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  1. will algae eaters eat baby dalmatian mollies?
  2. What do you think about a golden retriever/newfoudland mix?
  3. komondor starting to act aggressive?
  4. Where can I find a Husky/Great Pyrenees Mix breeder in Michigan/Ohio/Indiana?
  5. where can I buy Nissin chow mein beef teriyaki in bulk?
  6. Why does my black Labrador Retriever display East Asian characteristics?
  7. Does anyone have a Leonberger?
  8. I plan on getting a Rottweiler and can't decide whether I should get a...
  9. My German Shepherd dog has a large sore on her face?
  10. Saint Bernard Breeders in Germany?
  11. What should I feed my boston terrier?
  12. Unique Names for a Male Shetland Sheepdog?
  13. Any tips for training a 1-year-old Basset Hound?
  14. AKC name suggestions for my Newfoundland?
  15. Is a 48"L x 30"W x 33"H crate good for a bullmastiff?
  16. Should i get a Cavalier or Papillon?
  17. what should i expect of a lab, australian cattle dog, and rhodeisan ridgeback mix?
  18. Purina Puppy Chow for my adult dachshund?
  19. Pembroke Welsh Corgi Questions?
  20. can you get a cross between a greyhound and a munsterland?
  21. looking for bedlington terrier puppy pleas help?
  22. If the original english bulldog was Bred for guarding livestock, hog catching
  23. how can i stop my beagle from wrecking my house when I leave?
  24. If you could create a symbol to represent Newfoundland & Labrador, what would it...
  25. Bullmastiff has little white lumps with black under.?
  26. Why does my 3 year old shar pei keep bothering my 9 year old boxer?
  27. any tips about travelling with a 3 month old dachshund puppy?
  28. I can't seem to find any AKC bull Terrier puppies for sale in TN?
  29. My Newfoundland/Border collie mixed puppy has become wilder then after since she has
  30. We are buying either a Weimaraner or a Hungarain Vizsla puppy - name ideas
  31. What do you think about my Samoyed?
  32. With an airedale terrier (and other breeds) What is hair plucking?
  33. What should I name my new great dane?
  34. How to get a beagle to live with a rabbit?
  35. Well a pet store in my area has a Samoyed and I have decided to buy it, any...
  36. I might possibly be getting a 10 month old Beagle, any tips or suggestions for...
  37. what is meant by a blocky head golden retriever?
  38. How old do you legally have to be to ride a bus (i.e. Greyhound) by yourself
  39. Why Does My Neutered 4 Year Old House Trained Pug Keep Urinating In The House?
  40. cani feed my 4 year old great dane senior dog food?
  41. Repost: what should i name a boston terrier?
  42. where can i adopt a dachshund or mini dachshund in sacramento california?
  43. Doberman Pinscher dilemma?
  44. At what age does mini Pomeranian reach their maximum growth?
  45. "Royal" name for a boy Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?
  46. Does punching meat like in Rocky actually help you become a better boxer?
  47. what shampoo should i use for my 3months old english bulldog?
  48. what age do male beagle puppies start trying to mate?
  49. Remembering Riley...Ode to my Jack Russell Terrier. Please, please add a...
  50. Help! I have a question about my female bullmastiff!?
  51. How many lbs of raw meat should a 200lb mastiff eat?
  52. How do I keep a Beagle puppy from chewing up objects when I'm at work?
  53. is it ok that my english bulldog puppy eats cheese, and drink milk?
  54. how much to groom a bichon frise?
  55. Where can I buy a good priced Pomeranian puppy in San Diego?
  56. Staffordshire Bull Terrier?
  57. Weimaraner or Rhodesian Ridgeback? Also what are some good names?
  58. Does Papillon in Fremont have vegetarian food?
  59. Besides the Chow, what dogs have purple/black tongues?
  60. Should I name my new mini schnauzer puppy Cheiko or Roxie?
  61. can an american bulldog kill rats?
  62. Where can i find a Shiba inu for sale in Texas?
  63. Would border collie's get along fine with a cat?
  64. how do i find a price of a Greyhound bus ticket before purchasing it?
  65. my miniature dachshund is giving milk she has never been or has sex how the
  66. What should I name my gray female Pomeranian?
  67. Beagle Dog: I only want one dog but the dog i want is meant to be in a pack?
  68. What type of food should an adult Italian Greyhound be feed?
  69. Is it OK to leave an American Eskimo puppy home alone while we're at work?
  70. How must the reflexes of a professional boxer be different from a non-boxer?
  71. Can someone tell me how a Boxer is measured accurately for tale of the tape?
  72. Our Great Dane is extremely sick, he was at the vet today for 8 hours
  73. My 5 year old Lhasa Apso (adopted 6 weeks ago) is pretty agressive and
  74. Help with Everything is gonna be okay by Brittany Louise Taylor lyrics?
  75. Should I worry about my English Bulldog?
  76. Is it normal for my shih tzu pup to poop at 2-5am after eating 3 small meals thruout
  77. Why do people hate the name Brittany?
  78. What would be the cheapest airline/ or transportation for my Bull Mastiff?
  79. are there any great danes to breed with my male great dane?
  80. Why are people so opposed to toy/mini Australian Shepherds when there
  81. Doberman Pinscher And Miniature Pinscher?
  82. Best food for a Saint Bernard Puppy?
  83. i am looking for a name for a female old english sheepdog!?
  84. what dog is better pembroke welsh corgi or the cardigan welsh corgi?
  85. My 6 month old german shepherd will not eat his dog food, but he wants to eat...
  86. Havanese, Bichon or Coton Tulear?
  87. 10 week old cairn terrier/chihuahua cross...weird ear notch?
  88. Why are firetruck dogs usually only symbolized by a Dalmatian?
  89. Which boxer do you think would make an easy transition into MMA and actually be...
  90. Which of the Pet Head Shampoos would work for my Papillon?
  91. I have a 13 week old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who has a short coat , is
  92. We are getting a black Lab cross Old english sheepdog puppy (accidental mating
  93. havanese dog all about them?
  94. If my bullmastiff gets bigger then 140-150 pounds do i have to kiss the dog...
  95. Question about Bernese Mountain Dogs...?
  96. about how big an area would a bloodhound’s scent receptors cover?
  97. What is the name of the French song that is playing while Kurt and Brittany...
  98. Where should I hang up ads that I'm giving away a Chihuahua for free to a good home?
  99. Should I go by train or greyhound from North TX to North Arkansas?
  100. My friend Dachshund through out its back?
  101. Shiba Inu puppy in Regina, SK?
  102. My puppy Scully the Basset Hound jumps up against my sofa and coffee table, how
  103. I'm looking for a Rhodesian Ridgeback?
  104. How long can I leave a labrador retriever puppy alone?
  105. Is a West Highland White Terrier a good dog to have if you have never...
  106. I need help housebreaking my miniature schnauzer?
  107. I just got a new Basenji mix puppy and was wondering about his diet?
  108. saint bernard and mastiff owners i need help?
  109. why is that olde english bulldog not reg in AKC?
  110. How big will a American bulldog/ American Staffordshire Terrier mix dog grow?
  111. Do you know any Bull Terrier Breeders in British Colombia? (Vancouver,...
  112. how long will it take for my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel's hair to grow to it's
  113. I'm going to get a dog, should I get a Maltese or a Yorkshire Terrier?
  114. My One year old Yorkshire Terrier is throwing up. Should i be worried?
  115. What are the main differences between the Jackal and the Mastiff armoured vehicles?
  116. Whippet losing square patches of fur?
  117. How could i convince mo mom to get me a pug?
  118. Does a boxer have to have a trainer in his corner turning a match?
  119. What items should I get for the border collie I am getting?
  120. Toy fox terrier puppy...?
  121. does the havanese seem like a girlie dog to you?
  122. my pekingese puppy got intestine problem? what is reason for this? he is only 2...
  123. Lhasa Apso eye problem?
  124. Why is my shih tzu breeder making me pay more for a female if i don't wanna breed it?
  125. My Male Basset Hound is going nuts! What can I do?
  126. My American Bulldog has blood in her urine?
  127. How long can you leave a Boston terrier home?
  128. How expensive is it to have a Pug as a pet dog?
  129. Cavalier king charles spaniel?
  130. What do I Need to Take Care of Norfolk Terriers?
  131. Where can i find a Boston Terrier breeder?
  132. My 24 week old basset hound puppy has got a little cough and occasionally sneezes.
  133. Are English Cocker Spaniels good family dogs?
  134. my yorkshire terrier keeps peeing on the plants in my back yard, it's good for my?
  135. What is a reasonable price to ask for a 4 yr old great dane?
  136. On Greyhound Racing awareness what is a medium and/or audience best to address?
  137. is this a staffordshire bull terrier?
  138. How do you make a beagle stop howling at night?
  139. my 1 year old weimaraner is very aggressive with other dogs what should i do?
  140. What should I know before adopting an adult, rescued Rottweiler?
  141. maybe someone know. American Staffordshire Terrier have just black nose or...
  142. How do i introduce my Pit bull puppy to my two ..three year old dogs i have a...
  143. what are some books that a manager of a boxer should read?
  144. do you have a basset hound and cats?
  145. dog to go great with a great pyrenees?
  146. what mastiff type of dog is the largest in size?
  147. What Pro Athlete Do You Think Would Make A Good Boxer?
  148. Name suggestions for cavalier king charles spaniel?
  149. I had a very lovable kind miniature male poodle.?
  150. What are the main dalmatians called in 101 dalmatians?
  151. Finding a Doberman pinscher breeder online?
  152. What is the best food for a shih tzu? Any recommendations?
  153. Alaskan Malamute, Pembroke Welsh corgi?
  154. how can you train a shiba inu to go off-leash?
  155. Airedale Terrier Puppies?
  156. How would an American Eskimo puppy get along with my cats?
  157. what should I do about training an english bulldog?Should I train him to go
  158. My miniature Dachshund has an ear infection how do i get rid of it?
  159. Is a Tibetan Spaniel Ideal for me?
  160. Wanting to buy a Staffordshire Bull Terrier - Few questions!?
  161. What dog makes a great companion for a Beagle?
  162. What to do about a pug nosie dog that i a year old?
  163. My silky terrier keeps snapping and growling at my nephews!?
  164. How to convince my parents and siblings to get a golden retriever?
  165. Shiba Inu Question! should i get one?
  166. Breeding my Staffordshire Bull Terrier for the 1st time... any advice?
  167. My dalmatian fish keep dying?!?
  168. What kind of food should a puppy Pomeranian eat?
  169. Dalmatian Molly Not Moving?
  170. I have a question about the book: Un papillon dans la cite (French)?
  171. Can I give my Boston Terrier Immodium for his diarrhea?
  172. How far can I walk my dog (Bichon Frise)?
  173. any1 else have a Manchester Terrier(Miniture Doberman Pincher)?
  174. Yorkshire Terrier owners?
  175. First two days with my new adopted boxer/bullmastiff. Any advice?
  176. Great Dane zero turn mower sluggish turning left?
  177. Is a cavalier King Charles Spaniel little enough to fly as carry on?
  178. Pug at the beach commercial about not spreading germs?
  179. I have a Shar-pei Bitch. Will having her spayed calm her down any?
  180. why does my great dane always bark at everything?
  181. How Long Can You Leave An Adult Labrador Retriever Alone in The House for?
  182. Rough Collie vs. Shetland Sheepdog?
  183. where can I, find a DOGO ARGENTINO, in Chicago, IL.?
  184. Why is my girl dachshund humping my boy dachshund?
  185. Miniature/Toy Poodle Owners?
  186. how can i tell if my american bulldog is mixed with a pitbull?
  187. Is it ok to feed my Boston Terrier raw cauliflower?
  188. Jobs to give my Chesapeake Bay Retriever pup?
  189. Nintendo dachshund and friends cheat for paying competitions more than 3 times a
  190. POLL: Who was the dalmatian puppy that almost lost his life?
  191. What's a good nickname for a girl called Brittany?
  192. can a german Shepherd dog adapt to a lazy life_style?
  193. How do I make my 3 year old Cairn Terrier obey?
  194. Ok I have a puppy German Shepherd my girlfriend thinks I should get a...
  195. Hard to train a border collie off leash?
  196. Have saint bernard female she is at age of 6 months and her weight is 25kg
  197. How much should my Lhasa Apso puppy weigh?
  198. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel experts?
  199. Golden retriever or weimaraner?
  200. Which dog breed are better at killing wolves ? Sarplaninac or Kangal ?
  201. Does a Brittany Cocker Spaniel Mix Shed?
  202. is my dalmatian molly preggo? she's new?
  203. Why does my basset hound poop so much?
  204. Do bearded collies shed a lot?
  205. How can I stop my Saluki X going into Predator Mode?
  206. Would an australian terrier win in a fight against a labrador?
  207. who has had a bullmastiff that has died from bloat?
  208. HELP! 5 yrs.old Male Shih-Tzu Vr. Old English American Bulldog 1yrs.Female?
  209. Can a pug bite another dog with their strange mouth?
  210. I have a 8mo old whippet and he has discharge at the end of his penis area.?
  211. What breeds of dog will a male Basenji 2yrs old best get along with?
  212. Aloha everyone !!! does anyone know where I can find a English bulldog puppy?
  213. How difficult is it to train a Beagle puppy.?
  214. My Labrador Retriever has arthritis. What do I do?
  215. How much food does a rottweiler puppy eat?
  216. Did anyone just watch the segment about the blind Siberian husky on NBC during the...
  217. How Much Does a Irish Terrier Cost?
  218. My toy poodle has those brown tear stains in his eyes?
  219. My 1yr old German Shepherd dog has a temperature of 102.9! Any home remedies
  220. Miniature shar pei club of America has been around for 20 years?
  221. American eskimo dog name? Yuki?
  222. I am wondering if this dog is a true Yorkshire Terrier:?
  223. My shih-tzu has worms after testing negitive and being treated any ways three...
  224. why did my dachshund puppy have a stroke?
  225. How do you tell the difference between a German Shepherd puppy and a Chihuahua?
  226. staffordshire bull terrier and blue pit bull?
  227. Can I train my Jack Russell Terrier to run long distances with me?
  228. Is it illegal to strength train an American Pit Bull Terrier?
  229. looking for dalmatian owners out there?
  230. Why is my silky terrier marking in my house?
  231. My Pekingese has "forgotten" her potty training, shivering, and vomiting. Vet?
  232. Would it be physically possible for a male Staffordshire bull terrier to have sex
  233. How big will a teacup yorkie poo chihuahua puppy grow to be?
  234. how to get an english bulldog for cheap?
  235. What type of Dry Dog Food is the best brand for a miniature schnauzer that is picky?
  236. Samoyed? Just wondering about it!?
  237. How do I go about presenting my Lhasa Apso as a Stud?
  238. miniature pinscher recent bad habit?
  239. do west highland white terriers have baby teeth?
  240. Do I have an atypical Pembroke Welsh Corgi?
  241. My Bichon Frise behavior and itches alot?
  242. How can I safely store and reheat my Chicken Chow Mein (and would it be safe
  243. do you think a jack terrier male can breed a pit bull terrier female?
  244. Can my Boston Terrier be registered with the CKC if he has a half mask?
  245. Do you think an American Bulldog and American Pitbull mix would sell?
  246. German shorthaired pointer?
  247. My toy poodle ate less than a half of Hersheys chocolate chips out of the...
  248. What is the average price of a teacup pomeranian?
  249. My toy poodle seems sick...?
  250. What breed of dog is similar to a Boxer's temperament?