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  1. How much should I sell my beagle/jack russell & chihuala puppies for?
  2. eskimo's and native americans ?
  3. My labrador retriever puppy accidentally scratch hes teeth with my
  4. Should I get a Pomeranian or a Japanese Chin?
  5. i need to find a irish setter dog breeder in my are 01077?
  6. What is a good unique name for a female brindle American Staffordshire Terrier?
  7. Is living in a hot climate healthy for Belgian Shepherds, Old English Sheepdogs,
  8. what's wrong with my lhasa apso?
  9. Will my kitten eat Kitten Chow with a little bit of Formula in it ?
  10. My female bernese mountain dog keeps attacking my little dog?
  11. Crate training a 9 week old Vizsla?
  12. How much exercise does a 8 week old rottweiler need?
  13. Where could i get a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in Bogota,Colombia? I'd...
  14. How do I house train the little silky terrier that I got a couple days ago?
  15. Why is my Labrador Retriever digging holes in my wall?
  16. Anyone know how I can get a pug/Whippet mixed dog?
  17. How do i use a beagle to find a lost hamster?
  18. Is training enough for my border collie?
  19. what is the best food for a great dane?
  20. i need to know something about a toy fox terrier; 4 month old female?
  21. I have an 8 month old Bullmastiff bitch?
  22. which breed should i buy-a bull mastiff or a boxer?
  23. My Labrador retriever-Australian Sheppard mix constantly scratches, licks,
  24. how old dose a pekingese puppy have to be till it starts taking walks?
  25. My three year old golden retriever has recently began to bite and is now
  26. Do I have to keep my house EXTRA clean now that I own a pug?
  27. Info on english setter/golden retriever mix?
  28. Information on buying an american bulldog puppy?
  29. How can i soothe the effects of orchitis effecting a 14yr old Yorkshire Terrier?
  30. Could a newfoundland make a good gaurd/attack dog?
  31. How old do you have to be to purchase a Greyhound Bus ticket?
  32. how much would it cost to make a dog fence for a german shepherd?
  33. We just adopted a 3-1/2 yr old Silky Terrier from a friend. He doesn't seem
  34. do you no eny good pekingese websites?
  35. Jack Russell Terriers ,Does anybody know of a remedy for my dog chewing on his paws?
  36. My American Bulldog needs eye surgery are there any charities out there
  37. Staffordshire Bull Terrier name help?
  38. has the border collie webkinz been released?
  39. My six month Pomeranian puppy has an adult tooth coming in when her baby...
  40. Samoyed? Good for first time owners?
  41. I am trying to pick a name for my new Great Dane puppy. She is grey with...
  42. How to introduce and train a Staffordshire bull terrier.?
  43. Are all Miniature schnauzer dogs like this?
  44. How can I get my baby Chihuahua to stop whining?
  45. Can my Jack Russell Terrier's tail still be safely docked at 8 weeks and is a...
  46. My dog (Pomeranian/1 year old) had a what looks like and was diagnosed as a
  47. Can english bulldog and rabbit be allowed to mingle?
  48. What are the front pockets on boxer briefs for?
  49. Japanese Spitz and Labrador Retriever Hybrid?
  50. What kind of food should I feed my Dalmatian Mollies?
  51. staffordshire bull terrier puppy chewing?
  52. Some good training tips for our 4 year old 3 legged miniature poodle?Absolutely
  53. I have got a new American bulldog puppy what vaccinations does he need?
  54. how can I get my shih tzu to poop outside?
  55. New Dog Owner Question (Samoyed) ??
  56. How to get a chihuahua to be friendly with a new puppy?
  57. silky terrier mixed with japanese spitz?
  58. Why does my miniature schnauzer seem to like cats so much?
  59. My labrador retriever puppy has a lot of trouble pooping. What is wrong with him?
  60. How do i potty train and teach a pomeranian to roll over?
  61. Looking for a "Good" Breeder for Cavalier King Charles/Spaniel mix breed near
  62. My toy poodle is shedding.?
  63. Are Eskimos American indians or Asians?
  64. Labrador Retriever Questions.?
  65. what type of dog is a good companion toward a beagle ?
  66. hi i have a staffordshire bull terrier shes 3 yrs old and shes been brilliant up...
  67. How i know a dog breeder in chennai India gave me a pure breed of german shepherd...
  68. So, who else in here owns a Samoyed?
  69. How should I get my long-haired Chesapeake Bay retriever groomed?
  70. Is it normal to give a yorkie with a schnauzer cut a top knot?
  71. How can i programme my pug 306 key if i only have the key with the plip on?
  72. Will a Chihuahua Papillon mixed dog shed more than a chihuahua?
  73. Shih tzu/basset hound mix size?
  74. How to Register my pure Rottweiler puppy?
  75. 14 month Shiba Inu 10 pounds?
  76. Dose anyone know where I can get a cheap english bulldog?
  77. Im getting a Havanese tomorrow. tips?
  78. What vaccinations are recommended for my 2 year old pug?
  79. American Staffordshire Terrier- what do i need before i get the puppy?
  80. how often do i feed my 4mths old golden reteiver mix wth pitbull collie per day?
  81. Bully dogs??? Bullmastiff question?
  82. I have a 4 yr. old bloodhound that takes meds (80 mg. phenobarbital 2xdaily)for
  83. How long is toy poodle pregnancy right after getting stuck?
  84. is it good to get a shar Pei now?
  85. rottweiler?????????????????
  86. why does my american bulldog roll on the grass?
  87. Bullmastiff Growth Question?
  88. Is it okay to use human shampoo on my Miniature Schnauzer?
  89. I want to buy a west highland white terrier (pup)?
  90. My German shepherd dog (female) keeps tearing up the carpet and the bedding?
  91. What kind of a dog is this? A Portuguese Water dog?
  92. my pug puppy when i touch him feel that he body is hot. Is he fever or ?
  93. Scottish Terrier on an extended road trip yes or no?
  94. What age has/did your Staffordshire Bull Terrier live too?
  95. Bullmastiff pinned a boy down - consequences?
  96. Great Pyrenees as my first pet?
  97. anyone know about australian silky terrier coats?
  98. Would a Havanese and a Sheltie get along?
  99. Can a jack russel bitch and a golden retriever bitch live together?
  100. Australian Cattle Dog Question?
  101. Does anyone have a teacup Pomeranian for a cheap price?
  102. am i over feeding my boston terrier puppy?
  103. how to stud my lhasa apso?
  104. I have been thinking about getting a Irish wolfhound and was woundering if anyone
  105. What happens if I fall asleep on the greyhound and I have to transfer?
  106. What living conditions would be appropriate for a Chesapeake Bay Retriever?
  107. Can you groom a pembrokie welsh corgi?
  108. What type of food should I feed my English Bulldog?
  109. Can i leave my Yorkshire terrier in a cage while i go to school?
  110. How should I potty train my Chihuahua without pee pee pads?
  111. How hard is it to train a.) Bichon Frise, b.) Maltese and c.) Bolognese!?
  112. husky wolf shiba inu mix?? who has them? how big is it?
  113. Rottweiler???????????????????????????????????????? ???????????
  114. What all do I need to know about traveling to a different state on a greyhound?
  115. My English springer spaniel ate a 6 ounces of semi-sweet chocolate chips,...
  116. About the Jack Russell terrier?
  117. I have a female boxer that has a good health record from the vet but on...
  118. I just got a corgy, shes 2 months old. But my basset hound whos five keeps growling
  119. does anyone have any basset hound puppies VT or NH?
  120. For all pet owners who have a Boxer. Do they attack your feet when you...
  121. im getting thes kind of dog <a vizsla>...we need a name :]?
  122. We need help with Joelle. She is a 3 year old Saint Bernard who goes to
  123. If I take my Australian Shepherd to a place where he can herd, will this make him...
  124. I need to find a English bull terrier?
  125. Why does my neighbors Saint Bernard after smelling me tries to push me and...
  126. What do I feed our 1 year old Jack Russell Terrier?
  127. How can I house train a very bad golden retriever?
  128. Can You list 5 different dog breed that you think would be good for a Boxer. Don't
  129. where can i find a toy or minature american eskimo breeder in california?
  130. whear cani get the movie le papillon/the butterfly with english subtittles?
  131. Is is true that Brittany From Glee was beyonce Dancer?
  132. my scottish terrier, about 3 months old, his ears are starting to stand, and...
  133. In chennai India where i find original pure breed of Great Pyrenees and English
  134. whats good about shiba inu?
  135. Are there health risks in taking my great dane on 3 mile power walks/runs?
  136. How do i train my lab-boxer mix how to hunt?
  137. How many puppies does a beagle have on her first litter?
  138. Golden Retriever?????
  139. can you plz give me some info on pekingese?
  140. Great Dane or Bloodhound, Which one to get?
  141. What do you think of the massage therapist in Portland Oregon calling Al Gore a...
  142. What toy dog is best compatible with a Shih Tzu?
  143. Cairn Terrier Question?
  144. Should I get a german shepherd dog?
  145. My 9 week old Great Dane puppy doesn't seem to be eating as much as
  146. i have a 7month old beagle and shes acting weird whats wrong?
  147. Breeding a Beagle with an American Bulldog?
  148. My leonberger is shedding like CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT TO DO?
  149. My french mastiff is almost 3 years old and has always been very timid and
  150. Are a silky terrier and a yorkie the same?
  151. Where Can I Adopt a French Bulldog? Cheap? (1 more question)?
  152. I might get a pekingese puppy what supplies and care do I need to provide?
  153. Can anybody remember the last boxer killed in the ring?
  154. What is the cost of gas to drive from Port Au Port, Newfoundland to Red Deer,...
  155. doberman pinscher please answer?
  156. In regards to the decree passed by King Charles II regarding King Charles Spaniels?
  157. Where do I find A Havanese Dog in Jacksonville Florida?
  158. Will a Papillon and German Shepherd do good together?
  159. Can a brittany dog be left alone for 6-7 hours a day?
  160. What type of food would you feed dalmatian puppies.?
  161. How to make chow chow?
  162. How big will my schnauzer puppy get? She is 12 weeks today and weighed in at
  163. What tools should I use to groom my beagle?
  164. Where in the USA can I find an Akita Inu Breeder, how to go about finding one?
  165. what's good ,whats bad what about them(shiba inu)?
  166. Great Pyrenees,german sheperd,English Mastiff dog, all this which dog is
  167. Cavalier king charles spaniel breeders in bristol?
  168. French Bulldog, Diarrhea & now constipation?
  169. What is a Papillon Crossed With A Border Collie Called?
  170. At what point should I tape my bull terrier's ears?
  171. A questions about shar-pei dog breed!!!?
  172. Do you have to give up your pet when you have an organ transplant? I have a
  173. Canaan Dog any information on one?
  174. Why does my boxer become aggressive when on lead and passing another dog on lead?
  175. I have an eight year old minscher pinscher X toy poodle and was
  176. Basset hound and a husky puppy?
  177. Belgian Shepherd Malinois, Terrier [Mix] Dog! Reviews and Common info?
  178. Will a Saint Bernard and Labrador get along?
  179. How does a Siberian Husky compare to a German Shepherd in intelligence,
  180. welsh springer spaniel breeders, puppies!?
  181. What supplies will i need for my miniature poodle?
  182. Papillon Or long haired chihuahua?
  183. How do i stop my 4 month old springer spaniel x black lab x Border collie from
  184. Papillon Pups a good breed?
  185. how do you get a siberian husky to quit barking all the time?
  186. Is it normal for a shih tzu to always scratch her body?
  187. getting a Great Pyrenees black lab mix?
  188. pembrooke welsh corgi puppy for sale?
  189. Having problems with my 2 year old Weimaraner?
  190. What is the best puppy food for a "giant" breed dog aka English Mastiff?
  191. Does anyone have a Boston Terrier crossed with a Pug?
  192. Who else has experience of a Labrador Retriever and Airedale Terrier mix making a
  193. What is the Adult Fare for a greyhound?
  194. what ever happened to brittany hine?
  195. how can i train my shiba inu to lay down?
  196. What is Brittany's last name from Glee?
  197. How to get my cairn terrier back?
  198. My weimaraner has had 2 obedient classes and still doesn't do what I say, what do I
  199. How much should my 3-year-old English Bulldog be eating?
  200. my toy poodle got neutered on Friday the 18th he has dissolving stitches on the
  201. I have a 2 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. I got him when he was 9...
  202. How do you train a bichon frise dog?
  203. what weight lifting should a boxer do to make him a harder puncher?
  204. What will police do to my Cane Corso Mastiff if they break down my door?
  205. How big should my Rottweiler be?
  206. i have a 6 month male dachshund and we r looking to adopt a 1 yr old male...
  207. What kind of dogs grow as big as a Golden or Labrador Retriever but don't loose...
  208. is it weird that my girl friend who is a tough biker type chick owns a silky terrier?
  209. How big will this female Mastiff/pit puppy get?
  210. How tough would it be to find a pure bred German Shepherd or Samoyed at a shelter?
  211. How much to feed a one year old miniature poodle thats between 10 and 15 pounds?
  212. How to Take good care of a Saint bernard puppy?
  213. Can someone who owns a Newfoundland and Black Lab mix (Newfador) tell me about them?
  214. Shih Tzu, 1yr old, shivers, whines,cries when riding in a car. How can we remedy
  215. How are miniature poodles as pets?
  216. Samoyed or German Shepherd, which would work out better for the first time owner?
  217. How hard is it to take care of a King Charles Cavalier Spaniels?
  218. 2 year old Pekingese male is very aggressive, how do I teach him to be less
  219. What are good ways to get a Bull Terrier to stop chewing?
  220. What should I do about a 7 year old biting/snapping Basset Hound?
  221. what is a good dog food to feed my one year old saint bernard/?
  222. betta and dalmatian mollies?
  223. my 2 month old toy poodle?
  224. my 7 year old rottweiler has a limp in his back right leg?
  225. Help with a new dalmatian at home.?
  226. My friend and I just found a puppy Jack Russell Terrier?
  227. where can i get a french bulldog?
  228. Samoyed and American Eskimo?
  229. Why will my 7 week old saint bernard not eat.?
  230. How much will my pomeranian weigh?
  231. If I let a lot of people pet my American Pittbull Terrier, will that make him less...
  232. 8 week old beagle pup has swelling above eye, eye is sore, she rubs...
  233. shiba inu owners?? im thinking about getting one!?
  234. my boston terrier/french bulldog puppy bites me all the time?
  235. what do you need when you adopt an english bulldog?
  236. Is any one selling a american bulldog pup?
  237. How much should a 14 week old golden retriever weigh?
  238. anti-social Labrador Retriever?
  239. Would a miniature pomeranian get along with rabbits?
  240. I need help with severe french bulldog aggression!?
  241. Do Dachshund Lhasa Apso dogs have any physical problems when they get older?
  242. Which breeds would be compatible with a Jack Russell Terrier?
  243. how much food should a 7 month old english bulldog get?
  244. Is it normal for a chihuahua to suddenly have a huge dose of energy?
  245. may have to put our shar-pei down he is almost 14?
  246. why does my yorkshire terrier eat so much?
  247. I have a scottish terrier that has discharge some pus on the male...
  248. Is it okay for my mini schnauzer to eat pork chop bones?
  249. My Bichon Frise continually chews her hind legs and it is painful, what causes this.?
  250. How can I tell if my doberman pinscher puppy is a full breed?