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  1. Why is my 6 month old Miniature Pinscher is lazy?
  2. How long does it takes to my golden retriever puppy (9months old) to
  3. What are the best traveling songs for long greyhound bus rides?
  4. how can i stop my australian cattle dog from growling at my sister's puppy (husky)?
  5. Doberman Pinscher Learn how to Training Doberman Pinscher?
  6. How would you train a Manchester Terrier to dig moles?
  7. Am I suitable to get a basset Hound?
  8. How do i train my rottweiler dog myself and at what ago?
  9. Do I have the right to see my Schnauzer now that I am divorced?
  10. I am getting a Border Collie soon, but I need training tips.?
  11. facts on white american eskimo?
  12. what is the average height and weight for a 9 week old great dane puppy?
  13. are welsh terriers good pets?
  14. How do you convince your parents to get you a yorkshire terrier?
  15. Where can I find staffordshire bull terrier puppies?
  16. My lhasa apso has a red lump around her vagina area?
  17. Great Pyrenees Heat Question?
  18. how young is too young to breed my scottish terrier?
  19. Is there a greyhound or some other sort of transportation from Austin to
  20. how to break my bloodhound from sassing me?
  21. my 6 wk old mini schnauzer is new to my home and is'nt eating?
  22. what to do with a timid aggressive lhasa apso?
  23. How many decedents are there of the American Pit Bull Terrier?
  24. how do i reduce shedding for my chow puppy?
  25. Large breed hunting dog, too much protien? Chesapeake Bay Retriever...?
  26. Was Simon Monjack really in love with Brittany Murphy or was it just for the money?
  27. Can I keep a Doberman Pinscher outside in England?
  28. anyone out there that has worked or works for papillon agency..as a
  29. Sarplaninac vs Pit Bull,Rottweiler,Cane Corso,German Shepherd Dog?
  30. Anyone have the dog called a basenji?
  31. Which requires more exercise? Doberman or Weimaraner?
  32. How do I keep my pomeranian cool in the hotter months?
  33. Can a border collie stay in a fairly large backyard for 7 hours?
  34. How do I leash/collar train my 8wk old shih tzu?
  35. what age will my Rhodesian Ridgeback live till?
  36. How big will a chihuahua be at 4lbs?
  37. How much should I feed my 95-100 lb German Shepherd mix/5 year old dog?
  38. How much exercise is TOO much for a 5 month old American Bulldog?
  39. English Springer Spaniel Pure Bred?
  40. I have a Pitbull mastiff mix with heavy breathing?
  42. the bite force of a bullmastiff?
  43. should i get an english bulldog or a kig charles cocker spaniel?
  44. Im having trouble trying to house train my 4mth old Lhasa apso, I feel
  45. Which Breed Should i get for a staffordshire bull terrier? not an ENGLISH PIT BULL...
  46. My 6 month old miniature poodle is giving us trouble and misbehaving?
  47. What if i arrive at the Greyhound Station and the ticket booth is closed?
  48. Do you HAVE to buy your greyhound ticket from the station you're departing from?
  49. My 5 yr. old apricot colored Toy poodle has developed a small bald patch on
  50. I just got dish tv but do not recieve the local channels chow can I get local...
  51. A cheap way to feed my basset hound?
  52. hi does anyone know where i can buy a healthy bull terrier puppy in californi? near
  53. What are some ways I could entertain my 2 year old on the Greyhound bus for...
  54. where can i find a shiba inu?
  55. What is the difference between a shih tzu dog & a poodle?
  56. Shiba Inu Owners:Overall Shiba Puppy Experience?
  57. Hi everyone! I'm looking to adopt either a Chihuahua or a Shiba Inu?
  58. How long after a rabies shot should my Chihuahua be sore?
  59. my english bulldog has lose about half inch hair on his back. what should i do?
  60. What town grew because of the forestry industry in Newfoundland?
  61. what if my 8 month old toy poodle got pregnant on her first heat?what should i do?
  62. know how much Canaan Dogs are?
  63. Introducing an English Springer Spaniel to cats?
  64. Jack Russell Terrier Question... Please help?
  65. I have an 11 Week English bulldog. Can I feed him once a day or should I still
  66. I have a 4 year old Great Dane female that I want to spay after this heat....
  67. what kind food do you suggest for a 3 months old english bulldog?
  68. Two Boxers and a Saint Bernard?
  69. Are Pekingeses good dogs? (FOR PEKINGESE OWNERS ONLY)?
  70. What Happens If You Dont Take A Poodle Out For A Walk Everyday?
  71. Anyone have a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier or Boston Terrier?
  72. Good dog names for a bearded collie? (Male)?
  73. How do I know when to take my shih tzu puppy out to potty?
  74. where can I get a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel / Papillon puppy?
  75. Best way to ship my Jack Russell Terrier from Atlanta, GA to Anchorage Ak?
  76. what are facts about a Labrador retriever?
  77. How much do I feed my giant 4 month Pomeranian?
  78. What are some southern names for a male golden retriever?
  79. Pros and Cons of Norfolk Terrier And Dandie Dinmont Terrier ?
  80. Labrador/Whippet mix?
  81. question about the havanese dog?
  82. at what age does a newfoundland dog stop growing in height? how much will he grow...
  83. How to stop an 8 week old boxer puppy from crying in her crate?
  84. Should I cut or shave my jack russell terrier's hair?
  85. What's the effect to a boxer if your over trained. Is it the same if you...
  86. I'm confused about Komondor puppies!?
  87. How much is a manchester terrier?
  88. How could i learn my bernese mountain dog the stay command?
  89. Can a Rottweiler and Yorkie Poo grow up in same household?
  90. How is the Great Pyrenees a good guard dog, its a giant teddy bear that
  91. When will a mini poodle start curling?
  92. How much bite force does a Sottish Collie(Rough Collie) have?
  93. Can I find a Yorkshire Terrier puppy for less than 200 dollars? Or 200 dollars?
  94. Why is every bombshell star such as Brittany, Anna Nichole, etc.....compared
  95. How to make Chicken Chow Mein?
  96. Mini Dachshund has black substance on its chest?
  97. How to house train a miniature dachshund?
  98. Why is my miniature pinscher so big?
  99. Is an English Setter right for me.?
  100. My poodle is a parti color but what is wrong with its color?
  101. real differences between american eskimo and samoyed dog?
  102. How to stop a barking Basset Hound?
  103. I am looking for an old Iams dog food commercial with an Irish Setter named Casey.?
  104. Picture of a St Bernard and Shar pei mix...?
  105. What to do if my shih tzu puppy has to potty and its raining outside?
  106. Is a West Highland White Terrier right for me?
  107. How do I manage to keep my french bulldog's tail area clean?
  108. How long can a Vizsla stay home alone?
  109. Im thinking about breeding my pomeranian and chihuahua?
  110. What are some really good female Saint Bernard names?
  111. my 12 year old tibetan spaniel has started peeing against the fridge cooker etc any
  112. What to expect from a weimaraner/lab mix?
  113. Would a male Golden Retriever and a female Akita Inu get along?
  114. If you want to keep a Havanese's hair quite short and curly, how often
  115. How do i get my pug to lose weight?
  116. How easy is it to train a Boston Terrier?
  117. There is a clear-grayish mucus in my Shiba Inu's eyes every morning. Any...
  118. My 3 yr old Female Miniature Schnauzer has poo accidents in my basement?
  119. 5 month old leonberger with a soft, squishy, movable lump?
  120. What kind of dog will a Dalmatian & Chiweenie mix be?
  121. what does the song "im the least you could do" by the bloodhound gang mean?
  122. Do you hate and/or fear Doberman Pinschers?
  123. what are newfoundland and Labrador's environmental problems?
  124. how much do i need to feed my american bulldog?
  125. Which is harder to groom? Havanese or Bichon Frise?
  126. My miniature schnauzer is casting really bad?
  127. How much does it cost to get a Greyhound bus from Toronto to Niagara Falls?
  128. Am I ready for a Samoyed?
  129. getting great pyrenees pup, currently have pitbull mix, worried abouthow theyll
  130. Why does my border collie have black spots on his gums?
  131. Dog experts: This isn't a Jack Russell Terrier is it?!?
  132. How can I register my Belgian Malinois?
  133. Can a Miniature Schnauzer have breathing problems?
  134. how big does a toy poodle get?How many times a day are they suppose to it?
  135. Pekingese choking out of the blue?
  136. What can you tell me about the Shiba Inu?
  137. How long do you need to be with a labrador retriever for everyday?
  138. Is she an American Cocker Spaniel or English Cocker?
  139. What do you think about the Havanese? (plz answer if you have one)?
  140. How do I get my Tibetan Mastiff puppy to come when I call her?
  141. shar pei mix babying front paw.?
  142. for my first dog, should i get a purebred american staffordshire terrier?
  143. How long should i walk my mini dachshund?
  144. my 3 month old english bulldog has lose about half inch fur on his back. what should
  145. old dogs cant learn new tricks??? - Toy poodle?
  146. Why aren't there a lot of farms in Newfoundland and Labrador?
  147. Staffordshire bull terrier ?
  148. How To House Break A Toy Poodle Puppy?
  149. Is there such a thing as a Long Haired Basset Hound?
  150. bichon frise owners please answer?
  151. Is it possible for a pomeranian to contract hypercalcemia from eating a poisoned
  152. Our 5 year old pug is losing hair by clumps on her hind legs. what is happening?
  153. Do you think Brittany Murphy's hubby committed suicide?
  154. whats the diffrence between a Italian Greyhound and a regular greyhound?
  155. What was the big deal about brittany cutting her hair?
  156. I Am Getting a Labrador or retriever puppy For christmas and want to research into
  157. Looking for Doberman Pinscher Breeder in Australia, New Zealand, or British Isles?
  158. Bichon Frise - Skin Question?
  159. Who would win in a fight a golden retriever or a fox?
  160. does a male or female great pyrenees keep cool better?
  161. What are taxes like in Newfoundland compared to BC?
  162. A wild wolf vs a Saint Bernard who would win?
  163. what are some good activities for a toy fox terrier puppy?
  164. How can I make my Boxer more muscular with weight training and without...
  165. Where can I find a female poodle to breed with my dog?
  166. Help! My dalmatian has got a zig zag mark on his side and his fur is thin there.?
  167. WANTED: Kelpie x Australian Cattle Dog Puppies?
  168. How much should i ask for our german rottweiler pups?
  169. Are there any good Scottish Terrier dog breeders around Massachusets or in
  170. how much does a full grown great dane eat each month?
  171. What personality traits could I expect from a Labrador Retriever and Black and...
  172. When can you breed your lhasa apso again?
  173. whippet questions (answers from whippet owners only)?
  174. what are the length and times of growing season in St. John's newfoundland ?
  175. Is a chow fun noodle a rice noodle?
  176. What is the title/author of the book with the ghost rottweiler on the cover?
  177. How do you think i can convince my mom to alow my mom to get a dog?(bichon frise)?
  178. How do Iget my 7 week old Boston Terrier To quit biteing when he is playing?
  179. i am planning to buy a golden retriever puppy and i still have a 7 year old
  180. Can cherrys from a cherry tree eaten by a pug dog be harmful?
  181. how can i get past Saint Bernard iPrism?
  182. Pembroke welsh corgi or jack Russell?
  183. Help on how to train an Australian Cattle Dog?
  184. Do Pembroke Welsh Corgi's live well in pairs?
  185. what was the time like in 1831 when Darwin went on the five year voyage of the...
  186. french bulldog and wrinkely face?
  187. Havanese, Maltese, or Shih Tzu?
  188. Can a fat Shih Tzu fall out of a screen window if he lays on it?
  189. How to stop my boxer from jumping on people?
  190. Troubles having female Weimaraner?
  191. Dalmatian puppy for sale?
  192. Some good Irish names for a male Irish setter puppy and what are some good
  193. what if I don't hunt with my English Setter?
  194. how big will a boston terrier and jack russel get ?
  195. how to tell if my dog is a lhasa apso or a shih tzu?
  196. Which gender (Doberman Pinscher) is right for me?
  197. could a chihuahua nd a staffordshire bull terrier mate?
  198. Should I get a Rottweiler, American Pit bull Terrier, Or an American
  199. How can i make my american eskimo be playful with my kids?
  200. Are Bullmastiff's very prone to bloat?
  201. OK, i cant have a german shepherd...but i can have a belgian malinois...?
  202. are miniature parti poodles more expensive?
  203. how much does it cost to ship french bulldog from Winnipeg to Montreal?/?
  204. My Great Pyrenees dog barks constantly, and doesn't listen when i tell her to
  205. what should i do with my samoyed in the heat wave?
  206. New Family dog: Doberman Pinscher vs. Staffordshire Bull Terrier?
  207. why would my shetland sheepdog scratch her face and yelp?
  208. Do you know what size to use to shave the face of my poodle?
  209. i have a rhodesian ridgeback that is 1 1/2yrs old should i have her dewclawed?
  210. Own a: Boxer, Doberman Pinscher, German Shepherd,or a Rottweiler? read please.?
  211. Should I get a Pekingese puppy?
  212. Good names for female shiba inu 7 letters or less?
  213. Any French Bulldog breeders in Houston?
  214. Suggest a name for my female great dane?
  215. Any lhasa aspo/bichon frise(Lhasa chon, La Chon) breeders in VA?
  216. how big can a pomeranian keeshond mix get?
  217. What is the best grain-free food for a Labrador Retriever?
  218. How often do you see German Shorthaired Pointers mixed with Weimaraners?
  219. What reputable chihuahua breeders are there in eastern North Carolina?
  220. Australian Cattle Dog OR Australian Shepherd?
  221. I am getting a great pyrenees puppy and I need a good strong name for...
  222. When is the best day to breed a female Pembroke Welsh Corgi?
  223. Should i get a Pug or a Boston Terrier?
  224. Would a male and a female staffordshire bull terrier live in harmony ?
  225. Is there any group that devotes itself into reviving the now extinct Dalmatian...
  226. I just got a chihuahua and I was wondering how much money I should put aside in
  227. How much do you exercise your border collie?
  228. Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs Supposedly DON'T SHED?
  229. What should i name my Jack Russell Beagle mix?
  230. I feed my border collie puppy on Farmville 14 times but I don't think...
  231. Information on Shetland Sheepdogs...? (Sheltie owners..!!!)?
  232. has anyone on here every met a belgian shepherd groenendael?
  233. 8 1/2 year old cavalier king charles spaniel is snorting?
  234. MY Belgian Malinois can't keep weight on, why is that?
  235. I need some help with my puppy!! *Silky Terrier*?
  236. Has anyone had a dog with a broken leg, preferably an Italian Greyhound?
  237. What are some fun games to play with a chihuahua?
  238. how to tell if my puppy is an american bulldog not sure if she is?
  239. Is a Bernese Mountain Dog a good watch dog?
  240. How to house train an old basset hound?
  241. how to deal with my fearful 5 months old saluki puppy?
  242. What tools are needed to groom a papillon?
  243. my english bulldog has lose about half inch fur on his back, wut should i do?
  244. Is it possible for a pittbull to get pregnant by a chihuahua?
  245. What dog will not fight with a bedlington terrier?
  246. my dog which is a bearded collie keeps barking every time he goes out when...
  247. Are there any good French Bulldog rescue centers in the SF bay area?
  248. How can I make my Doberman Pinscher aggressive?
  249. What does it take to get a weimaraner into stud service?
  250. Would I be allergic to an Australian cattle dog?