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  1. How do you calm a jack russell terrier down?
  2. I really want a shetland sheepdog but can't get it because of shedding, any...
  3. If I buy a 1 year old english mastiff, will it be safe for my kids?
  4. is Orijen good for a Dalmatian ?
  5. Does anyone else think Brittany Murphy was one of the best looking women
  6. German Shepherd Dog Pros and Cons?
  7. My american bulldog makes snoring noises when she's awake. Is this normal?
  8. my toy poodle wont potty train?
  9. How much due it cost to Champion an AKC English Mastiff?
  10. what dog is better,Beagle,britney,Bishion,Basenji,Border Terrier,Cardigan Welsh
  11. Why is my 2 year old Golden Retriever scared of everything?
  12. How did Brittany Murphy's husband (widower) Simon Monjack die?
  13. I really want a French Bulldog, but they are so expensive?
  14. When is the best time to play with my 8wk shih tzu puppy?
  15. Where can I find a pure German Shepherd Dog?
  16. Where is the closest greyhound station to Lake Havasu city AZ?
  17. Advice on bichon frise?
  18. Why is my standard schnauzer puppy shedding so much?
  19. names for a cavalier king charles spaniel?
  20. How much iams for a matured great dane?
  21. Bullmastiff question!?
  22. any place to buy a basset hound in brisbane,queensland or around that area?
  23. My dalmatian is constantly licking the bedding and sneezing?
  24. my lhasa apso has a red lump around her vagina area?
  25. What is the youngest age a Shih Tzu should be adopted.?
  26. Dalmatian jealous of puppy?
  27. How to get rottweiler pup used to beagle?
  28. Rhodesian Ridgeback as a Distance Running Partner?
  29. Why is my shih tzu showing his teeth at me for no reason?
  30. I have a Jack Russell Terrier with a cropped tail, but now it seems to be...
  31. I live in Woodbridge, VA and I wondered where the best place to trim and
  32. How can I teach my chihuahua not to bark at people she sees outside the window?
  33. does anyone know where to get a french bulldog for less than $1,000?
  34. Are Italian Greyhounds small enough to carry around?
  35. Do you know of any toy poodle breeders in Ct?
  36. Which is better: Puggle or King Charles Cavalier Spaniel?
  37. Silky terrier sleeps all the time?
  38. What makes Golden Retriever, Labrador ret. and German shepherd so popular in
  39. how big will a miniature schnauzer get?
  40. Looking for a Staffordshire Bull Terrier Breeder?
  41. Purina Kitten Chow for 3 week old kittens?
  42. Why is my 2 year old golden Retriever scared of EVERYTHING. How to fix it?
  43. How can I get my Golden Retriever to Eat?
  44. What is the name for a Jack Russell X Lakeland Terrier?
  45. Introducing a english springer spaniel to cats?
  46. Can I eat chicken chow mein while pregnant?
  47. How horrible is a 1Day 8Hour Greyhound Bus Ride?
  48. I have an american Bulldog x Bullmastiff he will be 3 in June. What age do they
  49. American Pittbull Terriers and Staffordshire Bull terriers?
  50. Anyone else have a Labrador/ Shar Pei mix breed dog?
  51. My son would like to bring his American Bulldog when he visits us. The problem is...
  52. I have a border collie who is overweight I need to know what he should weigh for...
  53. Trying to find Puppy Weimaraner!!!?
  54. my one dog just started to attack my minature american eskimo dog and now my...
  55. Does anyone know of any Boston Terrier Breeders in NYC area?
  56. How can you give a Border Collie these thing's in their diet?
  57. I have a 13 yr old jack russell terrier. She recently started to get swollen
  58. Bichon Frise x German Shepard?
  59. How much does a boxing coach normally get from the boxer's purse of the fight?
  60. what can i do to stop my 12 weeks old english bulldog biting my sleeve or pants?
  61. My 8 month German Shepherd is very aggressive with one specific dog?
  62. Curious question about scottish terriers?
  63. My dog one of west highland terrier white is restless?
  64. shiba inu , finnish spitz?
  65. What should the traits of an owner of Chesapeake Bay Retriever?
  66. What should I name my bichon frise if I get one?
  67. What are the measurements of an adult Beagle?
  68. What dog do you prefer? Portugese Waterdog or Bichon Frise?
  69. What is the easiest way to litterbox train a Chihuahua?
  70. What's the normal weight for a ten week old english mastiff puppy?
  71. Will our young beagle be lonely after older dog dies?
  72. Can you tell me what breed of dog this is? I think it might be a Doberman Pinscher?
  73. what would a great Pyrenees/miramah dog be like temperament wise?
  74. Pros and Cons of Sussex Spaniel and Clumber Spaniel ?
  75. Would a golden retriever make a good assistance dog for psychiatric disabilities?
  76. my toy poodle has a runny nose?
  77. why does my toy poodle run for other people and dogs when we let him off leash?
  78. Anyone with Pembroke Welsh Corgi,I need advice?
  79. may I give part of an ativan to my companion toy poodle.? 1st bus ride?
  80. What names do you suggest for a greyhound?
  81. where can I find a pet pig in Newfoundland?
  82. Opinions on a dogo argentino in the same house as a chiuaua?
  83. Weimaraner Pregnancy Nutrition?
  84. How much food should a Jack Russell Terrier eat?
  85. Apartment Italian Greyhound Puppy Has Toilet Issues?
  86. How to train a Jack Russell Terrier?
  87. Newfoundland and Labrador how long do the government leaders serve?
  88. American Eskimo or Samoyed?
  89. Jack russell terrier HELP!!!?
  90. Does anyone know of any Dachshund x Cocker Spaniel breeders or Dachshund x...
  91. how do i get my 6 month old english mastiff puppy to stop chewing up...
  92. Why does my pug want more food?
  93. Is a Irish setter a smart dog?
  94. Would you reccomend a Norfolk Terrier for me?
  95. I have a toy blue silky terrier he weighs about 4 lbs, he LOVES...
  96. Husky or saint bernard?
  97. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy name?
  98. How many times should my chihuahua take a bath?
  99. All about Scottie dogs? (Scottish/Aberdeen Terrier)?
  100. is it dangerous for my chiweenie to be pregnant with a dachshund?
  101. is a bichon frise a good breed? & what are the basic things you need for this breed?
  102. How much should a 4 month Pomeranian weigh?
  103. whats the breeds behind the american pit bull terrier?
  104. what is the name of a french bulldog pomeranian mix breed called?
  105. What side is Brittany on in the book "The Perfect Chemistry"?
  106. if i get a havanese dog, will i have to worry about it always pooping all...
  107. How can I make grooming time easier on my shih tzu?
  108. how do i stop my 5yr. old male minature poodle from peeing in the house?
  109. What size home does a Pembroke Welsh Corgi need?
  110. My dog is a mixed Rottweiler and pit bull, he is now 5 months old and
  111. Can Havanese dogs live outdoors?
  112. My Cavalier King Charles Spaniel has been having diarrhea now for 3 days
  113. Would a Labrador Retriever and a Chihuahua be compatible with each other?
  114. wat is the enclosure set up of a dalmatian?
  115. How do I get from Brittany (France) to.....?
  116. Concerned about Schnauzer potty training?
  117. Is it too hot for an Australian Shepherd dog to stay in the garage during he summer?
  118. What are some good original dog names for a female border collie?
  119. where did the kurdish kangal come from?
  120. scottish terrier ear problems?
  121. Suggestions on male great pyrenees name?
  122. What kind of food do you feed your Pug?
  123. German Shepherd dog questions?
  124. Yorkshire terrier price differences?
  125. Is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi good with other dogs?
  126. How much do beagle puppies cost in the UK?
  127. Has anyone else adopted a pug from a shelter?
  128. How do i get my pug not so food agressive?
  129. Doberman Pinscher vs. Staffordshire Bull Terrier as new family dog? Help...
  130. Quick Shiba Inu question.?
  131. how big can a pomerianian and keeshond mix get to be?
  132. Why is Great Dane called the "gentle giant"?
  133. Why does my 8wk old male shih tzu keep scratching and trying to get in...
  134. i have a full blooded great dane, he's not the gentle giant like i heard he was
  135. Are there any laws concerning Irish Wolfhounds?
  136. best australian cattle dog breeder?
  137. how do you train a papillon dog ?
  138. do you like pekingese dogs?
  139. How much are west highland white terriers?
  140. Would a Canaan dog be right for us?
  141. Do French bulldogs and English bulldogs get along?
  142. weimaraner puppies !!!?
  143. What should I name my 6 week old toy poodle, and should I be scared with...
  144. I'm trying to find a pembroke welsh corgi breeder in Utah.?
  145. How can I train my miniature chihuahua to potty outside?
  146. Does anyone know where I can purchase a Yorkshire Terrier "Yorkie" in Florida?
  147. Does any one know were we can find a American Eskimo Spitz puppy in tn
  148. Which dog breed needs more exercise, the Shetland Sheepdog or the
  149. So if a first time dog owner wants a Samoyed, what is a good place to look?
  150. What age will my black lab/ collie grow the most?
  151. i have an 9 month american bulldog with really soft stool?
  152. What is the commercial where there is a boxer moving fast?
  153. is a samoyed a good breed of dog?
  154. Opinions on German Shepherd Dogs?
  155. My basset hound is lethargic, shaking uncontrollably, has an abnormal
  156. How can I stop my 4 year old pomeranian from peeing on the carpet?
  157. My 5 year old male Belgian Tervuren throws up water regularly?
  158. Which dog door for a screen enclosure would let my bull mastiff mix out but
  159. Does anyone know why a 4 month old German Shepherd dog would have repetitve head...
  160. Is she a pekingese or a tibetan spaniel?
  161. Does a bull mastiff compatible with a shih tzu?
  162. Name for an American Eskimo?
  163. What Are The Pros/Cons Of a Cavalier vs Papillon?
  164. Will there be a remake of the movie Papillon this year (2010)?
  165. Where can I find a Shiba Inu?
  166. Help! Shar Pei has allergies!!?
  167. Can a Bernese Mountain Dog also be a guard/attack dog?
  168. How long did it take to house train your golden retriever?
  169. Will they ask Miss Arizona Brittany Bell about the immigration law, and if
  170. what is the best formula for a rottweiler puppy?
  171. Whats a good name for a yorkshire terrier?
  172. how to teach a great dane to be gentle with a little dog?
  173. Mini american eskimo dog vs. volpino italiano?
  174. Dog that looks like doberman and miniature pinscher?
  175. Questions about heelers/australian cattle dogs?
  176. What should we name our 4 month old English Mastiff?
  177. a link for or someone post the original breed standard for the bull terrier?
  178. Hi i am looking for Dalmatian puppies can anyone help me?
  179. Why is it that I find the females of the pit bull and American bulldog
  180. What was the Pit Bull Terrier bred for?
  181. How do you make a poodle skirt?
  182. Where can i find a Papillon puppy in Phoenix az?
  183. my 45 days old lhasa apso puppy sleeps most of the time. help!?
  184. Does a "real" name exist for a 50% Westie 50% Scottish Terrier?
  185. Weimaraner and Yorkie?
  186. how do I get my male toy poodle to stop peeing while he is on his front feet?
  187. How does the Pug relate back to the wolf?
  188. what do i need for a lab collie mix puppy?
  189. Weimaraner Puppy Wanted?
  190. Is havanese biting common???? Should I call the havanese trainer?
  191. What are the characteristics of a miniature pinscher dog?
  192. Can you take an Italian Greyhound hiking/camping?
  193. My boxer is two and is having her first litter, what am I to expect a...
  194. What book has a basset hound in it?
  195. Bullmastiff umbilical hernia?
  196. Are English foxhounds good dogs for someone who is allergic?
  197. Double question, please, with a Scottish Terrier puppy?
  198. Is Lucian really mixed with a Shar-pei?
  199. When will a saint bernard be fully grown?
  200. Thinking of adopting a 4 month old italian greyhound but I have a few questions for
  201. why is my mini schnauzer a weird color?
  202. How do I house break a stubborn Chihuahua?
  203. My liver and tan bloodhound dogs coat started changeing on the top of his head
  204. any advise how to paper train a 11 week bichon frise mail puppy i have started
  205. I am looking for american bulldog puppies in central ohio.. Any tips?
  206. I'm getting a Yorkshire Terrier, any info You think I need to know?
  207. Rough Collie or Irish Setter?
  208. How many puppies does a boston terrier have?
  209. Are there any legitimate Saint Bernard breeders in or near Louisiana?
  210. does a havanese dog tend to poop all over it's backside?
  211. Would an American Eskimo/Samoyed Mix do good with cats?
  212. How much would a Newfoundland pony cost to keep?
  213. How can I keep my daughters German Shep/Chow from killing other animals?
  214. what would a guy look like with a havanese (dog)?
  215. Dogs. Do Norfolk Terriers have bad or very noticeable dog odor? And also i how much
  216. male lhasa apso puppy name?
  217. How do you exercise your Border Collie?
  218. What is wrong with my Irish setter pup?He has really bad diarrhea?
  219. your favorite and least favorite things about your cavalier king charles spaniel?
  220. weight watchers core plan what points would i put down for a chicken chow
  221. We have a lovely papillon dog?
  222. My Pekingese Puppy is driving me crazy.?
  223. How to train a mini/standard schnauzer?
  224. Do Pekingese Chihuahua Mix puppies shed?
  225. Is canidae a good type of dog food for my german shepherd hound mix?
  226. My 6 month old miniature poodle is not eating?
  227. german shorthaired pointer breeders in New Jersey?
  228. What should I name a jack russell chihuahua mix puppy?
  229. Kurdish Kangal Dog in Canada?
  230. I'm going to be adopting a Samoyed puppy?
  231. Recipe ideas using a chow chow?
  232. When should a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel lose their baby teeth?
  233. Why is my dachshund foaming from the mouth?
  234. I have an elderly basset hound...?
  235. Toy poodle wont sleep?
  236. where could i find a pekingese and french bulldog mix close by NYC?
  237. Toy Poodle Puppy Question?
  238. A question about a saluki cross?
  239. Why does my dachshund runaway and comes back stinking?
  240. Why did Cujo the Saint Bernard kill?
  241. Where are there Airedale Terrier meets?
  242. Do Whippets and Italian Greyhounds have similar personalities?
  243. What should I name my Labrador Retriever?
  244. Should i get a Boy or Girl Papillon?
  245. My basset hound has chronic ear infections and I don't know what to do anymore?
  246. Pekingese skin changing color from sun?
  247. My pug is viciously aggressive to strangers - this seems to be new behavior.
  248. How much food should I feed my 14lb lhasa apso? hes not normal!?
  249. What have you heard abotu dalmatians? Any experiance with them?
  250. Who would you like to see as senator from California other than Barbra Boxer?