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  1. Why is my 3 1/2-year-old Basset Hound all of a sudden showing such
  2. Is it safe for a fifteen year old female to ride alone in the greyhound?
  3. what is the growth cart for an english mastiff?
  4. Is it normal for a toy poodle to be aggressive?
  5. Why are show breeders producing German Shepherd Dogs with deformed hind legs?
  6. how do you potty train an american bulldog?
  7. Is it hard to groom a pomeranian?
  8. do english cocker spaniels smell?
  9. Why does my dachshund bark when my other dachshund is having a bath?
  10. at what age should i start feeding my bullmastiff adult dog food?
  11. Clipping cost for a Toy Poodle?
  12. What's the process when I cross the US-Canadian border by land (Greyhound) I'm a
  13. Why does my pug tries to do what she does?
  14. How can I train my 2 year old beagle to stop peeing in the house?
  15. what breeds of dog look like the dogo argentino that are legal in the uk ?
  16. does anyone have a young rottweiler for sale in nova scotia?
  17. Is there such thing as Imperial and Princess type in Shih Tzu?
  18. i have a new american bulldog mix?
  19. My Family just got a new Red Heeler/great pyrenees mix. How long do you think...
  20. How to convince parents to get me a chihuahua?
  21. my 5 month old norwegian elkhound has been ill since saturday and wont eat...
  22. how do you get an american eskimo dog used to other dogs?
  23. What was the American Pit Bull Terrier originally bred for?
  24. Do Irish Terriers do well with other dogs?
  25. Shetland Sheepdog Information?
  26. What are good names for a female Rottweiler?
  27. I'm using frotline on my welsh corgi,HELP?
  28. Why do Shiba inu dog's smile?
  29. Where can I get a crate for a border collie?
  30. training my puppy which is an american bulldog mix?
  31. Puppy- Old English Sheepdog Behavior?
  32. Lumps on my English Springer Spaniel?
  33. Is it OK for my 4 month Samoyed male puppy to play rough with my 1 year old
  34. how can you tell if a dalmatian molly fish is a boy or girl?
  35. My Italian Greyhound developed a huge round red sore right next to the inside of...
  36. Does anyone have a miniature schnauzer female that they would like to
  37. what do i do about my female pekingese.?
  38. Exuberant Weimaraner?
  39. How to keep my basset hound puppy from attacking my cat?
  40. What is the best and cleanest dog park in Houston I can take my Miniature
  41. How often should i bathe my 10 week old shih tzu?
  42. My Toy Fox Terrier is scared of my yorkie?
  43. is chow mien healthier than white rice?
  44. American bulldog 7 months old puppy problem?
  45. How much do I need for a Shiba Inu?
  46. My dalmatian mollies had babies and I don't know what to do!?
  47. How do I train my Siberian Husky to jog with me?
  48. Help? Which website name would be better for my Shiba Inu site? TheShibaInu.com...
  49. Why do I get an erection whenever I put on boxer briefs or briefs?
  50. What are the procedures for bringing a pug on a plane?
  51. I want to get a Rottweiler because they're big scary dogs that can attack my enemies?
  52. i want a miniature pinscher (:?
  53. american bulldog pasta question?
  54. Are all Whippet's like this?
  55. staffordshire bull terrier with a run in her eye?
  56. How much for a Rottweiler puppy?
  57. when taking the light rail what stop do i get off to get to the greyhound bus...
  58. Thinking of getting a Weimaraner...?
  59. What are the behavioral differences between a Weimeraner and a German...
  60. are miniature poodles savage?
  61. I have a rescue collie who is very affectionate, but how do I keep him from trying
  62. What is the name of the book where a little boy keeps a beagle's ear in his pocket?
  63. How long should a 13 month old American Staffordshire Terrier Sleep?
  64. How cold can it be outside before I bring my chow inside the house?
  65. Difference between Pembroke Welsh corgi and Cardigan Welsh corgi?
  66. My labrador retriever is fat?
  67. Do border collie pups develop different colours as they grow?
  68. How do you hand stripped a wire-haired dachshund?
  69. how do i stop my six month old pekingese chihuahua puppy to stop being...
  70. What to feed a rottweiler?
  71. How much should a 75lb doberman pinscher be fed?
  72. what harness size is a papillon puppy usually?
  73. Staffordshire bull terrier feeding question?
  74. Where in the USA are American Staffordshire Terrier illegal?
  75. how much does a Siberian husky puppy cost? what are things I should keep in mind?
  76. How to stop my old english sheepdog puppy nipping?
  77. Is leaving my new yorkshire terrier puppy alone for an hour or two every day okay?
  78. Single woman living in an apartment and thinking about getting a great dane?
  79. What is the gay population in newfoundland?
  80. Why does my Golden Retriever start hacking when he runs?
  81. Why do Native Americans look more caucasoid than Eskimos?
  82. how much is a purebred border collie puppy?
  83. how can i make my two year Rottweiler aggressive to straingers as he has a...
  84. What is some good unique names for a fawn female boxer puppy?
  85. Is this a good name for a cavalier king charles spaniel puppy?
  86. what is the best diet for a shar pei?
  87. Will you feel bad for Brittany Spear's kids when they grow up?
  88. Opinion, Scottish Terrier, please...?
  89. Italian Greyhound started going in the house need help.?
  90. Do you think chow chows look more like bears or lions?
  91. My pomeranian is sheding so much is it normal?
  92. How can I keep my 8-month-old Lab puppy away from my girlfriend's...
  93. Why do male dogs keep humping my dog hank (a male boston terrier)?
  94. I have a Chihuahua and he got into an altercation with my Pekingese. The problem...
  95. Dalmatian Molly Question?
  96. My Pekingese is not well trying to make?
  97. What is a Norwich Terrier like?
  98. anybody know what the characteristics of an afghan hound and a blue heeler mix?
  99. How to take care of a Shiba Inu puppy?
  100. Saint Bernard breeder in Minnesota?
  101. Where do I catch the Greyhound coach from London Victoria?
  102. Why would someone living in South Florida own a freaking Siberian Husky?
  103. How do you train a hyperactive 1 year old golden retriever?
  104. How long does pain last for dachshund back problems?
  105. Can you carry a cairn terrier in a purse?
  106. How much food should my 2 year old Siberian Husky eat & how often?
  107. How Many Times Should AN 8 Month Old Staffordshire Bull Terrier Be Fed A Day?
  108. i have an american bulldog bitch of 16 months do they suffer skin from complaints
  109. What boxer endured the most punishment in their fistic career?
  110. How long does it take for a Yorkshire Terrier ears to stand up?
  111. hey guys, Im a 25 year old guy from Australia, can you please tell me
  112. Why is my 6 month old Basenji still peeing his bed?
  113. Will my Shar Pei get along with my new American Staffordshire Terrier?
  114. Are boxers good with Shetland sheepdogs?
  115. My shih tzu has had discharge coming out of her eyes daily? What could it be?
  116. My 3 month old basset hound is underweight plz help?
  117. How do I stop my 2yr old male chow mix from marking everything in the house?
  118. My new dachshund keeps peeing in the house?
  119. Our cross breed Rottweiler and Black Lab leaves an enormous amount of hair
  120. What can I do to stop my beagle/shepard mix to stop chewing on
  121. My 13 week bichon frise puppy ate 5 star gum what should i do ?
  122. What's the difference between American pitbull terriers and American
  123. What's the difference between an American pitball terrier and American
  124. Staffordshire bull terrier myths!!!?
  125. Pros and Cons for a French bulldog or Boston Terrier?
  126. Which dog is best ?? Cavalier king charles spaniel, cairn terrier or west highland
  127. I want to get an Australian Cattle Dog(ACD) like Skidboot?
  128. Is it ok for a small chihuahua to fly multiple times during the year?
  129. Chihuahua,Jack Russel Terrier,Or Boston Terrier Puppy?
  130. My Chinese Shar Pei has a lot of wrinkles in his face. Should I give him...
  131. the find the car rental station near greyhound station in montreal?
  132. How big will my shar pei/lab mix dog be?
  133. Would a Newfoundland or a Great Pyrenees be better with kids?
  134. What is the differences between Russian rottweiler dog and American rottweiler dog?
  135. How much is an unregistered beagle worth?
  136. What is the difference between a Pit Bull and a Staffordshire Terrier?
  137. How to train a Shiba Inu puppy?
  138. Name of the movie (dog, labrador retriever)?
  139. What fish can live with Dalmatian Mollies?
  140. So compared to other spitz breeds, how tough is it to own a Samoyed...
  141. Is it natural for a Jack Russell Terrier puppy to lose hair please help?
  142. Can I train my beagle to find truffles?
  143. Australian Cattle Dog vs Border Collie?
  144. What do you guys think of Staffordshire Bull Terriers?
  145. how can my english bulldog gets big bones and thick body?
  146. What are some good activities for an 8 month old field spaniel puppy?
  147. Can i raise a german shepherd as protecting dog?
  148. Is yoghurt still considered hippie chow?
  149. my french bulldog has round patches of dry-flakey skin and some look...
  150. How much would an English Bulldog cost in the new jersey area?
  151. How much should and English mastiff weigh at a year old?
  152. Could a hawk or eagle carry away a four week old golden retriever/samoyed puppy?
  153. Akita Inu's temperament?
  154. Where to buy TOY american eskimo dogs near or in houston, Texas?
  155. Why is my Mini Dachshund so over protective over me?
  156. how much does a pure bred samoyed dog cost?
  157. Any Boston Terrier owners out there?
  158. my great dane keeps biteing and licking his self to the poin that he bleeds...
  159. why does my american bulldog keep biting people ?
  160. What is a good name for a Rottweiler?
  161. Why does my beagle have a quarter-sized bump on his side?
  162. I live in MI, and my Lab/bloodhound just licked a toad?
  163. Is vegetable chow mein from the Chinese restaurant healthy?
  164. my yorkie is only 6 months old and we think tht she is pregnet with my 25...
  165. whats your opinion on weimaraner (puppy)? NEED ANSWERS ASAP! READ DESCRIPTION!?
  166. Rescue people need your input! adopting a 2.5 boston terrier puppy mill
  167. Is it ok to give my English Bulldog Benedryl for his allergy?
  168. Any good Border Collie Breeders in Central Florida?
  169. Somebody with JRT exp.? How to care for Jack Russell Terriers?
  170. When is the best time to start traing a border collie puppy?
  171. Why would anyone get any other dog than a German shepherd?
  172. how much food does a black and tan coonhound puppy need daily?
  173. Does anyone know of any dachshund races in Jersey coming up?
  174. Samoyed or Cairn Terrier for 1st dog?
  175. what is the bite force of a great pyrenees?
  176. Where to buy a pug near or in Houston, Texas?
  177. Why does my Miniature Schnauzer?
  178. what type of dog is a mix of a norwich terrier and cairn terrier?
  179. Which is a better dog for me? German Shorthaired Pointer vs Springer Spaniel?
  180. Why did Brittany Spears shave her hair?
  181. Should I get an adult Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?
  182. What can I use to dye my Golden Retriever's coat green in colour?
  183. Who is the hottest chick alive Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez, Brittany Murphy or Aaliyah?
  184. is mussel up a good vitamin for my american bulldog?
  185. I am rescuing a pekingese, any suggestions for names?
  186. My dog a Rottweiler *american* she is about and a half years old and she...
  187. who's death was more shocking Brittany Murphy or Anna Nicole Smith?
  188. I would like suggestions for my 2 puppies. They are sisters and Cavalier
  189. What is it like owning a great dane?
  190. Do i have a unhealthy obsession with Brittany Murphy?
  191. My Beagle is crying, howling, and tring to eat the cage. What do i do?
  192. Help! My Cavalier King Charles Spaniel female was de-sexed last week, her wound
  193. Shiba Inu Owners: Was your shiba pup really easy to housebreak?
  194. Why is my Nearly 5 month old English Setter doing this?
  195. Question about Akita Inu breed?
  196. Do Bloodhound/Black Labs like to run?
  197. what do I do when my 11yr old toy poodle wont eat and he only has 8 teeth..he...
  198. Do Shiba Inu's ever learn to behave?
  199. Anyone know why my Scottish Terrier likes the carpet and ceramic floors all the time?
  200. I have just discivered a perfectly round apparently fluid filled nodule on my Basset
  201. Questions about a Lab/Weimaraner mix puppy?
  202. Is a shiba inu right for my family?
  203. Why won't my Australian cattle dog won't go outside?
  204. Why is my poodle who is 9yrs old and healthy being clingy?
  205. Lhasa Apso puppies - lunchtime feeding?
  206. How old do chihuahua puppys have to be to get there first shot?
  207. my 2 month old american bulldog wont eat. he just lays around like he is tired?
  208. What's the best way to train a poodle thats about 3 or 4 years old?
  209. Whats the difference between a Rottweiler and Doberman?
  210. how would I keep my beagle from digging my mulch and shrubs?
  211. how long does it take for my bearded collie to get her full long coat?
  212. How well would a Saluki dog get along with a spayed Italian Greyhound and an...
  213. Are Astra Border collie's the best type around?
  214. where can i buy pekingeses?
  215. 9 week old average weight pembroke welsh corgi?
  216. How much benadryl can I give my Jack Russell Terrier?
  217. Long-aired Saint Bernard coat care question?
  218. What is the legal age to work in Newfoundland, Canada?
  219. Why did Braddock lose his profession as a boxer in Cinderella Man?
  220. how long does a golden retriever chow mix live?
  221. I have a mini dachshund & his breath is terrible. What causes this?
  222. I need to ask a vet a question about my pug and possible neurological problems?
  223. how do we successfully introduce our new Pomeranian rescue dog to our 3 cats?
  224. Is a Pug smart enough to be taught how to skateboard?
  225. In your opinion who dances better Beyonce or Brittany Spears?
  226. Is my puppy pure boston terrier?
  227. What is the Best Daily Vitamin for a Yorkshire Terrier?
  228. Is there some mix of a Great Dane that has hair, not fur, and is still large?
  229. What is the heaviest Pomeranian on record so far?
  230. Any tips before I go tomorrow on a 24 hr greyhound with a year old baby?
  231. How long does it take for a 7 year old golden retriever's hair to grow back?
  232. will my papillon dog hate other dogs?
  233. What is in Weimaraner saliva that I would be allergic to?
  234. Saint Bernard onwers: What is your dog's name?
  235. American Bulldog gets a new home?
  236. How much should I feed my 11 month old shih tzu?
  237. Will neutering a dog stun the growth of a 12 month old English Mastiff?
  238. i got a dalmatian dog who has fleas i took her to the vet and bought advantix to
  239. How big are eight month old rottweiler?
  240. Would a shiba inu and a black lab get along?
  241. What celebrities have owned a Pembroke Welsh Corgi?
  242. I need a carrier for my shih tzu to fly on the sun country airlines?
  243. mu bull terrier ears did not go up,what would be the reason for that?
  244. is there anything wrong with a half bloodhound and half pitbull?
  245. How often do shar pei's go into heat?
  246. How much should an 8 pound 11 month old chihuahua drink?
  247. How do you get a short legged Jack Russell Terrier?
  248. How long does a rhodesian ridgeback live till?
  249. Which dog breed requires more exercise, the schipperke or the shetland sheepdog...
  250. golden retrievers or shetland sheepdogs?