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  1. my new pekingese????????????????
  2. wanting to breed my pekingese but she tries to fight the other dog?
  3. Which is a better dog to have for young children a Pug or a Boston Terrier?
  4. How much is a Labrador retriever?
  5. I had to put down my aggressive 8 yo English Springer Spaniel-Is he mad at me now?
  6. How to make nintendogs chihuahua and friends action replay codes?
  7. How do I teach my rottweiler?
  8. Why most of the rentals do not accept Staffordshire Bull Terriers?
  9. My 11+ year old dog (German shepherd/lab) hasn't been eating well for quite some
  10. Can somebody tell me the differences between Cairn Terriers and Yorkshire Terriers?
  11. Do whippets snap their teeth a lot?
  12. My chihuahua is like my shadow but recently she has just been standing at the front
  13. Do you think a dachshund would be the right dog for me?
  14. Shar pei vomiting white foam, could it be food allergies- is on antibiotics
  15. Bichion frise or a Toy Poodle ?
  16. How do I train my Chihuahua to stop biting and barking at my friends?
  17. Why do black boxers wear the Mexican colors when fighting a Mexican boxer?
  18. questions on prey model diet for my shiba inu puppy?
  19. Staffordshire bull terrier pregnancies?
  20. Is a English Bull Terrier a good guard dog?
  21. How do I get my Labrador Retriever interested in retrieving?
  22. What position will Barbara Boxer find herself if she beats off her republican
  23. Can gentle giant dogs like Saint Bernards and Irish Wolfhounds be aggressive?
  24. Are jack russell terriers a good breed for people with fur dander allergies?
  25. How to get rid of fleas on my Teacup Chihuahua?
  26. What would a Liberal eat, Purina dog chow or Meow Mix?
  27. Can you Please help me choose Newfoundland's name?
  28. My schnauzer was diagnosed today with pancreatitis. Anyone else have this...
  29. What are the chances of my French Bulldog dying from anesthesia?
  30. Are staffordshire bull terriers the same as pit bull terriers?
  31. my 18 month old pekingese shed a lot of hair this summer. will her coat thicken
  32. Should I get a Shih Tzu or a Toy Poodle?
  33. How much should I feed my adult Pomeranian?
  34. Can you cross a female shih tzu with a border collie?
  35. How much chow does a nubian goat need daily?
  36. Toy Poodle 5 months old attacked me.?
  37. how often and for how long should you walk bichon frise?
  38. How much for Old English Bulldog puppies?
  39. Where did you get your toy poodle puppy?
  40. How much do Saint Bernards cost?
  41. Help me with my samoyed?
  42. Do you have any reviews on Chesapeake Bay Retriever puppies?
  43. Should i get a border collie or a golden retriever?
  44. When will my Border Collie puppy stop growing?
  45. Is a Shih Tzu, Bichon Frise, or a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel a good dog for me?
  46. Which dog a shiba inu or beagle.?
  47. How big will my Rottweiler get?
  48. What are the most Common Reasons for a Border Collie Being put in a Shelter?
  49. How do I train my Golden Retriever to stay near me even if we r not walking?
  50. What else can I feed my Shih Tzu besides dog food?
  51. What is a good, not too expensive, summer perfume? I like anything by Brittany
  52. How far is the MARTA Garnett station from the Greyhound station?
  53. What should I name my female black french bulldog?
  54. Is a saint Bernard a family dog?
  55. How do you potty train a pomeranian?
  56. DS: What is your experience with Curly Coated Retrievers?
  57. Vizsla and leaving them home alone?
  58. How do i stop my 6 month old boxer from jumping at people and biting?
  59. What is a good oil to help a Saint Bernard's dry coat?
  60. Are Cavalier king Charles spaniels easy to train?
  61. I have a phenomenal male golden retriever for stud. How and where do I...
  62. Whats the cost of a Yorkshire terrier in rupees?
  63. my 4 month old Papillon will not STOP chewing on the wall! HELP!?
  64. Would you ever consider owning a Great Dane?
  65. My 4 month old Golden Retriever keeps peeing and pooping in my house, what do I do ?
  66. My sister's puppy which is a Saint Bernard has red pimples, what can it be?
  67. what is the worst and best thing about a papillon ?
  68. How do I get a Shizu/Poo and a Golden Retriever to get along?
  69. Is it okay to get a 6-week old Shih Tzu away from its mom?
  70. How much do you feed a whippet?
  71. Which do u think is more affectionate, pug or golden retriever?
  72. Which dog is better, Yorkshire Terrier or Shih Tzu?
  73. how much does the average adult pit bull/ great dane mix weigh?
  74. Are there any differences between American eskimo dog,Japanese spitz ans Samoyed?
  75. Is having a 2 year old male pug that is 25 pounds and slender desirable by...
  76. Keeshond health problem?
  77. how can i calm my saint bernard?
  78. what can i feed my 3 week old pug? can i give her moist kibble?
  79. how do I get my german shepherd dog to not be afraid of children?
  80. how much would it cost to own a mini dachshund?
  81. How often can you bathe a Golden Retriever?
  82. My dalmatian is good with others but he is messy in the house, should i keep him
  83. papillon owners ! do you love papillons or no?
  84. My Dog Tilly (Bichon Frise) is very horny.?
  85. Longest tongue in a Pekingese?
  86. How to train a beagle to fetch?
  87. French Bulldog with Salivary Mucocele..Need Help!?
  88. do you think i have enough time for a shiba inu?
  89. Why is my 2 Month old Shih tzu Shaking while asleep?
  90. where can I find a pug puppy?
  91. Grooming tips for Havanese breed?
  92. Any Great Dane puppies for sale in Hawaii?
  93. Bloodhounds.. what are they like to own?
  94. My portuguese water dog puppy won't swim!?
  95. Is our basset hound pregnant?
  96. is my staffardshire bull terrier female pregnant shes only 7 months old and mated...
  97. I have a Basset Hound and Golden Retriever Mix..PLEASE HELP!!!!!?
  98. Where can I get a female dachshund in New York?
  99. How Do I know My Boston Terrier is in labor.?
  100. Can Barbara Boxer expect to beat off her republican challenger if she pulls out...
  101. Help us name our female german shepherd dog(pup).My husband is a police
  102. How do I brush my uncooperative collie?
  103. Havanese vs. Bichon Frise vs. Other Dogs?
  104. im looking for a pure blue american pit bull terrier ukc show dog thats not a bully?
  105. My 16 year old lhasa apso drowned, I would like to know if I can determine how long
  106. Where In Connecticut Can I Get My English Bulldog's Tail Trimmed?
  107. should I rent my house to a family with two greyhound dogs?
  108. english cocker spaniel or staffy?
  109. I have a 2 year old Saint Bernard that just got neutered today...?
  110. american bulldog coughing up yellow cold been on medicine for 8 days and
  111. Eh guys who can say me somethink about a dogo argentino an apartment?
  112. My Poor Basset Hound Pup!?
  113. I need to fly from WY to NJ, I have a Rhodesian Ridgeback, does anyone know...
  114. Help with making Chow mein style Ramen noodles?
  115. Toy Poodles Or King charles Spaniel?
  116. Questions for Australian cattle dog owners?
  117. I have a dachshund that is about a year and a half old. He has only been
  118. My family have just got a 8 week old Weimaraner.?
  119. How much would a bus/greyhound from Toronto, Ontario to Calgary, Alberta cost?
  120. Whippet advice please, collars?
  121. Can I make a Christmas puppy if I cross a Pointer-dog and an Irish Setter...?
  122. What anime pet/creature could a red french bulldog resemble? (Halloween...
  123. My 6 month weimaraner puppy still "suckles"?
  124. If you had bloodhound.. what is something you lost that you would send him...
  125. My 1 year old golden retriever and my 10 year old shitzu are fighting?
  126. can my 13 week old shar pei eat tuna?
  127. What is your view on the American Pit Bull Terrier?
  128. How could I convince my mom to let me get a rottweiler puppy?
  129. how do i stop my little rowdy shiba inu puppy from being so rowdy?...
  130. Is a Labrador Retriever and Labrador the same breed?
  131. My vaccinated against raybies dog bit me plz plz help , it's a 8 month old havanese?
  132. PLEASE HELP with my new Saint bernard Puppy?
  133. does anybody know any good dog tricks i can teach my border collie?
  134. HELP !!! My st bernard made my american eskimo pregnant..... what to do now?
  135. Are French Bulldogs Healthier Than English Bulldogs?
  136. what would be a good slogan for chaplin if your name is brittany?
  137. Would a beagle be a good breed for a family of beginner owners?
  138. Cairn Terrier eating crickets, grasshoppers and other bugs in the backyard?
  139. what does it mean if a bull terrier's head has a more round nose?
  140. Saint Bernard affectionate?
  141. What are the best Chinese Shar Pei breeders on the East Coast?
  142. what is portugese water dog and a bernese mountain dog mix?
  143. what are my mini schnauzer's ears going to do?
  144. Can you pick up a Pomeranian like this?
  145. Roughly how much would a healthy Yorkshire Terrier cost?
  146. Should I get a Weimaraner Puppy?
  147. Border collie cross alaskan malamute breeder?
  148. english cocker spaniel or border terrier?
  149. What to do about aggressive mini dachshund?
  150. american bulldog has dry week cough, and swollen lips on one side of her mouth?
  151. When will Chow Yun Fat and Ken Watanabe star in a film together?
  152. Would the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel be ok without human attention for...
  153. How old does a beagle puppy have to be to give them there shots?
  154. what is a good age to get a Jack Russell Terrier?
  155. is a weimaraner the right dog for me?
  156. Do any of you own chow chows?
  157. Would a Shar Pei and a American Staffordshire Terrier mix shed a lot?
  158. What should I name my Brittany?
  159. Whats wrong with my Shiba Inu?
  160. How often should I feed my jack russell terrier?
  161. Name Ideas for my soon to be Papillon pup?
  162. What is a good price for a pure bred doberman pinscher?
  163. Calling all Vets! What is the average cost to get my Shar Pei's eyes pinned back?
  164. Lab x Blue Staffordshire Bull Terrier?
  165. cavalier king charles spaniel vs beagle?
  166. english cocker spaniel or labradore?
  167. i was given a french bulldog but ears are still floppy.?
  168. Guided tours on Newfoundland and Labrador?
  169. how much is the cost of english mastiff puppy?
  170. Does anyone know of a good vet that does great dane ear cropping?
  171. Can I buy my greyhound ticket from the driver?
  172. need to know QUICK!is a bichon frise dog good for my busy schedule?
  173. how much do you feed a 22 month old mastiff he weighs 162 lbs?
  174. All about saint bernard's?
  175. Why are weiner dogs also called dachshund and dobson?
  176. how much does it cost to take dance classes at city stars in newfoundland?
  177. What do I need to know about Chesapeake Bay Retrievers?
  178. what is a cute name for a bichon frise?
  179. your experience with shiba inu?
  180. How do I make my american bulldog smell better?
  181. english cocker spaniel or dalmation?
  182. Should i get a Husky or a golden retriever?
  183. When did Britain start to become America's poodle?
  184. Shetland sheepdog, hold the poop?
  185. How much are Will Call fees for Greyhound buses?
  186. When I put my 4 month old Havanese in the car he begins to drool even before the
  187. How to teach a beagle to fetch?
  188. What is the normal age for a male poodle to start breeding?
  189. Chesapeake Bay Retriever?
  190. Why do Golden Retriever puppies like babies?
  191. I have a 6 month old Hungarian Vizsla pup?
  192. good havanese dog names?
  193. english cocker spaniel or border terrier?
  194. my tibetan terrier bites himself all the time /what can I do?
  195. Whats a good dog name for a great pyrenees?
  196. american bulldog ???
  197. Repost: What should I expect to pay for a doberman pinscher pup (show quality,...
  198. What are your reflections on the apple head chihuahua dog?
  199. how can I log into the Old English Sheepdog Club site?
  200. can dogs get acne? bullmastiff 1 yr old...?
  201. Does your havanese have a fat butt? lol?
  202. What is a transfer when referring to a greyhound bus?
  203. i have a shar pei mixed with pitbull and he getting a bad rash under his legs and
  204. cavalier king charles spaniel vs golden retriever?
  205. is a english bull terrier classed as a dangerous dog?
  206. Is this a reputable Papillon breeder?
  207. Is it normal when your penis is flaccid it causes discomfort in the...
  208. do you know how i can get my toy french poodle to stop peeing in the house?
  209. i have a samoyed and a husky will they make good pups?
  210. When can I start frisbee(low flying) with my border collie?
  211. How to train my border collie to herd horses?
  212. How do i clean my Shih Tzu facial stain?
  213. Name for my English Staffordshire Bull Terrier?
  214. how much does a samoyed puppy cost?
  215. How much is an american bulldog?
  216. Breeding Havanese dog?
  217. Poll for the dog section: German shepherd or Rough Collie?
  218. How do I avoid gas in a Boston Terrier?
  219. Is there something wrong with my Pug Puppy?
  220. I would like to get an American Cocker Spaniel?
  221. How do you train a dachshund from barking at people and other dogs?
  222. What is the best dog back pack for a German shorthaired pointer?
  223. is there a place for my italian greyhound?
  224. my labrador retriever puppy bites all the time and no one wants to play with her...?
  225. my friend has a beagle mix which he doesnt want anymore i thought i get...
  226. which would be easier to take care of. a weimaraner or boxer?
  227. what do you call a dog that is part german shepherd and rottweiler?
  228. The best methods to potty training a Papillon puppy?
  229. english cocker spaniel or staffordshire bull terrior?
  230. Would you start either Terrell Owens, Austin Collie, or Calvin Johnson for week 2 in
  231. Is Miniature Schnauzer a good breed for allergy sufferers?
  232. How long do you walk a small dog, such as a Shih Tzu?
  233. Pekingese vs. daschund...what's best for us?
  234. Poll for the dog section: Rough Collie or German Shepherd?
  235. Why do pomeranian dogs fail to be guard dog or watch dog or military/police dog?
  236. I m interested in geting a dog Golde Retrever,Samoyed or Pomermanian.?
  237. Where can i adopt American Cocker Spaniels?
  238. should i get a bloodhound or a husky?
  239. What are good names for a female miniature pinscher?
  240. BAY AREA listings or breeders for american eskimo puppys at 8 weeks?
  241. is their any airedale terrier breeders in ohio?? or that will be willing to...
  242. If anyone have 2dogs and one of them or ROTTWEILLER,DOBERMAN or BULL TERRIER answer?
  243. Where can I find a trustworthy Doberman Pinscher breeder in or near Massachusetts?
  244. How to show a really old beagle that he is loved?
  245. great pyrenees or a papillon?
  246. Why is my silky terrier using the bathroom in the house during the night and
  247. How do Lhasa Apso's handle traveling?
  248. Can a weimaraner be left alone for six hours?
  249. Training a 10 week old Welsh Corgi?
  250. Can I cross a German shepherd and a Pomeranian?