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  1. How was the great dane made?
  2. unique name for a Girl German Shepherd Dog?
  3. Why is my pug like obsessed with my socks?
  4. where can i find a shiba inu in palm springs?
  5. how much is a yorkie bichon frise?
  6. How long can I leave a Golden Retriever puppy (around 4 months of age) at home for?
  7. Why has my 1 year old female poodle started going to the bathroom on my sofa?
  8. Where can I buy a pomeranian online?
  9. Will my english bulldog die for over playing?
  10. Where can i buy a Finnish Spitz Puppy?
  11. Are there any Samoyed breeders/sellers in suffolk or close by?
  12. Anyone have a Samoyed?
  13. Thinking of getting a Chihuahua/Pomeranian puppy for the family?
  14. Dish washing liquid poured all over my toy poodle.?
  15. Is it not risky to have big dog like German Shepherd in the home with the presence
  16. Is there a way to cause less shedding for an english bulldog?
  17. what is your views on the staffordshire bull terrier breed of dog?.?
  18. Papillon puppy marks in the house?
  19. Hair loss on my weimaraner?
  20. How often does a Bichon Frise coat have to be seen to?
  21. Question about the events of the Boxer Rebellion?
  22. Planning on getting Afghan Hound's, Need Help with few things?
  23. me and my boyfriend are thinking about getting a Chinese Shar-pei?
  24. Whats the characteristics of a Pomeranian dog?
  25. why is the bloodhound gang so popular in germany?
  26. which dog should i get (poodle, weimaraner, giant schnauzer)?
  27. What is a good supplement to give to my English Bulldog for good joint development?
  28. what's the difference between the different boxer briefs styles like
  29. Does the price of Greyhound tickets change as the date gets closer?
  30. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel or Pug?
  31. which is a better dog a Miniature Schnauzer or a Labrador?
  32. Jack Russell Terrier is scared of everyone?
  33. Should I get a Pomeranian or American Eskimo puppy?
  34. bull mastiff x bull arab are they strong dogs and good guard dogs ? and would...
  35. Looking to adopt a Portuguese Water Dog?
  36. How much should I feed my bloodhounds?
  37. what color boxer shorts should i wear when i go for my physical?
  38. Belgian tervuren puppies?
  39. Why do most people think that the American Staffordshire Terrier (Pit bull) are mean?
  40. What is the best dry dog food to feed a english mastiff at a reasonable price?
  41. Is the American Staffordshire Terrier banned in Australia?
  42. How much exercise is needed for the average Border Collie?
  43. why does my 4month pomeranian pup bark?
  44. How much would an old english sheepdog puppy cost?
  45. Is it ok to get a yorkie when i have a female 2 year old minature schnauzer?
  46. How can i tell if my staffordshire bull terrier is a blue staff?
  47. where can i get a scottish terrier puppy?
  48. afghan hounds in hot weather?
  49. would a Miniature Schnauzer be an issue to someone who is allergic to fur?
  50. I want a pet Kurdish Kangal?
  51. Which breed is the least trustworthy off the leash: beagle or fox terrier?
  52. I'm getting a 7 week old golden retriever puppy. Can I start crate
  53. can my king charles spaniel dog have blue berries?
  54. american bulldog, pitbull, or bullies?
  55. My pug makes clicking noise while breathing?
  56. which dog should i get? (weimaraner, poodle(bijou poodle), giant schnauzer)?
  57. I'm thinking of getting Shetland Sheepdog, is this the right dog for me?
  58. what is your opinion on the shetland sheepdog breed?
  59. Who can jump the highest: Border Collie Cross or an English Springer Spaniel?
  60. Are there any shiba inu breeders somewhere within the mid-west region. KS, MI,...
  61. Can starting my 6 week old kitten on kitten chow cause diarrhea?
  62. What are the best brand of boxers or boxer briefs that don't ride up your leg...
  63. My Toy Poodle is now the only dog in the house and is lonely can you help me?
  64. Bull Terriers...Are they similar to Staffordshire Bull Terriers and
  65. I have a Lab/Dalmatian mix. How long (approximately) is her life expectantcy?
  66. I have 8 and 9 year old cats. Would they be able to get along with a Norwich Terrier?
  67. Papillon breeder near Iowa?
  68. My Black and Tan Coonhound pup barks NON-STOP in crate.?
  69. Are Vizsla's good dogs?
  70. which dog is stronger Vizsla or pitbull?
  71. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is scratching constantly?
  72. Is A Doberman Pinscher For Me?
  73. i just got an 8 week old havanese cross with bichon and i was wondering what
  74. What should I name my female and male border collie puppies?
  75. how do i stop my french bulldog attacking other dogs over toys?
  76. shiba inu puppies in south australia?
  77. How much exercise is needed for the Australian Shepherd? What about the Border...
  78. Who hates miley cyrus and brittany spears singing i love rock and roll by joand jett?
  79. ***My lazy american bulldog?
  80. how much did your female great dane weigh at 12 weeks old?
  81. Why is my newfoundland dog such a sweetheart?
  82. So, American Staffordshire Terriers...?
  83. my french bulldog has a torn ligament in his leg?
  84. Which is a better dog, a beagle or an australian shepherd?
  85. How much money should i save up for a pug +?
  86. HELP with cavalier king charles spaniel,?
  87. when do chow chow puppies ear start to stand all the way up?
  88. what are the characters of the samoyed dog? ( personality) are they docile?
  89. Question about a boston terrier/chihuahua mix?
  90. can you have a Portuguese water dog if you have allergies?
  91. can the smooth coat chow chow and rough coat chow chow be in the same litter?
  92. Is it necessary for a boxer whos turning pro to have a manager?
  93. akita inu or a shia inu?
  94. In a sport like boxing who is more important for the fight to happen,the
  95. What do i need to take care of golden retriever?
  96. I want to adopt an aussie shepherd/welsh corgi mix but I have cats. Is...
  97. My Italian Greyhound's coat isn't sleek and smooth?
  98. Names for a female basset hound mixed beagle puppy?
  99. My five month old American Bulldog has Tapeworms...?
  100. How do I get my 7 year old Whippet to stop marking in the house?
  101. What do you guys prefer? Border Collie, Australian Kelpie, or Australian Blue
  102. Thinking about adopting a Bernese Mountain Dog?
  103. Good names for an American Bulldog? (Like to be prepared with a list)?
  104. German Shepherd and first time dog owner, can it work out?
  105. How much do you rent a pure breed Dachshund?
  106. When your chihuahua is giving birth for the first time do you help or just
  107. At what age can I switch my dog from puppy chow to adult food?
  108. Is Saluki a good doog? I want the best dog.?
  109. Hi! I have a cheek (Chihuahua/Pekingese) Can I have a list of health
  110. would a border collie be a good running buddy?
  111. Rottweiler Painful itching patches of fur missing, whats causing it?
  112. how long can a boston terrier live without eating?
  113. What type of collar is best for a Rottweiler?
  114. where can i find a female Weimaraner in california?
  115. What are the chords for the song Mary Jane by Collie Buddz?
  116. Rhodesian Ridgeback Questions!?
  117. Whats wrong with my American Bulldog???? Please help!!!!?
  118. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?
  119. Bullmastiff and another dog?
  120. Is australian kelpie and american staffy a bad mix?
  121. How do I find out if we have the oldest Pomeranian??? (hope I spelled it correctly)?
  122. Need help about my dog she is a shar pei.?
  123. How long is the gestational period of a Dalmatian Molly?
  124. Where can I find an Irish wolfhound/Husky mix?
  125. Should I take in a 6 yr old Weimaraner?
  126. Can my Shih tzu eat lettuce? How about carrots?
  127. how big are chow chow puppies at 2 months?
  128. Anxious Great Pyrenees?
  129. Anyone have information about Finnish Spitz?
  130. Any Pembroke Welsh Corgi Breeders out there?
  131. I really want a native american indian dog, ?
  132. any advice on saint bernard's?
  133. My Miniature Pinscher does not want to eat and I can't figure out why?
  134. How long should I walk my 3 month golden retriever?
  135. how much should a healthy 3 year old shih tzu and rat terrier mix weigh?
  136. Potty Training my Italian Greyhound? Big Problem!?
  137. What type of show lead would you recommend for a Irish Wolfhound?
  138. can a english mastiff male mate with a female bullmastiff?
  139. I have a yellow labrador retriever and he absolutely will not pick up a...
  140. Is a Golden retriever a good dog to own for a quiet household?
  141. hi is there anywhere in hull humberside that have whippet dog for adoption?
  142. Samoyed Dogs who owns one?
  143. How can i make my 2 year old english bulldog look big bone and have a thick body?...
  144. How do you fit into boxer briefs better?
  145. i have a 2.5 month old lhasa apso. what should i feed it?
  146. Looking for hunting english or gordon setter puppy with good parental...
  147. Where can i find a Lhasa Apso X Yorkshire Terrier puppy for sale in the uk?
  148. How hot does it have to be for a 5lb Chihuahua to get heat stroke?
  149. If you live in Colorado and have a Welsh Terrier, where did you get your dog from?
  150. Where can i find a beagle rescue?
  151. Should i use an extending lead for my border collie pup?
  152. How do I get my pomeranian to stop barking constantly?
  153. How can i make my pug lose weight ?
  154. how to stop a 12wk old toy poodle from constant biting.?
  155. is an american eskimo dog a good choice for a first time dog owner?
  156. Can I take my Great Dane on a greyhound bus?
  157. What is the oldest a mini schnauzer can be pregnant?
  158. Does he look like a purebred Papillon?
  159. Do any dalmatian owners find apartments with little or no issues from the...
  160. My papillon has short ear hair?
  161. Weimaraner learned how to knock on door?
  162. is their a limit to how much you can walk a saint bernard?
  163. What is the best shampoo to use for a Shih Tzu ?
  164. What to know about great pyrenees?
  165. What is the name of the blonde female boxer in million dollar baby?
  166. Please Help! I found a small lump on my miniature pinscher's side right on her hip.?
  167. Any suggestions as to how I can stop my Clumber Spaniel scratching?
  168. My 1 year old english Mastiff has a lump on the right had side of his penis and he
  169. What type of food is good for a beagle dachshund mix?
  170. Want to shave my American Eskimo?
  171. Will a german shepherd be able to live with a Pomeranian puppy?
  172. Can anyone find the Papillon dog colours all on one website?
  173. Bloodhound Gang. How awesome? 1-10?
  174. Does anyone know of a great Basset Hound breeder in Barrie Ontario, Canada?
  175. can any one explain to me the difference between a staffordshire bull terrier and...
  176. how many cups of food should i feed my saint bernard puppy a day?
  177. How do I convince my mom to get a hypo allergenic dog instead of a Pekingese?
  178. whats the name of that song with the name brittany in it that they play at hollister?
  179. Can my miniature poodle go in the large dog play area at the dogparks?
  180. So what type of person would a Siberian Husky be best for?
  181. What is a cute name for a female chihuahua?
  182. Is the Great Pyrenees really a joke or a pushover when it comes to guarding
  183. Keeping an english Cocker Spaniel Puppy busy?
  184. How do I help me Shih Tzu lose weight?
  185. Could a golden retriever be a good protection dog?
  186. how much does a pure bred toy american eskimo dog cost?
  187. Whats the difference between a Tamaskan and a Native american indian dog?
  188. why does our american bulldog get extremely crazy around people, or other small dogs?
  189. Can you breed a Yorkshire Terrier and a Chihuahua?
  190. Do all Chow mixes have spots on their tounges?
  191. Is my Great Pyrenees small for his age (7 mo. at 61lbs & 24" at the shoulder)?
  192. I got attacked by a toy poodle the other day?
  193. English Cocker Spaniel personality?
  194. What should I feed my English Mastiff puppy?
  195. How to take care of a Shih Tzu's ears?
  196. tibetan spaniel scratches/licks tail and rear end until raw?
  197. Who owns a cardigan welsh corgi why do you like them?!?
  198. My 8week toy poodle wont eat..... HELP!!?
  199. I need help please am i responsible enough for a pug?
  200. Basset Hounds, Brittany Spaniel, or Portuguese Water Dog?
  201. is a 4 year old boston terrier too old to buy?
  202. Pit Bull/American Bulldog Questions?
  203. How much does a 8 week old CHOW CHOW weigh?
  204. i have just adopted a one year old Chihuahua whippet mix; and im curious of her...
  205. Taking a bath for my Shiba Inu... last time was a week ago?
  206. Where can i find a shiba inu breeder in Los Angeles?
  207. A scottish terrier attacked my italian greyhound, should I contact owners?
  208. What are some quality game bred American Pit Bull Terrier bloodlines?
  209. How do you retrain a chihuahua?
  210. can my toy poodle mate with his sister?
  211. What kind of food will not give my labrador retriever allergic reactions?
  212. How much should a 18 month old Siberian Husky eat?
  213. Why does our Jack Russell Terrier constantly whine around my brother?
  214. Is a american eskimo dog hypoallergenic?
  215. How much does a Siberian Husky weight?
  216. Why did Juan Diaz abandon his slugging style and try to box a boxer in Marquiez?
  217. Name for my Greater Swiss Mountain Dog?
  218. recently just got a basset hound puppy! any advice?
  219. Pitbull german shorthaired pointer mix?!?!?
  220. Do you need a valid British passoprt to Brittany?
  221. what do you think of this name for my australian cattle dog?
  222. i have a 15 week old bichon frise whos being house trained?
  223. Is a chow chow a mix breed?
  224. Is a Boston Terrier good for me?
  225. How often does a Tibetan Spaniel have to be clipped/brushed/bathed?
  226. my 2yr old staffordshire bull terrier has small scabs on the inside of both...
  227. does anyone know an english springer spaniel breeder in alabama?
  228. Shiba Inu sheds a little too much?
  229. Pekingese- Irregular Slow Heart Beat?
  230. where Can i watch a good fight between a cat and a chihuahua?
  231. Lab shiba inu mix when will go into heat?
  232. How should I handle my Italian Greyhound?
  233. Where can I learn to groom my standard poodle myself and what is the best
  234. Can I have a male Yorkshire Terrier in my house with a male Shih Tzu breed?
  235. Should I get a West Highland terrier(Westie) or Jack Russell Terrier?
  236. Dog (jack russell terrier mix) just ate a leaf of poison ivy... What to do?
  237. House training a 8wk old border collie puppy?
  238. Where is there a place where i can breed my 5 year old Bernese Mountain...
  239. What Dog should I get, Doberman Pinscher or a Pitbull?
  240. Hi my Mia she is an 8month old english bulldog she is sick with clear and
  241. Our 9 month Welsh Corgi bites. What should I do in order to stop this?
  242. Help naming a Papillon?
  243. Why is my newly adopted Siberian Husky being Lazy?
  244. Is an Irish Setter good for me?!?!? (help especially from owners of one!!!)?
  245. Hey everone!!! My family is thinking of buying a small Airedale Terrier, any...
  246. Yorkshire terrier..............................?
  247. What should I name my adorable new affenpinscher puppy?
  248. Is a Boston Terrier for me?
  249. Does anyone know anything about Northernnewfs newfoundland breeder?
  250. Anyone know much about Belgian Malinois or Beauceron?