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  1. How can i teach a bloodhound to walk off lead?
  2. Is Premier Williams medical trip to the US an indication of medicine in Newfoundland?
  3. Weimaraner owners, advice please?
  4. groenendael OR Tervuren Belgian Shepherds for sale?
  5. How to make my schnauzer's ear appear smaller?
  6. Blue Heeler/Australian Cattle Dog Rescue in California?
  7. Can a pit bull and golden retriever live together?
  8. Will an invisible fence keep a Great Pyrenees in my yard?
  9. question about chesapeake bay retrievers?
  10. Whats the difference of a lab and a golden retriever?
  11. question about chesapeake bay retrievers?
  12. Should i move to Newfoundland and Labrador?
  13. how do i tell the difference between an irish setter or golden retreiver...
  14. My Samoyed's Coat is shorter than most ive seen around is this normal?
  15. is the swedish vallhund made of german shepherd and a small dog or is it an original?
  16. Pekingese losing hair on the face wrinkle?
  17. How is life with a French Bulldog?
  18. how much do scottish terriers sell for?
  19. What can I do to treat my American Bulldog's Skin Problem?
  20. My shih tzu is very aggressive and wants to bite people what should I do?
  21. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel help?
  22. What is the oldest Jack Russell Terrier you have ever seen.?
  23. What is a good age to have a male boxer neutered?
  24. Anything and everything there is to know about the American Eskimo Dog.?
  25. How can I keep my(fixed) 11/2 yr. old pekingese from running down the
  26. Good name for a Gordon Setter?
  27. Questions for people who have/know an English Shepherd (or Australian Shepherd) dog?
  28. Does anyone have a picture of a completely shaved poodle?
  29. Are there behavioral and health difference in toy, miniature, and standard poodles?
  30. Nice Names For A Bloodhound Boy?
  31. Fattening up my English Bulldog puppies?
  32. My Silky Terrier has breath that...?
  33. 1 year old pug mix from the humane society coughs and gags after running around?
  34. what's the difference between toy and miniature poodles?
  35. How Do I get a 7 week golden retriever puppy to focus and calm down?
  36. best dog collar for toy poodle as leather make him scratch?
  37. about how tall are the Yorkshire Terrier?
  38. New Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy - question!?
  39. Pembroke welsh corgi??
  40. Does anyone own a Staffordshire Bull Terrier? How are they?
  41. How long should I be walking my 9 month golden retriever?
  42. I have a 9 mo shih tzu puppy and she licks everything like the walls, windows
  43. Which is better, a Lhasa Apso boy or girl?
  44. How do i get my golden retriever to stop biting strangers?
  45. How to train a basset hound?
  46. How big would a Border Collie / Cocker spaniel grow to?
  47. Comparing the American Eskimo Dog, Spitz breeds, Chow, Keesehond,...
  48. 4 year old dachshund akc registerable can I still get his papers?
  49. why is my cairn terrier scare of water?
  50. I have rescued a mutt "great pyrenees/australian shepard mix"?
  51. Where did the dogs dalmatians originate from? can they really have blue red and
  52. My female staffordshire bull terrier constantly barks?
  53. whippets help please?
  54. is there a website where i can find a shelter that they have a havanese?
  55. jack russell terrier puppy leg broken?
  56. My 5 month old Pekingese coughs?
  57. German shorthaired pointer?
  58. i'm looking for dalmatian decoration?
  59. Which is better for a first timer an American Cocker Spaniel or an...
  60. What's a good female dog name for my Boston Terrier puppy?
  61. Help with submissive urination in Welsh Corgi?
  62. anyone with insight with miniature pinschers.?
  63. Would a Golden Retriver get along with a Havanese or MaltiPoo??????? Please I need
  64. bullmastiff palette mouth color is black?
  65. What's a cute name for a Yorkshire terrier puppy?
  66. What are some fun attractions and things to do and see in St. John's, Newfoundland?
  67. Name for a Belgian Malinois?
  68. If I have a chance to, should I train with Chow, Shawn Johnson's gymnastics coach?
  69. Are there any samoyed breeders in South Carolina?
  70. Training a Brittany spaniel to hunt Worried about him running away?
  71. Name suggestions for a Yorkshire terrier puppy?
  72. Where is the Greyhound race course in Eastbourne?
  73. I have a female french bulldog puppy who is 9 weeks old, she is very smart, eats
  74. Do you need an ID to buy a greyhound ticket at the terminal?
  75. What are the pros and cons on getting a shih tzu?
  76. How do I go about looking after a Chihuahua?
  77. Curly Coated Retrievers?
  78. Where can i find a Siberian Husky puppy for sale in San Diego?
  79. Are Kuvasz good guard dogs?
  80. What is the best technique for house training a Siberian Husky?
  81. What kind of good clipper brand for toy poodle hair?
  82. akc-saint bernard-registration number-WS27373601?
  83. My 5 month old puppy is a miniature poodle. He poos on his bed and lays
  84. Weimaraner or Field Spaniel?
  85. what is the best canned or dry food for a yorkshire terrier who just gave birth?
  86. Is my great pyrenees under wieght?
  87. What are some good siberian husky breeders in florida?
  88. Weird breathing in 5 year old Weimaraner?
  89. Staffordshire bull terrier walking?
  90. My neighbors rottweiler keeps coming to my yard. What can I do to him?
  91. What is the range of pounds for a Pomeranian?
  92. Is Purina Dog Chow a good brand for a dog?
  93. How to teach a 7 week old golden retriever puppy to walk on a leash?
  94. I want to get a Bichon Frise, where do find a really good breeder in Oregon?
  95. Feeding Pregnant German Shepherd Dog?
  96. Need help with my Jack Russell Terrier?
  97. Why does my border collie puppy do this?
  98. How can we get our Border Collie to herd the cows?
  99. what should weimaraner look like?
  100. The markings of: Doberman Pinscher, Rottweiler...?
  101. a pink/white soft bump grew from the tip of both of my dog's ears. He is a 1
  102. What is a good name for a Siberian Husky?
  103. can you take animals on the greyhound bus?
  104. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel VS. Maltese?
  105. I have a 9 year old dachshund. He is marking his territory in the house. What can I
  106. Can i liter train a two year old Italian greyhound?
  107. Are Kuvasz really that cute and cuddly?
  108. What's normal Shiba Inu fur texture?
  109. I took my 8 week old shar pei to the vet to get her eyelids tacked, but...
  110. I have a jack russell terrier 10 1/2 years old and has a tumor on liver
  111. Finding a Doberman pinscher breeder online?
  112. Does anyone know if brittany spears is really dead?
  113. were can i get a whippet about 1to 2 years old in england?
  114. how many times a day should you feed a toy poodle?
  115. how to care for whippets ?
  116. Would a tibetan mastiff be a good guard, and hiking companion?
  117. English Pointers??? The dog for me?
  118. Owning a Komondor puppy?
  119. What is a suggested travel method and itinerary for a week in Newfoundland?
  120. can you train a bloodhound to walk off lead?
  121. Are jack russell terrier dogs wild or gentle?
  122. what do you guys prefer? Windsor university in Ontario or Memorial university...
  123. How Much Should A 13 Week Old Rottweiler Weigh?
  124. Help! I need to find a basset hound pillow!?
  125. Could a Chihuahua get along with a Pomeranian?
  126. How do I stop my beagle chewing?
  127. Does anyone know any pet store that sells mini schnauzer,maltese,tea cup yorkie or
  128. what are the modeling sizes, is there a modeling place in Newfoundland Canada?
  129. Does anyone know any bull terrier breeders in Louisiana?
  130. Curly Coated Retrievers ?
  131. Does anybody know where an italian greyhound breeder is on long island or new york?
  132. scottish terriers and kids? why do people think this is such a bad thing?
  133. My Saint Bernard has a baseball size lump by his throat any ideas what this may be?
  134. What does a dog profile mean when it says that a chihuahua has terrier-like...
  135. what to do when your bichon frise (puppy )has got angel eyes?
  136. Mini schnauzer what kind of brush is best?
  137. How much would it be to spay my 5 pound female Chihuahua?
  138. My pug has a cold; what over the counter medicine is safe for him and in what dose?
  139. cant find a dang English Bulldog can someone help me?
  140. The difference in Australian Silky Terrier & Silky Terrier?
  141. Good Names for a male dalmatian?
  142. ha ve saint bernard female she is at age of 6 months and her weight is 25kg and
  143. Is my Dalmatian Molly pregnant? (better quality photo)?
  144. Can my beagle still become a successful hunting dog if he is older than 1?
  145. roughhousing/play fighting with a bullmastiff?
  146. I live in the country do u think my american bulldog male can defend himself from a
  147. What events lead up to the boxer rebellion?
  148. are airedale terriers good dogs?
  149. Pet insurance for my bullmastiff... pet plan, more than, the kennel club or another?
  150. Cure an aggressive American Eskimo?
  151. I want some american bulldog owners to share how much there dogs grew and
  152. Do you or have you ever had a SAMOYED as pet?
  153. There was a show on Nickelodeon back in the 80's that had a boy traveling with a big
  154. What is wrong with my 1-year-old beagle who was spayed in October but stays swollen
  155. where can i find a kurdish kangal dog breeder in the philippines?
  156. what is the difference between a Siberian husky and an Alaskan malamute?
  157. What to know before I get a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?
  158. the size of a german shepherd dog?
  159. I need a name for a black female mini schnauzer?
  160. Whats Bigger. Great Dane or Irish Wolfhound?
  161. what is a god name for a dalmatian, that isn't the usual like spot, pongo,...
  162. Komondor dog in Texas?
  163. Doberman Pinschers-- Wading thru the maze of truth and myth.?
  164. What is a cute name for a female english pointer, She is so cute and wirey.?
  165. anyone selling Cavalier King Charles Spaniels in Indiana?
  166. How can i tell if my female border collie is in heat?
  167. How do I reduce the amount of shedding in a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?
  168. How long can a samoyed be left alone for?
  169. What kind of dog do I own now? He looks like a Labrador Retriever: is 4' long &
  170. How do i convince my mom to get a rottweiler?
  171. Why is my Miniature Schnauzer shedding? These dogs are known not to!?
  172. Is there a good American Eskimo Dog breeder in Southern Ontario?
  173. are labrador retriever good with young children?
  174. I have a 11 week old Labrador retriever, should i get him an orthopedic bed?
  175. How do I take care of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?
  176. What are some cute & friendly Siberian Husky mixes?
  177. are golden retriever good with young children?
  178. German Sheperd and Golden Retriever mixed life span?
  179. What dog toys should I get for a Beagle and 2 Dachshunds?
  180. The required attention for a saluki?
  181. I want a Miniature Pinscher?
  182. Where can I find a Toy American Eskimo breeder in NH?
  183. should I start an emergency fund for my Pomeranian?
  184. Can i use normal scissors / human shavers to groom my poodle?
  185. Siberian husky eye color, if parents have blue eyes, will the puppy too?
  186. how can i stop my basset hound from pulling on the leash?
  187. Is a pomeranian good for a 13 year old girl?
  188. What food can I give to my Pomeranian that has vitamin E?
  189. my 4 1/2 month american bulldog puppy use to come when i tell him to! not anymore...
  190. my american eskimo marks around the house please help?
  191. Will neutering my 4 year old Dachshund stop his marking territory around the house?
  192. Greyhound, Italian Greyhound, or Whippet?
  193. Can you find this old english sheepdog picture?
  194. Why does my Rottweiler puppy love me so much?
  195. i have a 5 month old american bulldog ,scott lines ,how old is best to start weight
  196. how much should an average 4 month old staffordshire bull terrier weigh?
  197. how old should a welsh corgi be for breeding?
  198. My bichon frise has been acting very strange for a few weeks..?
  199. who likes american eskimo dogs?
  200. Where can i buy a Samoyed puppy in South Carolina?
  201. Which is a better dog? A Bichon frise, Havanese, or Havachon?
  202. What is the most popular futbol team in el estado de Chihuahua? Cual es el...
  203. puppy question. Miniature pinscher.?
  204. I just got my first Papillon and he is 4 1/2 months old. How do I get
  205. Companion Dog: German Shepherd, Alaskan Malamute, or Siberian Husky?
  206. What is the best harness to use for a Bichon Frise or similar type dog?
  207. After having one of my two cats ate by a coyote I bought a puppy english mastiff.
  208. I have a toy poodle, the runt of the litter. She was walking; at 7 weeks of age she
  209. Why wont my pomeranian dog eat his food?
  210. would a toy manchester terrier be good dog 4 my Aunt Julie?
  211. How can I take my chihuahua on vacation to Mexico from Canada?
  212. Miniature Doberman Pinschers...?
  213. Where can i buy a chihuahua in London around Tottenham?
  214. Need some Discipline Suggestions, especially from Australian Cattle dog owners?
  215. Do you own an Italian Greyhound?
  216. Do I have to cut a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel's hair?
  217. Saint Bernard questions?
  218. is this an american bulldog?
  219. Leonberger ?
  220. Has anyone ever heard of a chow chow with a pink nose?
  221. Have orange trees in my backyard Samoyed has decided she likes the oranges but
  222. Are these puppies purebred Giant Schnauzers or Black Russian Terriers or...
  223. Looking to buy a pembroke welsh corgi?
  224. weimaraner with a poorly tummy, been giving him rice with scrambled egg and
  225. Is the irish terrier dog a health breed?
  226. My 1 year old Havanese talks to me...?
  227. What are Havanese dogs like?
  228. Nutro Natural dog food vs. Eukanuba German Shepherd dog food vs. Royal...
  229. american staffordshire terrier from the shelter?
  230. Is the Papillon a good choice?
  231. bloodhound.exploit.193 help!?
  232. Bichon frise with a parakeet in the house?
  233. I have a female American bulldog, she is 11 months, weights 45 lbs. Will
  234. Can anyone recommend good French Bulldog breeders in Michigan?
  235. How much do you know about a Miniature Schnauzer?
  236. Are Italian Greyhounds hard to housebreak?
  237. Tips on house-breaking my Cairn Terrier?
  238. Apartments at The reserve at saluki pointe?
  239. Should I let my Jack Russell Terrier kill the voles she finds in the back yard?
  240. How much does it cost to take the greyhound from cleveland ohio to new york city?
  241. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?
  242. My dog is a 14 year old Australian Shepherd & she is really sick. What can we do?
  243. I have given my toy poodle several types of flea medicine and none seem...
  244. What are the possible reasons for dog itching? My toy poodle kept on scratching
  245. whats a reasonable price for a boston terrier?
  246. How old does my Shih-Tzu have to be to go outside?
  247. what is the best way to potty train my new great dane puppy?
  248. How do I sign up for this process I have a very loving toy poodle!?
  249. Can a Yorkshire Terrier and a Shih Tzu live together peacefully?
  250. our puppy is struggling to breath through its mouth what can we do? ITS a Rottweiler?