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  1. miniature poodle or havanese?
  2. Dachshund vs Shiba Inu?
  3. In -your- area, how common are bernese mountain dogs?
  4. why does my bichon frise had black spots on his skin?
  5. Do you know about how big two month old dalmatian mollies will be?
  6. Is a Norfolk or Norwich Terrier a good for me?
  7. Are great pyrenees rescue dogs?
  8. studding my staffordshire bull terrier.?
  9. How do I join the Dachshund Club of America?
  10. How do I get my pitmix to stop walking on my chihuahua?
  11. my samoyed lost her guard hairs and now looks awful?
  12. Does anybody know a cheap way of getting from Edmonton to Grande Prairie other...
  13. i have a whippet cross Labrador whats her average life expectancy?
  14. Is a Havanese a good breed to own?
  15. Are Saint Bernards good dogs?
  16. what are good male border collie names?
  17. How do i hold a basset hound?
  18. where to get a cheap cheap cheap american eskimo puppy?
  19. is it okay to have a australian cattle dog and hamster or will it try to...
  20. my 4 month old italian mastiff has bumps on his penis, that turn a dark brown.?
  21. Is a beagle a good dog if you have asthma?
  22. where do I find a sealyham terrier?
  23. What Is The Best Thing To Feed Your German Shepherd Dog puppy at the age
  24. about how much to yorkies, pomeranians and a caliever king charles spaniel cost?
  25. is an american pit bull and an american pit bull terrier the same thing?
  26. why does my pomeranian hide under the bed when he doesn't get attention?
  27. German shepherd dog shutzhund training?
  28. Help! My 11 month old Shar pei started trembling!!?
  29. Watch Glee Season 2 Britney or Brittany online?
  30. How I can prevent lhasa apso from smelling bad?
  31. Is there a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mix that sheds very little?
  32. Toy Poodle Horrid Breath...?
  33. my bloodhound 2 half years old woke up this morning limp drooling took her to the...
  34. Does anyone know where I could buy a long haired basset hound?
  35. What Color German Shepherd Dog Should I Get?
  36. How much exercise does a Miniature Schnauzer need?
  37. How easy to train are German Shorthaired Pointer?
  38. Are Rottweilers and Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs comparable in energy level?
  39. out of the category which dog is the best 1.)daschaund 2.) Golden Retreiver 3.)...
  40. At what age is a english cocker spaniel fully grown?
  41. Should I get a male or female German Shepherd Dog and should I really
  42. How long did your Bichon Frise live?
  43. Why Does My Pomeranian like to chew on my used underwear?
  44. Over the past two years my Rhodesian Ridgeback lost a lot of weight any ideas why?
  45. how much would a toy poodle cost in india?
  46. What can a Pug eat that's allergic to wheat?
  47. hey i have a 16 year old male American eskimo who will not eat any dog food soft or
  48. My bloodhound puppy will not stop biting and scratching himself, his skin is so
  49. Do maltipoms act more like maltese or pomeranian?
  50. How to register my schnauzer?
  51. Does anyone know of any greyhound rescues near fort wayne, IN that find new
  52. What's the best way to potty train an inside pomeranian?
  53. small dogs that look similar to english springer spaniels?
  54. What is the average life span of a collie?
  55. Where can I find Saint Bernard breeders close to where I live?
  56. Why can't a Great Dane be pregnant by a Chihuahua?
  57. Would my whippet protect me?
  58. I just got a 10 week yorkshire terrier puppy...?
  59. What do you know about Hungarian Vizsla dogs? We are considering one for...
  60. Tips on a jack russell terrier puppy traning , feeding etc?
  61. Do the cords form naturally on corded dog breeds (Puli, Komondor, etc)?
  62. Italian Greyhound question?
  63. My (almost) 6 month old Weimaraner won't stop biting!?
  64. How old is the oldest living Shar-Pei?
  65. I switched my puppy from Purina Puppy chow to Blue Buffalo puppy chow, will
  66. miniature poodle or standard poodle?
  67. Is any type of border collie right for me?
  68. Have any of you ever bred a Llasa Apso and a Yorkshire Terrier? If so, how...
  69. my 1 year old boston terrier is pregnant?
  70. What are results of breeding chihuahua/shih tzu mix with full blood shitzu?
  71. Should i trade mcfadden for collie in fantasy football?
  72. Is there any state thats selling afghan hounds in the newspaper?
  73. which is a better gender, a boy or girl for a yorkshire terrier?
  74. How long should a 3 month old mini dachshund be?
  75. west highland white terrier?
  76. Dogs with similar exercise requirements to the Brittany?
  77. watch Glee Season 2 Britney or Brittany online?
  78. Will a change of diet help get rid of my Cairn Terriers skin rash?
  79. dose any one know where i can adopt a Basset hound with three leg in OH/PA area?
  80. why has my 13year old mini poodle stopped eating her food?
  81. Doberman pinschers and cats?
  82. Would it be bad to give my 5 month shih tzu small dog milk bones instead of
  83. Can an Italian greyhound live with bigger dogs?
  84. how much should my boston bulldog/english bulldog mix weigh at 3 months old?
  85. is my 5 moth old great dane suppose to look so dangley?
  86. Why does my pomeranian growl and bite me as hard as he can everytime i get on the...
  87. Moving a Rottweiler from UK to Spain?
  88. Would my english bulldog get along with my cats?
  89. Saint Bernard or Tibetan Mastiff?
  90. Brand/Size raincoat for a labrador retriever?
  91. What to do when my 5 month old Golden Retriever has eaten a bone from the beach?
  92. is the Italian Greyhound right for me?
  93. Cavalier king charles spaniel adult size?
  94. How to make a 4 year old chihuahua not be scared?
  95. 17 year old toy poodle need advice?
  96. A bichon frise, maltese, shitzu, yorkie, or cavalier king charles?
  97. In Glee, do you think Mike should stay with Tina or be with Brittany?
  98. My italian greyhound keeps crying and I don't know why?
  99. A Neon Guppy or a Dalmatian Molly?
  100. I got a blue eyed Red and White Boston Terrier from the shelter. Will it's
  101. What did you think of last nights glee? (brittany/britney)?
  102. What size in inches is your adult Jack Russell Terriers collar ?
  103. what are the symptoms of a viral illness in a 9 year old dachshund?
  104. I really want a Welsh Corgi?
  105. My toy fox terrier had luxating patella surgery 31/2 weeks ago.?
  106. What kind of games can i play with my miniature dachshund?
  107. would a shepherd chow mix make a good hunting dog?
  108. what should i name my light brown female chihuahua?
  109. how much exercise do miniature pinschers need?
  110. American Staffordshire Terrier Stud Dogs?
  111. training my pekingese??????
  112. papillon owners. you happy with your puup or no ?
  113. boston terrier, cavalier king charles spaniel, havanese or mini poodle?
  114. Will my Papillon's behavior change permanently after she is spayed?
  115. How much bigger will my 6 month old boxer/beagle mix grow?
  116. so I bought my 2 yr old jack russell terrier a halloween costume?
  117. cavlier king charles spaniel pros and cons?
  118. How do I get my English Bulldog to stop pulling?
  119. I have a 8 month old male pug and am interested in a companion. id like a
  120. Shar Pei puppy loves to bite, help?!?
  121. I have a 3 year old male yorkshire terrier? How do I get him to stop marking...
  122. What kind of dog is this? is it a jack russell terrier?
  123. How do I restore my Shiba Inu's hair?
  124. How much should I feed my 50 lb. American Staffordshire Terrier?
  125. what is a good name for a female saint bernard?
  126. What is a good playmate for a Bichon Frise?
  127. name of the movie where brittany murphy has an affair with a cop?
  128. Does my American bulldog need a muzzle in public?
  129. What is your rating on a Dogo Argentino?
  130. How can I keep my chihuahua warm in the winter?
  131. We have a 10 year old basset hound and all his life he has suffered with bad skin.?
  132. my old english sheepdog wont listern?
  133. Is an Irish Wolfhound 35" at the shoulder?
  134. Any helpful info on dogo argentino?
  135. Can a Boxer adult and Newfoundland puppy live together?
  136. How can we get our female boxer dog to get along with our newly adopted male beagle
  137. How to take the best care of your Shih Tzu?
  138. On average how much is the coast of a pembroke welsh corgi? Cardigan?
  139. Should I get a Papillon or a mini Poodle?
  140. Will my Staffordshire Bull Terriers be play full?
  141. What are good Christmas presents for an one year old Golden Retriever?
  142. Does anyone know how to get rid of my Shih Tzu's eye drainage?
  143. How long can a dachshund survive without food?
  144. where can I find a muzzle for my great dane?
  145. good name for a male french bulldog?
  146. Is this a cream coloured American Cocker Spaniel?
  147. German shepherd Dog ?
  148. what are some small dogs like a pomeranian or corgi?
  149. Would a maltipom get along well with a pomeranian?
  150. What is everything I need to Know about Newfoundland dogs?
  151. How can I make my Shar Pei a guard dog?
  152. How can I discipline my Basset Hound pup?
  153. staffordshire bull terrier vs german shepherd ?
  154. I have a English bulldog an it has a lump under his neck he is one years old?
  155. Is it physically possible for the Great Dane to have puppies with something...
  156. How big will my Shiba Inu/American Eskimo be?
  157. my english bull terrier is pooing alot im not over feeding him as i feed him once...
  158. What exactly is a Bull and Terrier?
  159. What Toys Shall I Get For A Cairn Terrier Puppy?
  160. Are there any shiba inu breeders in maryland?
  161. French bulldog not walking?
  162. AMC: I was reading where Brittany Allen(Marissa) and Adam Mayfield(Scott) have been
  163. What is the best vitamin/multivitamin for a Rottweiler?
  164. Is this enough exercise for an English Setter?
  165. What kind of health problems will an American Eskimo Dog face?
  166. what could be causing my 6 month old american bull dog cross staffordshire bull
  167. Could she be a basenji/lab mix?
  168. Staffordshire Bull Terrier Walking Strange?
  169. Should I start Mark Clayton or Austin Collie in week 3?
  170. Does purina make more than 1 kind of puppy chow?
  171. I have a five year old bullmastiff.?
  172. IS a black russian terrier the right dog for me?
  173. What can i call my Border Collie pup?
  174. What a good name for an american bulldog mixed with pit && pug ?
  175. Is my American Staffordshire Terrier mixed?
  176. Purebred Italian Greyhound owners, what would an IG get as a watchdog & a
  177. Pomeranian male is biting female Sheltie on the nipples constantly?
  178. VERY ITCHY Cairn terrier...HELP!!!?
  179. Shiba-Inu Puppy?!?!?!?
  180. German shephard vs Great dane who would win?
  181. Should i get a poodle or yorkie?
  182. Deafness a common trait in the American Pit Bull Terrier?
  183. Is a Doberman Pinscher right for me? And where can I buy/adopt one?
  184. Im looking for a long haired weimaraner breeder?
  185. Why do my King Charles Spaniels wee inside?
  186. I am having alot of trouble with my German shepherd dog.?
  187. How to train my 1 year old golden retriever?
  188. I've read that American Eskimos are one of the easiest breeds to train. What about
  189. how do you prevent medical conditions with a papillon puppy?
  190. Should I start Naanne or Collie in week 3?
  191. English springer spaniel ear problem?
  192. Where can I find a Dogo Argentino?
  193. Is there a Havanese and Poodle mix breeder near me?
  194. Should i get a Toy Poodle or a miniature Poodle?
  195. i want to buy and 8 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier?
  196. how long until a labrador retriever can be trusted alone?
  197. Which dog out of the doberman, rottweiler and pitbull need the least exercise?
  198. how to look after a lhasa apso?
  199. how do i train a german shepherd dog to like my cats?
  200. Golden Retriever or American Cocker Spaniel?
  201. French Bulldog puppy at the park?
  202. Whippets or Greyhounds?
  203. where can I buy a Yorkshire Terrier in Rhode Island?
  204. what does a five week old french poodle/doberman eat?
  205. How big is to big for other dogs with chihuahua's?
  206. How big do border collie(traditional, furry ones) get?
  207. when do i start feeding my american bulldog puppy dog food?
  208. is there a hells angels chapter in newfoundland?
  209. How can I adopt a greyhound from the racetrack?
  210. Australian terrier information?
  211. Welsh Corgi shedding help?
  212. Rhodesian ridgeback puppy?
  213. How much exercise does a Golden Retriever need?
  214. Where can I buy a Shiba Inu in the Maritimes?
  215. What are some facts about a male shih tzu puppy?
  216. Do you think my Great Dane is going to eat my little kitten?
  217. english cocker spaniel growth?
  218. dog breed that looks like a small airedale terrier?
  219. Staffordshire bull terriers?
  220. My 5 month old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel has diarrhea. Why and what should I do?
  221. whats the difference between a tibetan mastiff and a Mongolian Banhar?
  222. how much should i pay for a unpotty trained rescue white toy poodle?
  223. How to train my Labrador mix golden retriever?
  224. Will a puppy shih tzu and adult shih tzu fight?
  225. Are many Americans aware that on 9/11 that people in Nova Scotia & Newfoundland
  226. my dog max is a bullmastiff and usualy loves to eat but now he wont eat at
  227. can a chihuahua get pregnant by a great dane?
  228. Weight of adult Papillon?
  229. Border collie/labrador retriever size?
  230. BB USA, If Brittany is Nominated for Eviction will she FINALLY see the Alliance...?
  231. Does anyone know of any Irish Setter forums?
  232. What's s good price for an American bulldog?
  233. What's the best determine to know a boxer's global marketability?
  234. What do you think of a greyhound/chiwahwa/Pomeranian mix?
  235. What breed of dog would be good to raise with a male boxer?
  236. Some unique names for a male English mastiff please?
  237. Health Problems with American Eskimo Dogs?
  238. how did Brittany Murphy died?
  239. i got a 14 month old shar pei puer breed how much would her papers cost?
  240. I have a Pomeranian/chichuaua mix who is very aggressive towards big dogs?
  241. Great dane slobbering/drooling and short lifespan?
  242. my year and a half old pug has her face swollen, and also has tiny red spots...
  243. English Cocker Spaniels?
  244. How long did your Bichon Frise live?
  245. How much would a dachshund eliminate in a day?
  246. French bulldog with cleft palate and Pyloris Stenosis surgery info if anyone
  247. What is usually the attitude of a Yorkshire Terrier?
  248. HELP! shiba inu Breed?
  249. Where can I buy a Yorkshire Terrier in Rhode Island?
  250. Which breed is better in temperament with humans, a golden retriever or a...