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  1. Is it ok to buy dogs that the breed is generally used in dog fighting?
  2. how big a chihuahua can be to get pregnant?
  3. Two yorkie terriers breeding?
  4. I'm getting 2 yorkie terriers?
  5. My shih tzu girl is on heat?
  6. My rescue dog who i have had only two weeks bit a child on the arm should he be put
  7. How can i cure cherry eye in my maltese..pls help!?
  8. What's a good brand for dry dog food?
  9. What could i do to tire out my 8 week old puppy?
  10. Food for a pitbull/dalmation mix puppy who has food allergies & keeps vomiting?
  11. I have a trial at a pet store tomorrow, any tips?
  12. How can I tell if my dog is a Plott Hound?
  13. Is it ok to feed my poodle biobest plain yogurt?
  14. Is this level of aggression normal in a 9 week old German Shepherd?
  15. how is the best way to hold an injured dog?
  16. Is God mad at the Puppy Park in Arkansas?
  17. My shih tzu is pregnant, and has a decrease in appetite, does not want to
  18. How long does it take for a small dog to experience hypoglycemia?
  19. Does he even look like a dog lol? And does he look to small? Thanks?
  20. I have a 6yo yorkie that refuses to stop urinating in his crate... crate
  21. I'm in a hotel in a shady bit of town; in the room next to me the bed springs...
  22. what is the best breed of dog and y?
  23. How can I make my chihuahua eat his food?
  24. What should I do if my dog chokes on his food?
  25. Cute names for a dachshund puppy?
  26. A breed of dog that doesn't bark alot?
  27. what is the difference between miniature, tiny, toy and micro yorkshire terriers?
  28. Whats the cheapest good quality dog food?
  29. Where can I get cheap pet supplies ?
  30. my yorkie just came out of heat she is not even a year old and now she has like
  31. good muzzle for toy poodles pup?
  32. Barking problem with 4 month old Pomeranian?
  33. what breed of dog should i get?
  34. Whats wrong with my dog (Cocker Spaniel)?
  35. What is the name of the korean drama with a blind girl who has a dog?
  36. Why are there so many dachshunds (sausage dogs) in Cuba?
  37. Dog breeder research?
  38. My 9 year old golden retriever has been sick on and off for two months, do you...
  39. Looking for name of kid's book with Tiger the cat and Rusty the dog.?
  40. Why does my yorkie dog got choke then cough?.?
  41. Will my dog have puppies?
  42. im lookin to find pitbull rescue centers?
  43. Are there any Tamaskan dog breeders in South Africa, and if not, is it possible to
  44. My chihuahua is getting into fights with the dog next door, what should I say...
  45. are yorkies as stubborn as shih tzus?
  46. What are some cute/funny/touching animal or pet movies? But nothing too corny or
  47. do pet stores only sell short hair guinea pigs?
  48. how do i get my 5 month old pitbull to go for walks?
  49. Are there miniature jack russell terriers?
  50. Where is the best place to purchase a puppy in Baltimore,MD ?
  51. What is my dogs breed?
  52. is rottweiler a good breed for first time dog owner?
  53. my chihuahua is acting weird, tail tucked between his legs, distant, walking
  54. Help finding a good german shepherd puppy?
  55. husband thinks our dog shouldn't sleep in our daughters bed?
  56. can anyone think of any cute /funny names for a cream coloured labradoodle puppy?
  57. When to get a Rottweiler, GSD, APBT or Doberman?
  58. how much should i feed my 6 month old weimaraner?
  59. yorkie mixed with papillon?
  60. Experienced dog breeders/owners, please read this question & see if you can HELP me!?
  61. is my pug just greedy?????????
  62. My German Shepherd is a chicken...?
  63. what can i feed my pitbull to make her more fat, or big?
  64. Did you call me a small tooth dog?
  65. Names for my dog...:)?
  66. What do I feed my 6 week old pitbull puppy?
  67. Rottweiler vs Pitt bull Terrier?
  68. Shy 13 week old german shepherd?
  69. is it cruel to keep a Labrador outside?
  70. Puppy mill dogs or breeders?
  71. Aussie or Golden Retriever?
  72. where can i give my loving pitbull for adotion?
  73. Need help dealing with an aggressive Labrador Retriever!?
  74. Inbreeding Yorkie/shitzu should I worry?
  75. pregnant mini dachshund?
  76. When a llama and a pug love each other very much.. what happens? like, what do...
  77. how do you get a job with the RSPCA?
  78. My Maltese dog just had puppies?
  79. How do u groom a poodle?And wat websites can teach u?
  80. Does Anyone know a good reputable breeder for Dachshunds in ontario?
  81. 8 Week Labradoodle with Diorreah.?
  82. My puppy is sick and we do not know what to do...?
  83. Is it normal for a newborn maltese terrier puppy to be this small?
  84. hello and good day to you all I have a olde english bulldog?
  85. Chihuahua stuck in a car! help?!?!?
  86. cocker spaniel and chidren?
  87. My 6 months old Rottweiler always wants to take my hands in his mouth and he
  88. 6 month old Weimaraner with skin problems?
  89. What are Jack Russel Terriers like?
  90. Havanese vs shih tzu?
  91. Toy Poodle has seizures?
  92. names of black things for a dog?
  93. Who has a pug? ^.^ ^.^ ^.^ ^.^ ^.^?
  94. What's wrong with my yorkie?
  95. Would you ever buy a rabbit from a pet store?....?
  96. Poodle help I need to know things?
  97. My 5 month old yorkie is pooping everywhere?
  98. Chihuahua obedience training?
  99. bichon frese or cavachon or havanese?
  100. my american pitbull terrier?
  101. C-Sections and English Bulldogs?
  102. my best freind spot (my dog) wont talk to me!?
  103. Healthiest pug puppy/dog?
  104. Is my German Shepherd strange?
  105. Does my 12 week old rottweiler have a bladder problem?
  106. What are some movies with pugs in them?
  107. What poodle mix is most popular?
  108. What's a good age to start breeding a female dog?
  109. my 11 yr old teacup poodle is real sick, and the vet wants me to put her
  110. My pomeranian is pregnant; she began nesting just last night, Jan. 27. How much
  111. my 8 wks old labradoodle puppy has umbilical hernia, is it expensive to have...
  112. I think I want a pitbull. Some questions?
  113. My 3 yr old Pug vomited about 12hrs ago, but since then he has been...
  114. Pitbull red nose...........?
  115. My puppy has become very bitey in the last day?
  116. How do i no if my dachshund is pregnant?
  117. Dog name with something to do with paramore?
  118. Looking for a reputable golden retriever breeder in florida?
  119. Another dog to keep our Shih Tzu company?
  120. what kind of breed is my dog?
  121. Should I have my poodle put to sleep?
  122. whats your favorite pitbull song?
  123. why do people think its ok to breed pedigrees but not to breed other
  124. my english bulldog puppy is congested..any suggestions?
  125. My 3 year old Jack Russell & Chihuahua mix has started peeing in the house again!?!?
  126. I think my black labrador male has ADHD. Should I get him checked by dog...
  127. What breed is my dog?
  128. Separating puppies after female is spayed?
  129. Can anyone give me some information on German Shepherds?
  130. Rescued a dog but it won't eat...?
  131. My poodle is breathing faster than usual, is this bad.? ?
  132. Any good Jack Russell Training tips out there?
  133. What should i name my new rottweiler?
  134. Will my puppy get used to being on the back deck alone?
  135. What is the different between a Maltese terrier and a Maltese ?
  136. how long does a black an tan hound dog live?
  137. I've decided to get a Pomeranian, now what?
  138. Chihuahua not himself?
  139. my 8 month old shih tzu has swollen nipples, and is sleeping alot? what does this
  140. what is the height and weight of an adult maltese?
  141. How much does a full grown pitbull boxer cross weigh.?
  142. Boston Terrier vs. Yorkie Vs. Shih Tzu?
  143. potty training puppy?
  144. Is your German shepherd major shedding now?
  145. Which method works best to teach a dog not to pull?
  146. Where can i get some Rottweiler puppies?
  147. What are good sites to find yorkies near me?
  148. if i bought a yorkie that is not register with AKC but the parients are...
  149. What song is this from Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2?
  150. My7 month old pitbull runs around the neiborhood should we use a shock collar?
  151. Benifits/cons of miniture Yorkie dogs?
  152. What are the best episodes of Dog the Bounty Hunter?
  153. Pet Stores Dont Sell Puppy Mill Dogs Correct?
  154. Golden retriever vs toy poodle?
  155. Best water to give your dog?
  156. Pet stores near Grayslake, IL that sells German Pinschers?
  157. I'm going to be traveling in 4 months and I have a 110lb Rottweiler that I'll...
  158. Hi..This is Sowndarya from Trichy, Tamilnadu. I love Golden Retriever dog. I...
  159. What do I give my English Bulldog when she has particularly red/watery eyes?
  160. How much would a CKC Dachshund for showing and breeding rights cost?
  161. Why is my boston terrier out of breath often?
  162. rottweiler puppy going to be killed?
  163. my german shepherd is aggressive with shy dogs?
  164. What is with my Chihuahua?
  165. Hi, i have 2 red eared turtles&i want2get rid of them.idk if i should put them
  166. I'm getting a pug beagle mix puppy soon, how do I introduce it to my cats?
  167. Adding a Great Dane to our family of 3 and a half month old German Shepherd Lab...
  168. My 13 year old poodle...?
  169. who has a labradoodle?
  170. What cut should my Maltese have?
  171. Is anyone else attracted to pitbull?
  172. Can a maltese and a doberman have a puppy?
  173. what are the exact ways to crossbreed a pitbull?
  174. Is my pitbull albino?
  175. Whats you dogs name and age and breed or mix?
  176. What games can i play with my dog?
  177. What is a better name for a pug puppy Pugster or Pug?
  178. Whats a good puppy name? My lil man is a shih-tzu x maltese, and needs a tuff name!?
  179. which should i get a shih tzu or a yorkshire terrier?
  180. A brush for a Jack Russel Terrier grooming?
  181. Convincing My Parents To Let Me Buy A Golden Retriever?
  182. I have a 4 month old yorkie who is on her second round of antibiotics for kennel
  183. If a b!tch is a female dog, and a dog is man's best friend...?
  184. I have a German Shepherd female. Very good temperament but occasionally is
  185. I have a 8 wk old female pug I wash her every week but she has a bad smell coming...
  186. question for anyyyone, I just need a second opinion. German shepherd?
  187. How Big do Yorkie Poo Dogs Get?
  188. where can i buy a micro yorkie from?
  189. my Pitbull puppy is 3 months old and not showing any mounting&humping behavior
  190. Where can I buy dog food?
  191. 5 1/2 Year old male boxer with elevated liver enzymes, vet suggests Hill...
  192. Should I name my dog(Golden-Retriever), Salvatore?
  193. I work a lot, and am usually busy. I have been looking into getting a
  194. Which dog would make the best family pet a Pug a Sheltie or a Boston Terrier?
  195. australian labradoodle breeder?
  196. German shepherd hurt?
  197. I want to breed my male jack russell, is there a website or something that I
  198. My Labrador received a head injury and now the vet says he's temporarily blind.?
  199. what dog would get along with a labrador + another question?
  200. what gender/color cockapoo (dog) should I get?
  201. pros and cons of staffordshire bull terriers?
  202. I would like to know how can I know if my dog is shih tzu or not?
  203. My chihuahua was bitten down to his lung by a pitbull and didnt make
  204. My puppy is a pittbull golden retriever miix. I was wonderfing if you can tell me...
  205. Pomeranian Owners-when is a good age to let her breed?
  206. Word Problem: Suppose that the quantity supplied S and quantity demanded D of hot...
  207. Please help! My pomeranian is too cute!?
  208. Labrador Retriever (Pedigree)?
  209. How much should I sell my Pitbull puppies for?
  210. 4 year old toy poodle losing hair around the nose . .?
  211. 7 week old chihuahua x miniature Jack Russell.?
  212. Should I get a male or female golden retriever?
  213. My 14 y.o. Lab/Shep/Rottweiler has laryngeal paralysis to a degree. Problematic
  214. Labrador or German Shepherd?
  215. Does my German Shepherd puppy have hip dysplasia?
  216. Why does my female Boston Terrier lick everything all the time?
  217. How should my 9 week old rottweiler be acting?
  218. basenji puppies in az?
  219. what is still born puppies?
  220. Need help To Potty Train My 1 year old Dachshund?
  221. Why does my new puppy run sideways?
  222. Shud i breed my shih tzu girl?
  223. do rspca know if you own house or not?
  224. Ook so for one week. my dads friend asked us to train his dog which is...
  225. Stray puppies continued ?
  226. rev counter and speedo not working on pug 206 1.1 year 2000 someone all so has
  227. Can a person get rabies from a dead puppy?
  228. Will my Yorkie loose his eye if it is very smaller than the other one and the eye is
  229. How much should I feed my daschund/long haired chihuahua?
  230. Miniature Daschund vs. Maltese vs. Guinea pig?
  231. what kind of puppy is this? english bulldog?
  232. my yorkie's tongue curls up?
  233. I have a 6 month old Pug + she is spotting Could she be in heat?
  234. Which is a better dog, Labrador or Border Terrier?
  235. I just recently got a new yorkie.I have a older yorkie and he is not
  236. What are some good methods i could use for training my miniature schnauzer?
  237. Should I get a Maltese or a Yorkie?
  238. Does this really look like a Cavapoo? (Cavalier/Poodle)?
  239. What songs did pitbull release in 2010?
  240. My 2-1/2 year old male Husky is aggressive with my 9 week old female...
  241. My 4 month old yorkie has kennel cough and is on her second antibiotic.?
  242. Sclera (white part of the eye) more visible in one of my puppy's eyes?
  243. My english bulldog?!?!?
  244. i have a rottweiler cross akita and he is quite small for his age, he is 6...
  245. how do I keep my golden retrievers from fighting?
  246. Dog training help? train it to overcome his fears?
  247. Confused about getting a puppy?
  248. I plan on getting a Pomeranian or chihuahua?
  249. How much should I feed my 11 week old female jack russel terrier and pit bull mix?
  250. My English Bulldogs Sleeping habits and skin?