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  1. Samoyed Breeders? Where? :D?
  2. Labrador Retriever or Staffordshire Bull Terrier as a family dog?
  3. doberman pinscher information please?
  4. Portsmouth to Cean via Brittany Ferries! Anyone know the name of the marines...
  5. Where can I find an all black bull terrier?
  6. What are the responsibilities of having a toy poodle?
  7. Looking for Shiba Inu Breeders Near Cape Cod.?
  8. How do some briard dog's see with their hair blocking their eyes?
  9. where can i find Shetland sheepdog puppies in northern ky/ ohio?
  10. what is a good chep puppy pekingese food?
  11. can i register puppies from full blooded female weimaraner and half blooded
  12. Are American Eskimo Dogs hypo allergenic?
  13. How to I train my Saint Bernard REALLY well??so he can travel with me!?
  14. Saluki with lymphoma or not?
  15. How much pumpkin should i give to my 5lb Shih Tzu who is constipated?
  16. How long to labrador retriever puppies stay little?
  17. German Shepherd Dog Ears?
  18. I feed our mastiff raw and we love it, but he is burning the grass! Any suggestions?
  19. Toy yorkie or yorkshire terrier for sale in wisconsin?
  20. How do i get my mini schnauzer to poo outside?!?
  21. Are Giant schnauzer good for allergy sufferers?
  22. Shih-tzu or Lhasa Apso?
  23. My 8 year old Shih tzu, that I've had a year, recently started attacking my 15...
  24. Are there any rottweiler rescues near Delaware?
  25. any AKC registered German Shepherd Dog puppies near Shelby or Gastonia...
  26. What is the bite pressure of a Rottweiler/German Shepard mix?
  27. good name for a male basset hound bassador mix?
  28. How to train my Border Collie Puppy?
  29. Greyhound Bus: Are the times on the schedule listed in my current time zone?
  30. Is my staffordshire bull terrier aggressive?
  31. How much should I expect to pay for a purebred Rottweiler?
  32. How did brittany murphy die? Durgs/ anorexia or something else?
  33. Is it natural or a defect that my Shiba inu has bowed legs?
  34. How much would a Siberian Husky puppy cost from a pet store?
  35. Are there lockers in the Montreal Greyhound station?
  36. How long does it take for a pug to mature?
  37. Toy poodle with pancreatitis?
  38. I need a map of Canada, Grand banks Newfoundland and Labrador where you
  39. what is the best family dog? Are German Shepherd good family dog?? please...
  40. Miniature Poodle help please!?
  41. Which do you recommend, Weimaraner or Doberman Pinscher?
  42. help me name my dog ? its a samoyed?
  43. dogue de bordeux cross kangal or karabash?
  44. How big will my female Rhodesian Ridgeback get?
  45. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy?
  46. What should I feed an Italian greyhound (IG) with a sensitive stomach?
  47. How to potty train a 8 month old dachshund?
  48. What was Angelina Jolie's reaction to Brittany Murphy's death?
  49. Need an english springer spaniel pup?
  50. How do I prevent my 10 year old chihuahua male from marking his territory when I
  51. How much is a cocker spaniel mix with poodle worth?
  52. What is the cause of decreased appetite and decrease activity of shih tzu?
  53. How big will my basset hound get?
  54. How can my friend volunteer his German Shepherd dog for Police training?
  55. If my kitten is 5 weeks old will it eat Kitten Chow with a little bit of
  56. If I brushed my pomeranian every day will it leave hairs all over my couch and floor?
  57. Who's Music you Like More "BLOODHOUND GANG" or "3 OH! 3" ?
  58. Are Koreans, Mongols, Japanese, Native Americans, and Inuit/Eskimos related?
  59. why does my french bulldog shake?
  60. Is a dalmatian right for me?
  61. How many times do u change your boxer-brief when traveling?
  62. would a female collie rough be able to swallow a large red KONG whole?
  63. need some advice about my bullmastiff ?
  64. My Bichon Frise just ate 2 chocolate chip cookies, pretty big.. PLEASE HELP?
  65. what is the reason for fits for my Great Dane breed?
  66. Toy Poodle puppy 9 weeks old with some teeth not coming in.?
  67. How do I reduce my scottish terriers aggression?
  68. Which dog breed is more for us, the Siberian Husky or the Australian Shepherd?
  69. Hi could u please help me i also have a lhasa apso who might be pregnant?
  70. Does any body have a Newfoundland?
  71. I need advice for getting a Border Collie?
  72. getting a tibetan terrier, help!?
  73. Is a papillon right for me?
  74. What is the ending of the manga "Papillon" by Miwa Ueda?
  75. what is the difference between Icelandic sheepdog and shiba inu?
  76. why does my american pit bull terrier puppy cry when he lays down?
  77. i breed a male pepper and salt miniature schnauzer with a black miniature...
  78. What breeder should I get my Beagle puppy from?
  79. My 5month Samoyed wasn't afraid of fireworks n loud noises. He is now afraid of
  80. What is Brittany Blodgett spelled in Hebrew?
  81. I have been considering adopting a Samoyed puppy, any pros/cons I should know of?
  82. will training work for my yorkshire terrier?
  83. How big is a Golden Retriever and how big is a Collie? Are they bigger than...
  84. Is there such thing as a samyoed/toy poodle mix?
  85. How big does a female Siberian husky get?
  86. why is my 4 year old weimaraner getting dark spots?
  87. At what age does a Golden Retriever stop growing?
  88. how to train and nurture a miniature schnauzer?
  89. How much would a one way greyhound bus ticket cost for an adult with a baby under...
  90. How much food for a Dalmatian and Lab?
  91. My dad won't let me get a Doberman Pinscher?
  92. why do people put bows on a boy dog (1/2 Havanese - 1/2 Maltese )?
  93. Samoyed Breeders? Where? PLEASE HELP.?
  94. What do you think made this person suddenly stop caring for her Afghan Hounds?
  95. What are some good names for my boston terrier?
  96. What should I be looking for to ensure I obtain a good quality Dalmatian puppy?
  97. good name for a fawn bullmastiff?
  98. Someone who has a bloodhound! How much do they drool and how hard is it to prevent
  99. Can a male pug get a fully grown female lab pregnant?
  100. I am thinking about getting a boarder collie/blue healer mix. Anything I should know?
  101. I have a black and white boston terrier?
  102. So if you are a first time dog owner trying to get a Great Pyrenees or any of...
  103. What are some 5 star hotels that would allow me to stay with my Great
  104. is it ok to shave my newfoundland?
  105. Do Saint Bernard dogs ever show expressions of happiness and excitement?
  106. I really want a beagle puppy, but it will be alone during the day. Apart from...
  107. Why are Manchester Terriers so rare?
  108. Where can I find Shiba Inu Puppies for Sale?
  109. yorkshire terrier compatibility with bird?
  110. My samoyed doesn't carry her tail on her back.?
  111. Australian cattle dog help please?
  112. Would koda be a good name for a Brittany Spaniel?
  113. How long can you leave a golden retriever alone per day?
  114. Crating my Basset Hound?
  115. Could my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel be mixed?
  116. I'm looking to get a great pyrenees, Wondering how they are around kids and
  117. What were Schnauzer dogs originally bred for?
  118. i have a 7 week old old english sheepdog can i feed it bakers puppy food?
  119. HELP!! My American Cocker Spaniel has been having frequent 'attacks' of
  120. Why is the name of the dog breed Shih Tzu Chinese sounding?
  121. How do I teach my Beagle not to chew on the couch?
  122. Help! My chow chow/doberman has green and black pimples on his back?
  123. Can a shiba inu's coat completely change color?
  124. My Miniature Pinscher has dandruff!!?
  125. I want to buy a lhasa apso pup without KCI papers , where can i buy it within mumbai?
  126. Where would we be able to find Labrador Retriever pups?
  127. I have a English Springer Spaniel who is nerly 4 and needs double knee surgery, has
  128. How can I train m 3 year old bullmastiff?
  129. do any other countries use the bloodhound for ...?
  130. Questions about adopting a Basenji dog?
  131. A Leonberger or a Newfoundland?
  132. How do I get my 5 year old mini poodle/ lasso dog to like me better?
  133. what kind of dog should i get akita inu, lab, or something else?
  134. Can an 8 months Bull Terrier stay with his ears up if they are taped at 8 months,
  135. BAsset Hound and something?
  136. Should I get a french bulldog or boston terrier?
  137. My Dachshund Mix refuses to be house broken she was using pads in my bed
  138. Blue Merle French Bulldog?
  139. Why does my English Bulldog only have skin problems in the Summer time?
  140. French Bulldog and Golden Retriever?
  141. Does anyone own a Brussels Griffon?
  142. what is the average life span of a canaan dog?
  143. How much should a fully grown Chinese Pug weigh?
  144. Who does Pacquiao need to fight in order to become the greatest boxer?
  145. Should I get a Papillon?
  146. Basset hound and what?
  147. I need a location in Newfoundland?
  148. How to train 5 month old pug puppy to stop going on top of table?
  149. Do all Portuguese Water Dogs have blue eyes?
  150. Would a chow chow and a corgi be good together?
  151. Any doberman Pinschers for sale?
  152. is a border collie good to handle?
  153. Do you concur that Rhianna and Brittany Spears are about the same in
  154. how much is a 19 week old bernese mountain dog supposed to way?
  155. I have a tiny toy poodle pup, adult weight will be around 4 lbs. Can I
  156. What is the difference between the American Boxer and the European Boxer?
  157. what does the song 123 by brittany spears mean?
  158. how much does a canaan dog puppy cost?
  159. When do Shetland Sheepdogs grow their full coat?
  160. where can i buy a giant maso mastiff?
  161. What is a good name for a female German Shepherd dog?
  162. My 6 month old male mastiff is limping around today, seems to be his front leg is...
  163. Could i get a Boxer cross Mastiff in an apartment?
  164. How do you socialize an australian shepherd with people and other dogs?
  165. when and how to wieght train a staff bull terrier?
  166. Akita's & Shar Pei - Please answer this question?
  167. Are Toy Fox Terrier's Prone To Separation Anxiety?
  168. How do you save a drowning rottweiler?
  169. i have searched and searched and cannot find any mastiff puppies
  170. What would you think of a guy walking around with a Puli or a Komondor?
  171. My 6 year old jack russell terrier mix won't stop picking her paws.....to the...
  172. Can you help me determine if my dalmatian molly is pregnant? (picture included)?
  173. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel are they good?
  174. how long does a boston terrier live with good care?
  175. Where can I adopt a Shiba Inu?
  176. How big does a Bichon Frise get?
  177. My Welsh Terrier attacks my Yorkshire Terrier, both females, when the...
  178. are shar pei's poisionous?
  179. what does a canaan dogs fur feel like?
  180. How are pekingese dogs in the car?
  181. how do u get a blue nosed pit and a german shepherd also a doberman pinscher to...
  182. Do show line Shetland Sheepdogs have the same drive and speed as those working SS?
  183. What are some good names for a female fawn pug?
  184. Where can I buy a Shiba Inu in California?
  185. how much is the average price for a westie, dachshund or jack Russel terrier?
  186. Weight of my Great Pyrenees/Lab Mix?
  187. How is the personality of a 9 week old male rottweiler?
  188. My lhasa apso is 10 years old and has diarrhea...?
  189. Bullmastiff with Growth Plate issues & turned out front paws?
  190. what is a good weight for a 6 month golden setter, aka golden irish?
  191. what is a good weight for a 6 month Golden Setter, a.k.a, Golden Irish? (golden...
  192. At what age should a chihuahua/miniatue pinscher reach its full height?
  193. Where is the original painting 'A Farm In Brittany' by Paul Gauguin, located?
  194. What is happening to my 8 year old English Bulldog?
  195. cavalier king charles spaniel and yorkie?
  196. Should I get a Shiba Inu or a Shikoku?
  197. What do you want to ask about dogs? I have a large dog, Bull Mastiff...
  198. Is a staffordshire bull terrier right for me?
  199. My 10 year old male Pekingese has been coughing, gagging, and other issue
  200. has anyone crossed a tibetan terrier with lhasa apso or know any?
  201. My 3year old female german sheperd is attacking my 6 year old male beagle?
  202. Where can I buy Samoyed puppies?
  203. Saluki - Ibizan Hound cross?
  204. Anybody have info on a 1928 Willys-Overland Whippet Model 96A?
  205. 1.5 year old Bloodhound who needs to gain weight! Any ideas?
  206. English Springer Spaniel info?
  207. How to potty train saint bernard just 45 days old?
  208. What is the price I should ask when I am breeding my male rottweiler?
  209. Poll for the DS: Japanese Akita Inu or German Shepherd?
  210. what is a good weight for a 6 month Golden Setter? (mix of golden retriver and
  211. are there any problems for a siberian husky i need to know?
  212. Anyone know of a reputable mini shar pei breeder in illinois??
  213. Does anyone know where you can get a real Japanese Akita Inu puppy?
  214. I am getting a tibetan terrier pup in 3 weeks to show. will the pink in its nose
  215. How should I take care of a 2-day old cavalier king charles spaniel puppy?
  216. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Types?
  217. when do pekingese usually change there coats?
  218. American Hairless Terrier Breeder in Texas?
  219. my bullmastiff keeps throwing up its food?
  220. Basset Hound bloating questions?
  221. What will my shih tzu and pit bull look like?
  222. What is a recommended dog food for my 1 year old Jack Russell/Rat Terrier?
  223. I have a Shih Tzu and he will start peeing on the pad and walk spreading...
  224. ive used a cheap flea medicine on my pug, noticed a bump on the area, bump has
  225. my bullmastiff keeps throwing up its food?
  226. I'm looking to adopt a samoyed puppy in the Raleigh, NC area. Any breeder...
  227. Some interesting facts about Manchester Terriers?
  228. My chow mix is limping. His right front leg is kinda swollen right where the leg...
  229. What would the name of the breed be for a australian shepherd mixed with a...
  230. Is it common for a Jack Russell Terrier to become more aggressive with age?
  231. Looking for male pomeranian that can mate with my female dog?
  232. what are some tricks i can tech my pekingese?
  233. What is a good name for an American Bulldog?
  234. Help with Vizsla puppy names!!?
  235. Thinking about getting a YorkShire Terrier?
  236. Should i get a rottweiler, german shepherd, doberman pinscher, boxer, or a pitbull?
  237. Did you know that White Sox pitcher,Mark Buehrle has a Vizsla?
  238. What Breeder should I get my beagle puppy from?
  239. What is the dose I can give a Pomeranian of Pepto Bismol?
  240. does anyone know where to buy a begal/ basset hound mix?
  241. I have to have my lovely German Shepherd dog put to sleep tomorrow?
  242. where can i find a doberman pinscher for sale?
  243. How to teach a 4 pound dwarf poodle to fetch?
  244. How tall is an average great dane?
  245. My dog is a Lhasa apso, he is 8 yrs old and i think he is coming up with...
  246. What is a cute name for a male shih tzu?
  247. What to do about a bullmastiff Bitch that kills!?
  248. What is the best Rottweiler breeder ever?
  249. What is necessary in order to get from Calgary to Manitoba on a Greyhound...
  250. What will a jack russell cross pomeranian look like?