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  1. My toy fox terrier has diarrhea?
  2. which dog is strongest a bull terrier a staff or ridgeback?
  3. Where can you find a prong collar to fit a toy dog like a min pin or a chihuahua?
  4. do Jack Russell Terrier bite?
  5. How were white German Shepherd Dogs bred?
  6. i have a pekingese Pomeranian and he ate two fun size snicker bars, will he be ok?
  7. pekingese male ,, question?
  8. Why won't my cat Bonzy sit on the couch when my daughter and her miniature poodle...
  9. Any suggestions on how to tame a wild pug pup?
  10. Should they ban staffordshire bull terriers?
  11. Who knows any Labrador Retriever/ Golden Retriever/ Cocker spaniel/...
  12. Saint Bernard Vs. Collie?
  13. what dry dog food is best for a diabetic schnauzer 12 years old?
  14. What are Manchester Terriers like temperament wise?
  15. my rottweiler barkes at everything that walks by my house nonstop?
  16. why is my 5 month old saint bernard so sleepy?
  17. Very serious Keeshond/Wolfspitz/Keeshonden Skin Problems?
  18. i was just given a 12 week old french bulldog. I have some questions?
  19. Do ferrets eat cats? and can it get along with a dachshund?
  20. how can i get management at an apartment complex to allow me to have my dalmatian...
  21. is taste of the wild a pretty good food for english bulldog?
  22. What is making my Basset Hound have an abnormally saggy, sunken, red eye?
  23. Does Barbara Boxer favor or oppose changing the tax codes or having a flat tax or...
  24. what do dalmatian molly's eggs look like?
  25. I was wondering if a pug and cocker spaniel mix make a good pet. Ihave a older cat...
  26. My dog is a Pomeranian and got run over by a car?
  27. Is an English springer spaniel a good pet?
  28. Whats are foods that Pomeranian's specifically CANNOT eat?
  29. Jack Russell Terrier-Dogs In General?
  30. Why is my adult schnauzer changing colors?
  31. Bulldog or Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?
  32. Is a Pug a good pet? What do you do when you first take it home?
  33. is there anything i can do to stop my staffordshire bull terrier being
  34. how can i stop my golden retriever from barking?
  35. we have a french bulldog and since our other dog passed buck gets up at 5
  36. Does anyone know if there are any shiba inu breeders in the...
  37. Do you know how many calories your Miniature Schnauzer needs every day?
  38. My puppy 8 week old miniature poodle fell off the couch HELP!!!?
  39. Another day, another Staffordshire Bull Terrier attack ......?
  40. Does anybody have any cheap Dalmatian puppies for sale?
  41. Is there any help for my newfoundland?
  42. can my 7 month old boston terrier get my 1 year old mini schnauzer pregnant?
  43. How can we get our adult papillon to remember her potty training?
  44. pug or cavalier king charles spaniel?
  45. Any recommended Basset Hound Breeders?
  46. Why does my chihuahua do this to his toys?
  47. What should i name my female Golden Retriever puppy I just got?
  48. For people who have or had rottweilers, what are the pros and cons of...
  49. My 2 month old shar pei has developed an extremely painful lump on her...
  50. Is it natural for my Boxer to slobber more when around another dog?
  51. Is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel a good apartment dog?
  52. questions about jack russell terriers?
  53. Golden Retrever or Samoyed?
  54. Bernese Mountain Dog OWNERS?
  55. i have a tibetan terrier should he be kept inside or outside?
  56. Is my Staffordshire Bull Terrier pure breed ?
  57. about kurdish kangal dogs?
  58. i have a 7 month old shih tzu and a 5 year old staffordshire bull terrier?
  59. how fast can an ENGLISH cocker spaniel sprint?
  60. Will neutering my 2+ year old Bull Terrier help with these issues?
  61. What do you think of West Highland White Terriers?
  62. How big do you think an yorkiepoo / boston terrier mix puppy will get? She's...
  63. i need some shiba inu advice please?
  64. 10 week old beagle puppy help! How to get him to stop whining and biting EVERYTHING?
  65. How vocal are Bernese mountain dogs?
  66. Planning to get a border collie pup does any 1 have any tips or tricks...
  67. where can I find a shiba inu puppy in albania?
  68. When should I put my coat on his greyhound?
  69. my mini dachshund is covering his food?
  70. Kangal, Central Asian Ovcharka, or Caucasian Ovcharka?
  71. I have an american bulldog and he has odor like b.o. How can I get rid of the smell?
  72. How to do stripping on West Highland White Terriers (Westie) ?
  73. I m interested in geting a dog Golde Retrever,Samoyed or Pomermanian.?
  74. English Springer Spaniels and hunting?
  75. How do I get my parents to let our Male Golden Retriever in the house sometimes?
  76. Best dog to get with german shepherd?
  77. Do you think an average Brittany's personality can match with an average...
  78. Is it possible for a Goldendoodle to look exactly like a Golden Retriever?
  79. how much a male rottweiler puppy should weight on 6 weeks?
  80. how big would a bull mastiff x ridgeback get?
  81. suggestions on training my great Pyrenees Australian sheperd mix?
  82. My Cairn Terrier is lifting his leg on everything, including kids, what do I do?
  83. Maltese or Havanese dog question?
  84. how much should you pay for a non full breed minauture poodle?
  85. what dog will work longer and harder a German shepherd or husky?
  86. Should I get a Papillon now or a GSD later (two very different dogs, I know)?!?
  87. I have a 3 month old pug that hurt her leg. Is there any home remedies I can do...
  88. I have a Jack Russell terrier. She is 3 and we would like to get another
  89. Help! Bloodhound virus blocked? what does this mean?
  90. What does it mean when people say: "chow" at the end of a conversation?
  91. My 8 month old basset hound just suddenly stopped eating hes dry food and wants no
  92. How do I make my Samoyed dog eat?
  93. the port of Dubrovnik, on the Dalmatian coast of the Adriatic Sea, was
  94. How Old Do You Have To Be To Move Out In Newfoundland?
  95. Bichon Frise or American Eskimo? (Dogs)?
  96. How Can i make my Whippet/ Mini Pin Mix STRONGER ?
  97. My 13 year old miniature pinscher is losing fur in patches. Her skin is scaly...
  98. Would a bernese mountain dog fit in good with my family?
  99. what kind of pups would i get if i bred a red fawn shar pei to a liliac shar...
  100. How much does raising a Yorkshire Terrier cost?
  101. When my boxer stands over top of my new shepherd puppy, what is he doing?
  102. Is there a difference between a European Beagle and American Beagle?
  103. My Staffordshire bull terrier is wanted for mating.HELP?
  104. Why does my shar-pei vigorously scratch the ground when we are out for a walk?
  105. Is there ANY Shetland Sheepdogs in Edmonton, AB?
  106. My 5 month old, female great dane only weighs 56 Pounds, will she just end
  107. What would the total expense be to own a golden retriever?
  108. How to tell Shih Tzu's and Lhasa Apso's apart?
  109. French Bulldog purse?
  110. pomeranian or havanese?
  111. I have a 8 year old female pomeranian. Is she to old to have a litter?
  112. Getting a border collie pup in a week and need experienced advice?
  113. Doberman Pinscher Breeders?
  114. Do Miniature Pinschers have red noses?
  115. Dog names for a female Pitbull, American Bulldog mix?
  116. My toy fox terrier has a small white bump on her head.?
  117. what age do bichon frise puppy's paws turn black?
  118. Are Australian Cattle dogs or ACD mixes good at agility?
  119. Is it okay to feed my 6month old Lhasa Apso puppy...?
  120. australian kelpie boy dog names?? 10 points best answer :)?
  121. Where do I go to find out as much as possible about adopting a HEALTHY Golden...
  122. whippet feeding guide, whats best?
  123. How much does a baby toy poodle cost?
  124. What do I need to know about Jack Russell Terriers?
  125. Good quality dog food with good calcium for rottweiler puppy?
  126. Any Labrador Retriever Rescues?
  127. How do I potty-train my English Bulldog?
  128. How do I stop my Great Dane puppy from agressively biting me?
  129. Jimmy Pop from The Bloodhound Gang is the King of Innuendo - Agree or disagree? :D?
  130. My Bernese Mountain Dog got a hot spot and needs to get the area shaved. Will...
  131. What mix does this Samoyed Mix Look like?
  132. Is there any basset hound breeders in Southern California?
  133. What are the needed vaccines, medicine, food for Doberman pinscher?
  134. My boston terrier has very swollen gums around two of his teeth?
  135. Which sex of Rottweiler would be less likely to attack someone?
  136. Any good emo/scene/punk names for Brittany?
  137. Am I the only one that doesn't like the new group Dalmatian?
  138. Why does my girlfriend's ADULT cat love to eat KITTEN chow?
  139. What is a good name for a Dalmatian?
  140. Saint Bernard dog toy?
  141. Who else here has a Saint Mastiff?
  142. How can I make others believe that the Doberman Pinscher isn't a viscous dog?
  143. Does anyone have a shih tzu? What personality do they have?
  144. Why would my lab chow have white spots in his mouth with black around his gums?
  145. I have a norwegian elkhound pup and i have a sled team of huskies, can i use the...
  146. My 14 week old papillon gets car sick. How do i stop it?
  147. What do u think is fair price for a 3yr old pure breed with paper, chipped and...
  148. how much a baby komondor is worth?
  149. have tried starving my yorkshire terrier but she still wont eat why?
  150. I have a Great dane, she has trouble with her back legs and she has a
  151. I really want a shih tzu but my parents wont let me how can I change their minds?
  152. I have a 3lb chihuahua and there's a hawk trying to get him. What do I do...
  153. where can I find welsh corgi puppies close to or in maine?
  154. How can I rescue a female whippet?
  155. Tony blair was nothing but a war monger poodle PM to the dumbest
  156. Are Saint Bernard dogs good family dogs?
  157. my samoyed is after loosing alot of her coat, she is 1 year old and her tail isnt
  158. French bulldogs do you like them?
  159. Why Does my Boston Terrier Attack The Other dogs?
  160. Seizures in Jack russell terrier?
  161. How do i know if my puppy is german shephard cross bullmastiff?
  162. My toy poodle is stealing food?
  163. A question about Whippet Racing?
  164. My dog's tongue has purple spots on it, dose that mean she is part Chow?
  165. My mini schnauzer ,first litter , pupies are nursing on same 4 tits,the other tits
  166. What is it like to travel on the greyhound bus?
  167. How can I prevent my 4 month shih tzu from getting sick in the car?
  168. how much do chow chow dogs cost in Canada?
  169. can i get german citizenship via my dachshund dog?
  170. What happens if you cross a Pekingese with a Lhasa Apso?
  171. Is there technique train a Dog (Schnauzer) to stop barking when she sees other
  172. how long can you leave a havanese at home?
  173. How do you tell if a puppy is a true Papillon?
  174. Are there any good papillon studs in the Wyoming/Nebraska/Colorado tri state area?
  175. Great Dane or Labrador Retriever?
  176. companion for my cavalier king charles spaniel?
  177. Universities in Newfoundland?
  178. Weird behavior from my 13 y/o chow chow x husky normal old age behavior?
  179. Can I still get my Boston Terrier papers if I was told she did have papers,...
  180. How strong can a French Bulldog get?
  181. how much does an average chocolate adult choclate Chihuahua cost?
  182. What should a Siberian Husky's coat feel like?
  183. What is the plural of Rottweiler (the dog) in German?
  184. How does on/off the ring global behaviour of a boxer impacts a respected boxing poll
  185. my yorkshire terrier is acting strange?
  186. Why Does My Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Snore?
  187. What is a good title for a story about a beagle who collapses?
  188. Temperament of Havanese and other things?
  189. What are some good nicknames for the name Brittany?
  190. I live in Sacramento, CA & have two male Great Pyrenees. I'm looking for
  191. American Eskimo dog with a low platelet count?
  192. We just bought two puppies. Jack Russel/English Cocker Spaniel mix?
  193. Can Jack Russell Terriers help reduce medical expenses?
  194. TPLO Surgery for Great Pyrenees?
  195. Italian Greyhound Health Question(s)?
  196. How big will my Bullmastiff girl get?
  197. Have you ever tried to get a Rottweiler to attack it's owner?
  198. What are bullmastiff's like?
  199. What is the differece bettween Amstaffs and Staffordshire bull terriers?
  200. What should i name my dalmatian puppy?
  201. ok, so at night my boy bichon frise is nice and calm and will lick the face of you
  202. We just got a border collie - are there special considerations?
  203. good names for a staffordshire bull terrier male?
  204. Shiba Inu always sleeps?
  205. What is a good headline about a beagle who collapses?
  206. Could I brush my pet Brittany (dog) everyday?
  207. If the HMS Beagle had completely bypassed the Galapagos Islands, Darwin would have
  208. why does my 9mth old cavalier king charles spaniel smell, he's just been neutered?
  209. Would an Italian Greyhound be suitable for me?
  210. Border terrier or jack russell?
  211. My 6 Month old Labrador Retriever is 30 lbs? Is this extremely little?
  212. my sister is getting a vizsla dog and i would like to know, is it a good family dog?
  213. my daughters staffordshire bull terrier?
  214. Toy fox terrier pacing in cage?
  215. how to help my beagle puppy not have dry flaky skin?
  216. Where can i find Akita inu breeders in the uk?
  217. Where can i find a teacup English Mastiff?!!?
  218. is a dalmatian i good family dog?
  219. how much do American Eskimo young or babies cost from a rescue place?
  220. When can my toy poodle puppy get a haircut?
  221. What is the best Flea Medication for a Collie?
  222. Breeding my female Samoyed?
  223. Would a papillon and a airedale get along?
  224. what are cute names for a lhasa apso puppy?
  225. Need help finding a website where I can buy winter gear for my Italian greyhound?
  226. Italian Greyhound Sleep?
  227. shiba inu for 16th birthday?
  228. Is my dog a purebred Papillon?
  229. Do you think rottweiler pittbull mix puppys are good?
  230. how much exercise does a golden retriever need?
  231. Since everybody that owns a dog, from a lahsa apso to a great dane claims...
  232. what do you think about shiba inu's?
  233. is it possible my sons rottwieler cross alsation could mate with my wifes female...
  234. is a french bulldog a good pet?
  235. Anyone heard of the Bloodhound Gang?
  236. Australian Shepard or Yorkshire Terrier?
  237. are dobermans pinschers playfull as labradors?
  238. I need help with my newly adopted 3 year old Welsh Corgi please.?
  239. for shiba inu owners!?
  240. How can I register my purebred pug? he was given to me and was not given any
  241. How to introduce a pomeranian to a german shepherd?
  242. My 8 Month Old Basset Hound gets aggressive, sometimes... HELP!!!?
  243. Why does my Basset Hound Pee in the house?
  244. lump on my 4 month old poodle the lump is a size of a pea and its squishy...
  245. Shar-Pei has had its eyes tacked.?
  246. Bishops University or The Memorial University of Newfoundland.?
  247. getting an old english sheepdog in malaysia?
  248. Bloodhound exploit 196 ?
  249. Pug vs Boston Terrier vs Miniature Poodle?
  250. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?