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  1. What are some good Male Pomeranian names?
  2. can a lhasa apso sleep outside during the winter?
  3. My bloodhound Daisy escaped from the back yard.?
  4. How do you train a TOY FOX TERRIER?
  5. How does the Yorkshire Terrier do around children?
  6. 2 year old Scottish Terrier wont stop pooping in the house?
  7. How do I break my dachshund from waking me up to go to the bathroom at night?
  8. why is my jack russell terrier having trouble walking on her rear legs?
  9. How do i get my 14 week old Boxer puppy to stop peeing in the house during the night?
  10. How do I knnow if my puppy is a real great dane? I just got him but with no
  11. How do I to teach my rottweiler puppy to get up?
  12. How big is your female great dane?
  13. What are the pros and cons of having a golden retriever puppy in an apartment?
  14. Are bloodhounds good companion family pets?
  15. Newly Adopted Doberman Pinscher!?
  16. How many calorie intake is allowed by a fifteen month old Shih Tzu?
  17. My boyfriend and i are getting a dog. He's a little boy australian shepherd :) Name
  18. Are there any apartments in New York, NY that will allow a Great Dane?
  19. My 11 yr old Dachshund has been throwing up what seems to be bile all
  20. What breed is this Welsh Corgi mixed with?
  21. Has anyone vacationed in Newfoundland?
  22. What breed does this American Eskimo dog mix look like?
  23. What are the pros and cons of having a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel...
  24. Can my 3 year old black and tan coonhound be trained for coon hunting
  25. Welsh Corgi or Dachshund?
  26. I just got a 2 month old mini Schnauzer and he growls at me when I pick him up.?
  27. May I ask why the Bloodhound Gang are so offensive?
  28. What is the maximum time you should live your Samoyed dog?
  29. on webkinz why has my portuguese water dog suddently turned gray on the forehead?
  30. What is the ideal size of a whelping box for pug?
  31. Has anyone ever seen full a blooded doberman pinscher at a shelter?
  32. Can someone give me any tips about potty training a 1 year old Chihuahua?
  33. any tips on potty training a 7 month old mini schnauzer?
  34. Boston Terrier How old Do you think it is?
  35. I have one Whippet and are thinking of getting a second. Pro's & Con's Please?
  36. Does a Jack Russell Terrier coat type change with age?
  37. My 4 year-old Welsh Corgi was just bitten in the neck by a very large Great Dane.
  38. How much money would it be to get to Wasaga beach by greyhound?
  39. how much exercise does a golden retriever require to be calm?
  40. How do u get from Toronto's Greyhound station to The Go bus station?
  41. When Will be my Saint bernard's first Shedding?
  42. good staffordshire bull terrier names?
  43. What role is Brittany Spears playing in the show "Glee"?
  44. where can i go to adopt a silky terrier?
  45. Can you train a great dane to be a a good personal protection dog?
  46. Pugs or Cavalier king charles spaniel?
  47. which dog is better watchdogs American Eskimos or an akita?.?
  48. american bulldog troubles?
  49. Can you suggest me some names for a dog like border collie/australian shepherd?
  50. How do I know if my pug has mange?
  51. how to take care of boston terrier's eyes?
  52. What is the average lifespan of a Lhasa Apso?
  53. my 3 year oldmale pomeranian,lhasa apso,weiner dog mix wont stop using my...
  54. My dogs are beagle shi-tzu mix how do i know if there part poodle?
  55. my 3 yr old Miniature schnauzer does not like other dogs. also jumps on people?
  56. My Dog Looks Like A German Shepherd But He Is So Little.. What Is He?
  57. How long will a shih tzu live for on steroids?
  58. Is it ok for my toy poodle to go outside?
  59. Which breed should i get? A miniature schnauzer or a Yorkie?
  60. My 1.5 year old female Lhasa Apso has started pooping in the house.?
  61. should i get a second border collie, or am I doubling my trouble?
  62. How high up should one wear boxer briefs?
  63. Is it okay to leave a long haired Dachshund home 8 and a half hours 5 days a week?
  64. How can I adopt an Old English Mastiff?
  65. Does anyone have a tri-coloured dalmatian? Photos please!?
  66. my rottie is female and has long muzzel then its head like gsd,different from...
  67. What would the puppies look like if a female great Dane and a Toy male...
  68. im getting a new dog a pimbroke welsh corgi what shold i name it its a guy?
  69. I have a 10 year old Labrador retriever. We have noticed little scabs
  70. HELP! Why isn't my dalmatian molly moving?
  71. why does my female poodle put her butt in my male poodles face?
  72. What would a Pit Bull Terrier/Rottweiler mixed with a Gray Wolf/German...
  73. what do we call our bearded collie?
  74. my local animal shelter has a "Chihuahua - Smooth Coated, Basenji mix" ny ideas...
  75. How to stop my 18 month old Pure Bred Tibetan Spaniel from constantly licking &...
  76. First time dog owner who wants a Samoyed, is it possible?
  77. what is better a bichon frise or a maltipoo?
  78. Why is my dachshund shedding all of a sudden?
  79. What are some necessities I need to get for my new Whippet? PLease Help!!?
  80. How often should my 8 week old Shih Tzu poop?
  81. Why does my Whippet dog weeing on his leg all of a sudden?
  82. How do I get from the Greyhound Station in dt Vegas?
  83. Pembroke Welsh Corgi Flyball?
  84. How can I stop my Chihuahua Yorkie cross from howling when I am not there?
  85. How can I train my jack russell terrier ?
  86. Is there a home treatment for heartworms in a Mastiff?
  87. Question about German Shorthaired Pointer?
  88. how much food to feed a 15 year old pug mix?
  89. What to expect after my pug's hip surgery?
  90. Can my Saint bernard be a protective dog?
  91. Welsh Corgi tips (20 characters, harhar)?
  92. Rhodesian Ridgeback X Yellow Lab...Information?
  93. I have a 17 mo old beagle with a rash on her lips,belly and front
  94. basset hound help please?
  95. Can you still get the illegal argentinian mastiff in the uk?
  96. Has anyone else ever heard of a Native American Indian Dog (NAID)?
  97. I am taking care of a king charles cavalier spaniel. But I don't know what to do
  98. How many cups of food per day do you feed a 4 month and 6 month old English Mastiff?
  99. what type of place would be good for a samoyed?
  100. Is this a nice name for a american bulldog puppy?
  101. My American Bulldog has been pregnant for 66 days and has not gone into
  102. How do you care for a 12 week old pug?
  103. Need some advise on training my Rhodesian ridgeback?
  104. What should I name my male saint bernard?
  105. I just adopted a german shepherd/chow chow mix dog and his fur is really matted....
  106. Names for a German Shorthaired Pointer Puppy?
  107. My 2.5 year old Jack Russell Terrier has a broken weight bearing toe.?
  108. Does anyone have two dalmatians or already weaned puppy dalmatians for sale on...
  109. how can you tell the size that the dog will be from a puppy? he is mixed beagle?
  110. Has anyone ever heard of a Bernese Mountain dog?
  111. why do the HT leads on my pug 106 keep splitting?
  112. I am soon about to bring home a Whippet... any help?
  113. Rottweiler or Bullmastiff? pro/cons?
  114. Bernese mountain dog puppy biting too hard?
  115. lump under my pekingese' front arm?
  116. How much does a French bulldog cost?
  117. First time dog owner who wants a Samoyed, is it doable?
  118. What can I do about a collie mother who just lost all her puppies?
  119. Is A Basenji A Good Family Pet?
  120. I want to prevent my poodle mix from going blind?
  121. are great pyrenees good guard dogs?
  122. which pinscher is best;doberman pincher, german pinscher, or Miniature pinscher?
  123. flat coated retriever vs golden retriever?
  124. I want to get a Cairn Terrier?
  125. What kind of dog food would you recommend for my 1 year old pomeranian?
  126. My mom's wondering about "floating knee caps" for Pomeranian dogs. How much
  127. is it okay for a 7 mo. Rottweiler to walk/trot beside a bicycle for a short
  128. What dog has more endurance a German Shepherd or a Siberian Husky? What dog can...
  129. how do i properly discipline my 6 week old chihuahua from biting?
  130. Shedding in a getting a boxer/saint bernard?
  131. Which is better-looking/cuter/prettier? American Eskimo or Pomeranian?
  132. Is it okay if my American Bulldog has an under bite?
  133. I have a 3,5 months old dalmatian dog. May i use a flea collar?
  134. How much is a "Bugg" puppy? (Boston Terrier and Pug mix, designer dog)?
  135. How long is a Border Collie dog stays a puppy ?
  136. My air condition is broken and temps will be up to 90 this week, how can I
  137. How do we train our saint bernard puppy to 'sniff us out'?
  138. where in the north west of England can we get legally married with our pug dog
  139. What is the difference between the Pit Bull and the American Staffordshire Terrier?
  140. Has anyone owned a Saluki/Whippet cross?
  141. How much should I feed my 8 week old Boston terrier?
  142. What are the disadvantages/ cons of having a pug?
  143. Would it be a bad idea if I brought a 1 month year old chihuahua with a 10 year
  144. my american bulldog is shedding way to much what can i do?
  145. My 16 week old toy poodle puppy is acting lethargic the last day or so.?
  146. German shepherd vs. belgian tervuren?
  147. Is it very common for a Pomeranian dog to get luxating patellas?
  148. is st johns Newfoundland homophobic like Vancouver?
  149. can a english bulldog bite my finger off?
  150. What is the best type of food for a siberian husky?
  151. i have 2 blue great danes, molly and merlin and new great dane male pup, cant...
  152. Is it normal for my boxer puppy to have droopy eyes?
  153. Is it okay if my American Bulldog has an Under bite?
  154. What is a Canary Dog? I've never heard of this breed.?
  155. How can I stop my pug from shedding so much?
  156. Newbie getting havanese pup - need advice?
  157. How to deal with a 10 week old Border collie puppy growling and biting child and...
  158. How much will it cost to get my golden retriever spayed and neutered?
  159. What breed of lap dog would live nicely with a Golden Retriever?
  160. I just got a shih tzu and I never knew how to take care of a dog?
  161. How should I help my overweight Chihuahua lose weight?
  162. Weimaraner puppies in WI?
  163. what would you call a shiba inu beagle mix?
  164. Papillon names!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  165. How much do you think Boxer will win by in California this November?
  166. how do i socialize my Italian greyhound?
  167. what breed of dog is better an English Pointer or English Setter?
  168. How can i get my tri-coloured collie cross to lose a little weight?
  169. Bullmastiff and English Mastiff?
  170. How do i stop my beagle puppy from shedding so much?
  171. Are Manchester Terriers good apartment dogs?
  172. Are Italian Greyhounds more of a jealous breed or is it just my dogs temperament?
  173. Why do people get mad at me comparing my beagle to their kid?
  174. Have you heard of a Clumber Spaniel?
  175. What are the basic needs of the border collie, Australian shepherd, and...
  176. Lhasa apso tear staining? 10 points...?
  177. What is the best flea and tick prevention for my shih-tzu?
  178. is a toy poodle just as smart as a standard or miniature poodle?
  179. French Bulldog or a Pug?
  180. where can i find a good healthy purebreed german shepherd or rottweiler?
  181. How long should I cut my Shih-Tzu/Pekingese's hair?
  182. why does my Staffordshire Bull Terrier smack her lips together repeatedly...
  183. My Cairn Terrier is...?
  184. I have a 1 year old, 50 pound basenji dog and he like Purina Puppy Chow. WHenever I
  185. how do i get a mini pug puppy?
  186. How many times should I get my poodle groomed?
  187. Belgian Tervuren or German Shepherd?
  188. Basenji or Beagle? Which should i buy? As a friend?
  189. what is the best way to clean the winkles of english bulldog's face and tail?
  190. Where can I find a turkish kangal?
  191. Is a beagle the right type of dog for me?
  192. Do Scottish Terriers get along well with cats?
  193. Where can i find a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog?? Please help!?
  194. Where can I buy a girl maltese in St.John's, Newfoundland and Labrador?
  195. im thinking about getting a dog... American eskimo or Samoyed?
  196. How can I make my Miniature Pinscher go to sleep?
  197. 2 year old Lhasa Apso squealing out in pain! Hind leg/back problem!?
  198. What is a good companion for a Golden Retriever?
  199. What is the temperament of Bernese mountain dogs like?
  200. is Weimaraner a good breed of dog?
  201. How much does it cost to take a Greyhound from TN to FL?
  202. my Jack russell terrier wont listen to me?
  203. Akita, Akita Inu, and Shiba Inu?
  204. why isn't my male beagle interested in my female beagle anymore?
  205. Do whippets make good indoor dogs?
  206. A book with kid detectives and a bloodhound?
  207. How to help my 2 chihuahuas accept my new poodle puppy?
  208. how do i make my my bull terrier more aggressive?
  209. I have a German Shepherd Dog whose temperament has changed drastically. Is
  210. how old should a saint bernard be when you take it to puppy training?
  211. How much should toy fox terriers eat daily?
  212. My Boston terrier is in heat, she is running around crazy running into
  213. Hi.. My 10 month old english cocker spaniel is having some sort of rash on
  214. My Basset Hound is licking his paw is something wrong?
  215. What are the basic needs of the border collie, Australian shepherd, and the Shetland
  216. jack russell terrier?
  217. How do I get my Bichon Frise to have that 'poofy' look?
  218. dog food advice for Brussels Griffon pups?
  219. Can anyone else use Greyhound Employee discount?
  220. i am 13, can i take a saint bernard puppy to training class?
  221. can we mate boston terriers with french bulldog?
  222. How much is a chow chow border collie mix puppy?
  223. How come people who think beagles are better than basset hounds aren't
  224. How good are Manchester Terriers with other dogs?
  225. Can anyone explain the whole plot of the film Deadline with Brittany...
  226. size of half shiba inu, half siberian husky dog?
  227. Could a Bichon Frise live on a farm?
  228. Which type of Labrador Retriever is better?
  229. How would I train my four month old scottish terrier as a guard dog for the house?
  230. samoyed puppy????????
  231. Cavalier king Charles spaniel breeder?
  232. is it a bad idea to bring my grandma's Poodle along to pick up my new
  233. How much does a 3 year old Pomeranian sell for?
  234. is a king charles cavalier spaniel a good choice?
  235. I am about to buy a Brittany spaniel. Do I need to know anything before getting her?
  236. First walk: Basset Hound Bloating?
  237. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel or Bichon Frise?
  238. What characteristics and problems should I worry about when getting a
  239. Sick Whippet Puppy, Help Please!?
  240. I need help selecting a dalmatian.?
  241. How do you train a pug?
  242. Is it harmful to my 1 yr. old beagle mix puppy to chew on an old leather shoe?
  243. Saint bernard german shepherd mix?
  244. How do I get my Rottweiler to pee/poop in a designated area?
  245. How often should an Italian Greyhound go outside?
  246. Anyone who HAS a French bulldog: what are the pros and cons of the dog?
  247. Jack Russell terrier... Fostering this little guy... would "consider"...
  248. What should I name my female toy American Eskimo puppy? Will choose best...
  249. Is it possible for a female shih tzu and a male german shepherd to mate?
  250. How much and how often should I feed my pug?