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  1. I am adopting a 6 year old Gordon setter and need help with ideas getting
  2. what are whippets like?
  3. which is better a whippet or italian greyhound?
  4. How do I train my Pomeranian from running outside?
  5. Cairn Terrier or West Highland White Terrier?
  6. Help on training my schnauzer?
  7. I am adopting a 6 year old gordon setter...whats the best food...?
  8. Compatibility- Bernese Mountain Dogs + (Fill in the blank)?
  9. I have a Beagle and he is food agressive I fed him and went to grab his dish to move
  10. Which is the least dangerous, rottweiler, doberman pinscher, pit bull or german
  11. how many puppies do english cocker spaniels have per litter?
  12. In which episode of Glee will Brittany and Santana kiss?
  13. Any grooming tips for a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?
  14. Did my Toy Poodle possibly have a heart-attack, stroke or seizure?
  15. Is this a shih tzu or lhasa apso?
  16. What is the difference between a Toy Fox Terrier and a Rat Terrier?
  17. How can I stop my pug from waking up so early?
  18. If I cross breed an Irish soft coated wheaten terrier bitch with a bobtail...
  19. Jack Russell Terrier and a Siberian Husky?
  20. male or female cavalier king charles spaniel?
  21. Are Irish Setters good running partners? American Cocker Spaniels?
  22. how to clean brown gunk under toy poodle's eyes? Help?
  23. My pug needs nasal surgery. I know it depends on the vet, but could anyone tell
  24. I have a 3yr old Flat Coated Retriever?
  25. I want to adopt a Belgian Malinois, can I rescue one or what are the...
  26. Could a lhasa apso kill a rabbit?
  27. Are Bernese Mountain Dogs good guard dogs?
  28. Is a Pembroke Welsh corgi good for my living conditions?
  29. What is the history of chow mein and how did the geography in China affect
  30. How much longer until our Great Dane goes into labor?
  31. Is a cairn terrier (10 weeks old) hard to train?
  32. Can my cairn terrier stay in a crate for 6 hours?
  33. I am wanting to buy a Bullmastiff around Blue Springs, Missouri!?
  34. Jack Russell Terrier and a Siberian Husky?
  35. Anyone know about miniature poodles and want to help me out?
  36. how to dress like brittany flickinger including hair and makeup ?
  37. In your own opinion, which do you think is the cutest-pug, french bulldog,
  38. Is it bad if my female chihuahua humps another female dog?
  39. English bulldog puppy six week still not walking on hind legs?
  40. What should i do to make my Border Collie like the swimming pool?
  41. where can i buy a schnauzer cheap?
  42. A good harness for my Saint Bernard?
  43. Can you get a pug in sims 2 apartment pets?
  44. Which is less vocal, basset hound or beagle?
  45. Why does my 1 year old miniature Schnauzer love to lick my hand as she falls asleep?
  46. can my caviler king charles spaniel puppy have what killed my guinea pig?
  47. How much and where to find Newfoundland dog?
  48. Should i get a belgian malinois?
  49. What are the 2 great dane's names from the patriot?
  50. What is the Bite Force Of A Great Dane?
  51. Is there a cheaper way to get from Chico, CA to Sacramento, CA besides Amtrak or
  52. How much do purebred french bulldogs cost?
  53. is a cavalier king charles spaniel right for me?
  54. What would a chihuahua and great dane puppy look like?
  55. Golden Retriever or Labrador Retriever?
  56. Is the breed staffordshire bull terrier a pit bull?
  57. What are an English Mastiff dimensions?
  58. Which dog has the best temperment: BullMastiff, English Mastiff, Neapolitan...
  59. How much would a greyhound ticket cost?
  60. What kind of dog food should I feed my Siberian Husky?
  61. What model corvette was in Brittany GLEE episode?
  62. Basset hound potty training?
  63. Puppy-proof an apartment for a Shiba Inu?
  64. my dog is a cavalier king charles spaniel keep reading plz?
  65. do you think there was more to brittany murphy's death/her husbands?
  66. I am 65 and already have a Boston terrier, I also had a corgi, but I lost her 3...
  67. basset hound gift from australia?
  68. do english cocker spaniels have strong mediom or low prey drive?
  69. Do any type of chihuahua mixes get large as normal dogs?
  70. Hi my male saint bernard puppy is 100 pounds and 7 months old how big do
  71. How many pounds of dog food does a Great Dane eat?
  72. My 16 year miniture dachshund has a small raised bump on her chest. What could...
  73. I have a miniature pinscher-pekingese. when you lay down she lays on your face.?
  74. Is it safe for my beagle pup to eat stink bugs?
  75. Why do pekingese's have shorter front legs and longer back legs and an overbite?
  76. Does anyone know of a good siberian husky breeder in Alaska?
  77. Names for a small, black, female mini schnauzer pup?
  78. Any Boston Terrier Breeders in Colorado?
  79. where can i buy this coffee online and ship to newfoundland canada?
  80. Why are there no specific Border Collie Clubs In WA/Perth?
  81. Will a dog sweater meant for Chihuahuas & Miniature Pinschers fit a slender pug?
  82. my 9 month old staffordshire bull terrier has little blisters on her tummy....
  83. How big do miniature pinschers get?
  84. How much will it cost to take 1 carry on, and two more bags on Greyhound?
  85. what is a old english bulldog and a pitbull mix called?
  86. How big would a Yorkie Poo (Yorkshire terrier x poodle) grow?
  87. Would mane and tail shampoo be okay to use for a pomeranian?
  88. Is their a mix or breed of dog that is like a small golden retriever?
  89. How old should my chihuahua be to have puppys?
  90. Can A Firebelly Toad Kill a Pekingese Dog?
  91. Is my dog a jack russell terrier?
  92. malti-poo/toy poodle?
  93. Rottweiler or Bullmastiff?
  94. Where can I find border collie breeders near Southampton?
  95. 10 year old chow chow is sick vomits?
  96. Why would my Italian greyhound sound like he's constantly going to throw up?
  97. What would a rottweiler do if his owner was attacked?
  98. how big do bichon frise's get?
  99. My new 1 year old toy poodle isn't pooping or peeing?
  100. French bulldog, Pug or Boston Terrier?
  101. Shetland sheepdogs for sale in aussie QLD, Brisbane in that area ?
  102. I have a 1 yr old Yorkshire Terrier & his been having a rash on his legs & is
  103. How can I make my Shih Tzu smell better?
  104. How old should my saint bernard be before he gets neutered?
  105. Should I get a Samoyed or a Siberian Husky?
  106. 9 mth old basset hound?
  107. Labrador vs Retriever?
  108. Can someone give me detailed info on poodle skirts?
  109. How can I teach my 2 months old shih tzu poo outside?
  110. Border Terrier or Australian Cattle Dog?
  111. Is a Havanese good for me?
  112. Where can I get the Brittany top from Glee?
  113. What would be the best competitive sport for a Boxer?
  114. Where can I find an inexpensive Rottweiler in IL?
  115. why wont my border collie pup of 5 months go to the toilet any where else
  116. How do I stop a Great Dane, approximately 1 year old, from jumping up on someone...
  117. whats the dog that looks like a Samoyed except its fur is gold?
  118. How to make a Chihuahua look like brains?
  119. How man raw eggs should i feed my rottweiler every week?
  120. how many Dalmatian movies were there?
  121. Is she a pure bred shetland sheepdog or part collie too?
  122. Dachshund or Basenji?
  123. saint Bernard vs Newfoundland dog?
  124. How do I stop my 3 year old Shih Tzu from tearing apart his bedding?
  125. My Siberian Husky is losing patches of fur?
  126. English cocker spaniel v pitbul?
  127. do a dalmatian suit me?
  128. How long does a Shih Tzu live?
  129. Are Doberman Pinscher suited to homes with kids?
  130. Can American Eskimo dog be bought ANYWHERE in Europe?
  131. Is Silver one of the colors of the Labrador Retriever dog breed?
  132. Have any of you ever had a coonhound or bloodhound?
  133. Did you/do you listen to Bloodhound Gang?
  134. Toy Poodle in Labor - May Need C-Section?
  135. Are Dalmatians only born deaf or can they go deaf later in their life?
  136. How does bull terrier rescue inc work!!?
  137. Where would I buy a Siberian Husky?
  138. what are good dog names for a smallish greyhound?
  139. is a toy poodle right for me?
  140. Doberman Pinscher!!(20 Characters)?
  141. Which breed is a good companion pet for a beagle?
  142. IS there a English Bulldog rescue group anywhere in Australia or online contact?
  143. What do i need to know about a Briard Dog?
  144. How to properly train and socialize a rottweiler?
  145. what do i do.....my 9mth old puppy basenji has started refusing his dried food is it
  146. What Is a Safe way to brush my beagle's teeth?
  147. What should i name my female chihuahua-daschund puppy?
  148. will neutering my 2 yr old dachshund help him from being so aggressive?
  149. can my bichon frise mix with poodle be a good ratter dog?
  150. why does my Pug wiggle her butt on the floor?
  151. What type of milk should I give my 8 week year old Schnauzer?
  152. I have a neutered male dog in the house. He is probably around 2 yrs old and...
  153. what weight should my unspayed, 7 year old female Border Collie be?
  154. Miniature poodles and/ or tea cup poodles?
  155. How much is a Samoyed worth?
  156. Based on everything considered when thinking of a Bernese Mountain Dog...?
  157. Why Does my Boston Terrier Drool So Much?
  158. What Pug breeders are located in Massachusetts?
  159. my staffordshire bull terrier?
  160. Why does my pregnant american bulldog have bloodshot eyes?
  161. Doberman Pinscher!!(20 Characters)?
  162. Which name do you think is coolest for my male Pug puppy?
  163. Reasonable price Great Dane in Oklahoma or Texas?
  164. Basset Hound that barks at nothing?
  165. I have a two year old Cairn terrier and when I leave the house or exit
  166. How do i get my shihtzu/poodle mix to get along with my other dog?
  167. i want a dog who... is a toy poodle right for me?
  168. What do you think of the Dalmatian?
  169. Where can I get a monkey costume replica of the one in 'The Bad Touch' by...
  170. pekingese hair cut dos & don'ts ?
  171. Where can I get a Siberian Husky?
  172. where can i find a french or english bulldog in yuma arizona?
  173. How to teach my shih tzu pee outside the house?
  174. Great Dane vs Irish Wolfhound?
  175. To all Labrador Retriever owners, please share me your experience...?
  176. Where do I buy Brittany Spaniels in New Jersey?
  177. Which university is better for BBA, university of winnipeg or the memorial...
  178. What kind of behavior changes can I expect from my 2 year old Shiba-Inu(F)?
  179. how to make a jack russell terrier come?
  180. I have andre johnson, as a wr I he doesnt start should I play collie or Kevin Walter?
  181. what to do about my pekingese?
  182. Does the staffordshire bull terrier have stong jaws?
  183. what dog obays to you more pomeranian or a chihuahua?
  184. Havanese dog near Saratoga NY?
  185. where can I download 102 Dalmatians Puppies to the Rescue?
  186. My 5 month yorkshire terrier has gotten kennel cough!?
  187. How can I make my chihuahua like my partner more?
  188. Names for a black mini schnauzer?
  189. what should i wear if i dont have a poodle skirt for 50s day?
  190. Pomeranian or Papillon?
  191. What is healthier to eat from Panda Express? Chow Mein or Steamed Rice?
  192. What sort of food should I feed my pregnant American bulldog?
  193. Parti Colored American Cocker or Irish Setter?
  194. sudden death in cavelier king charles spaniel?
  195. green tomato chow chow?
  196. What is the difference between a english mastiff and a bull mastiff?
  197. Jack Russell Terrier and a Siberian Husky?
  198. How do I make my new toy poodle go to the bathroom ?
  199. Is a Border Collie a good dog for me?
  200. Where did the Bloodhound.Exploit.281 come from?
  201. Can French Bulldogs live with other dogs?
  202. How much to feed a beagle mix?
  203. Pregnant king Charles cavalier spaniel?
  204. What is a good food for me to feed my Boston Terrier?
  205. Where can I find a female pug or male bull-mastiff to mate with my pure
  206. How do i house break my 1 yr old toy poodle?
  207. I put frontline on my siberian husky two days ago and I'm still finding...
  208. can i keep my great dane outside in the winter in ga?
  209. Which is better? Whippet or Italian Greyhound?
  210. Are english cocker spaniels good for running and jogging?
  211. My Yorkie is about 6-10 pounds (not sure) how much chow should i feed her? She...
  212. How many times a day will i feed my shih tzu? he is 2 months old puppy?
  213. My 1 y/o Yorkshire Terrier is having some red dot rash & is loosing his hair on...
  214. how much does a 5 month old siberian husky need for exercise?
  215. i have a 2 year old bichon frise , does it need a walk everyday?
  216. Could this have anything to do with my friend's Bullmastiff?
  217. How are Boxer and the proletariat connected in Animal Farm?
  218. how much should a 8 month old english mastiff weigh?
  219. Should I start Austin Collie, Robert Meachem, or Jericho Cotchery this week?
  220. Im getting a male staffordshire bull terrier soon and dont know what to call him ?
  221. My American Bulldog got to my Nutella and ate about half of a brand new jar....
  222. Best Labrador Retriever Breeders in Southern California?
  223. I have american french mastiff 3 months old puppy what can i do for him like
  224. I have to give my Boston Terrier a bath, but I have no dog shampoo for her?
  225. Can I train my toy poodle to bark when I call him so I can tell which tree he's in?
  226. Which dog is better, a Miniature Schnauzer or a German Hunting Terrier?
  227. does anyone know how to socialize pure bred chow chow?
  228. Would it be possible to get a Rottweiler with an undocked tail?
  229. im going to get a toy poodle and was wondering how many times do i need to take it
  230. Is that a Briard in Easy A?
  231. 65 Lb labrador retriever ate 15 vanilla cupcakes with pwd sugar frosting...
  232. My 7 months old Bullmastiff is scared and doesnt do any of what his...
  233. is she a fall staffordshire bull terrier?
  234. can you train a shar Pei to be friendly?
  235. Give me ONE word that describes the German Shepherd Dog perfectly?
  236. My Great Dane got treated for roundworm how long before i see the worm's come out?
  237. What would happen if I had my Great Dane live in an apartment?
  238. hyper dog help with labrador retriever?
  239. Is a mamulate and a chow chow too high maintenance? Do they require a lot of
  240. What brands of animal toothpaste and toothbrush can I use on my Golden Retriever?
  241. how long does it take to get to chicago from los angeles by greyhound bus?
  242. We have a 6 yr old Papillon rescued from a puppy mill. She has been with us...
  243. how big will my weimaraner mix puppy get?
  244. i have a large breed dog (half shepard half mastiff) she started having seizure
  245. Some Shiba Inu inquires?
  246. Good Games for Basenji's to play? (its a dog)?
  247. What would you think of a girl with a tattoo of a staffordshire bull terrier?
  248. What to feed my english bulldog for better skin?
  249. how big will my bullypit get weight wise/ half american bulldog half red nose
  250. What did Brittany mean by the male duck?