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  1. Any home remedies to remove my Bichon Frise puppies tear stains?
  2. xbox live name with the word brittany in it?
  3. How to convince my parents to let me have a german shepherd dog?
  4. Collie or Bernese Mountain Dog?
  5. Im going to get a miniature schnauzer puppy that has a heart murmur?
  6. Where i can find promo codes for greyhound bus?
  7. Would a papillon be right for me?
  8. I have a 4 month Great Dane who's legs tremble when he lays down, should...
  9. What food should I feed my poodle?
  10. i love my american bulldog i and im used to the drool but i want to know why they
  11. Dog names for a labrador or golden retriever names?
  12. What size dog clothes should i buy fr my jack russell terrier?
  13. I want a Miniature Schnauzer and I want something Affordable PLEASE help me?
  14. My 9 month old basset hound puppy always wee's with excitment?
  15. Why does my 3 year old chihuahua still have a soft spot the size of a nickel?
  16. How can I help my 7 year old beagle overcome recently developed separation anxiety?
  17. Are Chow Chow's or Shar Pei's good family pets? I have a 3 year old daughter,...
  18. Pekingese, my first dog!?
  19. What is my puppy breed? French Bulldog x Pug?
  20. what is the price ranges for a multi poodle puppies sold for?
  21. How To House Train A Miniature Schnauzer and what do I need?
  22. Have a 8 year old toy poodle-spay or not?
  23. Is there a bus other than greyhound that takes u from florida to va?
  24. Why doesn't my Saint bernard puppy bark ?
  25. doberman pinscher........?
  26. why does my american bulldog slobber so much?
  27. English pointers.....?
  28. toy american eskimo dog?
  29. I have a 9 week female Rhodesian Ridgeback.?
  30. My basset hound will not stop peeing.?
  31. Do you have suggestions for my new puppies, Rottweiler?
  32. German line GSD or American Rottweiler for protection?
  33. Chihuahua and Jack Russell Terrier?
  34. just wundering...facts needed on american eskimos please try to answer all of the
  35. Havanese puppies for sale around christmas/december time? Or breeders that
  36. Is a Vizsla the right dog for me?
  37. my american bulldog has red skin?
  38. what are the differences and similarities of a german sheperd and a border collie?
  39. Why are my Yorkshire Terrier's gums pale/white?
  40. Need help with AKC name for Pembroke Welsh Corgi?
  41. How much does a toy poodle dog cost?
  42. My dalmatian is drooling and doesn't want to eat and just not herself, what can i do?
  43. Driving home with a pomeranian puppy?
  44. canaan dog / labrador retriever pics?
  45. For Dachshund Owners: Does your dachshund get scratches or scars on its chest?
  46. i have a toy poodle 4 1/2 months and today he pooped sort of like white small things?
  47. Should i get a Labrador Retriever or a Golden Retriever?
  48. **** Whippet Breeders in Florida ?
  49. American bulldog question?
  50. How long should an English Mastiff eat puppy food?
  51. Can greyhound fit into citroen berlingo trunk?
  52. German shepherd dog howling?
  53. My pekingese's dog ear gets more and more ed everyday. Can It be fixed somehow?
  54. My Female Weimaraner on day 16 of her cycle has a light brown discharge.?
  55. Is it a good idea to use an adopted German Shepherd as a guard dog?
  56. How can I train my new Bichon Frise puppy!?
  57. Puzzled by my Lhasa Apso's straight tail!?
  58. How do you take care of your Yorkshire Terrier puppy?
  59. cavailer king charles spaniel or pug?
  60. My Yorkshire Terrier is Full Breed But i Don't Have His Paper Does Any One
  61. My bullmastiff has alot of gas: how do you get rid of it?
  62. Is a Toy Poodle right for me?
  63. where do greyhound buses arrive in san diego?
  64. First time dog owner getting ready to rescue a 12 year old Great Pyrenees,
  65. Is getting a Golden Retriever thats from well known dog breeders and Expsive Better?
  66. can you breed a german shepherd with a miniature pinscher?
  67. Scottish Terrier Grooming..?
  68. My dog (German shepherd, age 7months) is eating his own poti. What to do?
  69. Hi i would like to know more about american eskimos :]?
  70. Are there any miniature pinscher owners out there...?
  71. Bloodhound Gang. How awesome? 1-10?
  72. How much is hip surgery on a labrador retriever?
  73. My Chihuahua loves to sleep on the window sill in the sun, will she get heat stroke?
  74. Should I get a Belgian Tervuren or German Shepherd as a Personal Protection Dog?
  75. Why is my Pembroke Welsh corgi kind of different?
  76. What is wrong with my mini-schnauzer?
  77. My mastiff is very shy around men, children and strangers...?
  78. My Boxer/Rhodesian Ridgeback has cancer?
  79. How long should i walk my 2 male beagle puppies daily?
  80. How high can a Boston Terrier jump?
  81. Bullmastiff question (size)?
  82. Can i buy my greyhound buss ticket on the weekends?
  83. What is the best way to get a big dog (Irish Setter) with bad joints up 2...
  84. Scottish Terrier Grooming..?
  85. Does anyone know why weimaraner dogs get their tail chopped off?
  86. How to make my Poodle pee inside toilet?
  87. How to travel with my pit bull and boxer mix dog to Caracas Venezuela from...
  88. Will my yorkshire terrier have liver failure!?
  89. is playing frisbee a good game for a great Pyrenees?
  90. How can I amuse my Rottweiler/ Australian cattle dog?
  91. Can you feed a Yorkshire Terrier meat?
  92. Why does my 11 year old Beagle constantly lick everything?
  93. German Shepherd, Rottweiler, or Doberman Pinscher?
  94. Weimaraner puppy peeing issues?
  95. shiba inu puppy names?
  96. How do I teach my dachshund to lay down?
  97. Should I get a black lab or a schnauzer?
  98. Is a Toy Fox Terrier a good dog breed?
  99. French Bulldogs...will they get along with pugs?
  100. English bulldogs, American Bulldogs, French bulldogs or just Bulldogs?
  101. Do you need ID to get on a greyhound bus in Canada?
  102. Where can I buy or adopt bichon frise?
  103. Im getting a new dog a pimbroke welsh corgi what shold i name it its a guy?
  104. How do i stop my one year old welsh springer spaniel from urinating in...
  105. Does anyone have a Miniature Schnauzer?
  106. Samoyed owners/breeders or other dogs prone to bloat what do you feed your dog?
  107. how much does a greyhound ticket cost from langley to kelowna?
  108. What's the best way to house break a dachshund puppy?
  109. Any tips on having a havanese?
  110. Does anyone own a Cockerspaniel/ schnauzer mix dog?
  111. How can I amuse my Collie?
  112. 5yr old papillon thinning?
  113. is my bull terrier fit to be in a dog show?
  114. Is lamb and rice good for an 2 yrs old english bulldog?
  115. is my dalmatian molly pregnant i need help?
  116. Is it okay to feed puppy chow to my new dog?
  117. I just received a new dachshund puppy and his eyes are part blue?
  118. i really want a newfoundland dog?
  119. I recently got a Toy Poodle. He is 11 months old and is not housebroken. How...
  120. havanese/poodle mix...anyone own?
  121. what is the nearest greyhound station to Elizabeth town NY?
  122. does anyone have a Australian terrier dog?
  123. Is it safe to get yorkshire terrier if someone in my family has asthma?
  124. What are the lyrics to africa is calling me by collie buddz?
  125. How long can I leave a german shepherd dog alone?
  126. How can I Heathily fatten up my dalmatian?
  127. my silky terrier cries to hide things?
  128. Irish Wolfhound - I neeeeeed sleeeep?
  129. what would win in a fight a shar-pei or a french mastiff?
  130. would you recommend a doberman pinscher?
  131. My Keeshond Is Itching Himself Like Crazy?
  132. Do shetland sheepdogs "shelties" make good dogs?
  133. How do you pronounce "Saint Bernard"?
  134. How is Brittany Murphy in a new movie called Something Wicked, coming out in 2010?
  135. Are french bulldogs friendly around other people?
  136. how often is a staffishire bull terrier in heat?
  137. What is better, a Teacup Pomeranian or an English Bulldog?
  138. How should I cook these chow mein noodles?
  139. Pug or Cavalier king charles spaniel or Boston Terrier?
  140. which one of these dog food is better for my english bulldog?
  141. What age should I get my boxer puppy spayed?
  142. my pug is 8 years old with a severe cough due to anxiety?
  143. The Belgian Shepherd Dog (Malinois a good dog breed?
  144. How old does a Great Dane have to be to breed?
  145. i have a black lab newfoundland and hes 15 years old and he acts like a...
  146. What is the best dog food to feed my 3 month old miniature schnauzer?
  147. Do dalmatians make good companions and good dogs in general?
  148. Lhasa Apso/ Shitzu cross?
  149. Would invisible fencing work for a great dane?
  150. how long do american/alaskan eskimos live?
  151. My girlfriend has a yorkie/silky terrier and she wont eat?
  152. My dachshund was missing and at someone else's house for 19 days. Now his bark...
  153. if i already have a 2 yrs old english bulldog female. will it be ok if i buy...
  154. How much are French Bulldogs?
  155. Names for miniature poodle?
  156. websites about how to care for a yorkshire terrier?
  157. what is the difference of Pomeranian's and Samoyed's?
  158. What brand of food should i feed my chihuahua?
  159. Shiba inu breeders in California?
  160. What do you think about the Greyhound accident?
  161. My Lhasa apso is 6mths old, is he old enough to breed?
  162. how old is too old to breed a shar pei pit mix?
  163. I'm getting a Jack Russell Terrier, but I have a rabbit?
  164. I have a american bulldog and she has bumps all over her back?
  165. Why did my Great Pyrenees suddenly start destroying our house?
  166. im getting a doberman pinscher and..?
  167. Importing a Kangal dog from Turkey?
  168. What would be the best name for a shetland sheepdog: Maisie, Bonnie or Tara?
  169. How to get an Arbor Koa Blunt in Newfoundland, Canada?
  170. what is that thing brittany murphy wear in her hair in uptown girls?
  171. where to buy a golden retriever or a labrador retriever in thailand (puppies)?
  172. Does anyone want to buy a American Eskimo?
  173. If you sleep on a Greyhound, is it possible to miss a bus transfer?
  174. Im getting a Papillon puppy what should i call her?
  175. Why is my dalmatian molly swimming on it's side?
  176. Why does my neighbors girl chihuahua hump a boy dog?
  177. My Dachshund sleeps w/me, but prefers my side of the bed -is there any reason
  178. Has anyone got a pic of a Bulldog/Bloodhound mix?
  179. Ten year old Dachshund dog sneezing throughout the day with a discharge
  180. American bulldog can some one help?
  181. Can you leave a 3 year old American Bulldog home not in a cage while I am at work
  182. Do you prefer Holly, Bonnie, Fiona or Heather for a shetland sheepdog (miniature...
  183. Is a african grey smarter than a border collie?
  184. Are Borzoi easy dogs or are they difficult?
  185. question about my pekingese?
  186. How do chinese restaurants make their chow mien?
  187. where can i find a bichon frise in south carolina?
  188. Can you give me the good and the bad about owning a Whippet please?
  189. my miniature pinscher had 5 puppies and does not have any milk. what do i do?
  190. What was your opinon on the boxing reality show The Contender and who was the...
  191. Staffordshire bull terrier fun?
  192. I have a border collie cross dog who attacks some other dogs when a lead
  193. Is 65 pounds underweight for a 16month male Rottweiler?
  194. Why does my golden retriever always want me to hold his paws?
  195. are Pembroke welsh corgi's a good dog because they are soo cute?
  196. 11 year old Great Pyrenees or 15 year old Border Collie, better choice for first...
  197. "Newfoundland" song in Swords: Life on the line?
  198. What are some pro's and con's of owning a english bulldog?
  199. What is the statute of limitations for butchering 400 chickens and screwing
  200. Can I breed my female Jack Russell with a Miniature Schnauzer?
  201. my english bulldog has an eye infection and i dont know what to do?
  202. I have a mini dachshund with a bad paw licking problem. Also she scratches under...
  203. What is a traditional recipe from the region of Brittany in France?
  204. How long should i leave the collar cone thing on my Boxer after having...
  205. i have a boston terrier pup who only interacts with children?
  206. Pembroke Welsh corgi or Shiba Inu?
  207. I want to get a tattoo of a whippet?
  208. How often would i have to take a toy poodle to the groomers?
  209. How much is my 3.7 lb Shih tzu pup suppose to eat his food?
  210. How big will a female Rottweiler x Great Dane be when fully grown (height and
  211. What should I feed my Jack Russell Terrier?
  212. Two grapes harmful for cairn terrier?
  213. How long Should i walk my 2 month saint bernard?
  214. Can I co-exist a golden retriever pupy with my silky terrier puppy?
  215. Bullmastiff, dogue de bordeaux or rottweiler?
  216. How do I change the way my 8 month old West Highland White Terrier acts?
  217. Can my Whippet be an outside dog? PLease Help!?
  218. I have a small pomeranian and she is usually in the kennel while I am at
  219. what are some ways to bond with my rottweiler puppy when I have another dog?
  220. What is Newfoundland? What is it's significance?
  221. What are the general characteristics of lhasa Apso?
  222. How long should a Staffordshire Bull Terrier walk for a day?
  223. does anyone know a good place to adopt a Havanese pup close or in NY?
  224. does any one know of someone selling boston terrier dogs in the rio grande valley?
  225. Which puppy rottweiler or doberman pinscher?
  226. Where can i adopt a bichon frise in California?
  227. My 5 month old great Pyrenees is sick?
  228. What are the pros and cons of having a Yorkshire terrier in a apartment?
  229. how big will my pitbull shar pei mix get?
  230. King staffordshire bull terrier and staffordshire bull terrier, whats the difference?
  231. how do i train my pitbull/mastiff mix shes 9months and protective?
  232. Why do so many weirdos take the Greyhound bus?
  233. I have a female Boston Terrier whom is 11 months. She goes out to potty but...
  234. I have a registered, papered 10 month old french bulldog puppy and wanted...
  235. Normal weight for a Bichon Frise?
  236. Where could i get a afghan hound in southaven mississippi?
  237. Would I get kicked off a Greyhound bus from letting out a REALLY repulsive fart?
  238. What is the difference between an old english sheepdog and a bearded collie?
  239. My tea or toy poodle barks at me!?
  240. Basset Hound Breeders?
  241. My 11 year old rottweiler has trouble walking?
  242. How do i get my lil chihuahua to gain weight?
  243. Some questions about getting an Akita and Shiba Inu puppy?
  244. What is the difference between an American Staffordshire Terrier and the...
  245. How much should a Bichon Frise puppy weigh?
  246. Which is bigger a Bullmastiff or Dogue de Bordeaux?
  247. How many times should i bathe my papillon mix?
  248. what killed brittany murphy and her husband?
  249. what would a sheltland sheepdog and basset hound mix look like?
  250. DS: Is this a purebred English Springer Spaniel?