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  1. Bowling shirt for my French bulldog?
  2. Is it okay to raise a Samoyed dog in warm places?
  3. why dose my staffordshire bull terrier keep biting me?
  4. How to have a Collie in an apartment?
  5. What's wrong with my Toy poodle?
  6. silky terrier or a yorkie?
  7. My Border Collie runs and salivates/licking the floor and also concrete when
  8. Training my Jack Russell Terrier on how to give me his paw?
  9. my 8 month old english pointer looks anorexic but eats all the time?NEED HELP !!?
  10. Why are people terrified of big dogs, such as a Rottweiler, a American...
  11. What is the average price of a Pug, and is there anything i should know
  12. How big will a cage have to be for my female siberian husky malamute?
  13. What is a good name for a Carkie (Yorkie/Cairn Terrier)?
  14. Is 9 years of age to old to breed a shar pei?
  15. Why is my boston terrier agressive?
  16. How to get MY minature poodle to walk on a leash?
  17. How is the best way to get a Mortgage in Newfoundland Canada?
  18. What age does the average Chihuahua live to?
  19. My miniature Dachshund has lost the use of her hind quarters and is...
  20. AKC American Staffordshire Terrier Breeding?
  21. My 14 month old saint Bernard just started smelling very bad?
  22. How can we get a lhasa apso to stop biting?
  23. What dog should I breed my pug with?
  24. how do i break a 1 yr old bloodhound from being afraid to go in his house to get
  25. Why is my dachshund not acting himself?
  26. Question about my Rhodesian Ridgeback!?
  27. Why is my border collie mix not eating?
  28. Any Shiba Inu puppies in California? or Breeders?
  29. i have a newfoundland dog about a 1 yr 1/2 and we keep her outside at all times....
  30. Do you own a chow chow?
  31. How can i tell if i am getting a full blooded golden retriever?
  32. How do i handle a Bullmastiff?
  33. which is more expensive a maltese or a lhasa apso?
  34. Can Saint Bernards be trained to become guard dogs?
  35. My Golden Retriever puppy has a small lump under where is colar is, what is it?
  36. Do i need an idea to ride a greyhound bus if i am underage?
  37. How much does a Jack Russell Terrier and Shih Tzu mix shed?
  38. Does any one have an English Springer Spaniel?
  39. can west highland white terrier stay home while im on a two week vacation?
  40. How long do chihuahua puppies take to warm up to a new owner?
  41. What's the average price for a purebred Short haired Min. Dachshund puppy?
  42. is it okay to leave a bloodhound file in quarantine in symantec?
  43. How long do poodle terrier mixes live?
  44. Trying to find a picture of a dog that's half Afghan Hound, half Dalmatian......
  45. ENGLISH bull terrier or STAFFORDSHIRE bull terrier?
  46. dalmatian owners??? or greedy dog owners?
  47. Info About Staffordshire Bull Terrier?
  48. i have a 8month old great pyrenees that i can not get house trained.?
  49. Are their any Pekingese puppys for sale in Tulsa, Oklahoma?
  50. how much should a 7 month old pomeranian weigh?
  51. The stray Shiba Inu we have been taken care of sleeps all the time. He seems...
  52. Saint Bernard Breeders in the Philippines?
  53. Great Pyrenees companion and protection?
  54. will colorado be a good place for a siberian husky?
  55. Why is my Basset Hound so stubborn sometimes?
  56. questionz about cavalier king charles spaniel!!!!?
  57. How long does it take a chihuahua puppy to go potty after he eats?
  58. Is my 'Australian Shepherd' actually a Bernese Mountain Dog?
  59. Is this a bichon frise?
  60. We need help coming up with a AKC name for our Chesapeake Bay Retriever?
  61. Should I get a German Shepherd, Boxer, or Weimaraner?
  62. What are the regular hours for US Air Force chow halls?
  63. Can a Saluki get along with cats?
  64. Female dachshund very aggresive after giving birth?
  65. How big do you think a mix between a siberian husky and a st. bernard would be?
  66. My jessie is a 16yr old whippet blind and incontinent-but still fit i am
  67. Does anyone know where I can find a border collie puppy?
  68. Are Welsh Corgi's good family dogs?
  69. australian cattle dog or airedale terrier?
  70. Pregnant Dalmatian Molly?
  71. What is better? A havanese or a poodle?
  72. What's it like owning a French Bulldog?
  73. Can you leave a havanese at home alone when you go to school?
  74. Should i get a maltese,Bichon Frise or Cavalier king spaniel and why?
  75. Is this part of my manchester terrier's breed?
  76. what do you think of the names Caesar or Leonidas for a great dane?
  77. Is their anyway to charge my cell phone or portable DVD player on a Greyhound bus?
  78. P/bred Amstaff or American bulldog (johnson type i prefer)?
  79. things to do near Bell Island, Newfoundland?
  80. how to raise money for a dalmatian?
  81. Are doberman pinschers an okay dog to wrestle with?
  82. Do you think a Tibetan Spaniel is cute?
  83. Havanese help please!?
  84. Moving with an Australian Shepard/ Great Pyrenees mix?
  85. Italian greyhound serious begging problem?
  86. Does anyone know of any Bernese Mountain Dog Breeders or Rescues anywhere in Florida?
  87. Is a yorkshire terrier just gonna wanna sit on my lap or lay in a purse
  88. Shetland sheepdog, Papillon, or pomeranian?
  89. whats the curly haired dog on the purina dog chow commercial called?
  90. Best Dog Breeds for young Children (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel / Beagle / Pug)?
  91. I have a boston terrier pup 2 1/2 months when I pick her up she growels very
  92. How will an English Mastiff react to bear and moose?
  93. is my yorkshire terrier puppy a teacup?
  94. What can I do with my Labrador Retriever puppy so she is well exercised?
  95. What do i name my Afghan Hound?
  96. staffordshire bull terrier breathing problems?
  97. What is the best way for a beagle to learn tricks?
  98. What triggers my beagle to bark and make noises?
  99. Hypoallergenic dogs with almost no dander? Havanese?
  100. is it possible to teach a lhasa apso to skateboard? and if so how?
  101. help and information on english bulldog puppies?
  102. i need a female dog to breed with my miniature poodle?
  103. Who has a staffordshire bull terrier that hasnt ever shown aggression...
  104. determine adult size: 3 and a half month old Labrador retriever that weighs 32 lbs?
  105. Good Bichon Frise Names?
  106. can someone take a measurement of their Siberian husky for mee?
  107. Where can i find an english bulldog?
  108. why do my whippets occasionally struggle to breath?
  109. How long could my boxer puppy hold its bladder?
  110. How much does it cost to become a boxer?
  111. My 10 year old boston terrier dog is loosing his hair any home remedies i can do?
  112. Housebreak Jack Russell Terrier?
  113. does color play any role in american bulldog mastiff mix?
  114. Why have the USSR & USA hounded the Afghans in spite of their pedegree?
  115. How much does a beagle puppy cost on average (Pounds sterling)?
  116. Poodles or Havanese Help?
  117. what should i name my male 6wk old doberman pinscher?
  118. Is it possible to make Mexican chow mein?
  119. when are cairn terrier puppies potty trained?
  120. Where can I find the best English bulldog puppy online?
  121. how much are primetime cigars in newfoundland?
  122. My cat has been eating purina cat chow since it was a kitten, now 12 years old, it
  123. How long did your dachshund live?
  124. Levi Johnston and Brittany Palin are getting married. Does this mean that the...
  125. Where can I find a sliding glass dog doggie doggy door that is big enough for a
  126. How do you train to become a professional female boxer?
  127. How should a boxer sit when in the corner?
  128. American Eskimo or Great Dane?
  129. How big will my new chihuahua puppy get?
  130. What is this Vizsla dog mixed with?
  131. Can I give milk to my 10 week Yorkshire terrier puppy?
  132. Male Labradors, Golden Retrievers, or Labrador Retriever puppies for sale in...
  133. how much does an american eskimo toy sized dog cost IN CANADA?
  134. My norton 360 just found that i have the virus "Bloodhound.MaLPE", how
  135. Where can i get a Pomeranian puppy from Milton Keynes?
  136. Thinking about a Staffordshire Bull Terrier as a family pet?
  137. Cairn Terrier Miniature dachshund mix?
  138. Does anyone have a Russian Black Terrier?
  139. how to find a welsh corgi in Utah?
  140. How much and what do i feed my staffy/shar-pei mix?
  141. Why does my 9-year-old Jack Russell terrier lick the carpet?
  142. Is it safe to give my pregnant shih tzu a bath?
  143. What dogs are jack russell terriers best with?
  144. What type of dog will keep my beagle occupied while I am at work?
  145. i am thinking about getting an English Staffordshire Bull Terrier. any info?
  146. Do you think an Australian Shepherd is a suitable dog breed for me?
  147. Where is a store in mississauga that sells webkinz dalmatians?
  148. Is there such a dog as a Belgian German Shepherd?
  149. Is 29 pounds too heavy for an active pug?
  150. My seven year old Beagle has a knot on one of her breasts?
  151. What is a good name for a shitzu mixed with poodle?
  152. West Highland White Terrier for sale?
  153. what is a good name for a female samoyed puppy?
  154. golden retriever......................................... ......................?
  155. A dog groomer completely shaved my Newfoundland!?
  156. How much for a Great Dane puppy?
  157. I am traveling to island of newfoundland?
  158. do american eskimo's shed about the same as an siberian husky?
  159. 4 Year Old Schnauzer Is Fighting With A Basset Hound I Am Petsitting?
  160. what is the best complete dog food to give my 14 week old vizsla?
  161. My Boston Terrier is having a lot of trouble giving birth?
  162. Why is my Yorkshire Terrier Large?
  163. toy poodle size around the belly?
  164. What should I name my black and white male papillon puppy?
  165. saint bernard and babys?
  166. What can I do for discolored hair on my Shih Tzu?
  167. Bullmastiff in a medium sized apartment?
  168. I have a Irish wolfhound mixed with boarder collie and she continues to...
  169. Presa Canario vs Siberian Husky, which is tougher to handle and why?
  170. Does anyone have a house trained Pomeranian puppy for sale?
  171. my 11 mth old saluki dog wont stop been sick?
  172. does anyone have shiba inu and/or siberian husky puppy's for sale?
  173. What Are Some Good Names For My Havanese Puppy?
  174. Cost of a Shiba Inu in Australia?
  175. Want a Free Saint Bernard?
  176. what are good male doberman pinscher names?
  177. My miniature poodle has a black eye(really swollen) what should I do?
  178. Confused with my dalmatian...!!!?
  179. What Mastiff breeds are good with Children?
  180. 3 1/2 month old scottish terrier- only one ear standing?
  181. What can I do to primp my pug for my senior pictures?
  182. im adopting a 9 week old welsh corgi?
  183. Airedale terrier or irish terrier?
  184. How do i get the Jack Russell Terrier in Nintendogs Dalmatian and friends?
  185. Why do people act scared and stare at me when I walk my dog? Shes a rottweiler?
  186. Are Shetland Sheepdogs good with young kids?
  187. What could we teach our Jack Russell Terrier? And also a BQ...?
  188. How do you change the name of a 9 week old Welsh Corgi?
  189. What can I do for my 5 month teething Samoyed?
  190. How much do Greyhound bus fares normally cost?
  191. How will a black and white schnauzer mix would look like?
  192. Could a Pomeranian live with a Great Dane?
  193. Is a basenji good for me?
  194. What should we do about this Saint Bernard?!?
  195. Should I use a collar or a harness on my 10 month old pug?
  196. My little yorkshire terrier loves red wine, she will happily drink a glass of it.?
  197. What is the difference between a Rat Terrier and a Manchester Terrier?
  198. French Bulldog Puppy....Excessive drooling?
  199. Do you know of any good golden retriever breeders in So Cal?
  200. Any reason why my sister-in-law's Cairn Terrier hides and eats his bones...
  201. Miniature poodle has a black eye (really swollen)...what do I do HELP!?
  202. What Show Can I Enter My Toy Poodle In?
  203. What is the name of the song Ja Rules corny ass made to his Daughter Brittany?
  204. I'm getting a German Shepherd puppy today does anyone have any German
  205. Are golden retrievers and labrador retriever's the same breed?
  206. any physical way to check a Samoyed's pedigree if parents are unavailable?
  207. Should i get a Shiba Inu?
  208. I have a Jack russell terrier that needs a home any ideas?
  209. greater swiss mountain dog review?
  210. Who was the best boxer of the group of Jack Johnson opponents known as the...
  211. My border collie becomes Cujo at the vet! Last time we were there I had to
  212. Is Manny Pacquiao the only boxer who managed to be a politician in the...
  213. My Siberian Husky may have a bladder problem?
  214. Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club of America (CWCCA) questions?
  215. Why does the Fire Department use Dalmatians?
  216. what are some 5 star hotels that would be o.k with my great dane?
  217. do scottish terriers get along with italian greyhounds?
  218. Is a toy poodle a good children's dog?
  219. How do I get to get my 18 month old golden retriever to accept new dog.?
  220. What's a better combination, male chihuahua and female doberman or female chihuahua
  221. what is the best kind of food for cane corso mastiff's?
  222. Does my boston terrier have religious beliefs?
  223. Great Pyrenees Dogs???????????
  224. I have a mix breed shar-pei, lab,and Australian shephard. We have
  225. German shepherd dog questions. please help.?
  226. Where Can I get a Labrador or Golden Retriever thats not pure bred?? 10 points...
  227. Sedating a toy poodle for shaving?
  228. when will my lhasa apso's hair grow out fully?
  229. American Eskimo dog!?
  230. What should my boyfriend and I name our Greater Swiss Mountain Dog puppy?
  231. Help housebreaking an inharrited 7 yr old Silky Terrier?
  232. anyone have an Irish wolfhound?
  233. What would a chow mix with a schnauzer scottish terrier look like?
  234. Which french bulldog do you like most? (pictures)?
  235. will a basset hound try to kill a bird?
  236. can someone please describe what a Chow Chows bark sounds like?
  237. who are the baddies in 101 dalmatians?
  238. Would a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mix be healthier than one who was not a mix?
  239. What is the name of the indigenous dog that is used for hunting in the Canary
  240. Just curious, I believe that my Scottish Terrier is confused . . .?
  241. I have just rescued a seven year old Tibetan Terrier in good health.?
  242. How much does an adult Jack Russell Terrier weigh?
  243. 6 lb Toy Poodle took Atopica, now blind and sick?
  244. Is it normal for an a American Black and Tan Coonhound to be Tan and Black?
  245. I am getting a brittany spaniel puppy, what are the recommended supplies?
  246. Is there any breed like a Chow Chow but less vicious?
  247. good miniature english bull terrier breeders?
  248. How to stop my Australian Cattle Dog puppy from biting at my heels.?
  249. Are English Foxhounds generally healthy?
  250. What is the "best" healthy dog food for a boxer?