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  1. My dog is really small for her age...?
  2. Do You Know Any Good Dog Breeds?
  3. What type of puppy do I have?
  4. My Pug has a licking and nightime accident problem, what can I do to help him?
  5. My min. dachshund pees when my husband calls him over?
  6. My yorkies bottom jaw shakes when shes yawning or sleeping ?? why is this ?
  7. What should I feed my pitbull puppy?
  8. red eye inside and lower a big then other eye on cocker spaniel dog?
  9. my poodle puppy ate part of a pencil will it hurt him?
  10. how to train my puppy to go on a walk!!?
  11. my 10 wk old english bulldog has a cough..or maybe bronchitis.. :(?
  12. How do i get my puppy to use the bathroom outside and not inside the house?
  13. Do you allow your dog on your bed with you?
  14. How to tell what kind of pitbull I have,?
  15. my dog has fur he is a poodle, he has white fur but now he has beige hair too...?
  16. Should a puppy always be registered with the AKC?
  17. Minuature Dachsund vs. Maltese vs. regular dachsund?
  18. I just got a new puppy! She is a Chi-weenie?
  19. what would a labradoodle crossed with a dogue de bordoex look like?
  20. Do yorkies have any natural health problems?
  21. My pomeranian ate something outside and wont stop cryng.?
  22. What is the average age when a puppy calms down?
  23. Should I sue my neighbor for his dog killing my two cocker spaniels?
  24. German Shepherd Stud Fee?
  25. Shih tzu muzzle anyone?
  26. Should I contact RSPCA & Police this time?
  27. I need to cut facial hair of a 16 year old shih tzu with cataracts?
  28. male german shepherd names?
  29. I am concerned about our Jack Russell Terrier?
  30. Chihuahua and Pomeranian/Chichuahua mix barking even after they see their owners
  31. How much exercise does my Dachshund need?
  32. Would a pug suite my lifestyle?
  33. My Weimaraner is sick.?
  34. Female Shih-Tzu has very dry flaky skin. Is this an allergy?
  35. Poodle vs golden retriever?
  36. What will I need for a new puppy?
  37. What is a cocker spaniel mixed with a golden retriever called and is it a good mix?
  38. Things to know about Teacup Yorkies?
  39. Should my family get a Labrador Retriever or an Australian Shepherd?
  40. labradoodle...good things and bad things....?
  41. What will my German Shepherd look like when he's older?
  42. Why does my Dachshund bark at ever boy/guy she see's?
  43. What kind of dog breeds can you think of?
  44. what age should a staffordshire bull terrier leave its mother and siblings?
  45. Did someone claiming to be from Answers email you & offer Teacup Yorkies?
  46. pitbull with natural ears?
  47. which dog/pug is cuter? sorry must log in with facebook as i dont know any other way?
  48. Groenendael or German Shepherd?
  49. is this a west highland terrier?
  50. My golden retriever keeps humping people! What can I do?
  51. Could my Weimaraner be depressed?
  52. Spaying a Shih Tzu at 6 months or not?
  53. Are Havanese good pets for a family with a child 8 and up?
  54. Where do I find a reputable Yorkshire Terrier breeder that doesn't want a
  55. I have a white english bulldog he has a problem with his skin like for
  56. 4 month old maltipoo, training help...etc?
  57. recently my dog ate my cell phone and i went to sprint and the sprint store ordered
  58. my 10 year old german shepherd lost her voice. what should I do?
  59. Awesome Dog Names, AKC and call?
  60. what is the best kind dog to get crossbreeds or purebred?
  61. A pug at the beach? Eyes too sensitive?
  62. Chihuahua choking help?
  63. How can I keep my 4 mth old Labrador pup busy enough not to pull my washing off the
  64. my jack russell chihuahua mix is aggressive and doesn't listen?
  65. Is it possible for me to groom my poodle by myself?
  66. My golden retriever ...?
  67. How many calories a day would a normal female jack russell need?
  68. can you tell me the pros of not getting a puppy?
  69. my little boston terrier periodically marks territory. He has been neuterd and he is
  70. Does a Chihuahua/Japanese Chin shed?
  71. My 3 yr old Pug Dog vomited about 12hrs ago, but since then he has been...
  72. My jack russell is 1 year old and is pooing in the house?
  73. Best WORKING line Czech German Shepherd Kennel?
  74. Anyone have a cocker spaniel?
  75. Any information on Maltipoo puppies? (10 months old)?
  76. my pregnant dogs temperature is 99.7? when will she have her puppies?
  77. Pug as an apartment dog?
  78. How can you tell how far along your poodle is in her pregnancy?
  79. Is anyone selling or know where I can buy a Male Beagle/Poodle mix...
  80. I adopted a dog, not knowing she was a pitbull. My apartment doesn't allow
  81. What Dog Would Be Best For Me?
  82. Would the vet call the police if i take my dying pitbull to him?
  83. I had my chihuahua spayed 4 days ago and she seems to potty off the pads is this
  84. my Labrador will not stop jumping on people?
  85. for a baby Shih Tzu which is the best name?
  86. What do you feed you dachshund?
  87. german shepherd names for a girl?
  88. where can i adopt a teacup applehead chihuahua or a teacup pomeranian?
  89. i need a english bulldog for my 5yr old so?
  90. What are the chances of my adult cat attacking my six week old puppy?
  91. Does the things they to to animals in pet wearhouses (like before the pet
  92. Why does my puppy cry and bark when a dog is close to him? What are good
  93. What should I do? My english bulldog chases away the other dogs...?
  94. should i call the RSPCA - a friend of my just said he was going home to smoke skunk?
  95. How do you play as Pugs (The imp4 boss) in Twilight's Eve ORPG Final prior to r2?
  96. my dog small like fish what should i do. should her glands be expressed by me...
  97. what is a good name for a male golden retriever?
  98. what company is behind the IAM'S DOG FOOD //?
  99. how to stop my chihuahua's reverse sneeze?
  100. Do you know of any dog training colleges?
  101. HELP i want a chinchilla and i heard getting one from a pet store is bad?
  102. If Pitbulls are essentially Staffordshire Bull Terriers down the line then...
  103. How many pupp's in an average english bulldog litter should be expected?
  104. How do I get My 11 month puppy to stop barking?
  105. A Rottweiler in the same house as an infant?
  106. Hey! help please. How many times do I have to feed my golden retriever?
  107. Where can i get/buy a teacup yorkie?
  108. olde english bulldog?
  109. What is the price of labrador retriever puppy?
  110. Breeding to Natural Bob Tail dogs?
  111. Anyway around pitbull ordinance??
  112. My girl chihuahua urgent help!!!!( re-asked)?
  113. AKC/ UKC registered dog name?
  114. Why does my English bulldog scratch all the time?
  115. What's the best dog mints for my dog?
  116. I have 2puppies(brother n sister) Pomeranian mixed wit ChihuahuaAsked by Cola...
  117. HELP!!my pitbull just had puppies. and the puppies have curly hair!! help!!?
  118. What is the best way to get dog urine stains out of the carpet?
  119. Why are there so many breeds of dogs?
  120. Would you pay $350 For a Poodle/Chihuahua Puppy.?
  121. im going to visit a farm tomorrow to see if i would like a cocker...
  122. are Cocker Spaniels great dogs?
  123. satffy or Rottweiler ?
  124. What do you think the weight of a Kelpie X Jack Russell would be as an adult?
  125. I need a name for a Yorkshire terrier?
  126. I am kind of sad about this news, the neighbors chihuahua ran away from home. Now...
  127. Should I get an Australian Shepherd, Collie, Belgian Shepherd, Dalmatian, or
  128. My pug eating herself till she bleeds?
  129. is my puppy a pitbull?
  130. I recently lost my cat, should I get a puppy or another kitten?
  131. Jack Russell chasing Foxes?
  132. Collars making my pugs to scratch their necks?
  133. how do you house train a puppy?
  134. When you encounter a jack russel terrier do you ever feel like chopping it's head
  135. Recommended Pet Supplies store in Boston North side of MA?
  136. can i tell you about my boston terrier? (:?
  137. Am i doing training right for my Jack Russell?
  138. How many cups i should give my 4 months Rottweiler fromm family large breed
  139. Disney World vacation with a rottweiler mix, please help!!!!!?
  140. i bought a calming collar for a dog but its for my cat?
  141. i Need immediate Help. Pretty Sure my Boston Terrier Had a Heatstroke.?
  142. what can you use to help a english bulldog that has a yeast growing on his skin?
  143. What is the rarest dog breed?
  144. tips on helping my chihuahua during her 1st litter.?
  145. Big dogs that work well with Shih Tzu's?
  146. i just got a puppy i need help?
  147. Do you have a Labrador/Terrier mix? How is he with cats?
  148. What is a good, fun, well behaved dog breed to get?
  149. i bought a 5 month old yorkie 3 days ago. He has not pooped yet.?
  150. Are Labrador retrievers good dogs?
  151. What is the best way to top my puppy playing too rough with me older dog (she's
  152. how big do shih tzu's get?
  153. Maltese x shih tzu and jackaranian?
  154. I have a 9 week old mimi dachshund, he doesnt like to be alone.?
  155. Good unexpensive pet store in Vancouver BC?
  156. I found a poodle roaming in traffic?
  157. Tips for traveling with a small dog?
  158. my puppy has nipples is this normal?
  159. I am getting a new black and white shih tzu male puppy I need a name?
  160. Cairn Terrier Issues?
  161. Why did my pitbull start to attack her sister?
  162. How do I train my 1-year old pug mix to stop jumping on people when they come...
  163. My puppy started freaking out all the sudden?
  164. How can I stop my German Shepherd from eating from the other pet's bowls?
  165. When my wife combs our Shih Tzu's hair they always scream and yell. What's...
  166. how big will my pomeranian puppies get.They are 3 mths old & right now they
  167. Whats the best food for a very old Chihuahua?
  168. Has anyone ever tried to create a new dog breed with Akita and Malamute?
  169. My Jack Russell is chewing her pen apart?
  170. White Pitbull puppy might have a skin condition?
  171. Anybody have a bichon frise?
  172. Name for a Chihuahua/Dachshund puppy!?
  173. 9 yr old shih tzu pooping everywhere?
  174. i am looking for people that have Jack Russell's! Is it true?
  175. How can you make a German Shepherd more aggressive?
  176. How do I know if my Pitbull puppy is a Bully Pitbull or the Standard Pitbull?
  177. Information on a Teacup Yorkie?
  178. shih tzu dog plz help?
  179. My 5 month old male toy poodle humps EVERYTHING. Why?
  180. Rottweiler Puppies help finding!!!!! (10POINTS BEST
  181. my 1 year old labrador is limping,dragging his hind legs and when he
  182. harness or collar for labrador puppy?
  183. Is my dog a labrador/golden retriever mix?
  184. my maltese puppy is already 7 months & she hasn't gotten hers?
  185. Where can I buy a golden retriever in western New York?
  186. Dog groomer hurt puppy?
  187. Where do German Shepherds come from?
  188. raw food diet for dogs...German Shepherd?
  189. How can I stop my otherwise adorable Yorkie Blossom from 'losing the plot'
  190. I've asked before but how did you know your rescued dog/cat was "the one"?
  191. My pomeranian is very sick!! help plz??!!?
  192. Whats a good name for a small black female chihuahua?
  193. Is my shih tzu pregnant?
  194. how can i calm my cocker spaniel down?
  195. Whats the difference between a jack russell terrier and a parson russell terrier?
  196. How Many Hours Of Exercise Does My German Shepherd Dog Need Daily?
  197. my yorkie has little brown spots on her bellie and her tummy seems warm....
  198. I just adopted a puppy from a shelter and I am not sure is he is a jack...
  199. Why does my german shepherd 6 months continue to go after my feet?
  200. What is the standard breed of dog for consumption?
  201. Potty Training my Chihuahua...How Long?
  202. Is this normal for a dachshund?
  203. Which dog breed would be good for me, Labrador or Golden Retriever?
  204. how much baby tylenol do i give to my 10 pound dachshund?
  205. Should I get a pitbull?
  206. HELP, Dogs, HOAs / Condo purchase /Future Probs w Dog Breed Restrictions?
  207. My maltese is 50 days pregnant and it looks like she is going to pop!?
  208. Does the Walden Galleria in Buffalo, NY have a pet store?
  209. Do you like the breed of dog I have or do you have one?
  210. How can I get a light colored Golden Retriever?
  211. would a bichon shitzu be a good mix with a maltese yorkie?
  212. What breeds of dogs are good for the breeding market and profitable?
  213. i need a scientific proof that pitbull attacks are the breed or the owners fault?
  214. Adding Peas and Greenbeans to dogfood (Boston Terrier)?
  215. should i breed my portuguese podengo with a pomeranian?
  216. I have a 4 month old baby and My English Bulldog Sheds a lot!!!!?
  217. Help! My poodle fell and had a seizure!?
  218. My Dog died and I feel bad of not having any pictures of him or remberance?
  219. My 1yr old German Shepherd has recently started acting strangely. What do I do?
  220. Will a Rottweiler or Doberman get along with my Chihuahua?
  221. What are some dogs that look/act like golden retrievers?
  222. Where Can I download "DJ got us fallin' in love" by usher ft. pitbull...
  223. Is it safe to breed a miniature Yorkshire terrier who weighs 7lbs?
  224. Golden Retriever or Labrador Retriever?
  225. does anyone know where i can rescue a golden retriever puppy?
  226. Can i take my Golden Retriever puppy for a jog with me?
  227. How do I train my 2 year old Chihuahua?
  228. is HACHI a good name for a male golden retriever?
  229. Is it ok for my puppy to sleep under the covers?
  230. hi i just got a yorkie puppy from a breeder he was the largest out of his...
  231. Are dogs more faithful than cats? more playful? More..."man's best friend" material?
  232. Pomeranian puppies..?
  233. I need to sell my 7 wk old golden retriever puppy.?
  234. Poodle ate chocolate, will she be okay?
  235. R toy poodles very fragile?
  236. My toy poodle seems depressed?
  237. Beagle or Labrador Retriever?
  238. I need A chihuahua !!!?
  239. german shepherd casting hair?
  240. Dog categories and breeds?
  241. My pug has a red bump, looks like a pimple, on his eye ball!?
  242. How come my german shepherd barks for no reason?
  243. Is this weight normal for a 9 week old chihuahua?
  244. Does anyone have a tea cup yorkie for sale? Cheap?
  245. will my cockapoo die if pregnant by a pitbull?
  246. Is $263 too much to neuter my pomeranian?
  247. DS: DO you think the labradoodle will ever become a recognized breed?
  248. what can i do to stop my yorkie from bite/itching his back?
  249. Theres two different types of Shih Tzu :S?
  250. Difference between a Toy Poodle and a Miniature in terms of housebreaking