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  1. Whats a good dog for my family? toy poodle?
  2. Is this normal behavior for a 10week old olde english bulldog?
  3. What is the best way to teach a pug\beagle mix the weave poles?
  4. samoyed puppies for sale?
  5. Do you associate the name Brittany with a bratty stereotype?
  6. How old will my Border Collie puppy be when he's fully grown..?
  7. The Portuguese water dog?
  8. i got a miniature poodle and looking to breed it?
  9. Doberman Pinscher Care?
  10. Airedale Terrier vs. Rough Collie?
  11. What should we name our beagle puppy?
  12. My six month old english mastiff is losing hair and has horrific breath...
  13. Can someone tell me where I can purchase a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in South...
  14. Bichon Frise Owners Out There?
  15. My 4 year welsh terrier won't stop peeing in the night!!!!?
  16. Feeding a Staffordshire bull terrier puppy.?
  17. are there english cocker spaniels in amarica?
  18. Mastiff or Kangal in a bite force strength?
  19. My Mastiff ate a skunk and his breath reeks! Any ideas?
  20. I need help finding a Minnesota or South Dakota Chow Chow breeder close to me?
  21. how can i buy Turkish Kangal?
  22. How do i convince my parents to get me a great dane?
  23. samoyed?????????????
  24. How do I teach my Siberian Husky to stay home?
  25. Best food for Saint Bernard?
  26. Great Pyrenees with chickens?
  27. How much does a Golden Retriever New Born puppy at the SPCA cost?
  28. Harnesses for staffordshire bull terrier puppies?
  29. My small Pekingese dog ate about an inch and a half off a cooked pork bone.
  30. Dachshund vs. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?
  31. My American Bulldog pup was diagnosed with demodectic mange...?
  32. Where can i get a dogo argentino?
  33. Where Can I Get a Free English Bulldog in El Paso, Tx?
  34. I have a six month old Cairn Terrier who will not show any affection she seems...
  35. Who loves the Havanese Breed of Dog?
  36. should i get a papillon?
  37. I have a male dachshund and would like to get another. Should I be concerned...
  38. how could i leash train my lhasa apso puppy?
  39. On 101 dalmatians, did the owners Roger and Anita have a baby boy or a girl at the
  40. west highland white terrier?
  41. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Dog?
  42. Art Textiles GSCE i want to base my project on shar-pei what shall I do?
  43. Do you automatically think of a bratty stereotype when you see the name Brittany?
  44. What is the brittany spears song on the moon?
  45. What are flat coated retrievers like?
  46. how big does a lhasa apso get?
  47. My 6 month old shar pei and my new pit bull puppy!(pit bull owners plz contact me )?
  48. How much do i feed a border collie 8 week old puppy?
  49. is it normal for a mastiff puppy to be shy or timid at first?
  50. What was the basset hound's name in Smokey and the Bandit original?
  51. Silky terriers for sale?
  52. does anybody know how to housetrain your new west highland white terrier?
  53. How old was the oldest golden retriever?
  54. How to get my mini poodle ear hair fluffy?
  55. norfolk / cairn terrier size?
  56. What should I name my French Bulldog?
  57. Is there any way to tell how big a specific Australian Shepherd dog will
  58. How long can a beagle be left alone for?
  59. Howcome Its so hard to Adopt a Belgian Malinois in Texas?
  60. What size collar would a standard poodle wear?
  61. Has anyone bred/know anyone who has bred a wire-haired dachshund with a schnauzer?
  62. looking for a bichon frise puppy in the aberdeen area?
  63. Will a staffordshire bull terrier get along with a whippet if brought up together?
  64. Where are good Yorkshire Terrier breeders in Delhi?
  65. Insurance for a Tibetan Spaniel?
  66. How many movies has Brittany Murphy died in?
  67. is there anyway you can fly your pug in the cabin of a plane?
  68. what god is better ? a Siberian husky or an Alaskan malamute?
  69. whats the difference between a kangal and a anatolian shepperd dog?
  70. What exactly is an Australian Cattle Dog Mix?
  71. Why isn't the American Pit Bull Terrier accepted by the AKC?
  72. How Can One Be The Greatest Boxer Of All Time?
  73. does anyone know any bands/artists like breathe carolina, medic droid, or dan...
  74. Why Is it so hard to Adopt a Belgian Malinois in Texas?
  75. Should I get my Labrador Retriever another dog to live with?
  76. Should I get a Greyhound or a Doberman Pinscher?
  77. what kind of dog looks like a great dane, but kind of shaggy?
  78. Can my Doberman Pinscher live outside?
  79. Can Brock Lesnar beat a fully grown male rottweiler?
  80. How do you housetrain a havanese?
  81. How often should i wash my mini poodle?
  82. What should a 1 year old male American Bulldog weight?
  83. How much trouble would an amateur boxer get into for a school fight?
  84. Have you taken your miniature schnauzer on an airplane cabin while traveling?
  85. what home remedy to help with shedding in chihuahua mix?
  86. Whats the difference between Shiba and akita ? and akita inu and shiba inu ?
  87. Do Tibetan Spaniels shed a lot of hair/ moult?
  88. Will a bullmastiff hurt my other dogs?
  89. I just got a basset hound puppy yesterday. Her belly is very swollen...
  90. Why is my shih tzu holding tail to one side after grooming?
  91. what do you think of the name toby for a cavalier king charles spaniel?
  92. Anyone who had or has a Bichon Frise?
  93. Is it not risky to have Yorkshire Terrier Puppy at home with kids around?
  94. Which is better a Saint Bernard or a Newfoundland and what are their pros and cons?
  95. pekingese dog ate chocolate muffin?
  96. best brand of dog food for cane corso mastiff?
  97. Would a 6 year old shih tzu male get along with a Norwegian elkhound puppy?
  98. What would I need to know about shetland sheepdogs?
  99. Does anyone know a good place to buy a bichon frise in northern ireland/dublin?
  100. how long does a Poodle, Miniature/Purebred live?
  101. How is it easier to train a beagle puppy age 1?
  102. What breed of dog would be a good alternative to a Brittany when you don't...
  103. My three year old male pug has, what looks like a brown oily looking spot on the
  104. whats the difference between a Golden retriever and a Labrador ?
  105. My 2 year-old toy poodle won't eat!?
  106. Could my Bullmastiff have Lyme Disease?
  107. does anyone know a good place to buy a bichon frise in northern ireland/dublin?
  108. What is a unique name for a male English Bulldog?
  109. Good name for a male Toy Fox Terrier?
  110. is the anatolian shepherd dog the same as the kangal?
  111. Is My Doberman/Bullmastiff mix a good size?
  112. French Bulldog is super hyper! Help?
  113. do shetland sheepdogs smell very bad?
  114. Information on australian shepherd dogs?
  115. how can you tell if you have a white boxer dog or an american bulldog?
  116. Thought she rescued a spayed female great pyrenees mix?
  117. Staffordshire bull terrier weight?
  118. Should I get a French Bulldog or a Chihuahua?
  119. Pembroke Welsh Corgi breeders in Canada?
  120. Should i get a black or chocolate Labrador retriever?
  121. Does dwarfism exsist in the American Pit Bull Terrier?
  122. Our year old Shar-Pei is whining and rooting or nesting. Not pregnant. Any ideas?
  123. Could I give my standard schnauzer a top not sort of thing?
  124. How can I get my Basset Hounds to gain weight?
  125. why is my dalmatian molly getting darker?
  126. How often should i walk my english cocker spaniel?
  127. I have a pomeranian and i want to get a ball python?
  128. are papillon dogs hyper?
  129. bichon frise or a toy poodle?
  130. Do all Pomeranian grow up really fluffy?
  131. my american bulldog is just turned 5 months he weighs 62lbs and hes 22"
  132. What is good and bad about a SHIBA INU?
  133. Is there any cavalier king charles spaniel puppy breeders in berkshire or
  134. I want to know if I have a Portuguese Water Dog?
  135. Where can i find a samoyed?
  136. Pekingese puppy or Chihuahua/Pekingese mix puppy?
  137. What would you call your new beautifull newfoundland puppy?
  138. Why does my Pomeranian do little burnouts on the spot after a poo?
  139. *to all pekingese owners!*?
  140. How would I introduce my American Eskimo to my new kitten?
  141. Saint Bernard or Yorkshire Terrier?
  142. what is the fuel mileage of a greyhound bus?
  143. Any tips for raising and training a dachshund puppy?
  144. help me find an english bulldog puppy?
  145. The name Jethro for a Doberman Pinscher will be Jet for short?
  146. I need good names for a female shih tzu puppy?
  147. Anybody know of a breeder that has a litter of Great Dane puppies near or in...
  148. How often does a standard poodle need to be clipped and is it hard to learn to
  149. We have a bull terrier puppy and her ear is flapping again. Why?
  150. wanting japanese akita/akita inu!?
  151. My girl boxer fights with every single one of our dogs! How do we stop it?
  152. Puppy Names (Toy American Eskimo)?
  153. How do i get my 9 week old chihuahua to stop barking?
  154. Is it wierd for a Pekingese to have blue eyes?
  155. My pekingese dog won't let us wash him or clip his nails?
  156. What is a good name for a male, liver colored field spaniel?
  157. Where can i find a golden retriever puppy for adoption or under $100 in South...
  158. What is a good pet insurance policy for my great dane?
  159. any bullmastiff breeders in NJ or near?
  160. What are some nintendo dogs dalmatian and friends ds cheats? And where do i...
  161. Should a 6 month old Samoyed eat raw diet?
  162. im getting a bichon frise pup, but i'll be at school starting september, when im...
  163. ok what age should my lab/great pyrenees mix get spayed?
  164. What was the name of Alexander The Great`s pet mastiff?
  165. English cocker spaniel ?
  166. Can a Bloodhound make it in an apartment?
  167. I have a 13 month old English Bulldog?
  168. Where can I adopt a yorkshire terrier in Orlando Florida?
  169. what are dog breeds like boxers and staffordshire-bull terriers but is able to swim?
  170. bichon frise breeder?
  171. Getting a new Toy Fox Terrier puppy?
  172. Shiba inu puppy name?
  173. When are dachshund puppies ready for a new home?
  174. what is an anatolian shepherd dog bite force? and is it the same bie force as a
  175. Greyhound Busline Does it cost extra if you have to transfer...
  176. i think my labrador retriever might have mange or some sort of bugs?
  177. how many pound sould my 10 week old lab/great pyrenees be ? and is what
  178. Why do chow-chows have black tongues?
  179. How much should a labrador retriever cost from a breeder?
  180. Kurdish Kangal Dog breeders in Hyderabad?
  181. What is the best book for learning how to train and raise a shar pei?
  182. How much do West Highland White Terriers weigh?
  183. Do any of the nintendogs games have a papillon?
  184. I'm moving to florida and i was wondering if there was a greyhound station...
  185. What is your opinion on the Siberian Husky?
  186. Why can't my pekingese jump up onto chairs?
  187. were can i buy Great Pyrenees puppies in Florida?
  188. What is an easy way to clean around my Shih Tzu's eyes... ?
  189. My 2 year old mini schnauzer has a rash on his lower belly near his hind legs?
  190. French bulldog or shi tuz?
  191. What is the name of a movie with a dalmatian in it? it's not 101 Dalmatians.?
  192. How much does the average 7 month old great dane puppy weigh?
  193. My brittany spaniel still looks like a puppy?
  194. Basset Hound Shedding?
  195. please i need an answer which better for quail hunting german short hair or english
  196. Is it possible to train a German Shepherd to protect another dog?
  197. English bulldog puppy stained yellow from afterbirth time it will come clean?
  198. does my english bulldog need antibiotics?
  199. why is my puppy toy poodle sniffing around the house even after he goes.....?
  200. Staffy x american bulldog!!?
  201. will a yorkshire terrier get along with an australianshepard/border collie?
  202. bloodhound virus constantly?
  203. If I brush my pomeranian every day how much of a decrease will it shed?
  204. Basset Hound vs. Beagle?
  205. Where can i take my border collie to herding lessons?
  206. Is my American Bulldog/Boxer overweight to you?
  207. bernese mountain dog allergic?
  208. Some quick Leonberger question?
  209. my bichon frise is 12 and refuses to eat?
  210. Which airlines allow the carriage of Shih Tzu?
  211. American bulldog question?
  212. Sight Hounds + Scent Hounds a Good Mix? Spec: Coon hound+ Saluki+ borzoi?
  213. American hairless Terrier Skin?
  214. where can you find siberian husky pups priced lower than 800 dollars in missouri my
  215. Papillon or Border Collie?
  216. chesapeake bay retriever drips water from mouth?
  217. First day I have my irish Wolfhound home?
  218. weimaraner questions?
  219. where can i buy kurdish kangal dogs from?
  220. How do I help my pit bull terrier ?
  221. Pekingese puppy problem?
  222. My bullmastiff looks like he's losing some fur in one spot?
  223. Bernese mountain dog diet.?
  224. Can I register my mini dachshund if he is over 11 pounds?
  225. Where can i find an australian terrier breeder or puppies in Ontario, as
  226. Can a saluki kill a coyote?
  227. Anybody Have Any Experience with the Dogo Argentino Breed?
  228. What should I do with my Welsh Corgi?
  229. Can anyone else use the Greyhound Employee Discount?
  230. yorkshire terrier puppy of different colour?
  231. Can I take my Welsh Corgi camping?
  232. American bulldog question?
  233. Male or female Staffordshire Bull Terrier? Which one is better?
  234. What is the most common color of a GSD (German Shepherd Dog)?
  235. What is the best collar of halter to use for my Border Collie?
  236. Wolffia in Newfoundland?
  237. looking to buy a Samoyed in pa!?
  238. Cavalier king Charles spaniel health?
  239. Can a labrador retriever and a dachshund mate?
  240. How often do you groom your German Shepherd or any dog breed that you have (specify)?
  241. Do English Fox Toy Terriers gain more spots as they age?
  242. The coat of a Papillon and Shih Tzu Dog?
  243. What is a good way to potty train my chihuahua?
  244. What is the difference between a Pomeranian and a Japanese spitz?
  245. Bichon Frise-reverse sneezing or allergic reaction? i dont know whats wrong with my
  246. What kind of haircut did the poodle frm beverly hills chihuahua have?
  247. What would be a good name for a greater swiss mountain dog?
  248. Is there anyone who can breed a hybrid pair to create a red giant schnauzer?
  249. Is it common for Border collie pups to be born with a stumpy tail ?
  250. What is a good name for a greyhound that 'moonlights' as a chupacabra?