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  1. Where can I buy a Yorkshire terrier in New Hampshire?
  2. why does my lab/schnauzer puppy keep tossing and turning while he is sleeping.?
  3. what are the main characteristics of a yorkshire terrier?
  4. Where can i find a english bulldog puppy for sale or adoption?
  5. should i get a cavalier king charles spaniel?
  6. Does anyone else think a Bedlington Terrier looks like a lamb?
  7. Would a pomeranian be good for us?
  8. flakey skin on back of staffordshire bull terrier?
  9. my lhasa apso ate a chocolate almond!!HELP!!?
  10. what people feed their english bulldog to get huge muscle?
  11. how to potty train 2 year old silky terrier?
  12. 8 week old German Shepherd Dog - feeding plan?
  13. what color of great dane should i get?
  14. Is it possible to tie an Old English Sheepdog's bangs/fringe up?
  15. Where can you order or buy Wienerschnitzel dachshund racing silks?
  16. My 3 month golden retriever wants to got outside all time?
  17. Whats larger an Alaskan Malamute or a Siberian Husky?
  18. Which dog is most obdient German Shepherd or Dobermann?
  19. Fellow Saint Bernard owners..how much does your dog eat?
  20. how much do you feed a 3 month old siberian husky?
  21. How long can a poodle be left alone for?
  22. Old English Sheepdog weight when full grown?
  23. would a boston terrier make a good dog for our family?
  24. Bullmastiff Question?
  25. What is the best harness for a Borzoi?
  26. What are good golden retriever names for boys? Any name is great!?
  27. How many more carbon footprint-increasing trips will Comrade Obama make to...
  28. What type of equipment should a beginner boxer buy?
  29. My neo mastiff rammed her head into her kennel door and bruised her head?
  30. Is it safe to feed my pug a cup of cinnamon applesauce? Because she is eating it now
  31. a female cream chow chow costs for only 10k with papers and complete...
  32. My toy poodle got bit...what do i do?
  33. Scottish Terrier Questions on house breaking?
  34. what is a good weight for a 6 month old female saint bernard?
  35. tips for 8 week old German Shepherd Dog?
  36. Will a border collie and a beagle get along?
  37. Have Portuguese Water Dogs Suffered (as a Breed) ever Since Obama got Bo?
  38. Need advice from a Basset Hound owner...?
  39. How much is a boston terrier? please help!?
  40. Bull dog or doberman pinscher?
  41. Can pugs or french bulldogs be flown internationally?
  42. We have an 11 yr.old miniture schnauzer who has a terrible odor. We have had...
  43. What dog is right for me? A Boston Terrier or a Pug?
  44. what breed would polarize my pomeranian?
  45. Should I get a Chihuahua or a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?
  46. I live in portland and want to buy a toy manchester terrier.....?
  47. My chihuahua 1year old Chance has diarrhea. I cannot afford a vet exam right now.
  48. What are some of the cutest names for an adorable black baby pug?
  49. Want to groom toy poodle? Recommendation needed.?
  50. will a havanese dog, because it has long hair, poop and get feces all over
  51. anyone know of any flat coated retriever breeders anywhere in the U.S.A?
  52. What is a good breed of dog to get to be a buddy to my 7 month old English Mastiff.?
  53. What do you call the Pug/Boston Terrier Mix?
  54. Why does my 10wk shih tzu run back inside house everytime he hears the dog
  55. What brands of boxer briefs do not ride up?
  56. Labrador retriever?!?!?
  57. month old basset hound under weight...plz help?
  58. What happened to my Lhasa Apso?
  59. some things about the irish terrier?
  60. Can pugs or french bulldogs be flown overseas?
  61. Need help taming a rescued Bichon Frise?
  62. My Cairn Terrier has allergies. HELP!?
  63. Is a miniature schnauzer a good dog for a first-time, inexperienced dog owner?
  64. My brussels griffon cannot use her front legs and is not eating or drinking.?
  65. quick info about samoyed dogs?
  66. Do you find this akita inu breeder reputable?
  67. I have a 6 week old american bulldog puppy and he cries all night unless...
  68. Is a pomeranian a good dog to have?
  69. My Cane Corso bred with my bull mastiff what would the puppies be called?
  70. Are whippets the fastest dogs on earth?
  71. i have a Newfador (Newfoundland black lab mix) puppy with a chewing problem?
  72. Can i give my Bichon frise liquid benadryl?
  73. Why did Newfoundland finally join Canada in 1949?
  74. what collar size (on average) is a great dane?
  75. How do I calm down a 160 pound Great Dane?
  76. Is it normal to have ten teeth pulled from a ten pound papillon?
  77. Chow Chow dogs or puppies?
  78. I have a female siberian husky can i get another one? or will they fight
  79. how will you know if a yorkshire terrier is really pure breed?
  80. I have a 6 month old siberian husky, and I think he is too skinny what should I do?
  81. My miniature poodle has just had puppies and one of them won't feed, please help.?
  82. How do I properly train my Siberian Husky to potty train?
  83. Would a doberman and a greyhound get along?
  84. hey guys, i have a 3 year old male bull-mastiff and i want to buy a male...
  85. What should i name my 10 week old white siberian husky puppy?
  86. What is a good name for a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Girl?
  87. How can I find the ideal mating partner for my 4 yr old male Lhasa Apso, Buster?
  88. My american bulldog is 1 years old and small will she get any bigger?
  89. What forms of exercise would be good for my Great Dane?
  90. how likly is a 2 pound poodle to sevive a intestinal infection at the age of 1...
  91. Is there a greyhound terminal near the King George skytrain station in Surrey?
  92. What kind of Field Spaniel Mix is my dog?I need help please.?
  93. Why does my three year old golden retriever randomly roll around on the floor on...
  94. which would win a boxer,bully pit,german shepherd, chow,chow,rottweiler,or
  95. I was thinking about having a Yorkshire terrier, but I'm not sure if it's the...
  96. How much will a doberman pinscher puppy cost?
  97. How comfortable are the greyhound bus seats?
  98. How do i get my miniature schnauzer to stop barking?
  99. How do I potty/house train my senior female American Cocker Spaniel?
  100. What type of safe dog product could I use on my American Staffoshire Terrier...
  101. How to get your chihuahua to gain your trust?
  102. For what reason is the cuisine of Brittany; France regionalised?
  103. How do I make my Lab and chihuahua friends?
  104. just had my Great Pyrenees hair cut all the way down to her bottom coat, how long...
  105. Bichon Frise vs Yorkie?
  106. what should we treat frequent UTi in female Tibetan terrier?
  107. Is this dog a havanese or a maltese?
  108. How can i tell if my Labrador retriever is purebred?
  109. My pet pekingese, Spoon (9 yrs. old, no history of health problems) is acting all
  110. My field registered English Setter...a question only for those who know
  111. Chow Chow Recipe with Cayenne Peppers?
  112. where i can buy royal canine dog food for my english bulldog in the state of texas?
  113. What should I do about this Mastiff?
  114. Akita Inu or a Shiba Inu?
  115. Are Australian stumpy tails cattle dogs the same as Australian cattle dogs?
  116. Should I get a bichon frise or a yorkie?
  117. My Chow-Chow Need To Learn Tricks But How?
  118. is it true that belgian malinois dogs don't keep their tongues straight?
  119. my yorkshire terrier ate chocolate and now is bleeding from his bum will he be ok?
  120. How do I get my beagle to stay calm when the doorbell rings?
  121. Do all Shar Pei dogs bark a lot?
  122. My Irish setter is getting gray hair and he's only 17 months old!?
  123. How do I make a Welsh Corgi trust me again?
  124. Which do you think would make a better dog, a Golden or Labrador Retriever?
  125. Portuguese water dogs - where to see in Portugal?
  126. I need to give my bearded collie a new home where he can run more. How
  127. Black toy poodle names!?
  128. where can i buy pug puppies for cheap?
  129. What's the Difference between an American Staffordshire Terrier and a Staffordshire
  130. i need some kennel names for my bichon frise pups can you help please?
  131. australian cattle dog or jack russell?
  132. Siberian husky pups from the same litter do better together?
  133. Is the Boxer of Quirinal the most awesome of all ancient sculptures in bronze?
  134. Schnauzer/fox terrier pups, how many times a day should i feed them?
  135. How can I get my 9month old Bichon Frise to go for walks?
  136. How long is the plane ride from St Johns Newfoundland, to London, England?
  137. What would you get when crossing a male toy poodle to a standard size female poodle?
  138. Names For Male AKC Staffordshire Bull Terrier?
  139. Where can you get Samoyed's?
  140. At what age can I start serious training of my Rottweiler?
  141. Why did my shetland sheepdog's ears erect?
  142. How old does an Saint Bernard Female have to be before she stops being able to breed?
  143. New puppy: Havanese or a Maltese?
  144. What are the differences between Irish and North American Wheaten Terriers?
  145. Will a Shetland Sheepdog get along well with our Chihuahua?
  146. A good name for a Doberman Pinscher?
  147. How much do the different Great Dane colorings cost?
  148. How many calories in steamed chicken chow mien?
  149. I just bought Dalmatian Mollies, and I need to know the best temperature for them.?
  150. Where can I buy a kaninchen (rabbit) dachshund?
  151. australian silky terrier coat?
  152. What are your experiences with a greyhound bus?
  153. Any Good & Informative Books About Staffordshire Bull Terriers?
  154. How does the Afghan Hound keep cool in the summer?
  155. What treats are good for training a Staffordshire Bull Terrier?
  156. My 1year old lhasa apso keeps being sick?
  157. Would you rather have a Bichon Frise, Maltese, or Yorkie?
  158. I would like to litter box train my 7-month old Bichon Frise puppy. Is it...
  159. Is it normal that my long haired Chihuahua is starting to shed during the summer
  160. what do i do to make u new pet (samoyed) feel any better?
  161. How come my 2 yr old (f) Lab consistently push my 4 yr old (m) border collie...
  162. What should I name my new Jack Russell Terrier?
  163. Can i raise 11month old English bulldog oin my backyard?
  164. toy fox terrier chihuahua from a lady who didn't even know that she had mated
  165. is it normal for Newfoundland dogs to sit on their hip rather then sitting like
  166. How long do American eskimo dogs stay pregnant?
  167. where to get a zippo in Newfoundland?
  168. Cavalier king charles spaniel health question?
  169. Fur loss in my shetland sheepdog/terrier mix?
  170. Whats a good place to visit in St Johns ,Newfoundland ? To the people who live...
  171. How do you socialise a Bull Terrier?
  172. Comments, tips and advice on a German Shepherd Dog?
  173. Space for irish wolfhounds...?
  174. Would a staffordshire bull terrier be compatible with a GSD?
  175. What is the difference between an Airedale terrier and Welsh terrier?
  176. French bulldog + Am-staff + British short-hair cat?
  177. Where can I get a Pug thats still a puppy in San Francisco?
  178. Where is a good place to buy a papillon?
  179. For how long will my Dalmatian live?
  180. Are Staffordshire bull terriers good first dogs?
  181. need some tips to train my 8weeks old pug puppy?
  182. transporting a french bulldog?
  183. Is it okay to buzz or shave a golden retriever's hair down to a half of an
  184. Which Dog Breed Is Better The Vizsla Or The German Short Haired Pointer?
  185. How much would you pay out to keep a Staff cross Rottweiler?
  186. How do i train a beagle puppy to hunt deer?
  187. I have a a 3-year-old Norwich terrier. He suffers from really bad separation
  188. How to housebreak a sneeky 3 yr old chihuahua?
  189. My Mini Schnauzer is in heat and she has been acting extra "needy". Is this normal?
  190. curious about showing a bernese mountain dog in dog show?
  191. bullmastiff cross great dane bad leg can any one help?
  192. Name Suggestions for a Jack Russell Terrier?
  193. I want a Shiba Inu . Is this a good dog ?
  194. Just bought a Weimaraner puppy. PLEASE help! Weimaraner owners is possible!?
  195. Considering a German Shepherd for my first dog?
  196. Worried about my Italian greyhound, he drank the blue water from the toilet?
  197. Will someone who actually knows, please tell me, are siberian huskies,...
  198. Would an Australian shepherd make a good outdoor dog?
  199. Your best advice for a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy?
  200. Shetland Sheepdog vs. Shih Tzu?
  201. The samoyed's Diseases?
  202. My neighbor's Great Pyrenees just scared a grown Pitbull, is that rare?
  203. About Australian Silky Terriers?
  204. How much shots do a shih tzu pup have to take before leaving their mother?
  205. Is there such a thing as a toy Jack Russell terrier?
  206. My English Bulldog will not stop panting, is something wrong with him?
  207. I would like to know about irish wolfhounds.?
  208. Is it normal for a 12 week old weimaraner puppy to constantly bite?
  209. what is a cute name for a black Russian terrier?
  210. My 13-year-old Italian Greyhound is losing weight. She has a couple of small...
  211. Is anyone selling a chow chow puppy?
  212. i live in arkansas and id like to rescue/adopt a doberman pinscher. Where can i get
  213. What is the best food to buy for a Chihuahua pup?
  214. Does anyone know what's the best OTC dewormer to use for a 3.5 month old mini
  215. Should I get a labrador retriever if I live in an apartment?
  216. I have a 4 year old dalmatian girl and a 4 month old labrador boy. I want your
  217. cavalier king charles spaniel puppies?
  218. i asked how much for staffshire bull terrier and thay are full pedigree?
  219. How do you keep a pug cool during hot weather?
  220. Desperate for answers pertaining my miniature toy poodle?
  221. sizes for my toy poodle?
  222. Is there any public transport other than Greyhound between Raleigh and Wilmington NC?
  223. My 13 year old Keeshond has a grape size black cyst/tumor on the back of her
  224. Could my lifestyle cope with a whippet?
  225. What are the colors of Boston Terrier?
  226. What should I name a male shiba inu?
  227. Pembroke welsh corgi which coat color do you prefer?
  228. Help, question about Scottish Terriers,?
  229. i AlwaYs having trouble feeding with my 4 yr.old toy poodle?
  230. How common is it for a Siberian Husky to run away?
  231. What is the closest airport to Grand falls Newfoundland, departing from toronto.?
  232. Do Lhasa Apso shed plzz help?
  233. How big does a full size Schnauzer get?
  234. Flat coated retriever / spaniel mix?
  235. how can i stop my golden retriever / border collie from getting distracted when...
  236. I want to know everything there is to know about English Setters only
  237. is it ok to give my 6-7 month old american bulldog god steroids?
  238. How do i teach my 5 month old Pembroke Welsh Corgi to go down the stairs?
  239. Why is my English Springer Spaniel/Lab mix so aggressive?
  240. who plays brittany fairchild in the movie private parts?
  241. Does the Denver skyride rtd shuttle go from DIA to the downtown greyhound station?
  242. should i get my shar pei dog a collar?
  243. Is the Basset Hound a good breed for me?
  244. Bruises on a dalmatian?
  245. What's a good name for my Yorkshire Terrier puppy?
  246. What is a good dry food to feed my 11 month siberian husky?
  247. Is a collie or a husky good for a 13 year old boy to have for his first dog?
  248. 16 month bullmastiff ears flying?
  249. How much should I expect to pay for a blue border collie?
  250. Is a miniature dachshund a good pet for me?