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  1. American Bulldog Bloodline?
  2. does any one need to breed their female bullmastiff?
  3. English cocker spaniel v border collie?
  4. How to get Welsh Corgi Puppy to poop outside?
  5. are english cocker spaniels fast?
  6. Whats a good pedigree name for a boxer with the name levi?
  7. How much does it cost to ship a pug internationally?
  8. Should I get a Golden Retriever or get a German Shepherd to play with my...
  9. dose anyone here own a pekingese?
  10. Can you teach a Rottweiler to sit up and beg?
  11. american bulldog or beagle puppy?
  12. How to train a shih tzu/poodle mix to be aggresive and protective?
  13. How can i get over my beagle who got lost?
  14. Do you know what a borzoi is?
  15. How long can an English Cocker Spaniel be left alone for?
  16. Does anyone know of a place where I can get a female Shiba Inu in Florida? Pinellas
  17. Whats the Best Place to get a White Short-Haired Havanese Dog?
  18. How do I get my skiddish Havanese puppy to socialize?
  19. big sores on my lab/ shar pei ears PLEASE HELP?
  20. How to keep a Siberian Husky entertained?
  21. what is the difference between paris hilton and Brittany spears?
  22. how many babies can a lhasa apso have?
  23. Bichon Frise, Maltese, or a mix?
  24. We shaved our pembroke welsh corgi, is that bad?
  25. what does it mean when a basenji dog whines?
  26. How to groom a Shih Tzu out of control?
  27. Cavalier king charles spaniel with heart murmur, heavy breathing - should
  28. german shepherd/australian cattle dog puppy?
  29. what is a good brand of food for a mini dachshund?
  30. When should my papillon's hair start to grow in more full?
  31. german shorthaired pointer :)?
  32. do you know any good lhasa apso breeders in kentucky that sell the
  33. How big do you think a rat terrier - dalmatian will get?
  34. Dog: Great Pyrenees ^___^ ?
  35. Does anyone know a lhasa apso breeder in southern California?
  36. where can i sale my english bulldog in the state of texas?
  37. How can I get my pug to stop barking?
  38. I have a 6 yr old boston terrier that bit me what do I do now?
  39. Are Doberman Pinscher illegal in Escondido Ca?
  40. Greyhound Bus service between Detroit and Philadelphia?
  41. Should I get a Giant Schnauzer or a Doodleman Pinscher?
  42. Which dog should I get, a Basenji an Italian Greyhound,or a Whippet?
  43. how much should my 4 month old male saint bernard weigh?
  44. Where can I get a Great Dane cross Weimaraner (Great Weimar) in Australia?
  45. what do I do to relieve my toy poodle from constipation?
  46. male or female bichon frise?
  47. Some good activities for a 3 1/2 year old Newfoundland?
  48. Are small Poodles (toy and mini) generally bad tempered dogs?
  49. Which would be best language to speak to an italian greyhound?
  50. Could my Pit Bull/ Border Collie puppy be entered in Championship Agility...
  51. Samoyed breeder near Montreal (1-2 hours) or mix breeder?
  52. With Greyhound, does the receiver of the gift ticket have to pay anything at pickup?
  53. Is a Bloodhound a great dog for me and my 3 yr old son?
  54. Is a english cocker spaniel a loyal dog?
  55. Why does my 3 year male staffordshire bull terrier keep picking up wee
  56. How long can a chow chow mix with british bull dog live up to?
  57. Where can I find a shiba inu breeder in Maryland?
  58. Can I own a male Rottweiler and a female German Shepherd at the same time?
  59. pomeranian/papillon mix?
  60. How do I get rid of the Bloodhound.pdf.21 virus?
  61. what tricks are best to teach a saint bernard?
  62. How do i convince my parents to get me a rottweiler?
  63. Can a coyote kill a french bulldog?
  64. What is the distance between Brittany and Phillip if Brittany is 11.5...
  65. Good Names for a Newfoundland?
  66. Is a Yorkshire Terrier a good idea?
  67. What kind of diseases run in the border collie, spaniel, and lab bloodlines?
  68. Are flat coat retrievers hard to train?
  69. What puppy chow do you recommend?
  70. What dog do you suggest i get? a lhasa apso or a japanese spitz? i need
  71. My daughter needs to get her 6 month old chihuahua house trained NOW. What
  72. Are Shar pei's a good family dog??
  73. When will my chihuahua puppy be done growing? How much will her adult
  74. Where to find reputable Border Collie breeders?
  75. Should we get a female Siberian Husky puppy or female Shar-pei puppy?
  76. I need help with west highland white terrier!?
  77. pekingese dog can't walk on hind legs?
  78. I have a female TOY FOX TERRIER who is now 5 mos old....?
  79. How to take care of a french bulldog?
  80. Training a Brussels Griffon?
  81. Does anyone know of a good Border Collie breeder in Cornwall/Devon?
  82. I have a Toy poodle, this is what I do. Should I change anything or is it ok?
  83. what to do with norwich terrier?
  84. Bichon Frise with bad teeth?
  85. Short Haired Dry Mouth Saint Bernards?
  86. Why does my toy poodle now is peeing inside the house. Help!!!?
  87. how do i dye a toy poodle?
  88. At what age will my Siberian Husky be an adult?
  89. Question about showing my newfoundland?
  90. how would introducing a tenterfield terrier pup to a family with a 1yr old
  91. My Rottweiler is 14 weeks old and she sleeps almost all day and through the...
  92. I have a Havanese and he broke a toenail on his front paw?
  93. We have a couple of LHASA APSO, what are your tips so they will have...
  94. Need Bloodhound potty training help!!!!?
  95. How much and how many times do I feed my chihuahua brussels griffon?
  96. What is a good fleas and ticks product for a small chihuahua?
  97. How do you say Saluki in Latin?
  98. Why is my basset hound peeling from his back left leg?
  99. how big will our boston terrier lab mix get?
  100. is there a certain collar lead or chain to use for a great dane?
  101. How long of a plane ride is it to Toronto, Ontario from Newfoundland, St Johns.?
  102. What should I know if i'm getting a Labrador retriever puppy?
  103. When do you know when PJ Collie is having rare clothing specials?
  104. where can I find siberian husky puppies in the bay area,CA?
  105. Ideas for names for a yorkshire terrier puppy?
  106. where can i find Yorkshire Terrier puppies on long island?
  107. Do you need olde english bulldog insurance?
  108. moving a Great Pyrenees to Florida?
  109. Papillon Dog Question?
  110. Can my mini dachshund get morning sickness?
  111. Can a yorkie shih tzu mix have puppies with a lab rottweiler mix?
  112. australian cattle dogs, part dingo? does it count as a hybrid?
  113. I have an english bulldog he is about 6 months and I' concerned about his
  114. What training methods work for belgian malinois?
  115. How strict is Newfoundland Canada on ID-ing for alcohol?
  116. Would a sheltie (shetland sheepdog) be a good fit for me?
  117. would a full grown english cocker spaniel bite a stranger if they were attacking me?
  118. What was the result of cultural contact for the Beothuk Indians of Newfoundland?
  119. Best brush for a Keeshond Mix?
  120. how much on average does a basset hound puppy sell for in the uk?
  121. Are there any teacup toy poodle breeders in the northwest alabama region?
  122. Which dog do you prefer?(Boston terrior,English bulldog,French bulldog)?
  123. Doberman pinscher, German shepherd, or Rhodesian ridgeback?
  124. we have a 11 month wirehaired fox terrier, who weighs 15 lbs. my terrier would
  125. Can Italian Greyhounds understand english?
  126. is it normal for a miniature schnauzer to be quite thin on the back end?
  127. What can you tell me about Chow Chows?
  128. I am (hopefully) going to get a Labrador retriever soon... some general questions?
  129. Vomiting, Dehydration, and Renal Failure in a Great Pyrenees?
  130. infininte money action replay for nintendogs dalmatian and friends?
  131. My 11 year old Jack Russell Terrier's back legs shake a lot? Is this normal?
  132. Ready for a dog - How can I get an Akita Inu?
  133. English Cocker Spaniel Suddenly Not Feeling Well?
  134. Why does my 2 year Male Staffordshire Bull terrier suddenly keep eating weeds!!!!!!?
  135. does anyone else have a Australian Cattle Dog or know the breed(pics)?
  136. whats a good name for a doberman pinscher?
  137. How much would shipping a Great Dane puppy cost?
  138. good bichon frise names?
  139. Would you say a Samoyed is a big dog?
  140. How do you pen train a Golden Retriever?
  141. What is the best puppy food for a female pug?
  142. Where can i get a Shizu Poodle & Pek puppy for free in Georgia?
  143. would a english bull terrier and a boxer get on?
  144. Traveling with great dane puppy?
  145. How can you tell if a chihuahua has eye problems?
  146. How do I get my English Mastiff puppy to stop biting me?
  147. american bulldog tail docking?
  148. How often would you say a Shih Tzu Coat would have to be clipped?
  149. I'm looking for a book about Irish setters published in the 60/70s. YA,
  150. UKC American Eskimo Dog...?
  151. bichon frise girl names?
  152. american bulldog question?
  153. Looking for a real good english bulldog puppy in texas, any suggestions?
  154. Could you tell me EVERYTHING you know about Saint Bernards?
  155. Which of these crate sizes is the best for my Pomeranian?
  156. when is a english cocker spaniel fully grown?
  157. Where can i buy a old English bulldog?
  158. Can anyone suggest a fine Dildo eating establishment? I'm planning a trip...
  159. How big will a dandie dinmont terrier/lab mix be?
  160. Do toy poodles like to sleep on your lap?
  161. Where can I get a Leonberger in Florida?
  162. Hi guys i am soon getting an english bull terrier is there anything i will...
  163. what makes a better pet, a german shepherd or golden retriever?
  164. Does anyone know where I can get a Brittany Spaniel puppy around the Dallas Fort
  165. Bichon Yorkie Breeders?
  166. What dog is more comical French Bulldog or Boston Terrier?
  167. does anyone know a place in bc canada where you can adopt american eskimo
  168. When should I pick up my Greyhound tickets?
  169. how much puppies can a boston terrier have?
  170. I currently have a six year old male miniature pinscher and I am looking to adopt...
  171. are newfoundland dogs ever ploice or army dogs?
  172. Vintage Basset Hound prints?
  173. How much will my yorkshire terrier puppy weight when he is an adult when he is 3.1...
  174. Akita inu dog as my pet?
  175. why has my puppy staffordshire bull terrier got a pink nose?
  176. How old does my puppy chihuahua have to be to get her vaccines?
  177. How do I get my Miniature Dachshund to eat his food?
  178. What should be the standard appearance of a Golden Retriever?
  179. Should I just make my Welsh Corgi to a house puppy?
  180. How do I care for the coat of a Miniature Schnauzer?
  181. i want a shar pei because it can protect my home but i heard there aggresive to...
  182. Tibetan Terrier characteristics?
  183. my toy poodle is pregnant and shes only 10 months old will she be okay or...
  184. If my heart is set on an English Bulldog, what can I get that is similiar?
  185. Papillon weird throat noise?
  186. Great Pyrenees and a newborn?
  187. How long will it take a chihuahua to recover from being neutered?
  188. wat does a welsh corgi and chiuaua mix look like?
  189. can you train your shar pei to protect your home when no one there and to be nice...
  190. Black mouth cur or German Shepherd dog for teenager?
  191. What to name all white female boxer pup?
  192. my Victorian bulldog has been bleeding for almost 2 months can someone tell me...
  193. Toy American Eskimo tick bites ?
  194. Who knows of any boxer briefs in specific that can make your love handles...
  195. when my 6 pound female silky terrier squats to pee she lowers her back end to...
  196. How much would a puppy rottweiler cost around?
  197. i need to get a border collie puppy for cheap?
  198. What do you call a Dachshund with long ears?
  199. Professional German Shepherd Dog community forum?
  200. Samoyed poops inside and pees outside?
  201. Akita Inu (Japanese Akita) breeders please?
  202. cavalier king charles spaniel,?
  203. Should I breed my Lab with my friends poodle?
  204. Potty Training a Pembroke Welsh Corgi?
  205. i would like to talk to a cavalier king charles spaniel breeder but not with
  206. My dog is a german wirehaired pointer mix pitbull she has bumps going down her back?
  207. Can a 1 year old dachshund dog get along with a 3 month old rabbit?
  208. I just got a Chesapeake bay retriever and i would like to know more about them?
  209. Can i put a Betta with a Dalmatian Sailfin Molly?
  210. I have a 10 yr old Chesapeake bay retriever and she just lays on the floor...
  211. Is Their Any good Jail escape Movies like papillon , the shawshank redemption and
  212. Would a Bichon Frise Cocker Spainel mix shed?
  213. Could i get a Rhodesian Ridgeback X Mastiff in a unit?
  214. are these names cute for 3 Scottish terriers?
  215. Which breed do you think is better as a pet? Golden Retriever or Scottish Collie?
  216. My toy poodle has brown stains under her eyes. How do I get them off? I...
  217. German Shepherd Dog Growth?
  218. Are there any lockers in the Phoenix Greyhound terminal?
  219. do saint bernards wander when they are about to die?
  220. Getting a dog, Rough Collie or Whippet?
  221. can i keep a border collie outside?
  222. What is a Leonberger?
  223. What is a good name for A Siberian Husky?
  224. Basenji (I know alot but want real people opinions)?
  225. I have a 14wk old Irish Wolfhound puppy that likes to potty on rugs.?
  226. Need a strong powerful name for my male siberian husky. Would also like to know
  227. Any advice for owning an American Staffordshire terrier mix puppy? In every general
  228. How much blood should my whippet lose when on heat?
  229. What is an alternative bus company to Greyhound?
  230. Why is my Jack Russell Terrier so aggressive towards other dogs?
  231. Would you recommend having a Pomeranian with a large dog?
  232. Will a Jack Russell Terrier get along with a Border Collie?
  233. How much should i feed my 4 month old Great Dane pup?
  234. My Miniature Dachshund Cracks His Back Leg Like a Human Habit. Will He Get a...
  235. Your fav Bloodhound Gang song?
  236. how do i build up the muscles in my staffordshire bull terrier?
  237. how much is a german shepherd dog?
  238. I have a very skittish bark-less african basenji five years old? Help!?
  239. Can Newfoundland accents be considered appealing in any way?
  240. Aren't Dalmatians one of the most affectionate dogs and are hyper?
  241. What can I feed my chihuahua Miniature pincher puppy?
  242. How often and for how long should we walk our six-month-old German...
  243. Is taking Greyhound Bus from Detroit to Philadelphia and back a good life choice?
  244. What size should I get for a miniature schnauzer?
  245. What is the best food for a Labrador retriever?
  246. Best grooming clippers for Great Pyrenees?
  247. How i can train 2 year old untrained rottweiler?
  248. any dalmatian lovers out there?
  249. Why is my basset hound so thirsty?
  250. How can I get my 1 year old Yorkshire terrier Blossom to stop choking...