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  1. American Staffordshire Terrier or Staffordshire Bull Terrier?
  2. What dog is best for what contest in Nintendogs Dachshund and friends?
  3. How often should a healthy Pug poop?
  4. Question about West Highland White Terriers coat.?
  5. Can anybody tell me about golden retriever health problems?
  6. I am getting a boy Yorkshire Terrier and I dont know what to name it please give...
  7. My Border Collie Howls When I Leave The House?
  8. What is the size of a Newfoundland at each month?
  9. What dog is bigger. Great Dane Or Irish Wolfhound?
  10. How do i find dalmatians for sale?
  11. boxer/bullmastiff/rot mix...will it be huge? and are they good dogs?
  12. I just bought a toy poodle and he has blood in his stool, could this be stress
  13. How many times should I take my Shih-Tzu out?
  14. Is there anyway to make puppy chow without cereal?
  15. Why are liberals calling cons "ignorant" for thinking Newfoundland is a part...
  16. I'm getting a dog. Will the Saluki be a good choice?
  17. Why is my Doberman Pinscher acting really strange?
  18. Is a German shepherd a good dog with all round skills?
  19. I have a Beagle that sometimes acts like he is choking but is ok later,what causes
  20. Would a dog-weight-backpack- hiking-thing be good to put on my Canaan Dog during
  21. What is the best crate for a Golden Retriever puppy?
  22. When my toy poodle eats she gets her ear hair caught in her mouth. She has no mouth
  23. Where can I buy a samoyed dog?
  24. How can i find a pug that will stay small through its adult years?
  25. who is the model who comes out in the bloodhound gang video uhnn tiss uhnn tiss?
  26. How can I stop my miniature poodle from being aggressive and afraid of my husband?
  27. What do you think of these Rottweiler Breeders?
  28. How to train my 15-week old Blue Tick Beagle?
  29. shetland sheepdog puppy?
  30. my 18month stffordshire bull terrier is having surgery soon for pattella dysplacia?
  31. Toy Poodle Snout 20 characters?
  32. I have 3 small dogs and got a Bernese mountain dog puppy. The other dogs gang up...
  33. My staffordshire bull terrier pup?
  34. Does cats and schnauzer get along?
  35. How Do you train a pomeranian to Sit, And stay.?
  36. Does anyone know a good Boston Terrier Breeder in Michigan?
  37. Any one know a good place to buy a Newfoundland dog?
  38. What's a good 2nd dog to have will a German Shorthaired Pointer?
  39. I need training tips for a 6 month old Chihuahua?
  40. Life expectancy of Toy Poodles, Miniature Poodles, and Teacup Poodles?
  41. How do I teach my Border Collie "paw"?
  42. shetland sheepdog puppy?
  43. Why does my poodle have a short tail ?
  44. My Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Keeps Drooling D:?
  45. Basset Hound and Ferrets?
  46. is it better to have two english bull terrier than one ?
  47. Getting a 4 month old Havanese puppy. What kinds of things do I have to teach her?
  48. How do I know that a bought a Victorian Bulldog?
  49. Are Bullmastiff's great companions for apartment living?
  50. How can I get my chihuahua to behave for my husband?
  51. Where can I buy a newborn Welsh Corgi Pembroke?
  52. My lhasa apso and chihuahua have "mated" should I be concerned if she becomes...
  53. we have a great dane with very dry skin-our vet suggested fish old tablet
  54. My dachshund has white overlapping one of her eyes?
  55. Can someone describe how a bloodhound smells?
  56. Poll:What should i name my Maltese Poodle mix i will get tommorrow?
  57. Australian kelpie question?
  58. My Silky Terrier hates anything that beeps...?
  59. Bernese Mountain Dogs... droopy eyes?
  60. compare bullmastiff and english mastiff?
  61. How can I get my Chihuahua attached to my boyfriend like he is me?
  62. Is my american eskimo 5yr old dog ill?
  63. Shedding for Shiba Inu's?
  64. What are some unique names for a male shih tzu?
  65. How much is my Miniature Schnauzer Suppose to weigh?
  66. Are Chow Chow puppies born with long fluffy hair?
  67. Labrador retriever is shedding nappy gray hair around his butt area?
  68. Will a pug dog settle down a little as he gets older? Or will he always bee full of
  69. Does anyone listen to Bloodhound Gang?
  70. Is My toy poodle girl or boy?
  71. Would you buy a Rottweiler for $300 if the dog has good paper work such as:
  72. can a dogo argentino defeat a pitbull?
  73. What would win in a fight a rottweiler or a pitbull?
  74. A priced Great Dane that is understandable?
  75. how to shut my toy poodle up?
  76. I have a 9 weeks old Boston Terrier with high energy. I need advice for
  77. I need a good nickname for this girl Brittany?
  78. Questions about German Shepherd dog?
  79. My 12 year old bearded collie dog is retaining fluid?
  80. Thinking of getting a whippet and have a few questions....?
  81. How fast will a mastiff/labrador mix grow?
  82. I'm buying a samoyed puppy, sydney, Australia.?
  83. my weimaraner bitch is 14mths old and doesn't seem to have come into season
  84. help!!! my dog is 9 years old (staffordshire bull terrier) having trouble walking?
  85. Constant growling from my Australian Shepherd dog?
  86. I have 2 puppies that are half GSD and half Shar-pei. What are the odds...
  87. why does my boston terrier have a long tail?
  88. toy poodle with puppy parvo please help?
  89. Could I give my 8 week old golden retriever a kong with peanut butter?
  90. toy poodle puppy training question?
  91. I have a saint bernard, she is a little over a year old. We are having problems
  92. Boxer or Staffordshire Bull Terrier?
  93. I have seen toy shar pei & they are adorable, same as the big ones only bred down...
  94. How do I stop my Boston Terrier from jumping on our dining room table when
  95. I have a welsh corgi she jumps up allot any ideas?
  96. german shepherd dog help?
  97. How often does a Favourite greyhound win a race?
  98. A few questions about traveling on Greyhound Bus?
  99. How do you get the stain and/or goop off my toy poodles face?
  100. Between 1912 and 1927 did Quebec gain or lose territory to Newfoundland and Labrador?
  101. How long will it take for a keeshond mane and tail hair to grow back?"?
  102. Why does my 11 week old english bull terrier not shed?
  103. Who Kind Of Boxer Underwear Should I Get?
  104. Train Great Pyrenees dog to guard chicken?
  105. how do I know when my pug is done giving birth?
  106. My dog is a 2 year old Cairn Terrier. He is very protective of me.?
  107. How do you train a teacup yorkshire terrier?
  108. Should I adopt a greyhound if I already own a weimaraner?
  109. please help..two month old toy poodle....?
  110. I just adopted a Beagle/Australian Cattle Dog mix...?
  111. We have a 4 week old Saint Bernard puppy..he can't stop pooping & whining..which I
  112. Any one know anything about Doberman Pinschers?
  113. What are some good names for a male Golden Retriever?
  114. Will a Samoyed or Papillon do better in an apartment in NY?
  115. How can I stop my boxer going for other dogs?
  116. What dog is better to have, a great dane or a german shepard?
  117. I'm switching my 9 week old mini schnauzer from purina puppy chow to holistic...
  118. My four year old Golden Retriever has very bad gas and is sometimes skipping
  119. Toy Poodle Poo is yellow and dry like sulfurous rocks also no apetite for days?
  120. How can i get rid of my shar pei's rash and smell?
  121. Bullmastiff puppies for sale?
  122. Where is the closest town to buy a welsh corgi close to Dublin,Ga,USA?
  123. How can i get rid of my shar pei's rash and bad smell?
  124. Is it ok for my pug cross to eat just once a day?
  125. Are American Cocker Spaniels prone to ear infections?
  126. Female Puppy names for Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?
  127. Where to find Brindle Bullmastiff?
  128. Correct dosage and medicine for a two week old rottweiler puppies?
  129. What is a good meat-free diet for a 10 month old Whippet puppy?
  130. At what age is my Scottish terrier going to start growing his long hair?
  131. How long does it take a pug dog to become toilet trained?
  132. What is the best food for an english bulldog around 2 yo?
  133. How much would a vet charge to repair a double detached eye duct in an
  134. How deep does a grave need to be for a Schnauzer?
  135. Will having a beagle as a outside dog work?
  136. Our dog, an Irish setter age 6 years old had a lump recently removed from under the
  137. My german shepherd puppy as a guard dog?
  138. Bullmastiff puppies ears?
  139. Is there any manga like papillon - hana to chou?
  140. American Bulldog advice?
  141. What's sexier, a female marine officer or a female boxer?
  142. I am interested in getting a Great Dane (not for a few years) but I would like
  143. How to get a golden retriever puppy to not chew?
  144. What do you think is hotter: a marine officer or a boxer?
  145. One blue eye in a Bernese Mountain Dog?!?
  146. 4 month silky terrier peed on my bed! How to stop?
  147. How do I tell if my Chihuahua is pregnat?
  148. Help! Samoyed/Husky + Boxer puppy. Can you answer my questions?
  149. What is the pros and cons of having a Cairn terrier as a indoor dog?
  150. Are Havanese a good breed of dog?
  151. Just adopted a whippet mix puppy dog - any ideas on what the mix is?
  152. Is Galicia a Celtic "country" in the same way that say Ireland, Scotland,...
  153. Is my miniature schnauzer underweight?
  154. Brittany............?
  155. What are the basic grooming tools for a English cocker spaniel?
  156. What is average size of an English Bulldog and mastiff mix?
  157. Does greyhound bus station in Orlando have a transfer to Disney World from
  158. Toy/miniature Poodle Care, please help?
  159. Anyone interested in a lake front house on 3 acres in Newfoundland?
  160. Is there such thing as a mini saint bernard?
  161. what is a good name for a jack russell terrier ?
  162. Vizsla's and Chihuahua's? Do they work together?
  163. Do you know what would be a cute haircut for a Pomeranian?
  164. How can i get my chihuahua to gain weight?
  165. staffordshire bull terrier help asap 10 Pointer?
  166. What are some advantages and disadvantages of owning a pomeranian?
  167. I have a male olde english bulldog and a female chinese shar pei. Will it be safe...
  168. I need help finding Pembrook Welsh Corgis(or pembrooke welsh corgi breeders)?
  169. What to look for in a Shih Tzu puppy?
  170. Where can I find a sheep kite for my gordon setter?
  171. Where is the closest Greyhound Bus Station to Newcastle, Ca?
  172. It is 10 F outside and snowing hard, you have a chihuahua, min-pin, Italian
  173. Do English cocker spaniels shed a lot of fur?
  174. What are the anatomical differences between a labrador retriever and a gray wolf?
  175. Any ways to get from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh besides Greyhound and Amtrak?
  176. what is a cute shiba inu name?
  177. What kind of Innova should I feed my golden retriever?
  178. Can someone help me determine the breed of my pup? I'm thinking Samoyed/Malamute?
  179. Working dogs - Airedale Terrier?
  180. is the Irish wolfhound illegal to own in Waconia MN?
  181. My dog (Bichon Frise) wont eat anything! HELP!!!!!?
  182. Can you take a cat in a carrier on a Greyhound bus?
  183. Toy Poodle Weight ??????
  184. would a blue nose pit get along with a english bull terrier?
  185. Basenji mix- inflamed vagina, possible menstration?
  186. What do blue and liver colored bedlington terriers look like when mature?
  187. whats the best food to feed my pomeranian ?
  188. why does my cairn terrier whine so much?
  189. In just the last few weeks my Papillon started pulling his fur out. Does anyone
  190. How do I deal with rabbit /fox mite in a Border Collie?
  191. why does my golden retriever act aggressively towards most other dogs?
  192. My pug is pregnant with unknown father dog bigger than her and I was wondering if
  193. Any tips on shiba inu grooming?
  194. female shiba inu puppy for sell in the Bay Area- San Francisco?
  195. What gate do I use at Port Authority Bus Terminal to pick up the 194 bus...
  196. Did you hear reports are back on the cause of Brittany Murphy's death?
  197. Owning a West Highland White Terrier........?
  198. How to give puppy chow as a birthday present?
  199. English mastiff breeding question what colors breed with what?
  200. My female Silky Terrier is exhibiting very strange behavior 3 days after being
  201. How many puppies with my Doberman Pinscher have?
  202. What should I feed my Pembroke welsh corgi?
  203. What should I take, A golden retriever or a Labrador retriever?
  204. Have a rottweiler and thinking about getting a labrador as well. What do you think?
  205. Male or Female vizsla?
  206. Is a german shepherd lab mix a good first dog?
  207. My Siberian Husky had a small black spot on this lower inside part of his mouth?
  208. Brussels Griffon/Griffon Bruxellois - Do they mimic behaviour?
  209. How would a Pomeranian take a 8 hour airplane flight ?
  210. Whats the differerence between a golden retriever and a golden retriever shepard mix?
  211. Unique Names For Great Pyrenees?
  212. Bullmastiff temperament?
  213. Is my four year old chow chow deaf?
  214. Toy Poodle Bad Breath?
  215. First Time Owning a Rottweiler Any Advice?
  216. The difference between Mini Bull Terrier and a Bull Terrier?
  217. Why do maltese have 2 top-knots instead of 1 like a yorkie or shih tzu?
  218. poll yorkies or scottish terriers?
  219. We just noticed that our one year old Weimaraner has an orange sized lump on his
  220. My english bulldog pups are 3 days old bottom of chest is getting flat like the...
  221. Who will win if kurdish kangal fights Pit Bull in Wild?
  222. Which size head collar is right for a mini american eskimo?
  223. Do Saint Bernards really go cow tipping?
  224. How many time a day does an English bulldog need to eat?
  225. What is the average cost of Weddings in Newfoundland, Canada?
  226. What is the average chest size of a basset hound?
  227. Why does the media hype up Brittany and Madonna's kiss and completely ignore...
  228. Why does my mini Poodle bark angrily at other dogs when I carry him?
  229. how much puppies can a french bulldog have?
  230. Is it a defect for a chocolate poodle to have white spots on it chest and feet?
  231. when is a male staffordshire bull terrier fertile?
  232. Brittany Murphy died after taking a cocktail of prescription drugs?
  233. How big does a pomeranian/papillon mix grow to be?
  234. What size crate would a Weimaraner need?
  235. Which dog sheds more a golden retriever or a Labrador retriever?
  236. how much will it cost to take a miniature dachshund to the vet?
  237. What is wrong with my dalmatian molly?
  238. Anyone familar with the kangal dog breed?
  239. information on american eskimo dogs?
  240. What kind of dog that is a little different than a Shiba Inu?
  241. Can I take my pet chihuahua with me to Puerto Galera?
  242. What should I expect from a Giant Schnauzer?
  243. Why is my schnauzer puppy shedding?
  244. Why does my Weimaraner have corse fur? Is something wrong with him?
  245. whats the best between a havanese a shih tzu and a lhasa apso?
  246. What Brittany Spears songs did Lady Gaga write?
  247. Where to get my boston terrier fixed in maryland?
  248. Does anybody know where some purebreed cavalier king charles spaniel puppies...
  249. what is the army regulation or fm that states how much time must a soldier
  250. When is the best time to get a dalmatian male neutered?