dalmatian a boy?
  158. Why has my pekingese gotten so angry?
  159. How big will a Boxer and Catahoula Leopard Dog mix get and does it shed?
  160. Why does my 14 yr old poodle walk around in circles?
  161. how can i get rid of the tear stains on my Pomeranian's face?
  162. My Great Pyrenees dogs coat is turning orange in spots?
  163. where can i find a bichon frise dog in georgia?
  164. How big of a door door do I need for a great pyrenees?
  165. What is a Better Name for a Border Collie?
  166. How many times a day should I take my chihuahua out to potty?
  167. Is a Toy Fox Terrier right for me?
  168. what does it mean when your Labrador retriever is a Dudley?
  169. Just got my Pembroke Welsh Corgi?
  170. Is Beneful a good food brand to give to my 5 year old Golden Retriever?
  171. Name suggestions for male bernese mountain dog?
  172. Will a boston terrier or a pug get bigger?
  173. Help, anyone know about clothes for french bulldogs?
  174. What can be wrong with my boarder collie?
  175. What are a few names for a Portuguese water dog webkinz?
  176. How to stop english and french bulldogs from fighting?
  177. Does any one know someone selling a female french bulldog or english bulldog for
  178. Could I potty train an Italian Greyhound? And how to find a responsible breeder?
  179. can an old english sheepdog have a saint bernards puppy?
  180. Silky terrier and want to get a boxer. Good match?
  181. What name is best for a Dalmatian dog?
  182. Why do boxer briefs ride up your thighs and sometimes your butt?
  183. What are the ups and downs about dalmatians?
  184. Name suggestions for a female French Bulldog?
  185. Is it wrong to fondle my pet Pekingese?
  186. My miniature poodle (2 1/2-3yrs old) has had vomiting and diarrhea off and on for...
  187. how much should my three week golden retriever weigh?
  188. Is my dog a cairn terrier or a westie?
  189. Why does my english bulldog rub her back on the floor so much?I call it
  190. Where can I get a Free Mastiff Puppy?
  191. How do I get my mini schnauzer to stop snoring?
  192. How can I stop my 12 yr old Lhasa Apso from destroying my carpet?
  193. some dogs, particularly australian shepherds, being "destructive"?
  194. Chow chow 25 redmarks what does it mean ?
  195. why is my golden retriever smacking his lips a lot?
  196. What type of food is best for my pomeranian.?
  197. Do basset hounds have problems using the stairs?
  198. Taking greyhound to whistler, is a snowboard classified as an oversized baggage?
  199. Samoyed puppies for adoption in NH or MA?
  200. How can I make a cat and a boston terrier get along?
  201. What do I do when my beagle puppy is having a reverse sneezing attack?
  202. Our male pomeranian was killed brutally our other 3 dogs saw this they
  203. Where Can I find a Papillon Puppy to Adopt in SC?
  204. Is a pomeranian/shar-pei cross called a pompei?
  205. How much chocolate can kill a 2 year old female Saint Bernard?
  206. Whats the best way to housebreak a boston terrier?
  207. How much excersise should a 14 week old cocker spaniel x poodle get?
  208. Are australian Shepherd/ lab mix dogs good dogs to have? and do they shed much?
  209. Lhasa Apso 'Squealing'?
  210. I am temporarily adopting an Yorkshire Terrier Yorkie who is from a puppy mill?
  211. German Shepherd Dog Allergy?
  212. How much would a chihuahua cost annually?
  213. In the movie deadline with brittany murphy what does the ending mean with
  214. why do Belgian Malinois have more endurance than German Shepherds?
  215. Will a Two-year old male Pit Bull terrier still be trained to socialize?
  216. How come in the news, they're not talking about Brittany Murphy's death?
  217. Who out there has a basset hound?
  218. Pekingese breeders or pekingese buyers?
  219. How do you paper train a chihuahua?
  220. where can i adopt a maltese puppy or yorkshire terrier in NORTHYORK ONTARIO CANADA?
  221. Is it a bad idea to mate an american bulldog with a pug?
  222. How much does the average Rottweiler or medium-large dog cost?
  223. German Shepherd dog "haters"?
  224. With the Colts finding gems in Garcon and Collie, should they stack up on
  225. Who else thinks Austin Collie should have won rookie of the year?
  226. What's a good Japanese name for an akita inu or shiba inu? I'm getting one...
  227. What are the ups and downs of owning a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?
  228. Greyhounds, Whippets, Lurchers?
  229. Would you be able to be a boxer after having a brain haemorrhage?
  230. Should I but a French Bulldog or Boston Terrier? Give me yearly costs for
  231. About the breed cavalier king charles spaniels?
  232. do you know of a shiba inu breeder in northern california?
  233. ok so heres the deal. i have a dog that is a saint bernard but he doesn't have
  234. Questions about Bichon Frise?
  235. Are doberman pinschers "velcro" dogs?
  236. How much should I walk my 3-month old poodle mix?
  237. I live in Ansbach, Germany. Looking for an English Bulldog breeder. Does...
  238. What are the most important parts in the 101 dalmatians movie?
  239. Chihuahua vs. Yorkshire Terrier vs. Papillon?
  240. How do I introdruce my 4 y.o. silky terrier to 2 cats?
  241. can anyone think of any cool words that start wtih b to go with my name...
  242. i adopted 9 year old newfoundland male but they told me not to train him because...
  243. Problem! Saint Bernard? Any advice?
  244. Which sheds less, bichon frise or peek-a-poo (dogs)?
  245. When will a male shih tzu puppy become an adult? At what month?
  246. Do British people like the English accent in Newfoundland, Canada?
  247. Should I get a regular or mini American Eskimo dog?
  248. What can i do about samoyed shedding?
  249. papillon or miniature pinscher?
  250. Welsh Corgi Problem. Barks at fluffy dogs. help?