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  1. We have just come into possession of a 18 month Male King Charles Spaniel.?
  2. Shetland Sheepdog or Australian Shepherd?
  3. How do I make my pomeranian puppy like people?
  4. I'm looking for a Rust & Tan Doberman Pinscher..?
  5. How tall are most Pomeranians and how tall are most American Eskimos?
  6. How Do I Teach My Dachshund Not To Attack My Pet Rabbit?
  7. Can my 3 year old Bichon Frise Dog play with a cat ?
  8. my shetland sheepdog who i have had for a few months (he is seven months now)
  9. Are all Lhasa Apso Coat's straight with a natural part?
  10. does anyone know of any french bulldog breeders in western ny or within 250 miles?
  11. What do you do wen you have an 8month old puppy papillon who pees when you...
  12. Best toys for my boxer puppy when he is home alone?
  13. What do I do when my pug has a very dry nose?
  14. What month in 2010 is Mastiff (The Legend of Beka Cooper, Book 3) by Tamora Pierce...
  15. What makes Pekingese so darling to their owners?
  16. How do i keep my border collie from roaming the country?
  17. Why is my boston terrier so lazy?
  18. Names please for adorable Basset hound baby boy ?
  19. Could a german shepherd become friends with a staffordshire bull terrier?
  20. What is a good whelping box for a pregnant beagle?
  21. Advice on my toy poodle? seizure or bad dream?
  22. What is a dog breed similar to Dachshund?
  23. Where there any TV shows starring Saint Bernards doing heroic rescues?
  24. Where can I find a Afghan Hound breeder?
  25. Difference Between German Shorthaired Pointer and English Pointer?
  26. Anyone selling a teacup yorkshire terrier puppy?
  27. Is it possible that the The Premier of Newfoundland came to the US for surgery
  28. How would an 11 year old beagle terrier react to another dog being placed in...
  29. My 1 month old golden retriever+pekingese mix should drink how much milk
  30. my toy fox terrier is a year and a half, just got him a week ago,whenever i pick?
  31. is there a differance between a king charles spaniel & a king charles cavalier?
  32. How do I get my female american bulldog to gain her weight back after having puppies?
  33. my Miniature Schnauzer sleeping a lot?
  34. Are Westies just white Cairn Terriers?
  35. Dobermann or Staffordshire Bull Terrier?
  36. What do you think about breeding a Doberman Pinscher and a Rottweiler?
  37. Wondering about getting a Weimaraner?
  38. is Golden retriever and pekingese mix possible?
  39. Adopting a German Shorthaired Pointer, please help!?
  40. Schnoodle v. Miniature Poodle v. Papillion?
  41. Are bearded collies good indoor dogs or should we get a different type of dog?
  42. Doberman Pinscher hates storms?
  43. My boston terrier is having trouble going to the bathroom?
  44. Can you do preventative surgery on a Great Dane?
  45. Im getting a 4 month old beagle what food brands should i feed her?
  46. How Much Exercise Does A Standard Schnauzer Need?
  47. American Cocker Spaniel v. Poodle?
  48. What is the proper name for a cavalier king charles spaniel papillon mix?
  49. is the American bulldog a AKC registered breed?
  50. my name is Brittany Michell whats a good myspace name?
  51. Samoyed puppy question?
  52. how can i buy a french bulldog for $300 or cheaper near the chicago land are?
  53. What's a cute name for a Yorkshire Terrier puppy?
  54. If I had a collie with dreadlocks, would it be disrespectful of me to name it
  55. How do I find a female to breed with my olde english bulldog?
  56. why do dogs shivver .my lakeland terrier some times does even on warm days...
  57. Does anyone own an italian greyhound?
  58. Help me with my miniature schnauzer?
  59. what is the difference between a akita and a akita inu? 10 points best answer?
  60. just got a yorkshire terrier and he is 9 weeks old.this morning he has been...
  61. How much does it cost to get a little girl chihuahua spayed?
  62. how tall or big do whippets grow.?
  63. Curious About the Yorkshire Terrier Breed?
  64. First person to show me a picture of a miniature pinscher?
  65. Why do some people consider the American Bulldog to be a mutt?
  66. I am looking for a beautiful female pomeranian puppy that I have full AKC and
  67. where in new jersey can i find a pet store that sell pure breed shiba inu?
  68. I just got a new puppy, shes a havanese and shes tan. I cant think of
  69. i have a schnauzer corgi mix and my friend has a pitbull/german sheperd why is
  70. Boston Terrier puppy is throwing up what can i do?
  71. Would buying a boxer from a breeder reduce the chance of health problems?
  72. Red eye in toy poodle puppy?
  73. I recently purchased a Chihuahua and I am wondering how big will she will...
  74. Small Yorkshire Terrier has eaten 2mg of Diazepam is he gonna be ok?
  75. How much does it cost to get a female miniature dachshund fixed?
  76. need help with staffordshire bull terrier please?
  77. Male Lhasa Apso aggressive toward owner!?
  78. Where can I find a Basset Hound club in Central FL?
  79. dogo argentino masstiff PLEASE HELP?
  80. What's a good name for a female Shar-Pei puppy?
  81. dogo argentino mastiff?
  82. how long can a 2 year old beagle be left alone during the day?
  83. Does anyone have any ideas for Shiba Inu pet names?
  84. Did Max von Stephanitz breed wolf into the German Shepherd Dog?
  85. hi i have a 4 month old american bulldog i took him for his first vac on...
  86. my border collie likes to "frog-leg" like a pit bull when she's reclining. is this
  87. Can anyone please tell me where you can download interviews of Bea Arthur,Walter...
  88. i was wondering if anyone can tell if my papillon is really a pure bred?
  89. How can i get my Chihuahua to not be agressive toward other dogs?
  90. Spayed schnauzer keeps licking private parts?
  91. when will my dalmatian puppy stop getting spots?
  92. Cost of Black Russian Terrier puppy?
  93. Would a Pomeranian/papillon mix like to be held and to have company?(another dog ?)?
  94. How safe are Greyhound Bus stations?
  95. How can I house train my 14 month old male poodle?
  96. What jobs or tricks or activities can I make my beagle puppy do for fun?
  97. dogo argentino mastiff PLEASE HELP?
  98. is this a purebred samoyed?
  99. I would like to buy a Shiba Inu?
  100. Help with my 9 year old miniature poodle!?
  101. are the bichon frise s a good dog to have a round and why ?
  102. I have a cat and I am thinking about getting a dachshund?
  103. when should i take my Labrador Retriever puppy off of puppy chow?
  104. When can i leave my rottweiler puppy outside?
  105. My two year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi is having an eye issue. What could it be?
  106. I have been looking for a basset hound puppy, and I live in Queens. The closest
  107. Did your Boston Terrier go wild after his neuter?
  108. Baby or a Hungarian Vizsla first?
  109. why in the U.S.A the belgian malinois is hevier than in other countries?
  110. Are there any great dane breeders around NM?
  111. Husky, Kuvasz or All White German Shepperd?
  112. I'm looking for some advice from those who own an Airedale Terrier?!?
  113. Does the holiday park Cala Gran in fleetwood (uk) allow staffordshire bull...
  114. Afghan Hound outside dog?
  115. What is a good dry dog food for Doberman Pinschers?
  116. What are Australian silky terriers like as pets?
  117. anybody know a good cairn terrier breeder in nj?
  118. Why is my 5year old Pomeranian recently deciding to poop inside when he's...
  119. my boston terrier had what seemed like a kind of convulsive fit ? what happened ?
  120. I want to buy Bull Terrier but I already have Shih Tzu?
  121. whippet vs greyhound?
  122. How much should my Bullmastiff puppy weight?
  123. Is a dog that is crossed between a border collie, yellow lab and german...
  124. Just got a new female puppy, shes a tan havanese. Any name suggestions?
  125. Do you think that Brittany Spears is trying too hard to be like Madonna?
  126. is a husky and a rottweiler a bad combo for a beginner?
  127. How big do you think my great dane puppy will get?
  128. Why does my french bulldog stare at dust?
  129. Where is the closest greyhound station to Simi Valley?
  130. What is the best kind of brush to buy for a Pomeranian with a thick double coat?
  131. Dog Breed allowed in Singapore? - Australian Staffordshire cross with
  132. Is it possible to train a beagle not to howl?
  133. Adopting a 2 month old dog from shelter: they call it a Schnauzer-Miniature mix. How
  134. how long do cairn terriers live?
  135. is it common for a great dane to be black with blue eyes?
  136. What is the best dog house for a Border Collie/Lab mix?
  137. What's the average price of a Chow Chow puppy?
  138. Is My Rottweiler Still Going To Grow Bigger?
  139. rhodesian ridgeback are there any variations within the breed?
  140. Should I get one or two? Bichon Frise?
  141. 7 month old Vizsla shedding excessively. Could this be due to change in diet?
  142. I have a Irish (RED) Setter Female pup?
  143. How much will it cost to greyhound bus from Montreal to Chicoutimi?
  144. american bulldog size?
  145. Anyone who has any personal experience with chow chows?
  146. Better dog breed lab or chow chow?
  147. Where can I read Papillon (by Miwa Ueda) online?
  148. Can a Saint Bernard live in Arizona?
  149. when can i give my schnauzer his 1st haircut?
  150. I am thinking of buying a Pit Bull with a Saint Bernard would it improve
  151. Why does my black and white Chihuahua and my fawn Chihuahua never have
  152. Samoyed a good breed for beginners?
  153. How old is too old to breed a Bichon Frise dog?
  154. is my six month old male mini schnauzer able to breed?
  155. What would a labrador retriever/rottweiler mix dog be like?
  156. Is the name "Emo" a good name for a basset hound?
  157. My american bulldog dry ears?
  158. Does anyone know of any heroic movies starring a Saint Bernard as an actor?
  159. What's the name for a rottweiler/beagle mix?
  160. I have a weimaraner that chews?
  161. I have a 1 year pug/boston terrier who had his vaccines including Bordetella...
  162. Found king charles spaniel today... right decision?
  163. how much should a 9 week old bloodhound puppy weigh?
  164. How Do I Make Puppy Chow Without Chex Cereal?
  165. What is a good raw bone for a papillon?
  166. Great Dane or Saint Bernard?
  167. What is a good name for a Staffordshire Bull Terrier?
  168. life span of a bichon frise?
  169. Where would be a good place to buy a Jack Russell Terrier with a smooth coat?
  170. How can I stop My almost 2 year old Bull Mastiff from eating her own poop...
  171. I want to get the dog, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, In Oregon?
  172. can you use perfume to send a beagle onto the trail?
  173. Bernese Mountain Dog that we rescued about a year and a half ago...help?
  174. What's the best way to pick up Dalmatian hair?
  175. My 3 year old Bichon Frise just swallowed an altoid?!?!?!?
  176. How can I stop my siamese cat who is stalking and attacking a very small...
  177. How do you make a 50s Poodle Skirt?
  178. Is there a rock cover for Bad Touch by the Bloodhound Gang?
  179. i have a toy fox terrier that i just bought from someone...?
  180. Is it dyslexia if I often switch letters in a word? Example instead of ROTTWIELER I
  181. Boston Terrier owners, what is their temperament like?
  182. best tempered breed of small dog? lhasa apso, pom, pap?
  183. Is this dog an American Bulldog Mix?
  184. how much exercise does a standard schnauzer need?
  185. Where can I find a Welsh Corgi rescue ?
  186. How can I get my 2-year-old male (neutered) beagle to stop mounting and...
  187. I want to name my Saint Bernard Justice (not blood thirsty pit bull), do you think...
  188. I need a recommendation for an arthritis med for my Lhasa Apso including dosage?
  189. celebrity survey question- Did you care when Brittany Murphy died?
  190. Should I adopt a Siberian Husky or an Alaskan Malamute?
  191. Are there any decent tattooists and piercers in Newfoundland?
  192. Which is the better tasting vodka? Smirnoff or Borzoi?
  193. My pitbull/basset hound puppy never used to shed and now does after an oatmeal bath?
  194. would it healthy to change my dog's current food of purina dog chow to blue buffalo?
  195. What should i name my Yorkshire terrier?
  196. What kind of gear should a beginner boxer have?
  197. How to stop snow getting stuck in newfoundland dogs toes?
  198. My French Bulldog is scratching a lot.?
  199. would a brittany spaniel be an ok inside dog as long as i took it on my runs
  200. Havanese alternative?
  201. Bichon Frise experts, what am I getting myself into?
  202. Is it okay for Saint Bernards to live in Florida?
  203. Are deaf dogs (Australian Shepherd) likely to have a shorter lifespan?
  204. What do you think was the mysterious sighting in the sky off Newfoundland?
  205. What is a good, calm, small dog to travel with on airplanes? Would a cairn
  206. help...my german shepherd dog wont stop pulling on the lead?
  207. Is it true that if a border collie tastes blood it should be put to sleep?
  208. Would it be possible to breed a teacup Chihuahua with a Great Dane?
  209. Could anyone answer my Italian Greyhound questions please?
  210. german shepherd vs bullmastiff?
  211. How much should my 9 month old female Boxer weigh? She is not spayed?
  212. Looking after an 8 yr old female Weimaraner?
  213. How do you clean off 14 years of built up Labrador Retriever body wax from wood
  214. Does anyone in cleveland ohio have a yorkshire terrier or papillon puppy for sale?
  215. do West Highland White Terrier grow?
  216. Looking to adopt a Staffordshire Bull Terrier?
  217. What food should I feed my beagle who has food allergies?
  218. My 5 month old toy poodle has been throwing up twice now in the past week and half.?
  219. Ive been looking for a shiba inu puppy since Aug of 09 around the AZ areas. Anyone
  220. shedding saint Bernard?
  221. debating on adopting a third Jack Russell Terrier...?
  222. Which dog weighs more on average? Great Dane or Irish Wolfhound?
  223. Why is my dachshund the only one in the litter to stay small?
  224. Is a seven year old border collie too old to be spayed?
  225. Which is a better hunter a Greyhound or Scottish Deerhoound?
  226. West Highland white terrier grooming?
  227. German Shepherd Dog.....?
  228. My Mini Schnauzer get bladder infection 4 or 5 times a year.?
  229. Any online games that have an English Mastiff on them?
  230. what is this bump on my English Bulldog puppy?
  231. Should I tired out a HYPER/EXCITED Shih Tzu (8weeks) before I start training?
  232. does anyone know any breeders of cavalier king charles spaniels that
  233. Where could I buy a miniature sculpture of the Boxer of Quirinal?
  234. Our labrador retriever is only 6 months old and is already 60 pounds. Is this normal?
  235. my english bulldog is aggressive through the fence, why is she so territorial?
  236. 9 Months old Male GSD trying to humb 6 month old Male bull mastiff?
  237. What is a legitimate place to buy a shih tzu?
  238. bullmastiff question?
  239. How can i give my shar-pei a bath?
  240. Shar pei Rescue Society (or similar organizations) please help!!!!?
  241. 7 month old saint bernard wieght?
  242. Was there ever a professional boxer who is also a medical doctor?
  243. I have a 14 yr old toy poodle with ear infection problems?
  244. Where can you buy a bearded collie in long island?
  245. Boston Terrier or Mini Schnauzer?
  246. how big will the dog be? Boston terrier mix w/ Poodle Maltese?
  247. havanese info please?
  248. How much does it cost to take the Greyhound bus from Ajax to Ottawa?
  249. Bichon Frise red tear stains?
  250. Should I get a golden retriever or a sheltie?