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  1. Bloodhound gang's The Bad Touch... "And then we'll do it doggy style so we can
  2. Why is Greyhound so discriminatory towards the handicapped and the disabled?
  3. Good Names For French Bulldogs?
  4. Why do Scottish Terriers suddenly star running like crazy?
  5. Old black and white movie about a boy and Basenji,maybe made in the 40s or 50s?
  6. Can you give me some information on the Siberian Husky?
  7. My Siberian Husky is very playful hes only still a puppy but nearly
  8. Help with getting our dachshund to stop pooping in our bedrooms?
  9. Should i get a German shepherd dog in a big apartment ?
  10. How can I help my 10 week old toy poodle?
  11. I want a Labrador retriever puppy, but I don't want to pay over $150 for it,...
  12. Shiba inu or german sheppard?
  13. How would I stud my French Bulldog?
  14. Taking papillon on 9 hour flight in cabin, what to do about potty breaks?
  15. Has anyone ever owned an Irish Setter? Looking to add one to our family :)?
  16. Who's joke was it to give the the nose of a bloodhound but...?
  17. Breeding my beagle? Where can i find a Male beagle to mate with her?
  18. Which dog sheds more, a German Shepherd or a Sheltie?
  19. does anybody know where there is a great Pyrenees or mastiff rescue near...
  20. Help me name my Female Bloodhound!!?
  21. Best puppy food for toy poodle?
  22. WIll this border collie make a good pet?
  23. Can I get a cat if I already have a Cairn Terrier?
  24. I have a little yorkie-poodle female that im trying to breed with a 3.5 pound...
  25. How much should a 2 year old male Cairn Terrier weigh?
  26. Black and white movie,maybe made in the 40s or 50s,about a boy and Basenji dog?
  27. Basset Hound digging her hair out?
  28. My Labrador Retriever puppy is scared of a leash!?
  29. My Jack Russell Terrier is throwing up a number of weeks after consuming two...
  30. are Miniature Bull Terriers and normal sized Bull Terriers.....?
  31. What extra things should i put in my 50's poodle skirt costume?
  32. Dog Biting! Jumping! Old English Sheepdog?
  33. Can I feed a Pekingese canned (wet) cat food?
  34. Toilet training an recalcitrant Italian greyhound?
  35. What are the traits of a Great Dane?
  36. Do you know of a good miniature pinscher breeder?
  37. Does anyone have a Rhodesian Ridgeback - what are they like?
  38. Newfoundland puppies for sale under 1500 dollars?
  39. Why is my dachshund not eating his breakfast?
  40. where can i buy a rescued great dane in southern california?
  41. Could my lifestyle cope with a whippet?
  42. What breed of dog would get along with a daschund/poodle mix?
  43. How big does a regular chihuahua get compared to a teacup chiuahua?
  44. shar-pei pull on lead?
  45. Can a English Mastiff go on an airplane in the summer time and be ok?
  46. What MA has a great chance to counter a good boxer in the streets?
  47. I have a english Setter question?
  48. Where is the nearest Greyhound terminal to the skytrain Station in King George?
  49. Old English Sheepdog Exercise?
  50. what diet should i give my two year old dalmatian dog who is suffering from...
  51. My dachshund just swallowed a piece of rib bone about 2" long and 3/4" wide.What...
  52. What size of Jacket for toy poodle?
  53. Whats the best book to get for training a dachshund?
  54. Did Brittany Murphy do the film Mega Fault before she died?
  55. I am going to buy a Pomeranian, Is it safe to take it in a car to my house?
  56. Can Italian greyhounds become possessive over their owner?
  57. Whats the difference between a Jack Russell and a Parson Russell terrier?
  58. opinions on the doberman pinscher?
  59. why might my toy poodle have brown spots near the tip of feet?
  60. Should i get a poodle, a bichon frise, or a maltese?
  61. how do i know if my toy poodle is pregnant?
  62. What's the difference between a King Charles Spaniel and a King Charles Cavaliers?
  63. Which puppy should I get: a pug (cream or black) or a pekingese (white or beige)?
  64. what dog was it i ran into... it looked like an australian shepherd, only
  65. My neighbor's Great Pyrenees delivered a beat down on a grown Pitbull, is that rare?
  66. I don't know whether to take AP Literature, or Dual Enrollment English. Any pointers?
  67. What should i name a German Shepherd Dog?
  68. who owns a norwegian elkhound?
  69. Can you get a DS game chewed by a pitbull/border collie mix fixed?
  70. I have a 4yr old Shih Tzu he colapsed and gasped for air and then he's fine?
  71. My pekingese is really aggressive?
  72. Why would a three year old Rottweiler suddenly become aggressive?
  73. My dad has Asthma and allergies is a Havanese puppy Practical?
  74. Airedale terrier or Welsh terrier breeders in new england?
  75. What is the farthest distance a Manchester terrier can smell?
  76. are saint bernard's good farm dogs?
  77. My 5 yrs old (human years)dalmatian dog did not know how to scratch off...
  78. Would a Lhasa Apso Poodle Mix be a good dog?
  79. How old to start training my border collie?
  80. my 1 year old great dane wont come back in at night after going to restroom.?
  81. How was selective breeding used to create the Italian Greyhound?
  82. What are the usual health problems of Pembroke Welsh Corgi?
  83. chow long would it take to drive cross country on a bus?
  84. should i have my Cairn Terrier Clipped?
  85. What is the maxiumum temperature to keep a shetland sheepdog?
  86. Are Doberman Pinschers vicious?
  87. How many fish oil pills shoud I give my great dane?
  88. Im getting a black miniature schnauzer female puppy next thursday and...
  89. how do you get a whippet to like a cat plz help?
  90. Where can I get a Siberian Husky?
  91. Names for Rhodesian Ridgeback male puppy?
  92. Will a french bulldog puppy get too ansy if left alone in an apartment for...
  93. What should I name my 2 month old Labrador retriever ?
  94. How do I get my 4 year old poodle to switch her potty place?
  95. My pug had ticks & her skin is turning black in the spots where the ticks...
  96. Anyone here have a Whippet?
  97. Genuine websites where I can buy a Teacup Yorkshire Terrier?
  98. What kind of food should I get for a Yorkshire Terrier?
  99. Is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi right for me and my family?
  100. Is yogurt bad for Dalmatian?
  101. What can I do to help my 3 month old shih tzu puppy?
  102. Is an Akita/Basenji hypoallergenic?
  103. How should I introduce my 9 week old bunny to my spaz labrador retriever?
  104. Whats a good name for a siberian husky puppy?
  105. Name for miniature pinscher black and tan male puppy?
  106. Are minature french bulldogs good dogs?
  107. my female saint bernard is 72 pounds at 6 months how big will she get?
  108. What Great Dane coloring best fits this name in your opinion?
  109. my new lhasa apso puppy won't eat. he is 7 wks old. we are giving him
  110. My English Bulldog has red bumps on his back when either rain or even after a bath.
  111. How long can a miniature dachshund live with worms?
  112. What could be causing my chihuahua to limp?
  113. my english bulldog have lose some hair on his back, how much will it cost to treat?
  114. Whats the best collar for a Border Collie?
  115. Golden Retriever vs Labrador Retriever?
  116. Doberman Pinscher ear styles?
  117. Why doesn't everyone know what a Bernese Mountain Dog is?
  118. Question, please, Scottish Terriers. . .?
  119. Some good Bloodhound Gang songs for my iPod?
  120. Is it an option or a good idea to send air baggage via Greyhound instead
  121. Cute name for a Welsh Corgi puppy?
  122. Why does my 9wk shih tzu puppy not eat his puppy food often?
  123. Portuguese Water Dog breeders in Florida?
  124. Can someone please help me find a German Shepherd dog to adopt?
  125. Is there such thing as a teacup pomeranian?
  126. What should i name my English Mastiff puppy?
  127. Why does this Saint Bernard try to lift me with his head by putting his...
  128. Can a Boston terrier have lab pups or pit bull pups safely with out...
  129. Why did brittany spears shave her head?
  130. How do i teach my 5 month old Pembroke Welsh Corgi to control his bladder?
  131. Will a chow chow puppy bond with the owner when it is 6 months old?
  132. My Papillon dog is.. different from other ones?
  133. How to know if my puppy is a Rottweiler?He looks like a rotti but he is skini,?
  134. Could a German Shepherd dog live in a house like this?
  135. What should i name my Irish water spaniel ?
  136. Which Greyhound bus station is the closest to the O´Hare airport?
  137. How much does it cost to take a chihuahua on the plane with me to the
  138. information on Samoyed?
  139. how much should i breed my pure breed male schnauzer for?
  140. Is the reason people ride Greyhound only because they are scared to fly?
  141. My saint bernard is being really protective?
  142. Information on a 1929 Willy Whippet?
  143. Is it possible to get pet insurance for a pug?
  144. idk if my labrador retriever is a purebred?
  145. How do I stop my Golden Retriever from chewing on rocks?
  146. Will my american bulldog get along with my roommates new male puppy lab?
  147. Is there really a long snouted pomeranian?
  148. Has anyone seen a black schnauzer only in flint ,tMi?
  149. What kind of diseases and problems can a beagle get?
  150. Do Bernese mountain dogs have more health problems than other dogs?
  151. When did your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel get her first heat?
  152. shiba inu breeders in Ca, Bay area? Where cna i find them?
  153. are there any brittany breeders in/near southern california?
  154. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Selection?
  155. i am getting a 2 year old victorian bulldog in 2 days..?
  156. is the border collie a good pet?
  157. Can you breed a mini husky and a chihuahua?
  158. does anybody know where in illinois i can get a labrador-great dane mix?
  159. How much are Yorkshire Terrier Teacup Puppies in Canada?
  160. my shar pei is 12 is that old?
  161. What should I name my Bichon Frise - Jack russell mix?
  162. Do Irish Wolfhounds Make good pets?
  163. What are the pros and cons of a Papillon?
  164. Adopting 4 year old female toy poodle: help/tips ?
  165. what do you think about Great Pyrenees?
  166. What would happen to my grandma's poodle?
  167. What is the name of Bayard the bloodhound's mate from the movie Alice in...
  168. Dalmatian or Border Collie?
  169. Is a Boston Terrier a good dog?
  170. i feed my lhasa apso chicken rice and pedigree but he does not eat it.why?
  171. How Short Should A Boston Terrier's Tail be?
  172. White spot on my papillon maltese mix's eye?
  173. when is a male weimaraner ready to mate.?
  174. Is the standard schnauzer play full and affectionate and do it shed ....?
  175. What is the difference between a Golden Retriever and a Flat Coated retriever?
  176. Would a Kuvasz Dog be good with cats?
  177. How much for Papillon pups?
  178. So let me get this straight, if it isn't a Labrador or Golden Retriever, its bad?
  179. american stafford terrier or stafford bull terrier?
  180. Is there a difference between a Dachshund and a weiner dog?
  181. My puppy will not eat puppy chow dry dog food whats wrong?
  182. how big will my german shepherd cross staffordshire bull terrier get?
  183. I would like a list of all the line types For the APBT (American Pit Bull Terrier).?
  184. Why is my 9wk shih tzu pup panting and breathing so constantly?
  185. Is it impossible to have an Irish wolfhound if you have small animals?
  186. Grooming Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?
  187. Agility with schnauzer? Place to buy equipment?
  188. my american bulldog right eye is swollen and he has bumps that he scratches until...
  189. Dog newfoundland Sickness stressed or Algeries?
  190. What are some ideas to help my little chihuahua amuse himself?
  191. how many times should i take my mastiff puppy out for a walk?
  192. Could a Rottweiler take on an aggressive Goose?
  193. What are good names for a rottweiler dog?
  194. I have a Bloodhound who is now starting to eat dirt every day! Any suggestions?
  195. how do i get my whippets coat in good condition?
  196. where can i adopt a boston terrier in hamilton,NJ?
  197. Basset Hounds are they good dogs?
  198. Is there any working Action Replay codes to get all items in Nintendogs...
  199. Will my dachshund thrive in my new apartment?
  200. My 10 week old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy is coughing and sounds congested?
  201. how many puppies can a tibetan spaniel have?
  202. HELP Real or Scam?! Shiba inu?
  203. How long does it take a large envelope to arrive in Washington, USA from St.
  204. What active boxer has recorded the most KO victories?
  205. My 9wk shih tzu puppy seems short of breath with tounge always out. What to do?
  206. Is my dog a pomeranian or a spitz?
  207. interested in buying a lhasa apso puppy.ne1 who can hlp...?plz?
  208. my toy poodle's right eye is almost always bloodshot, the left eye is fine, what
  209. how much should a 8 week old Saint Bernard weigh?
  210. What is a website that has information about yorkie-bichon mix?
  211. How much does it cost to own a golden retriever or chocolate lab?
  212. Someone in our area has dogs to give away that they say are a pug & cali mix....
  213. How can I control my Saint Bernard when I walk him?
  214. My labrador retriever puppy is sick?
  215. If I have unpredictable working hours, can I still keep a toy poodle as my pet?
  216. My pug puppy breathes heavy when she sleeps, is that normal?
  217. What should I name my Miniature poodle. Its a male with white fur, some
  218. we would like to adopt a boston terrier in va.?
  219. I have a papillon puppy whose fur was snipped around his ear fronds and
  220. Is it really ok to wash dark cotton boxer briefs with cotton trousers in a...
  221. Labrador Retriever or Golden Retriever?
  222. my 13 week Toy poodle bit me hard and broke skin, bled a little.?
  223. My 6 Month Old Male French Bulldog will not Pee/Poop outside... or
  224. Where can i get information regarding keeshond breeders in Indonesia (Surabaya
  225. what food should i feed my great dane?
  226. How big my rottweiler be when fully grown?
  227. What the best way to care for a bichon frise?
  228. Is it true that pomeranian is good for people that have asthma?
  229. How much is a King Charles Spaniel and are they child friendly?
  230. Do you know of any Weimaraner breeders that ship & DONT dock tail ?
  231. shiba inu personality questions?
  232. how can a black toy poodle have white puppies?
  233. How do you house train a Jack Russell Terrier?
  234. what's the different between a Labrador and a golden lab retriever, and when
  235. How often should i clean my english springer spaniels ears?
  236. how old does a poodle puppy need to be to cut its tail off?
  237. Camera charger with pug in to wall possible?
  238. I want to race my whippet?
  239. My great dane puppy has webbed feet. Is this normal?
  240. I have a lhasa apso and i need advice?
  241. My saint bernard wants to mate?
  242. not resolved timid lhasa apso?
  243. How do you feed a yorkshire terrier puppy?
  244. What should I do to train my golden retriever puppy for agility? What
  245. What would stop a 12 yr old rottweiler from eating?
  246. How long can leave a king charles spaniel alone for?
  247. Where is a good place to get Boston Terrier's in North Carolina?
  248. My 4yr old pomeranian is peeing in the house again?
  249. What if you could be warned about a Pomeranian Breeder?
  250. How much food should I give to my Golden Retriever puppy?